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Fraud in the Andhra Pradesh Evangelical Graduates Fellowship II

April 25, 2014

The following is the Notification of the Government of India regarding the failure of the NGOs in the list that have failed to submit their accounts to the Home Ministry.

Notice the name Andhra Pradesh Evangelical Graduates Fellowship in Serial Number 887 in the list







New Delhi

Dated the 26th October 2005


S.O.1621(E) Whereas associations registered under the Foreign Contribution(Regulation) Act, 1976 are required to furnish intimation about the acceptance, source,

manner and utilization of foreign contribution in the prescribed manner and within prescribed period; And whereas the following associations registered under sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 (49 of 1976), on the basis of records available with the Central Government have failed to furnish accounts pertaining to previous three years i.e. 2001-02, 2002-03 and 2003-04 and have thereby contravened the provisions of sub-section (1) of section 6 of the said Act read with rule 4(a) of the rules made thereunder, namely: –


1. 010110009R Holy Trinity Hospital

2. 010110016R Catholic Church

3. 010110027R Eklavya Ashram Seva Bharathi

4. 010120006R Rural Education & Development Society

5. 010120009R Nirmal Agricultural Society

6. 010120010R Rural Organisation & Development Society

7. 010120016R Silk Development Centre

8. 010120017R Rural Reconstruction Trust

9. 010120021R Talamark Integrated Development Society

10. 010120023R KPEBW Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd.

11. 010120031R Centre for Humanity & Development

12. 010120032R Stri Karmika Aikya Mathya Sangha

13. 010120036R Ziom Evangelical Education & Social Foundation

14. 010120038R Action for Integrated Development

15. 010120042R Grama Jeevan

16. 010120048R Comprehensive Organisation for Rural Development

17. 010120049R Stree Karmika Aiyamatya Sangha

18. 010120050R Social Service Society for Poor People

19. 010120055R Karunya Seva Samajam

20. 010120057R Voluntary Association for Social Action

21. 010120060R Praja Jeevan Youth Association for Rural Development

22. 010120065R Rural Development Society

23. 010120068R The Anathapur Farmer

24. 010120069R Hindupur Taluk Harijana Abhivrudi Sangham

25. 010120070R Ananta Vikalangula Samkshema Seva Samiti

26. 010120077R Action for Welfare and Awakening in Rural Environment Association

27. 010120079R Needy Rural Development Society

28. 010120080R NESCO

29. 010120088R Balaji Educational Society

30. 010120089R Mercy Minority Education Society

31. 010120094R Meena Educational Society

32. 010120095R Crist Rural Development & Educational Societyiety

33. 010120097R Adarsha Rural & Educational Development Society

34. 010120102R Jaya Lakshmi Mahila Mandal

35. 010120108R Swamy Vivekananda Youth Association

36. 010120111R Charity Sisters of Sacred Heart

37. 010120113R Sravani Mahila Mandali

38. 010120120R Society for Women Educational Economic & Technical Development

39. 010120121R Krupa Educational Society

40. 010120132R Prasanthi Rural Education Development Society

41. 010120133R Beasant Integrated Rural Development Society

42. 010120135R Sakuntala Mahila Mandali

43. 010120138R Deepthi Rural Development Trust

44. 010120139R Chanikya Rural Dev elopment Services Society

45. 010120149R N.R..Educational Society

46. 010120152R Women Society for Rural Development

47. 010120153R SC, ST & BC Weaker Section Upliftment Society

48. 010120154R Nethaji Yuvajana Sangam

49. 010120160R Lakshmi Mahila Mandli

50. 010120164R Mass Education Training Health Rural Organising Society

51. 010120165R Rupa Educational Society

52. 010120166R Rural Poor Development Society

53. 010120168R Cloud Harvesting Society

54. 010120170R Society for Welfare and Awakening in Rural Environment

55. 010120171R Baba Public Charitable Trust

56. 010120172R Green Protection and Rural Development Society

57. 010120176R Syndicate Farmers and Artisans Mutually Aided Service Co-operative


58. 010120179R Sandhya Rural Development Society

59. 010120185R Sri Guru Seva Niketan

60. 010120189R Ranganatha Rural Development Society

61. 010120191R Anantapur District Farmers Association

62. 010120193R Sai Latha Association for Integrated Development

63. 010120196R Elahi Mahila Mandali

64. 010120204R Living Waters Trust

65. 010120208R Raghvendra Nursery & Rural Development Society

66. 010120210R Sowmya Rural Development Society

67. 010120211R Society for Rural Integrated Development

68. 010140007R Rural Organisation for Socio Economic Service in A.P.

69. 010140010R Women Association for Knowledge Earn Unit and Programmme.

70. 010140012R Village Int. Development Youth Association

71. 010140014R Kollagumta Girls Home

72. 010140017R CSI Boarding Home Beatic Hostel

73. 010140018R Rural Education Society

74. 010140019R People Oriented Organisation for Reconstruction

75. 010140020R Gandhian Institute for Integrated Rural Development

76. 010140023R Sherman Maronai Girls Boarding Home

77. 010140024R Labour of Love Society

78. 010140027R Society For Rural Service

79. 010140029R Lords Auxiliary For Rural Development

80. 010140036R Rural Ind. Consultants

81. 010140037R Naaree Niketan

82. 010140043R Evangelistic India Fellowship.

83. 010140044R Small & Marginal Farmers Assistance

84. 010140049R The Katherine Lehmannlutheran Medical Centre

85. 010140050R Womens Industrial School

86. 010140051R South Andhra Lutheran Church

87. 010140053R Balaji Bala Vikas (Rayalseema Seva Samithi)

88. 010140054R Chittoor Community Welfare Association

89. 010140055R The Thumbur Yuvajana Sangham

90. 010140057R Church of South India Hospital Nazari

91. 010140058R Jana Jagruthi Sanstha

92. 010140059R Church of South India Hospital Eye Care Unit

93. 010140065R Church of South India Hospital

94. 010140066R All India Churches of Christ Association

95. 010140067R Rural Upliftment Campaign

96. 010140069R Model Indian Rural Development Organisation

97. 010140070R South Indian Rural Development Organisation

98. 010140071R Gandhian Institute For Integrated Rural Development

99. 010140080R Chittoor District Rural Women Dairy Association

100. 010140081R Integrated Rural Development Society

101. 010140082R Rural Development Society

102. 010140086R Bharatha Service Samithi,

103. 010140088R Rural Orphan Service Educational Society

104. 010140090R Baldwin Integrated Rural Development Society

105. 010140092R The Rural Community Development Association

106. 010140093R Enlight Educational Society

107. 010140094R Organisation For Human Movement

108. 010140102R Madanpalli Integrated Rural Development

109. 010140103R National Institute For Rayalaseema Development Studies &


110. 010140106R National ITI

111. 010140107R Praja Pragathi Sanstha

112. 010140108R Community Action For Social Education

113. 010140115R Hindustan Village Reconstruction & Social Welfare Organisation

114. 010140116R Society of Science & Technology & Rural Development

115. 010140118R Seed

116. 010140127R Sri Society of Rural Integration

117. 010140131R Samaj Vikas Sangham

118. 010140133R Society for Human Development & Rural Prosperity

119. 010140134R Community Health & Rural Development Society

120. 010140135R Bapuju Seva Samaj

121. 010140138R Sri Ventateshwara & Educational University

122. 010140147R Miss Mother India Seva Samithi

123. 010140148R Jana Seva Samithi

124. 010140149R Swathi Nurse Training & Educational Development Society

125. 010140151R The Rural Development Society

126. 010140152R Telugu Bharati Mahila Mandali

127. 010140155R Vijai Memorial Educational Academy

128. 010140159R Rural Educational & Economical Development Society

129. 010140161R Sri Rudramma Dev Mahila Mandali

130. 010140170R Landmark organisation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled

131. 010140172R Efforts

132. 010140176R Basava Tarakam Educational Society

133. 010140181R Bapuji Youth Association .

134. 010140193R Development Action For Rural Education Society

135. 010140198R Action Society For Handicapped Assistance Rural Development


136. 010140211R Shri Padmavati Mahila Vidayla

137. 010140214R Social Integration for Rural Development

138. 010140217R Rural Community Development Association & Social Welfare

139. 010140219R Shri Sai Rural Development Organisation

140. 010140220R Shri Krishana Education & Welfare Society

141. 010140222R Education & Economic Development Society

142. 010140224R Grameena Seva Samiti

143. 010140228R Vinayaka Youth Association

144. 010140231R Society Action of Voluntary Efforts

145. 010140234R Ark India

146. 010140236R Arundhati Seva Samithi

147. 010140245R Community Action for Rural Enlightenment Society

148. 010140252R Mahila Vimochana Mandali

149. 010140253R Rayalaseema Development Society

150. 010140283R Hanna Orphan Awarness Organisation

151. 010140292R Shri Devarshi Educational Society

152. 010140293R Glory Leprosy Rehabilatation Mission

153. 010140297R Joint Upliftment Society for Training and Community


154. 010140303R Society for Economic Reconstruction and Village Emancipation

155. 010140307R Samatha Women and Child Welfare Association

156. 010140313R Action for Weaker Section, Women Awareness & Rural


157. 010140316R REACH( ACommunity Based Health Action)

158. 010140317R Bhartheeya Abyudaya Seva Samithi

159. 010140320R Society for Health Education Economic Upliftment of People

160. 010140322R People’s Institute for Social Educational Society

161. 010140324R Nethaji Yuvajana Sangam

162. 010140325R Naren Rehabilitation Institute

163. 010140328R Weaker Section Development Society

164. 010140329R Village Education and Development Society

165. 010140331R King Integrated Seva Samiti

166. 010140332R Sri Matha Mahila Mandali

167. 010140333R Animal Care Land

168. 010140334R Social Innovation Development Unit for Rural

169. 010140337R Sri Vinayaka Yuvajana Sangam

170. 010140340R Grama Jyothi Mahila Mandali

171. 010140341R Chaitanya Yurajana Sangham

172. 010140342R Rural Small Industries Development Society

173. 010160002R People’s Organisation for Rural Development

174. 010160004R Samagra Gramnabhivrudhi Samstha

175. 010160006R Sarojini Mahila Mandali

176. 010160009R Ernest Boarding Home

177. 010160010R Iman’s Boarding Home,`

178. 010160014R Veerapalle Cooperative Collective Farming Society

179. 010160015R Jayaprakash Yuvajan’s Senkhesham Sangham

180. 010160016R Cuddapah District Uyavaseya Sarvodaya Sangam

181. 010160017R Sri Nejhaji Yuvajana Mandali

182. 010160018R Zilia Mahial Sankshema Samiti

183. 010160019R Rural Development Economic Backward Social Service Society

184. 010160022R Cuddapah District Girihana Grameens Vyavasaya Karmika Seva


185. 010160023R Rural Labour Welfare Board

186. 010160025R Cuddapah District Yuvajana,Harijana,Chritav a Girijana

Sarvodaya Sangham

187. 010160026R Sri Vijaya Lakshmi Mahila Mandali

188. 010160027R The Rural Agricultural And Industrial Development Social

Service Society

189. 010160030R Cuddapah Distt. Grama Seva Samiti

190. 010160031R Poor Peasant Education Society

191. 010160033R Rural Development Society

192. 010160035R Cuddapah District Harijana And Vemukabadna Jathuala

Vimochana Simiti

193. 010160036R Aenom Society

194. 010160041R Benevolence for Rural Evangelical Education & Economic


195. 010160044R Youth Voluntary Services

196. 010160045R St. Joseph Convent & School

197. 010160046R M/s Nayavikasa Mandal

198. 010160052R Rural Action In Development

199. 010160053R Rural Weaker Section Development Society

200. 010160055R Emmanuel Leprosy Relief & Rehabilitation Society

201. 010160059R Mydukur Social Service Society

202. 010160061R Rural Agricultural Development Trust

203. 010160062R Rural Development Social Service Organisation

204. 010160063R Harijana Christian Welfare And Development Association

205. 010160064R Rural Development Social Service Society

206. 010160065R Martin Luther King Seva Samajam Dandu Harijanwada

207. 010160067R The Lebarohes & Yamadies Hill Tribes Gospel & Social Welfare


208. 010160069R Zilla Harijana Christan Mahila Mandali

209. 010160070R Social Welfare Society

210. 010160071R Rural Christian Weaker Section Upliftment Federation

211. 010160073R Cuddapah Zilla Rythu Sankeshama Society

212. 010160074R Integrated Community Development Society

213. 010160075R Shanthi Niketan

214. 010160078R IIndir Nehru Mahila Mandal

215. 010160081R Padmavathi Mahila Mandali

216. 010160083R Village Agriculture Labour Development Society

217. 010160086R Aenon Society

218. 010160087R Young Evangelistic Society Cooperative Colony

219. 010160089R Zile Harijana Christava Mahila Samksehema Samithi

220. 010160090R Andhra Pradesh Depressed Class Welfare Association

221. 010160091R Sailaha Mahila Mandali

222. 010160094R The Rayalaseema Vijnama Vireasa Seva Kshtra

223. 010160095R Bharatha Jyothi Mahila Mandali

224. 010160096R The Christian Social Welfare Society

225. 010160099R Sree Ramachandra Yuvajana Sangham

226. 010160101R Vijaya Vidyaodaya Samajam

227. 010160102R Thomas Mahila Mandali

228. 010160104R Harijana Mahila Ammvodoha Saramalayam

229. 010160105R Jyothi Yuvajan Mahila

230. 010160106R The Biblical Church of India

231. 010160108R Shri Padmavathi Yuvathi Mandali Koppohi

232. 010160109R Balagangadra Youth Association

233. 010160111R Kasturba Mahila Mandali

234. 010160112R Gram Sarvodaya Samithi

235. 010160113R The Andhra Pradesh Vyasaya Cooleela Abyhyudaya Seva


236. 010160114R Good Samaritan Benevolence

237. 010160116R Nirmala Mahila Mandali

238. 010160117R Kasturi Mahila Mandali

239. 010160118R St. Anne’s Convent

240. 010160119R Arogya Priydarashini Mahila Mandali

241. 010160125R Samaj Vikas

242. 010160126R Christian Society for Integrated Rural Development Project

243. 010160127R Praja Vikasa Seva Sansthan

244. 010160128R Jaya Pradesh Yuvajana Samashema Sangham,

245. 010160129R Village Reconstruction and Development Society

246. 010160131R The Cuddapah District Weaker Sections Social Welfare Society

247. 010160133R Agency for Rural Integrated Socio-Economic Development

248. 010160134R Village Development Organisation

249. 010160136R Girijana Harijana Prasanna

250. 010160137R The Jamalamadugu Soc. & Eco. Dev of Down Trodden,Harijans

Christian & Backward C

251. 010160138R Sardar Youth Association Rangasa Mudram

252. 010160139R Rural Development Social Service

253. 010160146R Tkythu Gramika Sangham

254. 010160149R Rural Poor Welfare Development Society

255. 010160150R Jaya Bharat Mahila Mandly

256. 010160155R Eradication of Hunger and Poverty Association

257. 010160156R Folk Arts Revival Movement

258. 010160157R Vijaylakhmi Mahila Mandli

259. 010160159R Help Needy Association

260. 010160161R Mylavaram Social Service Society

261. 010160162R Society For Human Action For Rural Education

262. 010160163R Vedantha Mahila Mandli

263. 010160164R Netaji Youth Association

264. 010160166R Harijana Weaker Section Development Service Society

265. 010160167R Sagili Youth Association

266. 010160169R Itugullapadu Geetha Parisramica G. Association

267. 010160170R Wwaker Sections Vikasa Sangham

268. 010160171R Labour Education Activity Development Society

269. 010160173R Cuddapah Youth Welfare Society

270. 010160174R Physically Handicapped Welfare Development

271. 010160175R Harijana Christian Social Welfare Society

272. 010160176R Bharat Mahila Mandal

273. 010160177R Rayalaseema Integrated Development & Education Society

274. 010160178R Dalith Seva Sangam

275. 010160180R Pragathi Handicapped Sangha

276. 010160181R Fatima Mahila Mandali

277. 010160182R Indira Mahila Mandali

278. 010160183R The Palugurallapalle Labour Contract Cooperative Society

279. 010160184R Kasthurba Mahila Mandali

280. 010160187R Rural Health Education Community Development Society

281. 010160188R Saibaba Mahila Sangham

282. 010160195R Bharat Jyothi Youth Association

283. 010160198R Subhasini Nilayam Association

284. 010160199R Tayyib Muslim Welfare Society

285. 010160202R Rayalseema Vansthali Sangam

286. 010160207R Rural Education & Awareness Development Society

287. 010160208R Power

288. 010160209R Sri Sita Ramanjaneya Udayana Vana Samiti

289. 010160210R Gnadoya Mahila Mandali

290. 010160211R Nava Sakti Youth Association

291. 010160212R Indira Priyadarsini Mandala Mahila Manda

292. 010160214R Card Community Action for Rural Development

293. 010160218R Chaitanya Rural Development Society

294. 010160219R Sri Lakshmi Rajeshwari Mahila Mandali

295. 010160222R League Action of Rural Development Services

296. 010160223R Shree Dhanalakshmi Mahila Mandali

297. 010160225R Pratibha Mahila Mandali

298. 010160228R People’s Organisation For Rural Poor

299. 010160232R Thrift Cooperative Association

300. 010160235R Vijaya Socio Economic Development Soceity

301. 010160237R Chaitanya Yuvajana Sangham

302. 010160238R The Dhanalakshmi Mahila Mandali

303. 010160241R The Jigiyabai Mahila Mandali

304. 010160242R Integrated Rural Development Organisation

305. 010160244R Sai Seva Samithi

306. 010160248R All India Mercy Minority Educational Society

307. 010160249R Anand Ashramam Charitable Trust

308. 010160254R Harijana & Girijana Seva Samithi

309. 010160262R Alpha Educational Society

310. 010160268R New Star Education Society

311. 010160276R Development Association for Women Needs

312. 010160287R Jana Parishad

313. 010160289R Indira Vikas Mahila Mandali

314. 010160291R Mahila Rural Development Youth Society

315. 010160292R Jaya Bharathi Pala Uthpathidarula Yuvathi Sankshema Mandali

316. 010160296R Raghavendra Yuvajana Sangham

317. 010160297R Baba Educational Associaition

318. 010160303R Rural Development Social Service Society

319. 010160307R Arundathi Mahila Mandali

320. 010160308R Heena Mahaboob Yuvathi Mandali,

321. 010160310R Rural Development Social Service Society

322. 010160311R Inventive Technical Trade Association

323. 010160313R Shri Raghvendra Pasu Samrakshaka Sangham

324. 010160314R Rural Development Society

325. 010160315R Praja Pradhimika Oriental Educational Society

326. 010160321R St. Mary’s Educational Society

327. 010160323R Bread for Living Economical Social Service and Educational

Development Society

328. 010160324R Rural Community Development Society

329. 010160325R Sri Bala Bharati English Medium School Society

330. 010160328R Noor Muslim Welfare Society

331. 010160331R Durga Yuvathi Mandali

332. 010160332R Bharathi Seva Samiti

333. 010160337R Social Service Society

334. 010160340R Vellala Rural Development Trust

335. 010160345R Farmer’s Social Welfare Society

336. 010160348R Peddacheppalli Rural Yuvachaithanya Youth Association

337. 010160350R Divine Educational and Rural Development Society

338. 010160353R Integrated Community Development Organisation

339. 010160355R Women’s Organisation for Rural Leadership Development

340. 010160356R Sri Sathya Sai Animal Kindness and Rural Development Society

341. 010160358R Dalitha Parishad

342. 010170003R Church of Jesus Christ Restored

343. 010170005R Ambajipeta Christian Booj Shop Trust

344. 010170010R Candian Baptist Mission Girls Hostel/CBM Jubilee Girls High


345. 010170032R Girijana Vikas Kendram

346. 010170039R Comerodant Scripture Mission

347. 010170040R Vinodini Village Industries Association

348. 010170041R Weavers Educational Advancement, Vocational, Economical

Rehabilitation Society

349. 010170049R Shri Uppuluri Ganapaty Shastry Veda Sanstra Parishath

350. 010170051R Kirtley Evengelical Mission

351. 010170053R Heavenly Manna Home

352. 010170059R Americans and Indians for the Development of India

353. 010170060R Powers Children’s Home

354. 010170072R Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church

355. 010170073R Christian Outreach Centre

356. 010170074R Indira Educational & Cultural Society

357. 010170077R Grace Ministries

358. 010170082R Navjeevan Sangh

359. 010170085R School for The Blind & Hostel

360. 010170091R Sri Veera Reddy Educational Society

361. 010170100R Help The Women

362. 010170107R Logos Ministry Social Action

363. 010170108R The Society of Christ Witness Fellowship

364. 010170115R Society for Helpless & Economically Backward Area

365. 010170118R Indira Gandhi Memorial Adivasi Seva Samaj

366. 010170124R Sri Sai Satya Krishna Deenajana Sevasharam

367. 010170134R Suneetha Mahila Mandali

368. 010170136R Priyadarshani Educational Society

369. 010170139R Arunodaya Welfare Association

370. 010170141R Forum for Integrated Rural Management

371. 010170144R The Nireekshan Lepers Association

372. 010170145R Youth A Society for Human Welfare and Health Education

373. 010170146R Grameena Yuvajana Sangam

374. 010170154R Anna Ministries Society

375. 010170161R Dr.Ambedkar Welfare Mission of Poor Rural

376. 010170162R Costal Association for Rural Dev elopment

377. 010170164R Sree Vivekananda Educational Society

378. 010170170R New Life Grace Ministries

379. 010170183R Pragati Vignana Samithi

380. 010170186R Siri Educational Institute for Mentally Handicapped

381. 010170188R Community Health Awareness and Natural Green Environment


382. 010170190R Kainrads Educational Society.

