Fraud in the Andhra Pradesh Evangelical Graduates Fellowship (APEGF)

Fraud? In the Andhra Pradesh Evangelical Graduates Fellowship (APEGF)? No chance! I don’t believe!!

This is the general reaction or response of any person who was or is associated with APEGF or UESI-AP (Union of Evangelical Students of India-Andhra Pradesh). Because fraud in APEGF or UESI-AP (to which APEGF is linked) is unthinkable with the kind of reputation APEGF or UESI-AP had enjoyed.

Although this “glory” has departed already, most of the members of APEGF and UESI-AP still believe that the values of honesty, transparency, accountability and service are still being followed in the organisation. This is an “ostrich attitude”.

Though the signs of deterioration of the quality of leadership and fellowship are pretty obvious for everyone to see, the members have just chosen to ignore them just because they find that they can’t do anything about it. AT THE MOST, THEY JUST PRAY.

We tend to get into a mindset that we can escape from problems in life by keeping ourselves locked in a room and by not accepting, understanding or analysing the signals of life around us. By doing this, we expect the problems to be resolved on their own or by somebody other than us and presume that we are safe, secure and insulated from any damages or consequences. This is like Ostrich’s belief of saving itself from scary situations by keeping its small head covered inside a hole, leaving its huge body outside!!

The members of APEGF and UESI-AP have ignored the symptoms of deterioration of the quality of leadership and fellowship, and they have carried on with life and “ministry” – singing, praying, preaching, teaching and conducting retreats, camps and conferences – as if everything is alright or going to be set right ….. somehow! They have reposed their faith in the omnipotence of TIME – believing that it is going to use a magical formula to solve all the problems. I wonder whether it is called complacence, callousness, or just powerlessness.

The problem at times, of course, is trying to cure only the symptoms. The real problem, which lies deep down and is deep-rooted, is ignored. They just scratch at the surface, make up some explanations, propose some solutions they can’t even validate.

And then one day that deep-rooted problem they had hoped so dearly would somehow solve itself, gets out of the box, and slaps them across the face. And with all their accomplishments, competencies, arrogance, pride and confidence, they feel helpless. They wish to hide themselves, unable to fathom the why, how and how to of the problem.

This stage is reached by the members of APEGF and UESI-AP with the revelations of fraud within the organisation. Since the facts are pretty much open, the members are in a position where they do not want to accept the REALITY because of the cultivated image of the organisation, and at the same time unable to deny because the powerful evidences are before their eyes.

The rottenness at the local and state level of UESI-AP is slowly, but steadily, coming out of the closet for everyone to smell the stink. It has come to the notice of some that the treasurer of a local EGF used about Rs. 40,000 for his personal needs. Since this person was close to the then regional secretary and a few powerful local and regional leaders, no one dared to question this leader openly.

In another case, a powerful state level leader, along with a few other leaders, took money from unemployed graduates and their friends with the assurance of providing jobs for them. Due to the cultivated image of leaders being spiritual, honest and truthful, and their dire need of a job, some of the unemployed members of UESI-AP and their friends paid money ranging, according to one account, from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. According to some, even the then regional secretary paid money to this “job provider” for a job for his sister. This “job scam” came to the public notice when the main person in this “scam” was kidnapped by three persons, who paid him money for jobs and felt cheated, and kept him in a hotel in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, and all the four were taken into custody by the police after receiving a complaint about the kidnapping. This incident was shown in a TV channel. Later, they were shifted to Chilakaluripet, as the father of “one of kidnappers” filed a case there. But the main person in the “job scam” was released due to political influence and is now gone “underground” officially, although he is very much overground and is continuing to give leadership at local, regional and state level.

The associate of the main person in the “job scam” has been arrested in Nandigama, Andhra Pradesh and released on bail. This person is also a leader in UESI-AP.

To top them all is the fraud of FCRA Number (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) in the name of APEGF. This is the information that has been received from the Home Ministry for the Right To Information (RTI) application for the information on when APEGF applied for the FCRA Number: “In this regard, this is to inform you that the information sought pertains to the year 1985-86….” That means, APEGF applied for FCRA Number in 1985-86 and received notification from the Ministry of Home Affairs on 26th October 2005 (See the Serial No. 887 in my other post “Fraud in the Andhra Pradesh Evangelical Graduates Fellowship (APEGF) II) for failing to furnish accounts pertaining to previous three years i.e. 2001-02, 2002-03 and 2003-04. Finally the FCRA Number of APEGF was cancelled on the 27th July 2012 (List of FCRA cancelled Organisations: See serial no. 4 under “Andhra Pradesh (670)).

Any registered NGO, which wants to get foreign funds, should have an FCRA Number. This raises a few important questions:

  1. APEGF is not a registered organization. Then how could it have an FCRA Number? The only way that it could obtain the FCRA Number is by giving bribe to someone and registering APEGF ILLEGALLY as an independent NGO!
  2. If so, who registered it? An ordinary member can not venture to do it. Then who?
  3. When did APEGF apply for the FCRA Number?
  4. Who received foreign funds and how much?
  5. Did APEGF receive the letter from the central government informing about the cancellation of the FCRA Number?
  6. Was this fraud informed to the members of APEGF and UESI-AP?


These are only the tip of an iceberg. For most of the members “saving the souls” or “saving the sinners” is the “ministry”. But what about the “sin” that is amongst us? How can a “sinner” “save” another “sinner”? Isn’t it hypocrisy to highlight others as “sinners” by ignoring the “sin” among us?

Let’s not hide our face inside a hole, like an ostrich, and feel that we are spiritually sound. Remember that the whole body is being exposed, just like the body of the ostrich, which hides its face in a hole. Let’s face the situation, however rotten and stinky it is, with enough strength, courage, wisdom and honesty. The prickling mind is the beginning of the purification process, and like every creation process in this world, this will also be painful and one needs to sense that it is for beautiful times ahead.

It is always better to come out of ostrich’s attitude on our own and face life’s situations as they come with courage, honesty and wisdom. If we don’t face them, the life will present more shocking tremors to tackle!!!



2 Responses to “Fraud in the Andhra Pradesh Evangelical Graduates Fellowship (APEGF)”

  1. anil kumar Says:

    what we can do,

    • kamalakarduvvuru Says:

      Ordinary members of the organisation could not involve in this fraud. Some “powerful” leader/leaders must have done this. This is nothing but cashing in the trust reposed by the members,due to the culture promoted in the organisation where leaders are above the law and are not accountable to the general body.

      In this context, what you can do is take the proof that APEGF has indeed maintained FCRA Number, and present it in the Annual General Body Meeting. This will do a few things:

      1. It wakes up members from slumber and makes them to see the reality.

      2. This demolishes the promoted culture that leaders are “holy, righteous and honest”.

      3. This helps members to demand accountability from the leaders.

      If you notice carefully at the leadership, you find either same persons or their relatives or followers becoming leaders. Do little bit of research and you will find that almost all leaders till now are from Andhra region. Why is this trend? Aren’t there leaders in Telangana and Rayalaseema region? Unless this culture is demolished and transparency and honesty are maintained in the organisation, corruption in various forms will continue.

      Bring awareness at grassroot level. Demand accountability, honesty and transparency from grassroot level. Leaders are not immune to corruption.

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