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Postal Politics?

May 9, 2011

I am facing a new challenge from a post office in Hyderabad, India. I posted the April Issue of the magazine NEIGHBOUR to all, both subscribers and non-subscribers, in the first week of April at Yousufguda post office, Hyderabad. I came to know that some of our friends did not receive their copies. I again posted to them. Even then some did not receive.

For the past few days I am receiving the “returned” copies. Most of the copies, that returned to us, did not have the wrapper (on which we paste the stamp), the small rope (with which the magazine is tied) and the “To” address (Receiver’s address). On one copy it is clearly evident that the “To” address was forcefully removed.

Since the “To” address is missing on the returned copies, I do not know who did not receive the magazine.

Today morning I confronted the postman. Our residence falls under Srinagar Colony Post Office, Hyderabad. The postman expressed his ignorance. What is incomprehensible is how did the copies, whose “To” address is missing, end up in Srinagar Colony Post Office, when they were posted in Yousufguda post office.

The other intriguing thing is, on copies, which have wrapper intact, there is only a single post office seal on the postal stamp. As I understand there should be atleast two post offices’ seals – seal of the sending post office and that of the receiving post office. That means, some of the copies of the magazine were, probably, never sent to their destination by the Yousufguda post office, but sent to the Srinagar Colony post office to be returned to the sender.

I would be greatful if someone throws some light on this issue and show us the way we need to take.

Why does Post office, which is supposed to serve people, indulge in such wrongful activities?