383. 010170192R Hebron Church and Children’s Home

384. 010170193R Prasanthi Educational Cultural and Welfare Association

385. 010170194R Bible Followers Ministries

386. 010180001R SDA Narsapur High School,Flaiz Memorial High School

387. 010180005R Tannery Workers Abhyudoya Sangam

388. 010180007R The Roman Catholic Dioce of Eluru

389. 010180012R Lutheran Boarding Home

390. 010180013R The Womens Gospel Light Ministry

391. 010180014R Church of Christ Orphanage Home

392. 010180015R The Poor Christian Children Orphanage Home

393. 010180016R Rev. Dibakd Bergards Evanglistic Association

394. 010180020R Rural Regional Evangelical Youth Association

395. 010180021R Hebron Hostel

396. 010180025R Nirmala T.B. Sanatorium

397. 010180027R Association of Godavari Delta Mission Assembalies

398. 010180028R Eluru Taluk Rural Development Organisation

399. 010180029R Balaseva Kendra Community Development Project

400. 010180032R Church of Christ Poor Christian Children Home

401. 010180033R Bishop Eliott Boys Hostel Home

402. 010180035R Pragathi Nilayam

403. 010180038R Andhra Pradesh Penticostal Church of Christ

404. 010180041R Church of God

405. 010180043R Lavadmoore Memorial Children Home

406. 010180047R The Church of Christ

407. 010180049R Mercy Orphanage Children Home

408. 010180050R Reacher Poor Children’s Home

409. 010180051R St. John Vianmey RCM Church

410. 010180053R Women’s Lace Craft Society

411. 010180054R Churchh of Sacred Mission

412. 010180059R International Christian School Hostel

413. 010180062R Jeevan Jyothi Press & Publishers

414. 010180065R Wordvide Faith Mission of India

415. 010180067R Elisha Home For the Orphan, Blind, Handicapped Lepers etc

416. 010180068R Bethseda Community Development Project

417. 010180075R Society for Health, Agricultural Development & Education

418. 010180081R Cheshire Homes India

419. 010180082R Church of God and Children Home

420. 010180083R Axene Evangelical Mission

421. 010180084R Indian Gospel Singers

422. 010180085R The Evangelistic Church Service

423. 010180086R Angustana Lutheran Hospital

424. 010180088R Jeevan Jyothi School of Printing

425. 010180093R Evangelism of Christ Society

426. 010180096R Sir Cattamanchi Ramlinga Reddy College

427. 010180099R Sandhya Jyothi Home for the Aged

428. 010180111R Joint Effort of Suppressed Upliftment Service

429. 010180112R AP Harijana Christava Venukabadina Taragathula Seva


430. 010180114R The West Godavari Sarvodaya Education Society

431. 010180115R Rural Development Society

432. 010180119R Shanthi SC, ST & BC Abhyudaya Sangham

433. 010180153R United Aids Control Project

434. 010180160R Seelamsetty Satyanarayana Ramayamma Foundation

435. 010180164R Sri Ganesh Rural Development Association

436. 010180166R Step to Educate Poor

437. 010180167R Boudha Dhamma (Dharma)

438. 010180169R Life Empowering Action Development

439. 010180170R Sri Venkata Krishna Educational Society

440. 010180171R Agape Helping Minsitries

441. 010180175R Jesus Grace Poor Orphanage

442. 010190006R Virgimia’s Chldren’s Home

443. 010190012R The Society of Jesus Mary and Joseph.

444. 010190025R Rural Education and Economic Development Society

445. 010190027R Loyola Public School Society

446. 010190032R Guide Service

447. 010190036R Hope Children’s Homes

448. 010190037R St. Joseph Convent

449. 010190040R Brahmakodur Maria Mahta Society

450. 010190041R Rural Areas Development Organisation

451. 010190046R Sree Amasuya Charitable Society

452. 010190047R Matrusri Medical Centre

453. 010190049R Bible Faith Lutheran Church of India

454. 010190050R Guntur Slum Dwellers Development Society

455. 010190053R Council of the India Mission of the Lutheran Church in America

456. 010190054R East Costal Church of Christ

457. 010190057R Church of Christ

458. 010190059R Project India International

459. 010190063R New Gospel Board Society

460. 010190066R Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church

461. 010190068R Project India International

462. 010190074R Seva Sadan Society

463. 010190075R Denadanam Village Industrials Association

464. 010190077R The Phirangirpuram Social Service Society

465. 010190082R Lutheran Boarding Home

466. 010190087R The Gurujala Taluk

467. 010190090R The Kindness Orphanage Children’s Home

468. 010190093R Rural Development and Research Centre

469. 010190098R The Village Development Organisation

470. 010190102R AP Scheduled Tribes & Girijan Association

471. 010190105R Sarrcap Social Action Rural Rehabilitation, Creative

Ameleoration & Rel.ief

472. 010190107R Nivedita Mahila Mandali

473. 010190108R A.P. Gram Vikas Organisation

474. 010190111R Mohammadia Education Society ,

475. 010190114R Society for Rural Development

476. 010190119R Abhyudaya Mahila Mandali

477. 010190121R Kasturi Bai Mahila Mandali

478. 010190122R Srinivasa Mahila Mandali

479. 010190124R Naveen Health Society

480. 010190125R India Fellowship of Bible Churches

481. 010190127R Devi Weaker Section Mahila Mandali

482. 010190130R Vinaya Asramam

483. 010190131R Visa Villages Integrated Social Action

484. 010190132R Sri Lakshmi Sri Mahila Mandal

485. 010190134R Indira Mahila Mandali

486. 010190135R Sree Rama Mahila Mandali

487. 010190139R Harijana Mahila Mandali

488. 010190146R Indira Gandhi Balaheena Varga Savakkhema

489. 010190149R National Educational Minorities Society

490. 010190150R Welfare Organisation for Rural Development

491. 010190151R Andhra Sewa Samithi

492. 010190155R Kasturibai Mahila Mandali

493. 010190157R Arundhati Mahila Mandali

494. 010190158R Ambedkar Mahila Mandali

495. 010190159R Guntur District B.C. Mahila Seva Mandali

496. 010190161R Rural Organisation For Social Activity

497. 010190164R Mahalakshmi Janakamma Mahila Mandali

498. 010190165R Pragathi Rural Development Association

499. 010190168R Zilla Vikalangula Sangham

500. 010190172R Jeevan Jyothi Social Service Society

501. 010190175R Surya Kiran Parents Association For Welfare of Mentally

Handicappd Children

502. 010190178R Sahrudaya Seva Sangham

503. 010190183R Nagarujana Integrated Rural Development Society

504. 010190185R Helping Hands

505. 010190192R Vijaya Educational Society

506. 010190197R Visior India

507. 010190201R Nurjehan Mahila Mandli

508. 010190213R Indira Mahila Vikalangula Seva Sangam

509. 010190223R Narayana Educational & Rural Development Society

510. 010190224R S.T.S. Rural Development Social Service Society

511. 010190230R Jaya Lakshmi Mahila Mandali

512. 010190234R Rural Education, Economic Development Society

513. 010190235R Smt. Kancherla Punnamma Charitable Trust

514. 010190239R Mother Theressa Mahila Sangham

515. 010190264R Jhansi Lakshmi Adharsha Mahila Mandali

516. 010190265R Society for Cultural and Upliftment of Rural Education(SURE)

517. 010190270R Action for Comprehensive Transformation Society

518. 010190273R Sri Gudibandi Somireddy Educational Society

519. 010190275R Rural Action Development Weaker Sections Society

520. 010190278R Zila Parishad,

521. 010190282R Viswa Educational Society

522. 010190291R Yanadi Education Society

523. 010190292R Vidwan Educational Society

524. 010190293R St. Paul’s Socio-Educational Society

525. 010190294R Service Essential to Economic Development Organisation

526. 010190299R Veda Vedanta Gurukula Mahavidyalaya

527. 010190306R Consumers Welfare Council

528. 010190308R Amazing Grance Ministries

529. 010190311R Andhra Pradesh Neil Armstrong Team Rural Multi Scheme

Organisation Society

530. 010190313R Urban and Rural Development Mission

531. 010190314R Sri Veera Hanuman Yuva Jana Seva Sangham

532. 010220005R St. John’s Regional Seminary Society

533. 010220010R Rural Economic Development

534. 010220012R Mary A. Knott’s High School,

535. 010220019R Lohrenz Boarding Home

536. 010220021R Gideon Kumar K.G. & Primary School

537. 010220024R H.R.C.M.C.I.Stanley Health Centre

538. 010220025R Village Lay Training Institute

539. 010220028R Gandhi Kasturba Seva Samsham

540. 010220029R Losyola Academy Society

541. 010220030R Christian Concern Mission

542. 010220031R Weaker Sections Education Society

543. 010220032R HRC MCI Public Health

544. 010220034R Action to Consciartis Humanise & Organise Rural People

545. 010220035R Youth Action for Rural Development

546. 010220036R Parkal Pural Development Centre

547. 010220039R Systematic Efforts for Action in Development

548. 010220041R Rural Community Development Organisation

549. 010220042R Dr. Ambedkar Youth Club

550. 010220044R Ephphatha Ministries

551. 010220045R Rural Integrated Development & Health Services

552. 010220046R National Academy of Agricultural Research Mangement Alumni


553. 010220047R Pinky Havors Education Society

554. 010220049R Muslim Board

555. 010220053R India Fellowship

556. 010220054R Bhim Rao Ambedkar Foundation

557. 010220055R Green Pastures Rural Development Services Society

558. 010220056R Jagruthi Society

559. 010220060R Bhagat Singh Organisation for Awakening & Rural Development

560. 010220067R Samaritans Charitable Trust

561. 010220080R Smt. G. Varalakshmi & Sri Mallikarjuna Rao Charitable Trust

562. 010220081R Rural Welfare Assocation

563. 010220084R Society for Rural Development & Rehabilitation

564. 010220085R Development Elevation for Community Humanation

565. 010220089R ITRRODDD

566. 010220090R Sevashram

567. 010220096R Abilities Round Table International

568. 010220097R Kurunamayudu Charitable Trust

569. 010220100R Arco India Trust

570. 010220101R The Indira Gandhi Welfare Institutions

571. 010220104R Mano Chaitanya Human Services

572. 010220114R National Geophysical Research Institute

573. 010220117R Sri Ramakrishna Educational Society

574. 010220120R Vivekananda Seva Samithi

575. 010220132R Green Birds Educational Society

576. 010220136R Montessory Educational Society

577. 010220142R Society for the Welfare of Youth

578. 010220144R Indira Gandhi Mahila Mandal

579. 010220151R Vijayalakshmi Mahila Mandali

580. 010220154R Karthavyam Mahila Mandali

581. 010220157R Nalsar University of Law

582. 010220159R Sri Padmavathi Educational Rural Development Society

583. 010220161R Radiant Social Welfare Society

584. 010220162R Navodaya Vidya Samithi

585. 010220163R Sri Satya Sai Charitable Trust

586. 010230001R Young Mens Christian Association

587. 010230002R Sion Fellowship

588. 010230003R Christian National Evalgleism Commission

589. 010230010R Integrated Rural Development Society

590. 010230011R Jinja Groups Trust

591. 010230014R Chetana Society

592. 010230016R Indo American Centre for International Studies

593. 010230017R Claffind Publication Association

594. 010230018R Rural Commission Service Society

595. 010230019R National Academy of Development

596. 010230020R A.P.Branch of India Council of Social Welfare

597. 010230022R Ayallapur Development Group

598. 010230023R Cusader’s Evangelical & Rural Development Society

599. 010230025R Stanley Girls Junior College Hostel

600. 010230027R Stanely Girls Jr. College, Diploma in Commercial Practice

601. 010230029R H.R.C M.C.I Methodist Child Care Centre

602. 010230032R Society for Upliftment of Under Privileged

603. 010230036R God Has Spoken Ministries

604. 010230039R Christian Dynamics of India

605. 010230043R India National’s Evangelism Fellowship

606. 010230045R Gospel Visual Services

607. 010230048R Prakasam Institute of Development Studies

608. 010230049R India Mission

609. 010230055R Rural Reconstruction Service Society

610. 010230058R System Action For Village Evolution

611. 010230059R Asia for Christ

612. 010230073R A.P. Association for Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development

Adhoc Committee

613. 010230075R All India Sunday School Association

614. 010230078R Society for Awareness Through Learning & Training

615. 010230080R Shanr Publications

616. 010230081R LRao’s Educational Society

617. 010230084R Community Adtion & Mission for Progress

618. 010230085R The Child Guidance Bureau

619. 010230086R Centre for Population Concerns

620. 010230092R Salaha

621. 010230093R Gandhi Peace Centre

622. 010230096R Development Action for Rural Environment

623. 010230097R Society for Energising Urban & Vocational Education

624. 010230099R Bhartiya Integrated Rural Development Society

625. 010230101R Society of St. Anne’s Convent

626. 010230103R Centre for Development Concerns

627. 010230106R Princes Durru Shehvair Children’s Medical Aid Society

628. 010230108R Vani Press Society

629. 010230112R Grace Ministries

630. 010230113R Berear Bible Centre

631. 010230116R Sri Vidyarama Acadamy for Rural Development

632. 010230117R Bharatiya Grameen Mahila Sangh

633. 010230118R Christ’s Healing Society

634. 010230120R Multicoops’ Association

635. 010230121R Seventh Day Adventist High School

636. 010230122R Indian Church of Christ Evangelitis Association

637. 010230123R John Abram Memorial Bethany Home

638. 010230129R Thriftcoops Association

639. 010230130R Urban Industrial & Rural Mission

640. 010230133R Association for Rural & Tribal Development

641. 010230135R C.P.C. Family Helper Project

642. 010230137R M/s Natural Resources Development Co.op. Society Ltd.

643. 010230138R Bharat Sevak Samaj

644. 010230145R Asian Academy Rural Development & Population Studies

645. 010230146R Indian Church of Christ Evangelistic Association

646. 010230150R Water Development Society

647. 010230151R India School of Preaching

648. 010230154R Khyuma Rafiq Educational and Charitable Society

649. 010230157R Rural Economic Development Evangelic and Educational


650. 010230162R Managaign Committee-Masjide-Ek-Mohamadehia

651. 010230163R Society for the Uplift of the Poor from Poverty through

Organisation Research

652. 010230164R World Ministries of India

653. 010230167R Managing Committee Masjid E Mohammadia

654. 010230168R Creatini Education Systems Society

655. 010230171R Behtany Ministries

656. 010230172R New Life League

657. 010230173R Elders Council of India

658. 010230174R Banjana Mills Banjana Sammelan

659. 010230175R H. Banjara Hills Literacy & Homecrafts Centre

660. 010230176R Community Outreach Development

661. 010230177R Collective Rural Development in India

662. 010230178R Grade Evangelical Mission Temporary

663. 010230184R Mauvin-Mutu Assistance for Voluntary Institutions in India

664. 010230190R Society for Integrated Rural Development

665. 010230193R Rotary Sewa Kendra Trust

666. 010230197R Sikanderabad Round Table

667. 010230198R Sri Jain Sewa Sangh

668. 010230202R Tribal Reconstruction in Backward Agency Lands Society

669. 010230203R Centre for Women’s Development and Studies

670. 010230204R Polio Plus Committee of Rotary Club of Hyderabad &


671. 010230205R Association for Rural Community Health

672. 010230206R Relief Trust of India

673. 010230208R Women’s Employment Scheme (Industrial Cooperative Centre


674. 010230210R Regional Institute of Medical Aid

675. 010230214R Princess Esra Medical Aid Society

676. 010230218R Mumtaz College

677. 010230220R S.George’s Public Educational Society

678. 010230221R Sri Ramakrishna Ashram

679. 010230223R University of Hyderabad

680. 010230227R Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital

681. 010230228R Lions Club of Hyderabad

682. 010230235R Mahila Growth Centre

683. 010230241R Tagore Educational Society

684. 010230242R Sri Sarada Industrial Training Institute

685. 010230246R Nutrition Society of India

686. 010230250R People Action For Social Progress

687. 010230252R Forum For Street Children

688. 010230253R Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Memorial Society

689. 010230260R Deccan Human Action For the Needy

690. 010230261R St. Xavier’s Educational Society

691. 010230263R Moulana Azad Memorial Educational Board

692. 010230264R Collective Action For Rural Development

693. 010230268R Mahila Welfare Association

694. 010230271R Anupama Women’s Welfare Society

695. 010230275R The Good Samaritan Reformatory & Rehabilation Centre

696. 010230276R A.P.Association For the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded

697. 010230277R Da’Iratu’l-Ma’Arifi’l-Osmania

698. 010230278R Rajaji International Institute of Public Affairs & Administration

