Gas Distributors and Plunder

Today 14.2 Kg LPG cylinder was delivered to us. We were charged Rs. 1096 by the Banjara Gas Service, Srinagar Colony, Yousufguda, Hyderabad. When we asked why we were charged so much, they said that the extra amount will be credited to ouraccount when we submit the Aadhaar Card. Subsidised price is Rs. 412. However, recently both the Supreme Court of India and the petroleum minister Veerappa Moily told that Aadhaar Card was not mandatory for getting subsidised LPG cylinder (Aadhaar not a must for LPG subsidy till court nod: Moily; . Then why did the above mentioned gas distributors charged us the market price?

Why is the present government is allowing billionaires like Ambani to plunder common people of India through its non-governance? There is no clear cut decision on this matter. Because of this, gas distributors such as the above mentioned one are plundering common people openly.

Aadhaar not a must for LPG subsidy till court nod: Moily
The Supreme Court has ruled that Aadhaar could not be made mandatory for people to get government services

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