“My conversation with a “Born Again Caste Believer”” by Rev. Dr. Prasuna

I found a profile of a man on Christian Matrimonial. His profile in brief:
Name:……Age…….Education…..Division: Nadar, Religion: Born Again
Place……Phone Number….

I called him and gave a profile of my friend and I asked him to call me back if he is interested in my friend’s profile.

He called me and said he is interested. His questions and my answers:

1.     How does she look like? Bulky, thin?

Ans: She is good looking

2.     Is she born again?

Ans: We don’t emphasize much on this aspect (Of course we need to), but she is a good Christian. 

3.     What division she belongs to?

Ans: (Got irritated)Adi Dravida Christian


His response immediately, you know….um….um…you said she is not a born again…..um… I will call you again.

I said okay bye.


After much stress and struggle within me, I called him back. I asked him (don’t know him personally, so it was easy):
1. Brother, want to talk to you, you said you are a BORN AGAIN?

Ans: Yes

2. That means you are a STRONG Christian?

Ans: Yes.

3.     But sorry to say, your profile does not convey that you are a Christian?

Ans: I have given that in the explanation below.

4.     Sorry brother, your first impression did not convey your religion!

5. You said, you are a BORN AGAIN? What do you mean by DIVISION?

Ans: You know….um….um…people sometimes…..


I said, “Brother, in Christ there is no division as such born again but you emphasize on division…..!. Think over it my brother.” Then I disconnected my mobile.


This happened a few days ago. People need to be BORN AGAIN from the SIN of CASTE surely!


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