699. 010230280R Promote

700. 010230282R Khan Bahadur Baba Khan Foundation

701. 010230284R Physical Economics and Rural Liberation Society

702. 010230287R St. John’s Minority Education Society

703. 010230297R Helen Keller – India

704. 010230298R Create Voluntary Organisation

705. 010230312R Rural Urban Integrated Development Society

706. 010230316R Gramoddarana Seva Sangham

707. 010230320R Awan-E-Quwateen

708. 010230323R Subhodaya Educational Society

709. 010230328R Nariseva Sangha

710. 010230329R Sikh Education Society

711. 010230332R Nandi Nagar Mahila Mandali

712. 010230336R The Ministry of the Corner Stone International

713. 010230337R Learning In Field Training

714. 010230340R Priyadarshini Mahila Mandal

715. 010230344R Rural Mobile Medical Assisting Society

716. 010230348R Ananda Buddha Vihara Trust

717. 010230349R Imam-E-Zamin

718. 010230353R Infants De La Poise

719. 010230355R Environmental Protection Training & Research Institute

720. 010230357R Anand Budha Vihar Samithi

721. 010230359R A.P. Urban & Rural Social Development Society

722. 010230361R Association for NGO

723. 010230364R A.P. Mahila Welfare Society

724. 010230370R Sri Satya Sai Education & Leper’s Welfare Society

725. 010230373R Sri Sai Baba Mahila Toys Centre & Mahila Society

726. 010230374R Institute of Public Enterprises

727. 010230384R HHyderabad Children’s Trust

728. 010230385R Shri Veda Bharathi

729. 010230386R A.P. Centre For Emergency Medicare

730. 010230390R Gnana Sudha Educational Society

731. 010230391R Pragathi Mahila Sangam

732. 010230398R Society for Training & Action Research

733. 010230401R Deptt. of Electronics & Communication Engineering

734. 010230404R Sai Seva Sangh

735. 010230405R Swayamkrushi

736. 010230409R Professional Organisation For Welfare & Education Research

737. 010230410R National Institute of Small Industry, Extension Training

738. 010230413R Sugra Humayun Mirza Waqf

739. 010230414R Society For Awareness & Village Enlightenment

740. 010230415R Upacor

741. 010230416R Krinti Society For Rural Development

742. 010230429R Parijata Educational Society

743. 010230433R The Rural Education and Development Trust

744. 010230434R St. Michaels Education Society

745. 010230436R Jagruthi Educational and Community Development Society

746. 010230438R Association for Rural Improvement in Socio- Economic Status

747. 010230441R Bapu’s national Education Development Council

748. 010230443R Society for Upliftment of Needy

749. 010230446R Divyateja Educational Society

750. 010230448R Socio- Evangelical- Economic- Development- Society

751. 010230451R Smt. Chandramma Memorial Charitable Trust

752. 010230457R Tesla Medical Education and Research Academy

753. 010230458R State Health And Family Welfare Society

754. 010230459R Trust for Rural upliftment and Ecducation

755. 010230460R Jana Chaitanya Society for Integrated Rural Development

756. 010230461R Jehovah Jireh Society

757. 010230467R NATCO Trust

758. 010230468R Praja Welfare Society

759. 010230470R Rajrajeswari Women Welfare Association

760. 010230478R The Andhra Pradesh Tribal (Girijan) Welfare(Abhyudaya) Union


761. 010230483R Arvati Balakumar Charitable Trust

762. 010230486R Centre for Urban and Rural Development

763. 010230489R Guha Research Conference

764. 010230493R Grama Bharathi

765. 010230499R Society for Participatory Development and Research

766. 010230502R Shyam Prasad Institute of Social Service

767. 010230507R Nature

768. 010230509R Osmania University

769. 010230516R Integrated Rural Development Society

770. 010230518R Medical Educational and Nature Services

771. 010230521R Special Education Centre for the Mentally Handicapped

772. 010230528R A.P. Velama Association

773. 010230532R Suryakumari Abraham Memorial Foundation

774. 010230534R Aryarama-A Commune for Senior Citizens

775. 010230547R Vemuri Chandravati Ramanatham Charitable Trust

776. 010230548R Dr. Rangareddy Public Charitable Trust

777. 010230550R Rural Development Society

778. 010230553R Palakurthy Educational Society

779. 010230556R A.P.Mahila Samatha Society

780. 010230557R Centre for Research Information Publication and Training

781. 010230559R Viswakarma Brahmana Sangam (Trust)

782. 010230564R National Academy of Development

783. 010230565R Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

784. 010230567R Discipling and Witnessing All Natives Ministries

785. 010230571R Grace Ministries Social Welfare Charitable Organisation

786. 010230572R Beer Sheba Ministries

787. 010230576R Tharuni

788. 010230577R St. Philips Educational Society

789. 010230579R Creative Society for Training & Development

790. 010230580R Global Banjara Baptist Ministries

791. 010230583R Islamia Educational Society

792. 010230584R Karuna Society

793. 010230586R Mahatma Jotirao Phoole Institute of Social Justice

794. 010230587R Green Universe Environmental Services Society

795. 010230589R Dayana’s Orphans Home Ministries

796. 010230593R Minority Educational Society

797. 010230594R Faith Society

798. 010230595R Discovery Global Ministry

799. 010230598R Bill Winston Ministries Trust

800. 010240001R St. John’s Boarding Home

801. 010240004R India Mission Hostel

802. 010240005R Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh

803. 010240007R Rural Unit for Social Health Development Project

804. 010240008R Christu Sangham, (Christ Church)

805. 010240009R The Priyadarshini SC Labour Cooperative Society Ltd.

806. 010240010R Lions Club Kdarimnagar Charitable Eye Hospital

807. 010240012R Peoples Educational Society

808. 010240013R Comprehensive Rural Education & Economic Development


809. 010240014R Karimnagar Leprosy Society

810. 010240015R Saini Education Society

811. 010240019R Mahaveer Youth Association

812. 010240022R Mulkanoor Handicapped Welfare Youth Society

813. 010240025R Sri Taraka Rama Mahila Mandali Rural and Urban Development

814. 010240026R Vanitha Jyothi Mahila Sangam

815. 010240027R Spurthi

816. 010240029R Rangineni Sujatha Mohan Rao Educational and Charitable Trust

817. 010240030R Golgotha Gospel Ministries Inc.

818. 010240031R Prakriti Environmental Society

819. 010240032R Karunya Multipurpose Development Society.

820. 010240033R Koinonia Mission

821. 010250002R St. Joseph’s Boarding Home

822. 010250003R St. Alphonsus Boarding Home

823. 010250007R Christ The Kinght Church

824. 010250009R Girijana Seema Labour Compact Cooperative Society Ltd.

825. 010250012R The Little Flowers Boy’s Home

826. 010250013R Bishop Azaraiah Memorial Home

827. 010250014R Christ The King Boys Home

828. 010250016R Regina Carmeli Convent

829. 010250018R Madiripuram Boarding Home

830. 010250019R Bagamma Memorial Home (Hostel)

831. 010250029R St. Joseph’s Church

832. 010250031R Our Lady’s Orphanage

833. 010250035R Christ Church Action Aid

834. 010250036R Little Flower Bala Nivas

835. 010250041R Association for Economical & Educational Development

836. 010250046R Weaker Sections Development Association

837. 010250049R Carmel Bala Nivas

838. 010250050R Church of Christ

839. 010250051R L Stanley Memorial Children Home

840. 010250052R Rural Development Society

841. 010250054R Christian Assembly

842. 010250055R LCKSI Gellknight Memorial Home

843. 010250056R Comprehensive Organisation for Rural Development

844. 010250060R Karuna Bharti

845. 010250061R St. Joseph’s Celu and Social Service Society

846. 010250064R Human Organisation For Poverty Eradication

847. 010250065R Society For Economical & Welfare Activity

848. 010250068R Rotarian’s Community Service Foundation

849. 010250070R Youth Association For Rural Development

850. 010250073R Youth Association For Rural Education & Development

851. 010250095R St Paul’s Boarding Home

852. 010250114R Karunamayi Mahila Mandali

853. 010260001R Good Shepherd Children’s Home

854. 010260002R Dalita Jana Abhivrudhi Sangham

855. 010260003R Nirik Shama Technical Training Project Development Society

856. 010260005R Regional Development Association

857. 010260007R Noble Family Helper Project

858. 010260012R Community Development Project

859. 010260013R Pavitra Kutir

860. 010260015R Gandhi Peace Centre

861. 010260017R A.M.G.India International

862. 010260019R Samvesan Boarding Home

863. 010260021R Shnatinagar Development Project

864. 010260026R Azariah Girls Hostel

865. 010260030R Board of Christian Broadcasting of the Andhra Christian Council

866. 010260032R Prajabivrudhi Project

867. 010260036R Dynamic Action for Rural Elevation

868. 010260037R The Guntuapalli Don Bosco Society

869. 010260040R The Indian Pentacostal Church of God in A.P.

870. 010260042R Gandhian United Action for Rural Development

871. 010260047R Sacred Heart Orphanage

872. 010260050R Bishop Mutyalu Memorial Home

873. 010260052R Divi Seema Deena Jana Samkshena Samithi

874. 010260053R Sahayamatha Orphanage,

875. 010260059R The India Christian Faith

876. 010260063R Grama Samarikya Seva Society

877. 010260064R Saler’s Gospel Centre

878. 010260065R The Congregation of Brothers of St. Joseph

879. 010260068R Nagarjuna Educational Society

880. 010260072R The United Felowship Church of India

881. 010260073R Prabodha Bok Centre

882. 010260074R Community Dvelopmen t Project

883. 010260078R Shiya Imami Ismailia Schol Board

884. 010260079R Comunity Development Project

885. 010260080R Reddy Palam Community Development Project

886. 010260086R Bandela Rajaratnam Memorial School Committee

887. 010260089R Andhra Pradesh Evangelical Graduates Fellowship

888. 010260092R Arya Rishi Foundation

889. 010260094R Indian Muscular Dystrophy Association

890. 010260098R Indian Christian Society for Rural Development & Welfare

891. 010260100R Kavuru Charitable Trust

892. 010260106R Sharon Community Development Project

893. 010260113R Mansika Vikas Kendram

894. 010260114R Prachya Bhasha Vidyapeetham

895. 010260116R Smt. Merla Kamamma Memorial Trust

896. 010260117R Netra Jyoti Sangh

897. 010260120R Cripples Paradise

898. 010260123R Sri Triveni Educational Academy

899. 010260126R M/s Raja Trust

900. 010260133R Society For Overall Rural Development Society

901. 010260137R Association for Awareness Development & Humanizing Action in

Rural Areas

902. 010260152R The Modumudi Grama Yuvajana Sangham

903. 010260161R Loyal Organisation for Rural Development

904. 010260162R Balrani Mahila Mandali

905. 010260179R Movement for Eco. Rehabilitation Cultural & Youth Activities

906. 010260184R Good Shepard Educational Academy, C/O Teresa Public School

907. 010260191R Jesus Full Gospel Ministries Association

908. 010260192R Social Handling to Illuminate people Educational Society

909. 010260201R Immanuel Gospel Ministries of India

910. 010260211R Pragathi Educational Development Society

911. 010260212R Holy Mission

912. 010260217R Social Activity for Voluntary Integrated Organisation for Rural

Poor People

913. 010260219R Jagruthi (A Society for Promoting Integrated Dev. of Daliths)

914. 010260220R Independent Bethel Believer’s Welfare Association

915. 010260222R Leela Adarsh Mahila Mandali

916. 010260223R Jai Bheem Abhyudaya Sangam

917. 010260224R Sri Vijaya Educational & Cultural Society

918. 010260230R Bethesda Homes

919. 010260231R Jesus Prayer Fellowship.

920. 010260232R Indian Rehabilitation Foundation.

921. 010260234R Raja Rural and Urban Development Society

922. 010260236R Abhyudaya Mahila Mandali

923. 010260237R The NCC Abraham Charitable Trust

924. 010260238R Association of Mercy Civilian Organisation

925. 010270002R Nativity Home No.297

926. 010270003R St. Augustine Boarding Home No.276

927. 010270004R St. Pauls Boarding Home No. 280

928. 010270005R Clement Boarding Home No.685

929. 010270008R Bapuji Integrated Rural Development Society

930. 010270012R Bible Believing Church Committee

931. 010270015R Baptist Christian Social Welfare Association

932. 010270016R Comprehensive Rural Education & Development Society

933. 010270017R Vimala Hospital

934. 010270018R Health Education Adult Literacy Organisation Rurals Society

935. 010270019R San Joe Nilayam

936. 010270026R Sri Ramakrishna Education Society

937. 010270028R Society of Integrated Rural Development

938. 010270029R Society of Sisters of St. Anne Society No.18

939. 010270031R The Royalseema Council of Telugu Baptist Christian Churches

940. 010270034R The Allagadda Taluk Harijan Christian Social Welfare Society

941. 010270035R Bharat Ratna Mother Theresa Educational Acadamy

942. 010270036R Organisation of the Rural Poor for Uplift Federation

943. 010270037R Premajyothi Rural Evangelical Health & Development Society

944. 010270042R Monteswari Education and Charitable Society

945. 010270045R Voluntary Integrated Development Society

946. 010270047R Universal Society

947. 010270048R Integrated Rural Upliftment Society

948. 010270049R Krushi Vidya Niketan Elementary School Committee

949. 010270052R Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Educational Society

950. 010270053R Sri Padmavathi Education Society

951. 010270054R Sri Chennakasava Educational Society

952. 010270055R Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Memorial Youth Sangam

953. 010270056R Nirmala Mahila Mandali

954. 010270058R Avenir Society

955. 010270059R Madrasa-E-Faizal Uloom

956. 010270066R Integrated Rural Development Society

957. 010270070R Jana Vikas Society

958. 010270071R Bethel Education Society

959. 010270072R P.S.S. Education Development Society

960. 010270073R Mother Teresa Mahila Seva Sangham

961. 010270074R Adarsha Mahila Mandali

962. 010270075R Kurnool Rural Development Education Society

963. 010270077R Harijana Christian Social Service Society

964. 010270081R Uma Maheswara Educational Society

965. 010270082R Sri Chaithanya Kala Mandali

966. 010270084R Society For Peace Rural Education & Awareness Development

967. 010270096R Society For the Development of Rural Women’s And Children

968. 010270098R Rural Action for Poor in Development Society

969. 010270100R Sri Ramanakrishna Educational Society

970. 010270103R St. Philomina’s Welfare Centre For Women

971. 010270107R Azad Educational Society

972. 010270108R Guru Sarva Bhouma Youth Association

973. 010270111R Siddatha Technical Education & Rural Development Society

974. 010270114R Kranti Education Society

975. 010270117R Vidhya Bharathi Educational Society

976. 010270122R Vidya Bharathi Educational Society

977. 010270124R Society for Rural & Eco Development

978. 010270127R Sanghmitra Seva Samiti

979. 010270130R Curie Educational Society

980. 010270131R St Thomas Educational Society

981. 010270133R Sri Satyanarayanaswamy Mhahila Mandali

982. 010270134R Sri Raja Rajeswari Rural Development Society

983. 010270135R Society for Humanity

984. 010270146R Sri Vidyaniketan Educational Society

985. 010270147R Sharda Committee Educational and Rural Development Society

986. 010270148R Sri Vinayaka Rural Development and Educational Society

987. 010270150R Sarada Educational Society

988. 010270151R Adarsha Educational Society

989. 010270152R Thahir Minority Educational Society

990. 010270153R Chaitanya Bharathi Yuvathi Mandali

991. 010270154R Helping Hands for Rural Tribal Development Society

992. 010270155R Kalpatru Educational and Rural Development Society

993. 010270157R Mourya Rural Development and Educational Society

994. 010270158R Minorities Educational Social Cultural Organisation

995. 010270159R S.F. Tailoring Tranining Centre

996. 010270160R Al Madeenah Educational and Welfare Society

997. 010270163R Vijaya Mahila Mandali

998. 010280002R Methodist Health Centre

999. 010280003R Shanti Bhavan

1000. 010280007R Godwal Hostel;

1001. 010280009R Billington Memorial Hostel

1002. 010280010R Modina Educational Society

1003. 010280012R Palamoor Rural Development Voluntary Organisation

1004. 010280013R Sri Balaji Voluntary Service Association

1005. 010280015R Chaitanya Bharathi Education Society

1006. 010280018R Srinivasa Trust

1007. 010280019R Prison Fellowship Ministries in Andhra Pradesh India

1008. 010280022R Ann’s Charitable Trust

1009. 010280026R Srinivasa Education Society

1010. 010280031R Rahul Medical & Health Service Society

1011. 010280033R Centre For Urban And Rural Enlightment`

1012. 010280040R Shramika Vikasa Kendram(SVK)

1013. 010280042R District Sheep Breeders Co.Op Union Ltd.

1014. 010280046R Fatima Home Charitable Trust

1015. 010280047R Society for Integration and Rural Development

1016. 010290007R Zaheerabad Methodist School & Home

1017. 010290008R Gandhi Sangha

1018. 010290009R Pragathi

1019. 010290015R Kamala Nehru Mahila Mandali

1020. 010290022R Victory Rural Development Society

1021. 010300001R Integrated Rural Tribal Development Project India

1022. 010300002R LThe Nagarjuna Farmers Service Cooperative Society Ltd.

1023. 010300003R Society of the Emmanuel Evangelism For Rural Development

1024. 010300009R Andhra Pradesh Rural Development Promoters

1025. 010300010R Indira Mahila Mandali,

1026. 010300013R Kodad Children’s Home

1027. 010300014R Leena Memorial Hostel

1028. 010300017R VIijaya Mary Development Project

1029. 010300018R Devarkonda Banjara Sangam

1030. 010300020R Socio Economic Upliftment Society

1031. 010300021R Weaker Community Comprehensive Development Society

1032. 010300023R St. Xavier’s School

1033. 010300024R Medical & Educational Development Trust

1034. 010300025R Golgotha Institute Of Fellowship

1035. 010300027R Lions Eye Hospital

1036. 010300028R New Life India

1037. 010300030R Renuka Mahila Mandali

1038. 010300033R Vivekananda Youth Club

1039. 010300037R Help the Helpless & Help the Needy

1040. 010300038R Mahalaxmi Mahila Mandali

1041. 010300039R Pedala Abhivruddi Seva Sangham

1042. 010300048R Society Of The Servants Of The Holy Spirit

1043. 010300052R Anantharam Gnaodaya Abhivrudhi Sangam

1044. 010300059R Padhuri Shesirekha Foundation

1045. 010300064R Society for Humancare, Agriculture and Rehabilitation for Rural


1046. 010300065R Shanthi Mahila Mandali

1047. 010300067R Chaitanya Bharathi Educational Society

1048. 010310001R Rural Poor Development Society

1049. 010310002R Harijan & Harijan Christian Development Association

1050. 010310009R The Siom Gospel Society India

1051. 010310011R LSamavsam of Telugu,Baptist Church,S

1052. 010310013R Atmakur Rural Education & Organisation Society

1053. 010310017R South Asia Baptist Missionary Fellowship

1054. 010310018R Indian Social Service Organisation

1055. 010310021R Srujama Educational Trust,

1056. 010310024R Medical & Education Development Trust

1057. 010310026R Numme Venkata Raman Educational Acadamey

1058. 010310027R Community Development & Rural Welfare Society

1059. 010310033R Rural Down Trodden Welfare Society

1060. 010310035R The Good Samaritan Gospel Society of Bitrangunta

1061. 010310037R Society for Education Agriculture & Rural Child Health

1062. 010310041R The Nellore Distt. Socio-Agricultural Development Society

1063. 010310043R Rural Development and Social Welfare Society

1064. 010310044R Association for Community Organisation and Rural Development

1065. 010310045R Association for Integrated Rural Development

1066. 010310046R Vikas Urban Development Organisation

1067. 010310047R Integrated Social Service Development Society

1068. 010310048R The Promising Venture Society

1069. 010310050R Harijan And Harijan Christian Development Association

1070. 010310053R Mary Matha Educational Society

1071. 010310054R South Asian Council On Relief & Entertainment Development

1072. 010310055R Service Youth India

1073. 010310057R Rural Development Society Service Organisation

1074. 010310065R Indian Social Welfare And Community Aid Welfare Association

1075. 010310069R Help The Need

1076. 010310071R Integrated Social Service Development Society

1077. 010310074R Janhita

1078. 010310075R Sandhy Mahila Mandali

1079. 010310078R Mankind Relief Mission

1080. 010310079R Pragathi Mahila Mandali

1081. 010310082R Rural Reconstruction Education Development Organisation

1082. 010310083R Pragathi Charities

1083. 010310089R Bharati Mahila Volountary Service Organisation

1084. 010310091R Society For Training Action & Research

1085. 010310093R Real Improvement Grass Roots Human Tribes Society

1086. 010310094R Need Effective Welfare Society

1087. 010310095R Atmakur Taluka Harjana Girigama Social Welfare Youth


1088. 010310100R Labour Welfare Association

1089. 010310105R Niveditha Educational Society

1090. 010310106R Jehouah Orphan School And Hostel Health And Neatness


1091. 010310107R Village Protection Organisation

1092. 010310108R Social Action for Health and Rural Advancement

1093. 010310109R Development And Social Welfare Society

1094. 010310110R Consecrated Rural Development Society

1095. 010310114R Society for Urban Poor People and Operative Rural


1096. 010310115R Sri Veerajaney Cultural And Educational Society

1097. 010310116R Sarvodaya Adarsha Yuvajana Sangham

1098. 010310125R Grama Pragati Society

1099. 010310128R Sri Raju Educational Society

1100. 010310136R Venkateswara Women Welfare Society

1101. 010310149R Literacy Environment and Awareness Development Society

1102. 010310152R Integrated Rural Dev elopment and Educational Society

1103. 010310158R Kranthi Grameena Abhivrudhi Seva Sanstha

1104. 010310160R Watch on Rural Life and Development (WORLD)

1105. 010310165R Socio-Economic & Literacy Foundation

1106. 010310166R Simhapuri Vydya Sewa Samiti

1107. 010310168R Arundhati Yuvajana Seva Sangam

1108. 010310171R St. Joseph’s Social Service Minority Educational Society

1109. 010310172R Angelic Society for Handicapped Rehabilitation & Integrated


1110. 010310173R Jerome’s Youth for Development

1111. 010310174R Rural Women Village Development Society

1112. 010310175R St. Anthony Charitable Trust

1113. 010320004R St. Ann’s Church

1114. 010320006R Independent Baptist Church

1115. 010320007R S.C, S.T. B.C’s Welfare Society

1116. 010320009R Siri Vennela Social Welfare Society

1117. 010320013R Vineela Educational Committee

1118. 010320015R Gayathri Education and Research Cultural Academy

1119. 010320016R Gracy Organisation for Development Services

1120. 010320017R The Andhra Pradesh State Forum for Economically Weaker


1121. 010320018R Arunodaya Educational Academy

1122. 010320019R C.L.E. Fellowship Education Committee

1123. 010320021R Souhardra Seva Samithi

1124. 010320022R Welfare Organisation for Rural Development

1125. 010320023R King of Kings Charitable Society

1126. 010320027R Tejomayi

1127. 010320028R Bethel Organisation

1128. 010320029R Society for Integrated Development Services

1129. 010320030R Women’s Organisation for Rural Development

1130. 010330003R Andhra Evangelical Church Hostel No.362

1131. 010330005R Baer Mithra Hospital

1132. 010330006R Motivation Awareness Nonformal Education Nurthring


1133. 010330009R Christian Socio Rural Development Society

1134. 010330011R Palleisir

1135. 010330015R Society of Dakomia Imc.

