Horrendous caste hatred in India

Horrendous caste hatred in India

A Dalit Woman in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India

– Dr. David Jayakumar

My recent trip to the interior of UP was aimed to get firsthand count on the status of ‘girl child school enrolment’. It gave me a full glimpse of what havoc the draconian class system (casteism) can play to deter the dalit children especially the girls to opt not to go to school. In fact it is lamentably the same even in the other parts of India. While I was grieving over the misery of these dear Indians, a ghastly account of an incident narrated to me by the locals overshadowed all other bizarre instances of casteism. Following the narration, I visited the village where this incident took place.

My accomplice guided me to Nakahi village frontiers where Dhobi caste people (dalits treated as untouchable) live. There I was introduced to Mr. Vidya Ram, whose wife Rajrani contested and won the Panchayat election to become the Panchayat president. Vidya ram is a helping person whose goodness fetched election victory to his wife.
As the story was narrated to me, the village was declared as a reserve constituency for dalits in the election and hence no upper caste person could contest in the election. So Brahmins who constitute 30 per cent of the population in Nakahi village supported Mrs. Rajrani initially thinking that she would dance to their tune after getting elected. But after she got elected, the Brahmins asked for pretty good amount of money to be withdrawn from the Govt. fund and given to them which she refused to oblige. As a result the Brahmins organized an attack on her with sickles and knives on a cool evening (when she went into the upper caste area of the village to fetch provisions). They cut her palm off and stabbed her indiscriminately and left her in a pool of blood thinking she was dead. With great difficulty, Mr. Vidya ram was able to get the culprits imprisoned. But they are threatening Rajrani now and her husband saying they would come out on bail and kill her.

See the photo below and get an idea for yourself of how ghastly the attack was.


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