1136. 010330016R Jeevtha Prakasa Patasal (Bible Correspondence Centre)

1137. 010330017R The India Evangelistic and Relief Fellowship

1138. 010330018R Children’s Care Centre

1139. 010330019R Devagudum Community Development Project

1140. 010330020R Divine International Society

1141. 010330022R Lutheran Boarding Home And Orphanage

1142. 010330023R Chandra Sakharapuram Social Service Society

1143. 010330024R Shkalom C.D.Project

1144. 010330026R Rural Downtrodden Upliftment Society

1145. 010330029R Concordia Evangelical & Social Welfare Organisation

1146. 010330031R Andhra Christian Village Reconstruction Organisation

1147. 010330041R Prakasam Zilla Balheena Sangharm

1148. 010330044R Srinivasa Mahila Mandali Darsiagraharam

1149. 010330047R Uma Maheshwari Mahila Mandali

1150. 010330054R Adarsa Mahila Mandali

1151. 010330057R A.P. Medical Health Weaker Sections Society in Rural Slum


1152. 010330058R Arunodaya Welfare Residential Public School

1153. 010330061R A.P. Mahila Bhydaya Samithi

1154. 010330064R Society For Integrated Rural Development

1155. 010330065R Sri Parameswary Girijana Mahila Mandali

1156. 010330066R Asrr Minority Education Society

1157. 010330071R Lakshmi Mahila Mandali

1158. 010330073R Ministry Of Pauper Donakonda (RS)

1159. 010330074R Abhyudaya Seva Samithi

1160. 010330077R Chirala Taluk Harijana Sangham

1161. 010330079R Tribal Development Society

1162. 010330082R Shikasta Jeeula Jateeya Seva Sangham

1163. 010330083R Suvatha Mahila Mandli Pandillapalli

1164. 010330091R Viswa Santhi Balananda Kendram

1165. 010330093R Rural Development Welfare Society

1166. 010330094R Rural India Aluri Complex

1167. 010330096R Community Help For Oppressed Individuals Caring Explorations

1168. 010330105R Kranthi Mahila Mandali

1169. 010330108R Saint Mary’s Social Service Soceity

1170. 010330114R Mothers India

1171. 010330116R Grace Rural Afforestation and Community

1172. 010330118R Society for Christian Welfare and Rural Development

1173. 010330132R Sri Ramaduta Swamy Asramam

1174. 010330135R Sai Chaitanya Manava Vikas Samithi

1175. 010330136R Priyadarshini Mahila Mandali

1176. 010330138R Sameem Mahila Mandali

1177. 010330139R Shri Shamala Educational and Cultural Society

1178. 010330141R Sri Venkateswara Education Society

1179. 010330142R Sree Raja Rejeswari Farming Society

1180. 010340008R The Leprosy Mission Control Unit

1181. 010340014R Vamsahara Seva Samithi

1182. 010340017R Rural Entitlements and Legal Support Centre

1183. 010340019R Navodaya Association for Rural Development

1184. 010340020R Yuvajana Seva Sangham

1185. 010340041R Centre for Action in Rural Development

1186. 010350003R Sri Srinivasa Vidhya Parishad

1187. 010350005R Visahkapatnam S.D.A. High School

1188. 010350007R Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circass

1189. 010350008R Village Development Committee

1190. 010350010R Social Work & Research Centre

1191. 010350013R Prema Samajam

1192. 010350019R Institute for Human Development

1193. 010350020R Pragathi Trust

1194. 010350021R Rotary Save the Children Fund Committee

1195. 010350024R Lebenshilfe-Vishakapatnam Assn. for Mentally Handicapped

1196. 010350026R Society for Tribal & Rural Integrated Development

1197. 010350037R Grace Foundling Home of Child Welfare

1198. 010350040R Rotary Disrict 315 Charitable Trust

1199. 010350042R Nature Environment Education Development Society.

1200. 010350043R Organisation for Comprehensive Rural Development

1201. 010350044R Grameena Abhivrudhi Sangam Paderu

1202. 010350045R Santhoshi Mahila Abhyavadaya Samiti

1203. 010350047R Reachout Evangelistic Association

1204. 010350052R Priyadarsini Service Organisation

1205. 010350056R Sravanti Charitable Organisation

1206. 010350059R Card Community Action for Rural Development

1207. 010350061R Helen Keller Memorial Association for the Blind

1208. 010350067R Andhra University

1209. 010350077R Adivasi Abhivruddi Samskruthika Sangam

1210. 010350078R Eagles Nest Interior Ministries

1211. 010350082R Pavni Multpurpose Medical & Health Training Society

1212. 010350083R Visakha Vanitha Samaj

1213. 010350089R Visakha Rural Development Society

1214. 010350094R Vivekananda Medical Trust (Regd.)

1215. 010350096R Milk Producers And Employees Educational, Health & Medical

Welfare Trust

1216. 010350100R Timpany School Society

1217. 010350104R Santhosh Rural Education Society

1218. 010350114R Free Polio Surgical and Research Foundation

1219. 010350121R African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church(India)

1220. 010350124R Bharath Computers Technology Trust

1221. 010350128R Projects for Asia Charitable Foundation

1222. 010350129R Fellowship of Open Evangelism

1223. 010350131R Gouthulachanna Organisation for Weaker Sections

1224. 010350144R Navajeevan Education Society

1225. 010350145R Visakhapatnam Public Library Society

1226. 010350147R Peace Educational Rural Developments

1227. 010350149R Gospel to Asia Ministries International Inc & Grace Charity


1228. 010350153R Swashakti Women & Health Development Society

1229. 010350155R Sreyassu (A Rural Development Voluntary Organisation)

1230. 010360002R LSLt. Ann’s Orphanage Reddipalam

1231. 010360006R Society for Village Evolution and Liberation (Gram Vikash

Vimochane Sangham)

1232. 010360007R Vellubale Abhiruddhi Sangham

1233. 010360008R Kerala Mission Boarding Home

1234. 010360009R Christian Hospital & Rural Health Centre

1235. 010360012R Community Development Project

1236. 010360013R St. Lukes ‘ Orphanage, I

1237. 010360015R Dornakal Family Helper Project No. 705

1238. 010360018R Samuel Pakyandan Home

1239. 010360026R Society of Agonised for Illuminated Life

1240. 010360027R C.S.I. St. Andrew’s Boarding Home

1241. 010360028R Mahboobia Panjatan Educational Society

1242. 010360029R St. Mathews School

1243. 010360031R Action for Rural Development Society

1244. 010360032R Centre for Integrated Rural Development in Andhra Pradesh

1245. 010360034R Rural Environmental Service Society

1246. 010360035R Vijayalaxmi Educational Society

1247. 010360039R Sharp

1248. 010360043R Sneha

1249. 010360044R Do Help

1250. 010360047R Kakathiya Urban Rural Development Society

1251. 010360050R Adarsha Seva Samithi

1252. 010360051R Telengana Rural Upliftment

1253. 010360053R Vincent Industrial Training Institute

1254. 010360054R Islamia Education Society

1255. 010360056R Freedom Fighter Welfare Association

1256. 010360071R Holy Cross Educational Association

1257. 010360072R Builders for Rural Environment and Development

1258. 010360076R Deen Dayal Seva Samithi

1259. 010360078R Society for Tribals Rural Integrated Development and


1260. 010360082R Society For Welfare Awakening Training & Health


1261. 010360083R Padmakshi Seva Trust

1262. 010370005R The Leorosy Mission

1263. 010370006R Youth Association for Rural Reconstruction

1264. 010370012R Mobile Academy of Fine Arts and Peforming Arts

1265. 010370013R Spandana (People’s Action in Social Awareness)

1266. 010370014R Special Efforts Area Programme

1267. 010370017R Society for Economic Responsive Area Development

1268. 010370018R Boddu Sitaramaswamy Charitable Trust

1269. 010370021R Kustu Rogula Seva Sangam

1270. 010370026R Society for Environment and Energy Development

1271. 010370028R Centre for Environment & Rural Technologies

1272. 010370032R Society for Environment & Energy Development

1273. 010370038R Youth Educational and Service Society

1274. 010380005R Zion Orphanage Centre

1275. 010380007R Grow More Trees Association

1276. 010390003R Association for Social & Humansing Action of India

1277. 010390005R Sibar Charitable Trust


1278. 020620005R Gramin

1279. 020630001R Associated Gramya Unnayan Society

1280. 020630002R Nahat Mahila Bikash Samittee

1281. 020640001R Welfare Sangha: Nalbari

1282. 020680001R Gharmurra Samaj Unnayan Club

1283. 020700001R Natures’Beckon

1284. 020700002R Gauripur Vivekananda Club

1285. 020720001R Kotigorah Unnayan Parishad

1286. 020720009R Silchar Sangeet Vidyalaya

1287. 020720010R Cachar Christian Association

1288. 020720015R Sribar Manipuri Association

1289. 020720017R Modern Khadi & VIllage Industries Samiti

1290. 020720019R Prantorekha

1291. 020720022R Bishnupriya Manipuri Welfare Trust

1292. 020720023R Rajiv Open Institute

1293. 020740005R Tezpur Anchalic Gram Vikash Sangh

1294. 020740006R Catholic Hospital Association

1295. 020740029R Solaban Area Development Committee

1296. 020740034R Dhula Regional Handicapped Development Association

1297. 020740037R Rastiya Samaj Kalyan Parishad

1298. 020750004R Catholic Church

1299. 020760001R Don Bosco School

1300. 020770003R North East Development Organisation

1301. 020780005R Gramdan Lok Seva Sangh

1302. 020780007R Art & Hobby Centre

1303. 020780018R Catholic Church

1304. 020780021R Borbaka C ommunity Development Project

1305. 020780024R Bajali Mahila Samity

1306. 020780029R Ambikagiri Memorial Trust

1307. 020780038R Assam Gandhi Smarak Nidhi

1308. 020780040R Sri Kanchi Sankara Health & Education Foundation

1309. 020780050R Wildlife Areas Development and Welfare Trust

1310. 020780052R Pragatishil Khadi Samity

1311. 020780054R Saraighat Janagana Yuvak Sangha

1312. 020780055R Friendly Society

1313. 020780058R Pragjyoti Charity Trust

1314. 020780060R Health & Family Welfare Implementation Unit

1315. 020780061R Uttar Purbanchal Janjati Seva Samity

1316. 020780066R Assam Institute of Management

1317. 020780074R Assam Centre for Rural Development (ACRD)

1318. 020780075R Majuli Island Protection and Development Council

1319. 020780077R Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra Society

1320. 020780083R Centre for Rural Development (CRD)

1321. 020780084R Ankan Academy

1322. 020780087R Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology

1323. 020780092R Women Development Centre

1324. 020780094R House for Orphan and Peoples Entity

1325. 020790001R Community Development Project

1326. 020790002R Narayanpur Anchalik Gramdam Sangha

1327. 020790011R Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra

1328. 020790012R Simalugiri Mahatma Seva Ashram

1329. 020790013R Lakhimpur Khadi Gramododyog Samiti

1330. 020790015R Jagriti Sanmilita Unnayan Kendra

1331. 020790016R Association for Women and Rural Development

1332. 020790017R Samannay (Rural Cultural Vikash Kendra)

1333. 020800002R Manja Community Development Project

1334. 020800003R Langhin Community Development Project

1335. 020800008R Secular Rural Development Society

1336. 020800014R Rural Area Welfare Society

1337. 020810003R Muolhoi Community Development Project

1338. 020810004R Zeme Presbytery

1339. 020820002R Dahali Makaria Bogdoba Habi Gram Sabha

1340. 020820015R Grammya Unnayan Committee

1341. 020820016R Udmari Community Development Project

1342. 020820018R Nowgong Mission High School

1343. 020820021R Nizara Sanskritic Samaj Kalyan Sangh

1344. 020820022R Udali Rahmania Madressa Committee

1345. 020820024R Saturangam Sanskrutic Gusthi

1346. 020820026R Arunoday Vikas Samity

1347. 020820028R United Youth Welfare Organisation

1348. 020820029R Universal Brotherhood Association

1349. 020820033R Mirabari Jamiul Uloom Furqania Madrassa

1350. 020820036R Rural Development Society,

1351. 020820040R Nilanchal Unayan Sanskrita Parishad

1352. 020830001R Adarsh Hindi Vidyalaya

1353. 020830004R Jorhat Christian Endeavour Social Welfare Society

1354. 020830005R Babejia Community Development Project

1355. 020830006R Madhya Assam Baptist Association

1356. 020830007R Assan Baptist Womens Union

1357. 020830008R Peace Foundation Centre

1358. 020830010R Lion Longidang Community Development Project

1359. 020830011R Sibsagar Yuvadal

1360. 020830013R Christian Training School

1361. 020830014R Sibsagar Community Development Project

1362. 020840001R Good News Society

1363. 020840004R Rajyeswar Mahila Sangha

1364. 020840005R Khadi & Village Industries Society

1365. 020840008R West Mohanpur Samaj Unnayan Club

1366. 020840011R Indian Council for Child Welfare

1367. 020840012R North East Nature Club

1368. 020840013R Vidya Vikas Kendra


1369. 030850003R Akhil Bharatiya Sarvangin Vikas Sansthan

1370. 030930004R Manav Sansdhan Evam Kalyan Sangh

1371. 030940006R Sarva Kalyan Sansthan

1372. 030950010R Magadh Buddha Seva Mandal

1373. 031010003R Sanjay Gandhi Panchsutri Anath Shishu Samajik Shikasha


1374. 031010004R Bhagalpur Ambedkar Seva Kendra

1375. 031020001R Shri Ram Sumaram Shilp Shala

1376. 031020002R Nari Hastkala Mandi

1377. 031020006R Jai-Mati Mahila Shishu Maandir

1378. 031030012R Shanti Ashram

1379. 031030019R Parmila Kalyan Samiti

1380. 031030020R Sudama Rastra Seva Sadan

1381. 031030028R Bhartiya Viklang Sangh

1382. 031030029R Bread

1383. 031030035R Dhruvganj Khadigram Udyog Mandal

1384. 031040004R Gautam Buddha Swasthya Evam Sam. Kalyan Sansthan

1385. 031040006R Sat Guru Nanak Mahila Mahavidyalaya

1386. 031040007R Bibipur Area Small Farmers & Resources Community


1387. 031040014R Van Evam Paryavaran Suraksha Sansthan

1388. 031040015R Gravis Bihar

1389. 031040023R Deshbandhu Jan Kalyan Evam Sewa Vikas Parishad

1390. 031040024R Buchan Manav Sewa Sansthan

1391. 031050001R Samagra Vikas Antyoday Seva Kendra

1392. 031050002R Azad India Foundation

1393. 031060002R SIighwara Gram Vikas Mandal

1394. 031060003R Bhartiya Vikas Manch

1395. 031060006R Rural Ladies Welfare Society

1396. 031060008R Shreejan

1397. 031060009R Bharat Mahila Vikas Sanstha

1398. 031060011R Darbhanga Women’s Welfare Society

1399. 031060012R Yuva Jan- Jagaran Parishad

1400. 031060018R Mithila Samajik Evam Arthik Vikas Sansthan

1401. 031070003R Educational And Research Trust

1402. 031070006R Dr. Ambedkar Lok Utthan Kendra

1403. 031080001R Khagaria Anu Mandal Lok Swaraja Vikas Sanstha

1404. 031080013R Maya Tetar Lok Seva Sansthan

1405. 031090002R Lok Jagran

1406. 031090007R District Council for Child Welfare

1407. 031090009R Magadh Pariwar Kalyan Parishad

1408. 031090012R Mahila Balgyan Ankur

1409. 031090014R Buddhagaya Temple Management Committee

1410. 031090022R S.S.E.S.K.Sansthan

1411. 031090023R Lok Vikas Pariyojana

1412. 031090026R Indian Institute of Road Reconstruction & Social Change

1413. 031090029R Gramin Vikas Sanstha

1414. 031090031R Kaushik Samagra Gramin Vikas Sansthan

1415. 031090032R Hazrat Ali Welfare Mission

1416. 031090054R Aakanksha Institute for Mentally Handicapped

1417. 031090058R Darpan Sarvodaya Vikas Sansthan

1418. 031090060R Bright Life Charitable Net Foundation

1419. 031090061R Sujata Children Welfare Foundation

1420. 031100004R CNI Hostel

1421. 031100006R Belantar Mission Partnership Project

1422. 031100007R Adivasi Samagra Vikas Parishad

1423. 031110006R St. Kirans Hostel for Girls

1424. 031110011R Gramin Vikas Pauta

1425. 031110012R Sarvodya Sahayog Samiti

1426. 031110013R Free Legal Aid Committee

1427. 031110016R Anukaran

1428. 031110021R Islamia School Society

1429. 031110035R Bhartiya Banwari Mahila Kalyan Parishad

1430. 031120001R Worle Missionary Evangelism of India

1431. 031120003R Self Employed Women Association Singhbum

1432. 031130005R Seva Samiti Numar

1433. 031130008R Norke Dame Dispensary

1434. 031130022R Leeladhari Gramin Udyog Kendra

1435. 031130028R Gramin Vikas Vihar

1436. 031130030R Nav Jagran Sangh

1437. 031130036R Shabri Sahram Nandnama

1438. 031130037R Masaurhe Samagra Mahila Vikas Samiti

1439. 031130038R Harijan Addivasi Mahila Kalyan Samiti

1440. 031140004R Gongoi Area Small Farmers Association

1441. 031140005R Madrasa Islamia Salfia

1442. 031140015R Tapasthali

1443. 031140016R Baidyanath Seva Mandal

1444. 031140018R Sewa Sansthan Mohalla Chandwara

1445. 031140020R Dr.J.M.E.S. B.E.M.K. Society

1446. 031140022R Asha Mahila Udyogik Prashikshan Kendra

1447. 031140024R Amrapali Mahila Seva Mandal

1448. 031140025R Pioneer Society for Training & Development

1449. 031140026R Muzaffarpur Zila Gram Vikash Sangh

1450. 031140031R Dr. Deo Sevasharam

1451. 031140035R Janhit

1452. 031140036R Ufraul Area Small Farmers & Resourceless Communities


1453. 031140037R Bihar Gram Vikas Pariyojna

1454. 031140043R Rajendra Seva Sansthan

1455. 031140044R Nareen Sewa Sansthan

1456. 031140046R Punch Shakti Parishad

1457. 031140052R Falahe Insaniyat Foundation Trust

1458. 031140055R Kalazar Researrch Society

1459. 031140059R Sewa Sankalp Evam Vikas Samiti

1460. 031150002R Bretheren In Christ Church Society

1461. 031160006R Mennonite Service Agency

1462. 031160011R Seeva Manika

1463. 031160013R Bihar Gramin Kisan Vikash Sangh

1464. 031160018R Rural Muslim Welfare Soceity

1465. 031160022R Rural Muslim Welfare Society

1466. 031170008R Brothers of St. Gabriel

1467. 031170011R Barh Parish Society Catholic Church

1468. 031170012R Child Welfare And Rehabilitation Society

1469. 031170014R Mahila Vikas Sangh

1470. 031170016R Natural Family Planning Association

1471. 031170017R Emmaus Bible School

1472. 031170021R Rajendra Memorial Trust For Rural Development

1473. 031170026R Eficor Relief Agency In Bihar

1474. 031170027R Natural Family Planning Trg. Programme Association

1475. 031170029R Bihar Association of Volontary Agencies

1476. 031170031R Mahila Utthan Kendra

1477. 031170036R Children Welfare Association of India

1478. 031170038R Centre For Womens Development Studies

1479. 031170041R Mahila Vikas Samiti

1480. 031170045R Bihar State Co.Operative Milk Product Federation Ltd

1481. 031170046R Bhartiya Garib Gramin Mahila Bal Kalyan Sangh

1482. 031170049R Samaj Kalyan Samiti

1483. 031170051R IInstitute of Entreprenuership Development

1484. 031170052R Institute of Entrepreneureship

1485. 031170053R Indian Institute of Communication & Human Relations

1486. 031170065R Marg Darshan

1487. 031170069R Ghar Sansar

1488. 031170079R Society for International Development

1489. 031170080R Bihar Netraheen Parishad

1490. 031170083R Magadh Social Development Society

1491. 031170085R Indian Society of Labour Economic

1492. 031170086R Ram Dhaneshwar Samaj Vikas Sanstha

1493. 031170088R Gramodyog Khadi Vikas Sansthan

1494. 031170090R South Asia Centre For Child Development

1495. 031170091R India Rehabilation Association

1496. 031170094R Jeevan Jyoti Welfare Association

1497. 031170100R Bidhi Raj Seva Samiti

1498. 031170103R Bishewar Lok Ekta Sewa Sangh

1499. 031170106R Evergreen Social Welfare & Economic Development Institute

1500. 031170108R Jan Kalyan Samiti

1501. 031170109R Gramin Vikas Sansthan

1502. 031170112R Meenu

1503. 031170113R Gramodoy Education & Social Development Sansthan

1504. 031170114R Sulabh Paryavaran & Jal Sansthan

1505. 031170129R Mani Ram Suchi Shilp Silai Bunai & Katai Udyog

1506. 031170130R Orphanage Anjuman Khadimul Islam

1507. 031170136R Sigma Resource Development Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

1508. 031170146R Abhav Grast Sarwangeen Vikas Sansthan

1509. 031170149R Bihar Shisu Nari

1510. 031170155R All Bihar Madrasa Professional Educational Welfare Society

1511. 031170161R Gramin Vikas Sansthan

1512. 031170163R Agrotech Consultants

1513. 031170164R Chankya Seva Sansthan

1514. 031170168R Sylvan Integrated Rural Development Association

1515. 031170170R Tirthankar Mahavir Samaj Seva Sansthan

1516. 031170173R Chanakya International Centre

1517. 031170179R Rashtriya Vikash Evam Samaj Kalyan Parishad

1518. 031170183R Edara Fahul Muslemeen

1519. 031170184R Gramin Vikas Kendra

1520. 031170189R Asian Development Society

1521. 031170195R Bihari Yuva Kalakar Vikas Manch

1522. 031170196R Sri Thakur Lal Sonu Lal Charitable Seva Trust

1523. 031170197R Tara Sangeet Parishad

1524. 031170215R Blue Birds’ Socirty

1525. 031170217R Akhil Bhartiya Harizan Adivasi Vikas Sangh

1526. 031170229R Spastwadi Sahyogi Maitri Sangh

1527. 031170235R Veerangana Suniti Smiriti Sansthaan

1528. 031170238R Surabhi Sanskritika Seva Kalyan Samiti

1529. 031170239R Swapn Sidh Foundation

1530. 031170246R Anterrastriya Sansadiya Adhyayan Sansthan

1531. 031170249R Urja Samagra Vikas Sansthan

1532. 031170251R Nirman Kala Manch

1533. 031170255R Institute for Research and Action(IRD)

1534. 031170257R Buchan Manav Sewa Sansthan`

1535. 031170261R Patna Rights Collective

1536. 031170263R Lok Jagran Parishad

1537. 031170268R Navkalp

1538. 031170269R Prakritik Samanwaya Sewashram

1539. 031170272R Geetanjai Nari Shakti

1540. 031170274R Society For Management development ,Accounting,Excelence

And Information Technolgy

1541. 031170275R Jay Bharat Institute

1542. 031170276R Kalyan Upbhocta Shiksha Evam Anusdhan Samiti

1543. 031170277R Gatividhi

1544. 031170278R Ashok Bihar Seva Sansthan

1545. 031170282R Astha Sewa Kendra

1546. 031170284R “CHURI” Children’s Health & Upliftment Research Institute

1547. 031180001R Brethern In Christ Development Society

1548. 031180002R Lions Seva Kendra

1549. 031180006R Sarvodaya Ashram

1550. 031180008R Koshi Jan Chetna Parishad

1551. 031180011R Saundi Mahila Kalyan Sansthan

1552. 031180015R Purnea Zilla Smagra Vikas Parishad

1553. 031180019R Don Bosco School

1554. 031190001R Horo Senra Samiti

1555. 031190005R St. Deny’s Hospital

1556. 031190008R Good Books Trust Association Pvt. Ltd.

1557. 031190010R St. Margarets Girls High School Hostel

1558. 031190015R St. Lukes Boys Hostel

1559. 031190022R St. Margaret’s Girls Hostel

1560. 031190029R RCCF

1561. 031190031R Ursuline Action Aid Society

1562. 031190034R St. Johns Boys Hostel

1563. 031190039R Kakaria Multipurpose Farm Development Society

1564. 031190046R St. Lukes Hospital

1565. 031190048R Gel Church Dispensary

1566. 031190055R Girls Hostel Khumtitoli

1567. 031190056R Ecrescoculis

1568. 031190058R Jan Vikas Mandal

1569. 031190060R Simdega College

1570. 031190061R Operation Self Help

1571. 031190074R St. Paul College

1572. 031190086R Ranchi S.D.A.Project Seventh Day High School

1573. 031190087R Calvary Gospel Ministry Trust

1574. 031190095R TheKshitish Deaf And DKumb School

1575. 031190099R Seventh Day Adventist Mission Hospital

1576. 031190100R Cheshire Homes India

1577. 031190101R Yuva Rang Manch

1578. 031190103R Anjuman Islamia Hospital

1579. 031190117R The Society of Brothers of Charity

1580. 031190120R Mils Talimi Mission

1581. 031190121R Gramin Krishi Uskash Sansthan

1582. 031190128R Khunti Catholic Diocese

1583. 031190133R Binsa Senia Sandhan

1584. 031190135R Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Welfare Hospital

1585. 031200006R Saharsa Chakshudan Yagya Samiti

1586. 031200013R Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmision & Homeopathy

1587. 031200014R Gramodyog Ashram

1588. 031200015R Harijan Adivasi Mahila Kaalyan Samiti

1589. 031200016R Society for Unity & Betterment Awarness of Human Being

1590. 031200019R Jeev Jantu Sanrachhan Avam Kalyan Sansthan

1591. 031210010R Gadadhar Mishra Smarak Nidhi

1592. 031210011R N E R B H S Church of North India

1593. 031210015R St. H John School Hostel

1594. 031210018R North India Regional Board of Health Service

1595. 031210019R St. Thomas Girls High School

1596. 031210020R Santhal Pargana Gram R.S

1597. 031220004R Ekta Niketan

1598. 031220007R Mihijan Christian Dispensary Trust

1599. 031220008R Santal Paharia Seva Mandal

1600. 031220015R Kathikaund Samagra Vikas Parishad

1601. 031220029R Sanscar

1602. 031220031R Youth Mobilisation For National Adv.

1603. 031220057R Tagae Samkritik Evani Kalstamak Vikas Sah Parivar Niyojak


1604. 031230001R Rasulpur Jaiprakash Bharati

1605. 031230005R Ri Ramakrishna Adbhut Ananda Ashram

1606. 031230011R Karanti Kumar Sewa Sansthan

1607. 031230013R Chandrawati Mahila Vikas Manch

1608. 031230016R Lok Chetna Abhikram Kendra

1609. 031230022R Jan Kalyan Vikas Kendra

1610. 031230025R Harihar Sarvavangin Kalyan Sanshan

1611. 031230027R Tapeshwar Rai Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

1612. 031240005R Brides Home

1613. 031240011R Monitor

1614. 031240017R Pichhra Varg Vikash Sansthan

1615. 031250002R Shri Ramdhin Mishra Sampati Devi Trust

1616. 031250006R Sita Mahila Evam Bal Vikas Kendra

1617. 031250009R Vikas Kendra

1618. 031250010R The Institute of Clarissan Sisters of Blessed Sacrament Society

1619. 031260006R Singhbhum Institute of Technology Society

1620. 031260011R Free Legal Aid Committee

1621. 031260025R Pentecostal Church of God Chaibasa

1622. 031260028R Peoples Organisation For Rural Knowledge

1623. 031260031R Nav Jagrat Manav Samaj

1624. 031260033R Gram Vikas Kendra Jamshedpur

1625. 031260035R Jamshedpur Blood Bank

1626. 031260036R Kantilal Gandhi Charity Trust

1627. 031260041R Golmuri Women’s Welfare Association

1628. 031260042R The Jamshedpur Society For Hope

1629. 031260043R Singhbhum Navjeevan Niketan

1630. 031260045R Adivasi Kalyan Samitee

1631. 031270007R Parsauni Area Small Farmer Association

1632. 031270008R Shanichari Area Small Farmer Association

1633. 031270009R Shivpur Area Small Farmer Association

1634. 031270010R Thesu Area Small Farmers Commission

1635. 031270014R Madrasa Riazululoom

1636. 031270016R Muslim Talimi Anjuman

1637. 031270023R Gramin Vikas Sangh

1638. 031280001R Nav Jeevan Sewa Ashram

1639. 031280004R Regions Beyond Missionary Union

1640. 031280006R Rulaki Area Small Farmer Resource Com. Association

1641. 031280007R Kalyan Vikas Kendra

1642. 031280008R Tasfarpa

1643. 031280009R Islami Educational Society

1644. 031280010R Vishwa Vidya Mandir

1645. 031280022R Mahila Shilpi Prashikshan Sansthan

1646. 031280023R Akhil Bhartiya Manav Seva Parishad

1647. 031290003R Master Craftsman Association

1648. 031290009R Hast Kala Vikas Kendra Umari

1649. 031290013R Arunofyog Rachnatmak Parishad

1650. 031290014R Arunaday Rachnatmak Parishad

1651. 031290015R Mithila Sanskrit Sangh

1652. 031290022R Majola Volas Saloto

1653. 031290024R Awasiya Shishu Vidyalay

1654. 031290027R Indian Islamic Minority Education & Development Society

1655. 031290030R Mithila Udyamita Vikas Samiti

1656. 031290037R Bihar Hastkargha Hastshilpa & Dresham Adyogik Vikas


1657. 031290054R Mithilanchal Vikas Sanstha

1658. 031290060R Pachrukhi Panchayat Khadi Gramodayog Sangh

1659. 031290063R Gram Nirman Parishad,Kharoua,

1660. 031290064R Socio Cultural Development Society

1661. 031290065R Samajik Pragati Sansthan

1662. 031290068R Samarpan

1663. 031300004R Samagra Vikas Lok Samiti

1664. 031300006R Bethel Church Association

1665. 031330005R Prabhavati Mahila Jagriti Ashram

1666. 031330010R Shishu Nari Kala Prashiksan Sansthan

1667. 031330011R Samaj Kalyan Sangh

1668. 031330017R Manav Sewa Prangan

1669. 031330018R Dalit Mahila Evam Bal Vikas Sanstha

1670. 031330022R Raja Ram Moham Roy Samajik Unnayan Sansthan Avam Apda

Seva Mandal

1671. 031330024R Samaj Seva Prangan

1672. 031330026R Utthan Bharti

1673. 031330029R Bharat Gram Rachana Samiti Ahamadpur

1674. 031330034R Bicklang Avam Upachait Seva Sadan

1675. 031340001R Prakratik Arogyashram

1676. 031340007R Soghra College

1677. 031340008R Bihar Udyog Mandal

1678. 031340010R Mahila Mandal

1679. 031340013R Gramodya Vidyalaya

1680. 031340023R Mahila Udyog Ashram

1681. 031340028R Deen Bandhu Mahila Vikas Sansthan

1682. 031340030R Vasudhiv Kutumbkam Yoga Mahavidyalaya

1683. 031340037R Jyoti Gram Nirman Samiti

1684. 031340038R Mahila – Suchi – Kshlpa Kala Mandir Avam Kalyan Sansthan

1685. 031340039R Nava Nalanda Mahavihara

1686. 031340044R Mahila Vikas Samiti

1687. 031340054R Nalanda Kalyan Pratisthan,Barandi

1688. 031340055R Bharati Jan Kalyan Sansthan

1689. 031340057R An Association for All Round Development

1690. 031340062R Nirdhan Kalyan Kendra

1691. 031340069R Jawahar Sarvoday Vikas Samiti

1692. 031350002R Shaheed Bachchan Post Akalaya

1693. 031350005R Rajendra Ashram Seva Sansthan

1694. 031350006R Jan Jagran Samiti

1695. 031350010R Parivartan

1696. 031350018R Shri Halkhori Baba Vikas Sansthan

1697. 031350019R Social Welfare Organisation of India

1698. 031360005R Mahakal Samaj Kalyan Sansthan

1699. 031360028R Survival For Environment And Village Advancement Mandal

1700. 031370004R Neelanchal Rural and Urban Development Council

1701. 031380001R Janaki Mahila Vikas Bindu

1702. 031380002R Uttar Bihar Seva Sansar

1703. 031380004R Netra Seva Samiti

1704. 031380005R Nagar Yuva Vikas Sangh

1705. 031380013R Harijan Mahila Evam Bal Vikas Sansthan

1706. 031390006R Gopalganj Zila Khadi Gramodyog Sangh

1707. 031390012R Mahila Vikas Eunm Jan Jagriti Manch

1708. 031390013R Ambuz Aman


1709. 041910005R Jyoti Sangh

1710. 041910010R Lalbhai Group Rural Development Fund

1711. 041910011R Adivasi Utpadak Sahakari Mandali Ltd.

1712. 041910026R Rojka Harijan Samuday Kheti Mandali Ltd.

1713. 041910028R Jyoti Sangh

1714. 041910035R Shree Jagrutee Mahila Mandal

1715. 041910037R Conference Literatute Production & Promotion Centre

1716. 041910039R Methodist Church

1717. 041910046R Bethel Vernacular School

1718. 041910050R Nalkantha Seva Sangh

1719. 041910055R Sarvodaya Ashram

1720. 041910056R Lions Club of Ellisbridge C H C Charitable Trust

1721. 041910058R Sujata Mahila Paper Utpadak Sahakari Mandal

1722. 041910059R Andh Kalyan Kendra

1723. 041910061R Indian Society for Community Education

1724. 041910062R Servants of the People Society

1725. 041910067R Indian Society for Population Education

1726. 041910069R Society of Gujarat Corporation for Rural Devlopment

1727. 041910071R Smt. Shantaben Ratilal Rajguru Charitable Trust

1728. 041910072R Gujarat Tract & Book Society

1729. 041910074R Samastha Gujarat Samajik Sanstha Mandal

1730. 041910075R Gujarat Alliance Mission Hostel

1731. 041910077R Sri Gayatri Kewlani Mandal

1732. 041910080R Sahyog Trust

1733. 041910081R Gujarat Industrial & Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd.

1734. 041910082R Vikas Griha

1735. 041910084R Satya Dharma Foundation

1736. 041910087R Shri Saraswati Kevlani Mandal

1737. 041910090R Shalom Methodist Church

1738. 041910098R Sadvichar Parivar

1739. 041910104R Sarabhai Foundation

1740. 041910109R Irish Presbyterian Mission Trust

1741. 041910111R Jyoti Sangh

1742. 041910113R Gandhi Labour Institute

1743. 041910114R Jaitun Jublee Methodist Church

1744. 041910118R Mandakini Foundation

1745. 041910120R Dudeshwar Mahila Audyogik Sahkari Mandal

1746. 041910122R Madvinipole Seva Sangh

1747. 041910124R Textile Labour Association

1748. 041910125R Sadanand Trust

1749. 041910127R Bhal Nalkantha Prayogik Sangh

1750. 041910133R Satmarg Foundation

1751. 041910134R Methodist Christian Education

1752. 041910136R Indo German Cultural Centre

1753. 041910138R Institute of Kidney Diseases & Research Centre

1754. 041910141R Mahiptram Rupram Ashram

1755. 041910149R Mahila Abhigyan Jagrit Public Charitable Trust

1756. 041910150R Umang

1757. 041910151R Adhyatmik Antarik Mandal

1758. 041910155R Dahegam Vikas Yojna

1759. 041910168R International Institute of Sustainable Development and


1760. 041910169R Jyoti Sangh

1761. 041910175R Chamanlal Shanaben Parekh & Rohini Suketu Parekh Public

Charitable Trust

1762. 041910178R Academy Of Human Resource

1763. 041910182R Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research Foundation

1764. 041910185R B.V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education & Research Development

1765. 041910187R Gyandeep Education Society

1766. 041910188R Peoples Education Society

1767. 041910189R Lions Club Society of Viramgam Sarvajanik Eye Hospital

1768. 041910190R Vidyabharan Trust

1769. 041910212R Victoria Jubilee Dispensary Society

1770. 041910221R Sh. Akhil Anjana Kelvani Mandal

1771. 041910223R Smt. Marghaban Chimmlal Vakil Charitable Trust

1772. 041910226R Shri Hari Public Charitable Trust

1773. 041910227R Kasturben Himatlal Jani Charitable Trust

1774. 041910229R Lions Club Of Karnavati Foundation On Gota

1775. 041910234R Sardar Vallabhbhai Education Trust

1776. 041910236R Sheth Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital & Sheth Chinai

Maternity Hospital

1777. 041910238R Ashirwad Education Trust

1778. 041910255R Mohammedi Charitable Trust

1779. 041910261R Shakriben Mangaldas Charitable Trust

1780. 041910262R Shri Ram Vidyavardhak Trust

1781. 041910263R Shree Karmukteshwar Mahadev Trust

1782. 041910267R Friendship Foundation Trust

1783. 041910272R Medhavi

1784. 041910275R Saraspur Seva Trust

1785. 041910277R Shree Rajput Vidyasabha

1786. 041910283R Bharat Vikas Parishad Viklang Kendra Ahmedabad

1787. 041910290R Madrasa Arabia Islamiya

1788. 041910291R Ahmedabad Management Association

1789. 041910296R Madras Jameah Mamba-Ul-Uloom

1790. 041910300R Richmond Virginia Earthquake Relief Trust

1791. 041910301R Aburaj Annekshetra Trust

1792. 041910304R Shri Navpad Jain Swetamber Murtipujak Sangh

1793. 041910306R The Gujarat Masturat(Mahila)Seva Trust

1794. 041910311R Sainath Charitable Trust

1795. 041910312R Ahimsa Mahasangh(Gujarat)

1796. 041920002R Islamic Cultural Society of Gujarat

1797. 041920006R Parivartan

1798. 041920007R Rotary Club Kalol Charitable Trust

1799. 041930002R Netra Chikitsa Trust

1800. 041930005R Savarkundla Patel Kelvani Mandal

1801. 041930007R Social Welfare Trust

1802. 041950004R Balaram Sakhan Kshetra Samiti

1803. 041950006R Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital

1804. 041950008R Sarvodaya Ashram

1805. 041950014R Aravalli Jan Vikas Sangh

1806. 041950015R Banas Kelavani Sangh

1807. 041950017R Viklang Sarvangi Vikash Trust

1808. 041950018R Zaveri Mangalji Vamalshi Dispensary

1809. 041950019R Banaskantha Anjana Patel Kelavani Mandal, Palanpur

1810. 041960003R Samagra Gram Seva Mandal

1811. 041960013R Shram Mandir Trust

1812. 041960016R City Christ Church (Methodist)

1813. 041960021R Mangal Bharti

1814. 041960022R Mangal Gram Seva Nidhi Trust

1815. 041960028R Nar Seva Samaj

1816. 041960043R Webb Memoral Girl’s Home

1817. 041960045R Samarak Nidhi Trust

1818. 041960050R Webb Memorial School

1819. 041960055R Centenary Methodist Church

1820. 041960057R Mass Action for Rural Growth

1821. 041960058R German Language Society

1822. 041960060R Leprosy Trust of India

1823. 041960062R Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

1824. 041960064R Methodist Audio Visual

1825. 041960070R Subhash Patel Memorial Trust

1826. 041960073R Vanvasi Seva Parishad Trust

1827. 041960075R International Society for Krishna Consciousness

1828. 041960083R Smt. Kapila Ramanbhai Patel Cancer Centre

1829. 041960084R Shri Vallabh Seva Trust

1830. 041960092R Mayo Medicare and Research Centre Trust

1831. 041960109R Vanishing Herds Foundation(India)

1832. 041960113R Swmi Shree Shivam Sagar Annakshetra Trust

1833. 041960115R Shri Vallabh Foundation Trust Vrajdham Adhyatmik Trust

1834. 041960116R Huseinabai Charitable Trust

1835. 041960122R Universal Trust

1836. 041960123R Vadu Kelvani Mandal, Vadu

1837. 041960128R Shri Parsi Panchayat Charitable Fund

1838. 041960133R Sumeru Navkar Tirth

1839. 041960134R All in Development

1840. 041980002R Gram Seva Kendra

1841. 041980003R Lok Bharati

1842. 041980004R Sri Gandhi Majoor Sahakari Mandali Ltd.

1843. 041980005R Sri GGPS Mandali Ltd.

1844. 041980006R Gram Seva Family Welfare Project

1845. 041980007R S Khadasali Phal & Shak Bhaji Utpadak Sahakari Mandali

1846. 041980008R Sri Gopal Milk Producers Sahakari Mandali Ltd.

1847. 041980013R Shri Saurashtra Gandhiji Gramodhar Trust

1848. 041980017R H R H The Prince Aga Khan Hostel

1849. 041980020R Bhavnagar Sadvichar Seva Samiti

1850. 041980032R Shree Swaminarayan Vidhya Mandir

1851. 041980036R Shri Bhagini Mitra Mandal

1852. 041980037R Om Shri Ram Mantra Mandir Trust

1853. 041980038R Shree Bhavnagar Panjrapole

1854. 041980039R Vinay Vihar Kelavani Mandal

1855. 041980041R Manilal Ranchhoddas Zinabhai Dholakia Charitable Trust

1856. 041980042R Sihor Education Foundation

1857. 041980043R Bhavnagar Blood Bank

1858. 041990009R Halpati Seva Sangh

1859. 041990022R Muslim Welfare Education & Charitable Trust

1860. 041990024R Hansot Welfare Society

1861. 041990026R Netra Yagna Samiti

1862. 041990028R Sarvangin Gram Vikas Mandal

1863. 041990035R The Bombay Patel Welfare Society

1864. 041990037R Shree Navchetan Education Society

1865. 041990039R Gram Nriman Kelvani Mandal

1866. 041990040R Sitaram Seva Trust

1867. 042000003R Prajnya Prabodhini

1868. 042000014R Navsari Kshatria Gyan Prasarak Anath Man

1869. 042000025R S Gandeshwar Adivasi Yuvak Mandal

1870. 042000027R S Rameshwar Adivasi Yuvak Mandal

1871. 042000028R Gujarat Gurukul Sabha

1872. 042000032R Sumangalam Trust

1873. 042000036R Grovariya Gram Vikas Mandli

1874. 042000037R Gandhi Yuvak Mandal

1875. 042000039R Gram Vikas Mandli Association Trust

1876. 042000042R Swa Acharya Manibhai S Patel Smarak Trust

1877. 042000044R Lilavati Chimanlal Mapara Trust

1878. 042000047R Ashram Shala

1879. 042000049R Simlak Muslim Educational Institute

1880. 042000050R Junior Chamber Education

1881. 042000051R Kalibel Children Hostel

1882. 042000059R Manav Sewa Sangh

1883. 042000067R Shraddha Charitable Trust

1884. 042000069R Bhagwan Mahavir Vishwa Kalyan Trust

1885. 042000080R Narendra Jamnadas Damania Sarvajanik Clinic

1886. 042000084R Shree Pardi Smashan Gruh Trust

1887. 042000086R Manav Aarogya Seva Kendra

1888. 042000101R Navsari Manav Seva Trust

1889. 042000103R Shri Ram Atithi Vishrum Gruh Trust

1890. 042000105R Rotary Club of Gandevi

1891. 042000106R The Dorabji Nanabhoy Mhta Lying in Hospital

1892. 042010003R Maharaja Shree Chhatrasal Sports and Education Academy

1893. 042010006R Shri Adiwasi Yuvak Seva Sangh

1894. 042010008R Health Foundation and Research Centre

1895. 042010009R Samadhan Foundation, Chilakota

1896. 042020002R Shri Vidhyadham Sansad

1897. 042020003R Shri Kasturba Stri Vikasa Grih

1898. 042020005R Jain Swetambar Murti Pujak Tapgach Sangh

1899. 042030003R Theosophical Order of Service

1900. 042030005R Shishumangal

1901. 042030007R Junagadh District Mahila Mandal

1902. 042030008R Mehta Sarvajanik Eye Hospital

1903. 042030009R H.R.H. Prince Aga Khan’s Hostel

1904. 042030012R National Association for the Blind

1905. 042030014R Shree Hatkesh Sarvajanik Tabibi Chikitsa Kendra

1906. 042030018R Shree Sahajanand Swami Gurukul-

1907. 042030019R Shree Swaminarayan Mandir

1908. 042030021R Shree Mangrol Taluka Sarvodaya Seva Samiti

1909. 042030024R Madresa JamiaTalimul Quran

1910. 042030027R Shri Vadhiyar Niketan, Baspa

1911. 042030028R The Health Aid Trust

1912. 042040011R St. Catherine’s Convent

1913. 042040050R Council of Medical Work of MCI

1914. 042040055R Methodist Mission Primary School

1915. 042040068R Consumer Unity & Protection Centre

1916. 042040074R Khambat Taluka Sarvajanik Kelvani Mandal

1917. 042040078R Rural Development Foundation

1918. 042040083R Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute

1919. 042040086R Jankalyan Mandal

1920. 042040087R Sardar Patel University

1921. 042040088R Bhaikara Foundation Praramb

1922. 042040090R The New English School Trust

1923. 042040091R Chosis Gam Kelvani Mandal

1924. 042040098R Madhavtirth Charitable Trust

1925. 042040101R Shree Sanatan Hindu Samaj Seva Trust

1926. 042040106R Sardar Patel Trust

1927. 042040111R Shree Charotar Moti Sattavis Patidar Kelvani Mandal

1928. 042040112R Sarvajanik Public Charitable Trust

1929. 042040113R Shree Swaminarayan Sarvamangal Sansthan

1930. 042040114R Gujarat Samaj Seva Trust

1931. 042040115R Shri Jalaram Janseva Trust

1932. 042040116R Shri Vrajbhoomi Foundation

1933. 042050001R Community Health & Rural Development Society

1934. 042050015R H.H.Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismalia

1935. 042050019R Kutch Vipasana Kendra

1936. 042050028R Gulshan – E – Mohammedi Trust

1937. 042050033R Shree Jivdaya Mandal

1938. 042050035R Devsmruti Trust

1939. 042050036R Bhachau Taluka Khadi Gramudyog Vikas Mandal

1940. 042050039R Vardhman Nagar Owners Association

1941. 042050040R Dayasagar Charitable Trust

1942. 042050045R Shri SwamiNarayan Sanskardham

1943. 042050046R Shri Swaminarayan Gurukul,

1944. 042050047R Shree Haritapovan Gurukul

1945. 042060004R Gramin Mahila Kalyan Trust

1946. 042060008R Gram Bharati

1947. 042060017R H H Aga Khan Golden Jubilee Boys Hostel

1948. 042060018R Uttar Gujarat Muslim Education Society

1949. 042060025R Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal

1950. 042060026R Jasalpur Arogya Mandal

1951. 042060027R Shree Vadu Juth Kelvani Mandal

1952. 042060028R Shree Kadi Kelvani Mandal

1953. 042060029R Consumer Protection Education and Research Centre

1954. 042060031R Ved Mata Bal Parivar Sanchalit

1955. 042070001R William Muligan Hostel

1956. 042070005R Konjetha Khet Pragati Mandal

1957. 042070006R Jagriti Yuvak Mandal

1958. 042070008R Chaklia Bibhak Yuvak Mandal

1959. 042070014R Shri Degemada Vikas Yuvak Mandal

1960. 042070016R Baghar Yuvak Mandal

1961. 042070017R Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Sarvodaya Yuvak Mandal

1962. 042070020R Panchmahals Jila Adivasi Samaj Yuvak Mandal

1963. 042070023R Methodist Church

1964. 042070024R Social Work & Research Centre

1965. 042070026R Shri Adivasi Seva Sangh

1966. 042070027R Adivasi Development Project

1967. 042070028R Bhil Seva Mandal

1968. 042070030R Khedut Kranti Yuvak Mandal

1969. 042070031R Khedut Kranti Yuvak Mandal

1970. 042070032R Kangia Gram Laxmi Utpadak Sahakari Mandal

1971. 042070033R S Vibhagya Adivasi Mahila Vikas Mandal

1972. 042070035R Panchmahal Zila Adivasi Samaj Kalyan Khedut Sarvangi Vikas

Valmiki Yuvak Mandal

1973. 042070036R Adarsh Mandal

1974. 042070044R Dhadhela Kelavani Mandal

1975. 042080001R Sarvodaya Seva Sangh CCF Project

1976. 042080012R Loksevak B Mehta Smruti Netra Raksha Trust

1977. 042080013R Godal Education Society

1978. 042080023R Netra Raksha Charitable Trust

1979. 042080024R Shri Bhuvaneshwari Peeth

1980. 042080028R K.T Mehta Public Charitable Trust

1981. 042080032R Rashtriyashala

1982. 042080034R Shri Ayurved Dental Research Charitable Trust

1983. 042080050R Lokseva Anusuchit Janjati Khadi Gramodyog Mandal

1984. 042080054R Vasundhara Trust

1985. 042080062R Smt.Sharda Jhatakia Memorial Trust

1986. 042080063R Sargam Club

1987. 042090001R Seva Mandal Meghraj

1988. 042090002R New Pragati Yuvak Mandal

1989. 042090003R S Khalbarh Gram Vikas Mandal

1990. 042090006R Sri Adivasi Yuvak Pragati Mandal

1991. 042090007R Sadar Naboyuvak Mandal

1992. 042090008R Sabarkantha Jill Rachanatmak Sangh

1993. 042090009R Sabar Yuvak Vikas Mandal

1994. 042090019R Rajpur Naba Yuvak Mandal

1995. 042090024R Nav Yuvak Mandal

1996. 042090025R Sri Raj Pragati Yuvak Mandal

1997. 042090027R Raisinghpur Yuvak Mandal

1998. 042090029R Rural Tribal Development Mandal

1999. 042090032R Sri Yuvak Mandal

2000. 042090033R Arunadyay Yuvak Mandal

2001. 042090036R Jagriti Mahila Mandal

2002. 042090039R Sri Nav Yuvak Mandla

2003. 042090040R Sri Nava Jagriti Yuvak Mandal

2004. 042090041R Sri Mesraj Pragati Sadhar Mandal

2005. 042090043R Adivasi Pragati Yuvak Mandal

2006. 042090045R Himat Yuvak Mandal

2007. 042090046R Sri Serai Pragati Yuvak Mandal

2008. 042090059R Sri Samuha Seva Mandal

2009. 042090060R Seva Niketan

2010. 042090074R Sri Jankalyan Yuvak Mandal

2011. 042090075R Adivasi Pragati Yuvak Mandal

2012. 042090076R Sri Khakhria Gram Vikas Mandal

2013. 042090079R Mau Khet Majoor Samuhik Kheti Mandali

2014. 042090082R Sabarkantha Jilla Table Tennis Association

2015. 042090083R Sanskar Bharati

2016. 042090084R Nehru Yuvak Pragati Mandal

2017. 042090088R Jalaram Seva Sangh

2018. 042090089R Kashinath Goswami Yuvak Mandal

2019. 042090090R Gyanmandal Laxmipura Group Prerit Mandal

2020. 042090094R National Association for the Blind

2021. 042090095R Modasa Education Society

2022. 042090098R Gram Vikas Seva Trust

2023. 042090100R Advancement Of Rural People And Nature

2024. 042090101R Consumer Protection Centre

2025. 042090104R Rachna Trust

2026. 042090105R Ambedakar Seva Mandal

2027. 042090106R Gujarat Lok Seva Trust

2028. 042090107R Ekta Trust, Navimetral

2029. 042090108R Parakh Trust

2030. 042090109R Vanvasi Utkarsh Mandal

2031. 042090110R Shri Sadguru Brahmnishtha Shri Ramchandraji Dongreji Maharaj

Seva Trust

2032. 042090111R Nirmal Foundation

2033. 042090112R Arvalli Seva Mandal

2034. 042090114R Shree Ram Bhakta Sanskar Mandal

2035. 042090115R Shri Shakti Sanatan Sewa Trust

2036. 042090116R Lok Seva Yuva Trust

2037. 042090117R Panchsheel Seva Sangh

2038. 042100003R Kasturba Adhyapan Mandir

2039. 042100011R I.P Mission Boy’s Hostel

2040. 042100015R Haji Ghulam Ali Medical Trust

2041. 042100018R Mehfil Akhlas Antal Fund

2042. 042100025R Uttar Buniyadi Vidyalaya

2043. 042100026R Anjuman-e-Saifee

2044. 042100027R Rander Miabhai Benefit Society

2045. 042100034R Saifee Medicare Centre

2046. 042100035R Saifee Women & Children Health Centre

2047. 042100044R Mahila Vibhag Kelavani Mandal

2048. 042100061R Songadh Vikas Yojana

2049. 042100066R Gandhi Vidyapith

2050. 042100072R General Practitioners Association

2051. 042100073R Param Pujya Satguru Sant Shree Lal Bapa

2052. 042100076R Shri Amreli Jilla Leuva Patel Charitable Trust

2053. 042100087R Sri Agasimata Charitable Trust

2054. 042100092R South Gujarati Medical Education Trust

2055. 042100096R Leather Development Foundation

2056. 042100097R Gokalbhai Bhaktibhai Bhakta & Sons Charitable Trust

2057. 042100098R Malekpore Hindu Mandir Trust

2058. 042100101R Bhaktibhai Naranbhai Bhakta Trust,

2059. 042100102R The Countess of dufferin dispensaries Society

2060. 042100104R Orna Kelavni Mandal

2061. 042110003R Viakas Vidyalaya

2062. 042110005R Gujarat Mahajan Panjarpole Gaoshala Federation

2063. 042110008R Vardman Bharti Trust

2064. 042110009R Limbali Kelvani Mandal

2065. 042110010R Saurashtra Medical Centre

2066. 042110011R Shree Vadvala Educational & Gaushala Trust Ravliyavadar

2067. 042110012R Shri Ramroti annakshetra Ashram


2068. 052810001R Tharayil Kadavu Community Development Project

2069. 052810003R Daughters Of O.l. Of Providence

2070. 052810004R Lissy Bhavan

2071. 052810010R Mary Queens Convent

2072. 052810014R Assise Bhanav Franciscan Sisters Of The Immaculate Heart Of


2073. 052810021R Mochaka Jeevaka Munnettam Training Centre

2074. 052810023R St. Mary’s Convent

2075. 052810026R Fc. Convent

2076. 052810027R Vimala Nursery School

2077. 052810028R IHM. Convent

2078. 052810030R Good Shephered Educational Trust

2079. 052810031R St. Josephs Mission Hospital

2080. 052810035R Canossa Convent

2081. 052810039R Social Welfare Society

2082. 052810042R Little Flower Monastery

2083. 052810043R St. Josephs Social Welfare Association

2084. 052810053R F C. Convent

2085. 052810054R Church Of Christ Mission H.& Bethany Or.

2086. 052810062R Vineetha Conferance

2087. 052810064R St. Mary’s Forance Church

2088. 052810065R St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital

2089. 052810066R Little Flower Convent

2090. 052810068R The Society For The Protection Of D.p.

2091. 052810076R Sri Vidya Samiti

2092. 052810078R Franciscan Clarist Convent

2093. 052810079R Ambanakulangarak Vikas

2094. 052810082R C S I Miission Hospital

2095. 052810087R The New Life Christian Mission

2096. 052810088R F .c.convent

2097. 052810090R Mutual Aid Trust

2098. 052810091R Bethany Bible College

2099. 052810092R F.c. Convent Tkhycattusery

2100. 052810100R Pope John Xxiii Rehabilitation Centre

2101. 052810101R Mary Queen’s Academy

2102. 052810106R Gospel Voice Of India

2103. 052810108R Kerala Rural Reconstruction Association

2104. 052810110R M.V Orphanage

2105. 052810111R Samuhya Neethi Mela

2106. 052810112R M.S M Trust

2107. 052810114R Crescent Service Society

2108. 052810115R Indiraji Memorial Rural Development Trust

2109. 052810117R Forum For Rural Environment

2110. 052830004R Herminalayam Social Centre

2111. 052830023R Carmelite Convent

2112. 052830025R St.annes Convent

2113. 052830026R R. C. Church

2114. 052830036R St Georges Church

2115. 052830039R O L A D Carmelite Convent

2116. 052830041R St. Joseph’s Church

2117. 052830042R Samastha Kerala Jam Eythul Ulma (skju)

2118. 052830046R Little Flower Minor

2119. 052830055R St Sebastian’s Church’

2120. 052830061R Illinsa Medical Foundation

2121. 052830068R M S M I

2122. 052830069R M S M I Snehasgiri Convent

2123. 052830070R M S M I Vimala Mary Convent

2124. 052830072R Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate

2125. 052830074R St Sebastians Church

2126. 052830077R M S M I, Christugiri Clinic

2127. 052830080R Peringathur Jammath Palli Mahalla

2128. 052830082R Daras Yatheem Khana Committee

2129. 052830086R Peringathur Jamaath Palli Daras Committee

2130. 052830089R Niramala Convent (M.S.M.I.)

2131. 052830093R Our Lady Of Sorrows Church

2132. 052830095R Jaycee Society For Rehabilitn Of H C

2133. 052830096R Marthoma High School For The Deaf

2134. 052830098R Peringathur Muslim Young Mens Assn

2135. 052830100R Parad Juma Masjid Mahalle Committee

2136. 052830106R Shri Madantheswara V Temple

2137. 052830107R The Mattul Don Bosco Society

2138. 052830111R Catholic Church

2139. 052830113R Pratheeksna Womens Multi Industry Cooperative Society

2140. 052830115R St. Antony’s Mahila Samajam

2141. 052830117R St Stephens Church

2142. 052830123R Developmental Programme For Men R T D

2143. 052830125R Madrasuthu Aliya Committee

2144. 052830127R Rotrary Club Of Tellicherry

2145. 052830132R Islamic Society For Development

2146. 052830134R Universal Braille & Training. Book Library Research & Edu. Instt.

For Blind

2147. 052830139R Shanti Madhom Trust

2148. 052830144R Samskriti

2149. 052830153R Insight Christian Guidance Centre

2150. 052850001R Sturdy Vatavada Development Project

2151. 052850002R Urdikannampady Development Project

2152. 052850010R St Joseph Training College

2153. 052850029R Editaids

2154. 052850033R Institite Of Communication & Development

2155. 052850034R Telent Trust

2156. 052850044R Infant Jesus Convent

2157. 052850047R Vzhakulam Farmers Enterprises

2158. 052850051R Maria Home – Attara

2159. 052850056R Formation House Of Mother Of Carmel

2160. 052850057R St Pauls Technical Society

2161. 052850063R Calre Bhavan

2162. 052850066R St. Joseph Convent

2163. 052850068R Maria Rani Convent

2164. 052850070R Fc Convent

2165. 052850075R St. Anthonys Monastry

2166. 052850082R F C Convent

2167. 052850086R St. Joseph Study House

2168. 052850091R St. Josephs Monastery

2169. 052850092R Jyothi Bhavan F.c.convent

2170. 052850094R Dorcas Foundation

2171. 052850099R Karuna Bhawan Fc Convent

2172. 052850100R Carmel Welfare Centre

2173. 052850102R S.v.v.s. Mahila Samajam

2174. 052850103R Sarvadesseya Vanitha Valsara Seva Samrnithee.

2175. 052850105R Nirmala Bhavan Fc Convent

2176. 052850106R Nirmala Bhavan Fc Convent

2177. 052850109R St. Josephs Poor Home

2178. 052850110R Carmel Novitiate Convent

2179. 052850111R Christu Vikash Rehablitation Centre

2180. 052850112R St Josephs Convent

2181. 052850113R Avila Bhavan – Attara

2182. 052850114R Holy Family Monastery

2183. 052850115R Islamic Education Trust (regd)

2184. 052850119R St Thomas Carmel Bhavan

2185. 052850120R St Thomas Carmel Convent

2186. 052850121R Ithiadul Muslemeen Trust

2187. 052850123R F C Convent

2188. 052850125R St. Josephs Carmelite Convent

2189. 052850129R St. Josephs Convent

2190. 052850134R F C C Nirmala Bhavan

2191. 052850135R Infant Jesus Convent

2192. 052850139R Assisi Bhawan

2193. 052850142R Mother Of Dolours Monastery Nedukami Po

2194. 052850143R St Josephs Convent

2195. 052850146R St Marth’s Convent

2196. 052850149R Christion National Evangelism Commission

2197. 052850154R Greater Cochin Fundamental Baptist Church

2198. 052850157R St. Joseph’s F.c.convent

2199. 052850158R Sanjoy Fc Convent

2200. 052850159R F C Convent

2201. 052850160R Holy Family Fc Convent

2202. 052850162R St Marys Convent

2203. 052850164R Shanty Bhavan Bharata Matha College

2204. 052850167R F C Convent

2205. 052850169R Congregation Of Theresian Carmellite

2206. 052850173R Home For The Destitute

2207. 052850175R Karma Sadan

2208. 052850176R Kerala Voluntary Health Services

2209. 052850189R St Josephs Convent

2210. 052850209R St Germains Convent

2211. 052850211R St. James Convent

2212. 052850215R Save A Family Plan (india)

2213. 052850221R Immaculate Convent

2214. 052850224R Santhigram Welfare Centre

2215. 052850226R Vincentian Carkariaka Kendrem

2216. 052850227R St. Joseph’s Convent

2217. 052850234R Stella Marias Convent

2218. 052850242R St. Josephs Convent

2219. 052850243R St Josephs Convent

2220. 052850245R Avila Convent

2221. 052850247R Matha Magar Institution

2222. 052850251R St Teresas Convent

2223. 052850252R Marseverios Memorial Industrial T Cnetre

2224. 052850262R Kerala Regional Family Development Centre

2225. 052850263R St. Francis Xavier Convent

2226. 052850264R Mar Thoma College For Women

2227. 052850265R Fc Convent

2228. 052850269R Brethern Bible Training Institute

2229. 052850271R Alphonsa Bhavan

2230. 052850297R Ladies Club & Social Service Centre

2231. 052850298R Palarivatom Community Development Trust

2232. 052850301R Congregation.of Carmelite L.f. Convent

2233. 052850305R Cochin Islamic Welfare Trust

2234. 052850312R Young Life

2235. 052850315R Aksa And Ajil Memorial Trust

2236. 052850317R Centre For Industrial Safety & E Concern

2237. 052850323R St. Teresas Convent Sr Michael

2238. 052850324R Ambady Ammu Amma Charitable Trust

2239. 052850326R Union Christian College

2240. 052850327R Kerala Regional Family Devpt. Centre

2241. 052850328R Catholic Hospital Association Of India.

2242. 052850332R Good News For India

2243. 052850342R Marqueens Mission

2244. 052850345R Peoples Dairy Dev. Project Cent. Society

2245. 052850360R St. Teresa’s Convent

2246. 052850364R Gandhian Service Centre

2247. 052850372R Ka Mathews Foundation

2248. 052850376R Sevan Women’s Welfare Society

2249. 052850379R Chinmaya Vidyalaya

2250. 052850382R Chaithanya Chrtabl Trust

2251. 052850383R Society For The Servents Of The Cross Charitable Wing

2252. 052850384R Cancer Relief Society

2253. 052850385R Foundation For Ability Improvement And Technology For The


2254. 052850386R Elenthikara Social Service

2255. 052850389R Anand Educational & Charitable Trust

2256. 052850390R Himayathul Muslimeen Trust

2257. 052850395R Smith Nursery And Tech&trg Instt.

2258. 052850398R Al- Ammeen Educational Trust

2259. 052850403R Servants Of Charity

2260. 052850404R Assuddauvathil Islamiyya Charitable Society

2261. 052850406R Manjapara Mahila Samajam

2262. 052850407R Educational Service Society Of India

2263. 052850408R Bhavana Mahila Samajam Ayuroorpadam

2264. 052850413R Cochin University Of Science & Technology

2265. 052850421R Mar Gregorious Charitable Society

2266. 052850426R Faith Baptist Trust

2267. 052850435R Muslim Ladies Association

2268. 052850445R Yogakshema Trust

2269. 052850452R Development Action Through Self Help Network

2270. 052850465R Malik Deenar Islamic Development Charitable Trust

2271. 052850468R Common Welfare Society

2272. 052850472R Reena Memorial Samarakshana Society

2273. 052850480R Nansen Environment Research Centre(India)

2274. 052850482R Amalambika Trust

2275. 052850483R Sisters of our Lady of consolation

2276. 052870002R Oor Boys Home

2277. 052870005R Sacred Heart Convent

2278. 052870009R Rch Diocese Of Changanacherry

2279. 052870010R The Thirithippally 1 Nd2 Fruiti Eg C Sol

2280. 052870015R Liberating Edcation And Action For D

2281. 052870020R Apostolic Oblates Service Institute

2282. 052870022R C M S College

2283. 052870027R Integrated Rural Development Society

2284. 052870037R Litle Flower Monastery

2285. 052870040R S.h. Convent

2286. 052870042R Sacred Heart Convent

2287. 052870046R St. Pius X Convent

2288. 052870047R Franciscan Association

2289. 052870049R St. Lukes Church

2290. 052870051R Family Welfare Centre

2291. 052870057R St. Marthas Convent

2292. 052870059R C S I Madhya Kerala Diocesan Medical S

2293. 052870068R S H Congregation

2294. 052870070R C M I St Johns Monastery

2295. 052870074R Sacred Heart Convent

2296. 052870079R Cherisapally Hospital

2297. 052870081R S.h. Laboratory

2298. 052870101R St. Josephs Press

2299. 052870102R Sh Nirmala Hospital

2300. 052870103R Nirmala Social Institute

2301. 052870106R Santhipuram Convent

2302. 052870107R Mount Carmel Convent

2303. 052870109R Kerala Vocation Servgice Centre

2304. 052870111R Paurastya Vidyapitham Pojr

2305. 052870112R St Josephs C M I Bhavan

2306. 052870130R Abna Catholic Mission

2307. 052870138R Daughters Of St Joseph

2308. 052870141R St Sebastians Carmel House

2309. 052870142R Maria Bhavan Home For The Mentally Handicapped Women

2310. 052870145R Missionary Orientation Centre

2311. 052870146R Sacred Heart Convent

2312. 052870153R Religious Training Centre

2313. 052870155R St Augustines Convent

2314. 052870167R St Marthas Convent

2315. 052870170R Sacred Heart Convent

2316. 052870174R Wiemens Ltd

2317. 052870175R Gandhi Gram Socl Welfare Society

2318. 052870176R Christian Foundation For The Blind

2319. 052870177R St. Teresas Convent

2320. 052870178R Missionsaries Of Mary Mediatrix

2321. 052870183R Mount Carmel Convent

2322. 052870191R Asha Kendram Trust

2323. 052870192R Olassacstomarks Hostel

2324. 052870194R Asha Nilayam

2325. 052870199R Jesus For India

2326. 052870201R J M Social Welfare & Public Coop Centre

2327. 052870203R Josegiri Home For The Mentally Handicapped Girl

2328. 052870204R St. Thomas Minor Seminary

2329. 052870208R St Joseph Filael Church

2330. 052870210R Poor Boys Home

2331. 052870215R Apostolic Oblates Secular Institute

2332. 052870218R St Thomas Balamandiram

2333. 052870220R Christhuraj Adoration Convent

2334. 052870222R Sacred Heart Convent

2335. 052870227R Friends For Social Justice

2336. 052870231R Saramas Charitable Trust

2337. 052870232R M G M Abbaya Bhavan

2338. 052870240R Archbishop Kavukattu Memorial Hospital

2339. 052870242R St Rochs Relief & Educational Asylum for Women

2340. 052870243R St Thomas Mt Church Comittee

2341. 052870244R Nucleus Educational Economic Development Society

2342. 052870248R St. Mary’s Hospital

2343. 052870254R St. Marys Church

2344. 052870256R St Marys Church

2345. 052870261R St Peter & Paul Church

2346. 052870263R Community Development Program

2347. 052870268R Kavumprayil Janakiauma Memorial Society

2348. 052870273R Peniel Endowment Trust.

2349. 052870285R Asraya – Rural Human Resource Development Centre

2350. 052870295R Sanjivani Charitable Society

2351. 052870297R Cana-nation Centre For Family Life Promotion

2352. 052870302R K.V.M.S. Charitable and Cultural Society

2353. 052870306R Vazhoor Vanitha Social Welfare Society

2354. 052870307R IPC educational & Welfare Society

2355. 052880010R The Calicut Planetorium Society

2356. 052880021R Islamic Cultural Society

2357. 052880044R St Paul Society

2358. 052880047R Hirsa Islamic Study Circle

2359. 052880050R Vimala Home

2360. 052880054R Imdaduddin Sangam Kattimal

2361. 052880059R The Serve India

2362. 052880062R Msmi Nirmala Bhavan Convent

2363. 052880068R St Antonys Fc Convent

2364. 052880077R Kozhikode Educational Society

2365. 052880079R Koduvaly Juma Masjid Construction Committee

2366. 052880080R Islamic Centre

2367. 052880084R Darussalam Arabic College Committee

2368. 052880087R The Alleemul Islam Committee

2369. 052880088R Kozhikode Mahila Sabha

2370. 052880100R The Rotary Club Of Calicut

2371. 052880101R St. George Charitable

2372. 052880117R Darul Huda Education Complex

2373. 052880118R Baithul Issah Sunni Centre

2374. 052880121R The Kerala St. Francis De Syles Edu. Soc

2375. 052880124R B. P Moideen Seva Mandir

2376. 052880132R Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

2377. 052880133R C.H . Mohamed Koya Memorial Orphanage Trust

2378. 052880134R Malabar Cancer Institute Research

2379. 052880139R Help For The Under Priviledge,deserving & Aged

2380. 052880143R Malabar Cancer Institute & Research Centre

2381. 052880147R Darussalam Arabic College Committee- Nandi

2382. 052880149R Mercy Home India

2383. 052880151R Social Network for Education Research and Human


2384. 052890003R Seventh Day Adventist High School

2385. 052890012R Mar Timutheus Memorial H & L Centre

2386. 052890013R St Peters F C Convent

2387. 052890014R Province Home

2388. 052890016R St Agnes P C Convent

2389. 052890020R Mariam College

2390. 052890025R Arogia Matha Convent

2391. 052890026R Perugattu Kurjji Manathkani Kahetra Smt

2392. 052890030R Khuvathul Islam Sangam

2393. 052890035R Fransiscan Sisters Of Mary

2394. 052890038R Sisters of St Joseph Of St Trudpent

2395. 052890044R Martha Marium Church

2396. 052890045R Sacred Heard Church

2397. 052890046R St. Stephens Church

2398. 052890052R Mission Secretarate

2399. 052890053R Karuna Otaalam

2400. 052890057R Sravana Samsara School

2401. 052890059R Ottapalam Mahila Samajam

2402. 052890060R Cattle Race Club Of India

2403. 052890064R Clinic For Diabetes & Research Centre

2404. 052890074R South Asian Evangelical Mission

2405. 052890081R Markazul Isha’athil Islamiyya Trust

2406. 052900009R Madona Sehinda

2407. 052900010R Karunalayam Social Centre

2408. 052900015R Welfare Society St Mary’s Church

2409. 052900017R Deepthi Province

2410. 052900018R Marthemotheus Birth Centenary Training Centre

2411. 052900022R T Josephs College

2412. 052900023R Holy Family Social Work Centre

2413. 052900028R S H Adoration Convent

2414. 052900031R Santhi Bhavan

2415. 052900032R Deepthi Social Centre

2416. 052900038R Sacred Heart Convent

2417. 052900039R Thozhil Abhyasana Peedam

2418. 052900040R Mallankara Orthodox Syrian Medical Mission

2419. 052900046R Good Shephered Convent

2420. 052900047R St Joseph’s Convent

2421. 052900051R Rosary Fc Convent

2422. 052900054R Poochetty Community Development Project

2423. 052900058R Fatima Matha Convent

2424. 052900059R Assisi Bhavan

2425. 052900062R St. Antonys . F.c. Convent

2426. 052900064R Handicraft S Enterprises

2427. 052900065R St. Pauls Minor Seminary

2428. 052900070R Sanjosadan

2429. 052900072R Welfare Association

2430. 052900074R Csalvary Pshylosophy College

2431. 052900075R Shanti Bhavan

2432. 052900083R Slum Service Society

2433. 052900087R Bible Trust Of India

2434. 052900091R Vimala College

2435. 052900094R Department Of Edu.& Mass Media

2436. 052900095R Carmel Giri Ashram

2437. 052900096R Our Lady Of Lourdes F C Convent

2438. 052900105R St Josephs Convent

2439. 052900107R Holy Family Convent

2440. 052900109R St Vincent Health Centre

2441. 052900111R Mosst Rev Metropolitn Catholic

2442. 052900114R St. Peter & Paul Mallankara Catholic Church

2443. 052900117R Catholic Union & Catholic Youth Move.

2444. 052900118R Kerala Catholic Youth Movement

2445. 052900125R Holy Family Congregation

2446. 052900126R Fatima Social Centre For The Aged Women

2447. 052900127R Navajyothy Provincilate

2448. 052900128R Little Flower Convent

2449. 052900130R Seraphic Social Centre

2450. 052900131R Our Lady Seminarian Charities

2451. 052900132R Maria Theresa Hospital

2452. 052900133R Little Sisters Of Mother Of Sorrows

2453. 052900135R Maria Bhawan Gen Sisters Of Charity

2454. 052900136R St Josephs Hospital

2455. 052900138R Immacullate Conception Convent

2456. 052900141R Social Service Department

2457. 052900143R Maria Regina Convent

2458. 052900144R Cherupuspalayam

2459. 052900146R All Saints Social Cen For P.h.child/wom

2460. 052900147R St. Mary’s Convent

2461. 052900148R St Teresa Monastery

2462. 052900151R Don Bosco Fc Convent

2463. 052900152R Assumption Convent

2464. 052900158R Christian Jyothy

2465. 052900159R Lourd Matha Convent

2466. 052900160R Sri Revvia Rama Destitute Home

2467. 052900162R Catholic Centre

2468. 052900171R St Lazar Dispensary

2469. 052900173R Galilie Social Institute.

2470. 052900174R Poochety Community Development Project

2471. 052900175R Bethel Ashram For Girls ,bethel Asram

2472. 052900176R Khuvathil Islam Palli & Madrasa Committee

2473. 052900182R Sacred Heart Convent

2474. 052900184R National Council Of The Secular F Order

2475. 052900185R Centenary Hospital

2476. 052900186R Priya Vijana Parshit

2477. 052900187R Holy Cross F. C. Convent

2478. 052900191R Coady Development Centre

2479. 052900192R Mary Immaculate Boys Town

2480. 052900198R Lisieux Bhawan

2481. 052900202R The Deep Grace Baptist Church

2482. 052900203R Christ King F.c. Convent

2483. 052900207R Mount Carmel Ashram

2484. 052900212R F C Convent

2485. 052900214R Our Ladys Centre

2486. 052900218R Shneo Anjam Guru Vayurappa Dashmi Trust

2487. 052900220R Assisi Social Centre

2488. 052900229R Vettukad Jumma Maszid Committee

2489. 052900230R St. Rita F C Convent

2490. 052900233R Health Education & Leprosy Prevention Society

2491. 052900236R Islamic Preaching Charitable Trust

2492. 052900244R Fr.antony Memorial Balabhavan

2493. 052900256R St Josephs Shrine

2494. 052900257R Kerala Labour Movement

2495. 052900258R Catholic Labour Association

2496. 052900260R Bethany Orphanage

2497. 052900263R Samaritan Srs.

2498. 052900268R Mary Immaculate F C Convent

2499. 052900279R St. John Baptist Convent

2500. 052900283R Malayan Tribal Development Project

2501. 052900287R Christian Life Communitites

2502. 052900288R Jesu Bhavan

2503. 052900289R Trichur Heart Hospital Ltd

2504. 052900297R Trichur Powerloom Complex

2505. 052900300R Mount Carmel Church

2506. 052900301R Muslim Mahallu Jamaath

2507. 052900302R Cheramon Malik Monzil Orphanage

2508. 052900307R St Joseph’s Church

2509. 052900310R Irshadul Mus Sangham

2510. 052900313R Annamadu Coop Society Ltd

2511. 052900315R Meloor Manoathra Vyarasaya

2512. 052900316R Fathima Bhavan

2513. 052900320R Kerala Forest Research Instt.

2514. 052900321R Victo Welfare Association

2515. 052900330R Mother Superior School Sisters of St.Franics

2516. 052900341R Confederation Of Rural Dev.society

2517. 052900344R Kerala Vocational Training Centre For- Human Resource


2518. 052910006R Kerala Tribal Development & Research Council

2519. 052910012R St. Theresa Convent ,

2520. 052910016R Carmel Publishing Centre

2521. 052910024R Sevaniketan Social Welfare Centre

2522. 052910025R Chesires Homes India

2523. 052910029R Valiathura Fishermen Service Society

2524. 052910034R Manipilly Fishermen Service Society

2525. 052910035R Bpmtc Cum Production Centre

2526. 052910039R Sacred Heart Convent

2527. 052910041R South India Independent Church Of God

2528. 052910043R Juhanon Mar Thoma Study Centre

2529. 052910047R Programme For Community Organisation

2530. 052910048R Vizharjam Fishermen Village Development Society

2531. 052910049R St Peters Church

2532. 052910050R St Mary’s Church

2533. 052910051R The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

2534. 052910052R Vettacaud Residence Welfare Co Operative Society

2535. 052910053R Community For Social Action Koyikal Sout

2536. 052910057R St John The Baptist Church

2537. 052910058R S H Convent

2538. 052910060R Marianad Mahila Samajam

2539. 052910061R Young Mens Christian Association

2540. 052910062R Rama Krishna Sarada Mission Vidthy Manrm

2541. 052910066R Anjengo Fishermen’s Service Society

2542. 052910067R Marianad Malsya Ulpadala Coop Society

2543. 052910069R Anpu Nilayam

2544. 052910070R Mystical Rose Convent

2545. 052910072R The Evangelical Free Church Of India

2546. 052910078R Carmelite Sisters Of St Teressa

2547. 052910079R Sisu Niketan Institute

2548. 052910080R Pulluvilla Fishermens Cooperative Society Ltd

2549. 052910082R St Marys Social Welfare Centre

2550. 052910084R Missionary Srs Of Queen Of Apostiles

2551. 052910086R Grama Bhavan

2552. 052910092R Puthiathura Fishermen Service Society

2553. 052910096R St James Vikasana Kendrem

2554. 052910097R Sacred Heart Convent

2555. 052910099R Japa Mala Matha Convent

2556. 052910101R St Michaels Church

2557. 052910102R Sacred Heart Convent

2558. 052910104R St Andrews Church

2559. 052910105R Trivandraum Costal Development Society

2560. 052910106R Carmala Rani Convent

2561. 052910108R St Marys Convent

2562. 052910111R Little Flower Convent

2563. 052910112R Sacred Heart Convent

2564. 052910115R St Antony’s Church

2565. 052910116R Fran Srs Of Mary Our Lady Of Lourdes Con

2566. 052910117R St. Josephs Church

2567. 052910119R Manarul Huda Trust

2568. 052910120R St Augustines Church

2569. 052910123R Programme For Growth And Service

2570. 052910127R Our Lady Of Fatima Church

2571. 052910129R Nat. Assn. For Tribal Uplift & Research

2572. 052910131R India Evangelical Lutheran Church

2573. 052910133R Franciscan Sisters Of Mary

2574. 052910136R Idnady Rural Development Society

2575. 052910137R Franciscan Sisters Of Mary Convent

2576. 052910138R Muslim Association

2577. 052910140R Vinoba Nikethan

2578. 052910142R East West University Of Brahmvidya

2579. 052910143R Pentecostal Gospel Church

2580. 052910144R Christ The King Church

2581. 052910146R St Berthalomeas Church

2582. 052910147R Solid Rock International Ministry

2583. 052910150R Vlathankara Industrial Sooptve Society

2584. 052910151R St. Jude Convent

2585. 052910152R Kottalkal Social Service Society

2586. 052910156R The Green Land

2587. 052910157R The Green Land

2588. 052910158R Social Action For Rural Development.

2589. 052910159R Sreevaraham Vanitha Samithi

2590. 052910160R St. Josephs Social Welfare Centre

2591. 052910161R Holy Trinity Centre For D C

2592. 052910163R Ecumenical Centre

2593. 052910165R St Antony’s Convent

2594. 052910166R St Marys Church

2595. 052910170R Manivilla All Saints Social Service

2596. 052910172R Holy Child Convent

2597. 052910177R Kerala Children Film Society

2598. 052910178R Bala Vikas

2599. 052910180R Ineternational Soc.krishna Consciousness

2600. 052910181R International Zion Assembly

2601. 052910182R Government College For Women

2602. 052910186R Southern Chamber Of Charities

2603. 052910187R Mystical Rose Convent

2604. 052910188R International Society for devel.

2605. 052910190R The M.G Charitable Society

2606. 052910193R P C Society

2607. 052910195R Sathyam Smaraka Mahila Samajam

2608. 052910198R Garma Vikas Bhavan

2609. 052910200R Harijan Sevak Sangh

2610. 052910202R Kasthurba Mahila Samajam

2611. 052910203R Vayalar Memorial Youth Club

2612. 052910204R Grameena Vanitha Sanghatana

2613. 052910205R Mutakad Sanathana Mahila Samajam & Nursery School

2614. 052910208R Sri Ananthapuri Eye Foundation

2615. 052910214R Centre For Development Of Imaging Technology Society

2616. 052910215R Sarojini Naidu Mahila Samajam

2617. 052910218R Mahila Samajam Social Welfare Centre

2618. 052910219R Welfare Society For The Locomotor Disabled

2619. 052910220R Kuttithanni Mahila Samajam

2620. 052910221R Social Service Society Konniyoor

2621. 052910225R District Saksharatha Samiti

2622. 052910226R Martha Mariam Social Service Society

2623. 052910228R LBS Centre For Science & Technology

2624. 052910229R Farmer’s Development & Charitable Society

2625. 052910231R Priyadharshini Mahila Samjam

2626. 052910236R Gramodharana Yanitha Samajam

2627. 052910237R Bharath Social Service Centre

2628. 052910243R Environmental Resources Research Centre

2629. 052910246R Shree Chitra Tiruna Institute For Medical Sciences &

2630. 052910247R Puthenkada Women’s & Children’s Welfare Uplift Society

2631. 052910250R Vivekananda Charitable Society

2632. 052910255R Kerala State Housing Board

2633. 052910259R Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra

2634. 052910260R Building Technology Centre

2635. 052910262R Building Technology Centre

2636. 052910263R Kerala Association For Rural Development And Peace

2637. 052910272R Hobital Tech Girap

2638. 052910273R Co-memorial Vanitha Samlam

2639. 052910274R Biothech- Centre Ins. Dev. Of Bio-gas Tech & Other Non-

Conventional Energy Sou

2640. 052910278R Gospel For India

2641. 052910281R Kerala Educational Dev. &employment Society

2642. 052910282R Indian Inst. Of Diabetes

2643. 052910292R Yuvajana Mahila Samajam

2644. 052910296R The Madhavimandiram Lok Seva Trust

2645. 052910298R Haemophilia Society Of Kerala

2646. 052910302R College Of Engineering

2647. 052910303R Chaithanya Mahila Samajam

2648. 052910304R Women Empowerment And Human Resource Dev. Centre Of


2649. 052910305R Navadharsan Social Welfare Centre

2650. 052910315R Bharat Baptist &Bible Church Trust

2651. 052910318R Nava Dersini Mahila Samajam

2652. 052920001R Manjesh Waram Orphanage

2653. 052920004R Society Of Love, Snehabhavan

2654. 052920005R Kasaragod Kote Shree Veeranjaneya Seva Trust (Regd.)

2655. 052930004R C S I Mission Hospital

2656. 052930006R Centre For Community Services

2657. 052930013R Missionary Sister’s Of St. Teresa

2658. 052930018R Vayala Social Service Society

2659. 052930026R Marthoma Boys Home

2660. 052930027R Scripture Inion And C S S M India

2661. 052930030R Peoples Action For Social Transformation

2662. 052930031R Bom Del Malaysia Singapore Diocese

2663. 052930033R Sacred Heart Convent

2664. 052930034R Lourde Matha Convent

2665. 052930039R St Margaret’s Convent

2666. 052930040R Vimala Ambika Convent

2667. 052930046R Dynamic Commune For Liberation

2668. 052930047R Dev Program For Inland Fishermen Communi

2669. 052930048R Saint George Diara

2670. 052930051R S C S School Welfare Project

2671. 052930052R Seventh Day Adventist High School

2672. 052930056R Marthoma Industrial Training Centre

2673. 052930058R Socio Economic Development Society

2674. 052930061R Aylara Community Development Project

2675. 052930062R Fervent Daughter Of Srs.s.h. Jesus

2676. 052930063R Catholic Diocese Of Quilon

2677. 052930067R Rural Devpt Society

2678. 052930068R Srs Of Sacred Congn St Marys Hospital

2679. 052930069R Congregation of The Franciscan Sisters Of Immacuate Heart


2680. 052930070R Grameena Vaneetha Prasthanam

2681. 052930071R Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Convent

2682. 052930081R Community Of The Love Of God,malankara

2683. 052930084R The Newman Carmel Bhavan

2684. 052930085R Society Of Sisters Holy Cross

2685. 052930086R St. Xavier Dispensary

2686. 052930089R Sooranad Social Service Society

2687. 052930091R Marianam Hospital And Convent

2688. 052930092R Our Lady Of Lourdes Convent

2689. 052930098R Deva Mata Convent

2690. 052930099R Kallada Community Development Society

2691. 052930101R Sh Convent

2692. 052930103R St. Jude Ashram

2693. 052930106R St Joseph’s Hospital

2694. 052930110R Faith Chapel And Bible Instt

2695. 052930114R Assissi Convent

2696. 052930120R Stella Mary’s Convent

2697. 052930128R Adur Mavelikara Diocese Of M T S C Of M

2698. 052930131R Brethren Educational Society

2699. 052930132R Pushpagiri Hospital

2700. 052930133R Congregation Of The Carmellite Religious Of Tvm

2701. 052930136R St. Gregorias M Hospital

2702. 052930137R Basalel Convent & Girls Home

2703. 052930140R Mata Amrit Anandamyi Mission

2704. 052930141R St. Martin’s Hospital

2705. 052930143R The Thodiyoor Village Development Centre

2706. 052930145R St Aloysious Monastery

2707. 052930147R St Aloysius Monastery

2708. 052930148R Society Of The S Tranfsn Mt Tailor Monst

2709. 052930151R YMCA

2710. 052930152R The Quilon Diocese Of The M O S C

2711. 052930153R Ranny Marthoma Medical Mission Centre

2712. 052930158R St Thomas Mission Hospital

2713. 052930159R Holy Family Convent

2714. 052930160R Nazareth Family Helper Project

2715. 052930163R Cultural Educational & Social Service Society

2716. 052930165R Kanaya Medical Mission

2717. 052930168R Good Samaritan Charitable Society

2718. 052930181R Kess Vocational Training Institute

2719. 052930186R Indian Psyco Social Service Society

2720. 052930188R Young Men’s Christian Association

2721. 052930190R Eravipuram Vanitha Cottage

2722. 052930191R School For The Seaf Children

2723. 052930192R S D A Engm.

2724. 052930195R The Elarapallil Social Service Society

2725. 052930197R West Kallada Social Welfare Society

2726. 052930198R Regina Mundi Convent

2727. 052930201R Mallappay Mar Thomas Church

2728. 052930202R Kerala Iykya Mahila Sangam

2729. 052930203R Christ Movement

2730. 052930209R Kasturba Mahila Samajam

2731. 052930211R International Centre For Study Dev.

2732. 052930217R Kerala Association For Social & Women’s Welfare

2733. 052940001R H R I D S For Social Amity

2734. 052940005R Compassion Of Agappe

2735. 052940011R Upasana

2736. 052940013R Sisters Of Nazareth

2737. 052940014R The Tribal Reconstruction For Indtegrated Education &


2738. 052940018R St. Marthas Convent

2739. 052940020R St. Xavier’s Hospital

2740. 052940022R F M K M Reksha Niketan For Handicapped

2741. 052940023R Sevanalaya Rural Heath Programme

2742. 052940024R St. Marthas Convent

2743. 052940026R Kavukattu Giri Mission Hospital

2744. 052940027R Sacred Heart Dispensary

2745. 052940032R Avial Dhyanashram

2746. 052940033R Bishop Vayaybil Medical Centre

2747. 052940037R Vimalalayam

2748. 052940039R Pope Paul Vi Memorial School

2749. 052940040R St Josehps Church

2750. 052940043R Vandamattom Nirmala Mahila Samajam

2751. 052940044R Seventh Day Adventist School

2752. 052940061R Sneha Trust

2753. 052940062R Perumpanany Trust

2754. 052950006R Vimala Bhawan ,

2755. 052950009R Little Flower Church

2756. 052950013R Christ The King Church

2757. 052950015R Jyothi Health Centre

2758. 052950016R St Joseph’s Church

2759. 052950020R Nandaya Danagram Samathy

2760. 052950022R Navodaya Danagram Balvikas Mandal

2761. 052950023R St Marys Church

2762. 052950035R Mar Thoma Medical Mission

2763. 052950037R Deepti Cultural Centre

2764. 052950039R House

2765. 052950042R St Thomas Church

2766. 052950044R Islamic Charitable Trust

2767. 052950046R Our Lady Of Hope Church

2768. 052950060R Arya Vaidya Sala.

2769. 052950062R Ernad Charitable Trust

2770. 052950063R Indian Centre Of Learning For Humanism.

2771. 052950066R Makhduniya Islamica Samskarika Complex Committee

2772. 052950067R Jamia-hikamiyya Managing Committee,s

2773. 052950068R Community Development Society, Malappuram

2774. 052950069R Islamic Mission Trust

2775. 052960001R Sate Institute Of Rural Development

2776. 052980003R St Marys Church

2777. 052980005R F.c. Convent

2778. 052980007R Ocial Work And Research Centre

2779. 052980008R Grace Villa

2780. 052980009R Little Flower Church

2781. 052980010R Little Flower Convent

2782. 052980016R St. Josephs Church

2783. 052980018R Welfare Hospital

2784. 052980019R St. Joseph’s Adoration Convent

2785. 052980020R Cooperative Organisation Of Priests

2786. 052980023R Vincentian Ashram

2787. 052980035R Itzehor Project Dr Kolumbe

2788. 052980040R St. Sebastians Church

2789. 052980047R St Francis Assisi Church

2790. 052980055R Santhi Bhavan Clarist Convent

2791. 052980067R St Thomas Church

2792. 052980072R Little Flower Church

2793. 052980074R St Sebastians Church

2794. 052980075R St Sebastians Church

2795. 052980076R St George’s Church 1

2796. 052980079R Mount Carmel Convent

2797. 052980080R Deepti Bhavan

2798. 052980084R St Sebastians Church

2799. 052980085R St Sebastians Church

2800. 052980086R Family Welfare Society

2801. 052980090R M.s.m.i Carmelgiri Convent

2802. 052980093R St Mary’s Church

2803. 052980100R St Martins Church

2804. 052980108R Aranyashram

2805. 052980111R Immacullate Conception Church

2806. 052980117R Holy Ghost Adoration Convent

2807. 052980121R E Villa

2808. 052980123R Cooperative Organisation Of Priests

2809. 052980125R St Geroge Church

2810. 052980130R St. Marys Church

2811. 052980131R St Josephs Church

2812. 052980132R Sacred Heart Congregation

2813. 052980134R St Peter & Paul Church

2814. 052980138R Wynad District Library & Cooperative Society.

2815. 052980139R Chethna

2816. 052980151R Bezer Blind’s Service Friend


2817. 063120006R Udyog Mandal Gohara

2818. 063120008R Dhanvantari Shiksha Samittee

2819. 063120013R St. George Convent English School

2820. 063120015R Satpura Grameen Vikas Mahila Samiti

2821. 063130003R Urmila Guha Pvt Trust

2822. 063130005R District Women’s Work

2823. 063130009R E.B.A. Mission Co Educational School

2824. 063130013R Ramakrishna Sarada Sevashram

2825. 063130016R Nar Narayan Seva Ashram

2826. 063140001R Evangelical Lutheran Church in M.P.

2827. 063160006R Satpura Integrated Rural Development Institution

2828. 063160010R Srijan Welfare Society

2829. 063160020R Resources Development Institute

2830. 063160021R Bhopal Technical & Training Centre

2831. 063160022R Central Employees Sponsored Relief Trust

2832. 063160025R Media Centre International House

2833. 063160027R National Bhopal Disaster Relief Organisation

2834. 063160033R Paryavaran Sudhar Samiti

2835. 063160038R Bhopal Salesian Society

2836. 063160044R Manav Seva Samiti

2837. 063160045R Federation of MP Women and Child Welfare Agencies

2838. 063160047R Sultan-ul-hind Education & Social Service Society

2839. 063160052R Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Education Society

2840. 063160056R Yoga Health Research Institute

2841. 063160074R Varun Manav Vikas Samiti

2842. 063160077R Gramin Vikas Parishad

2843. 063160079R Baudhewal Shiksha Samiti

2844. 063160080R Pushpa Convent Education Society

2845. 063160086R Madhya Pradesh Heritage Development Trust

2846. 063160089R Shanti Niketan Mahila Kadnay Samiti

2847. 063160096R Medicare & Research Foundation

2848. 063160098R National Law Institute University

2849. 063160100R Sadashiv Shanti Shiksha Samiti

2850. 063160115R Prerna Sewa Trust

2851. 063160118R Madhya Pradesh Samaj Seva Sanstha

2852. 063160120R Action For Social Advancement

2853. 063170004R India Church Council Disciples of Christ

2854. 063170015R St. Lukes Hospital

2855. 063170019R Mission Higher Secondary School

2856. 063170021R Jagriti Seva Sanstha

2857. 063170025R Burgess English Higher Secondary School

2858. 063170029R Gas Peedhit Rahat Samiti

2859. 063170031R Samaritan Seva Sadan

2860. 063170035R Thakur Satruhan Singh Educational Society

2861. 063170037R Rahod Education Society

2862. 063180001R Christian Hindi Middle School

2863. 063180003R Kisan Seva Samiti

2864. 063180004R Association For Comprehensive Rural Assistance

2865. 063180007R Pt. Nathuram Chaubey Mahila Samiti

2866. 063180009R Delight Education Society

2867. 063190009R Krishak Mahila Samaj Pandhukna

2868. 063190014R Gramin Adiwasi Samaj Vikas Sansthan

2869. 063210010R Christian Hospital Damoh

2870. 063230004R Masihi Prathmik Vidyalaya

2871. 063240001R Anand Nagar Leprosy Rehabilitation Programme/Trust

2872. 063240004R Nav Adarsh Shiksha & Gramin Vikas Samiti

2873. 063250006R Yug Nirman Ashram Sikha Samity

2874. 063250009R Government Polytechnic

2875. 063250011R Congregation of Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sisters

2876. 063250012R The Gospel Central Church

2877. 063250014R Nav Sarvodaya Vikas Samiti

2878. 063250015R Sh Swami Kvivikananda Kusta Mukta Ashram

2879. 063250016R Lions Charitable Trust

2880. 063270007R Shivangi Education and Rural Development Society

2881. 063280001R Ashim Jyoti Sanskritik Shiksha Parishad

2882. 063280005R Dr. Pathak Child and Mother Welfare Society

2883. 063280006R Madhvi Mahila Kalyan Samiti

2884. 063280008R Samvad

2885. 063280012R Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Shiksha Samiti

2886. 063280017R Vimukt Jati Abhyuday Sangh, Gwalior Chambal Sambhag

2887. 063280018R Sarvodaya Education and Welfare Society

2888. 063280019R People for Animals

2889. 063280020R Gwalior Foresters Society

2890. 063280022R Children Welfare And Education Society

2891. 063290002R Friends Rural Centre

2892. 063290008R Adarsh Gram Nirman Sansthan

2893. 063290009R Samdarshi Sena Kendra

2894. 063290011R New Shivam Vyasiak Yuati Mandal

2895. 063300008R Nagrath Charitable Pushpkunj Hospital

2896. 063300016R Gita Bhavan Hospital

2897. 063300032R Adhar Seva Kendra

2898. 063300036R Indore Eye Hospital Society

2899. 063300037R Indore School of Social Work

2900. 063300038R Vocational Training Institute School

2901. 063300039R Vocational Training Institute Hostel

2902. 063300041R Nav Kranti Shiksha Samiti

2903. 063300043R Star School Samiti

2904. 063300049R Adarsh Sishu Vihar

2905. 063300051R St. Mark School

2906. 063300058R Sadhana Vinay Mandir

2907. 063300063R Cancer Care Trust & Research Foundation

2908. 063300065R Welfare Association for the Disabled

2909. 063300067R Shanti Bal Mandir

2910. 063300071R Utkarshi Mahila Mandal

2911. 063300082R Madhya Pradesh Adivasi Bal Mahila Kalyan Samiti

2912. 063300083R Saket Kalyan Samiti

2913. 063300084R Shri Gujarati Samaj, Indore

2914. 063300086R Kothari Educational Foundation

2915. 063300088R Anand Service Society

2916. 063310009R Christian Organisation for Social Service

2917. 063310017R Conference Of S.S.Peter & Paul(Society of St. Vincent De Paul)

2918. 063310026R Methodist Womens Work

2919. 063310030R M.P Pastor’s Conference

2920. 063310033R The Neighbour

2921. 063310035R Christian Association For Radio & Audio Visual

2922. 063310039R Momin Welfare Education Society

2923. 063310043R Sangam Mahila Kalyani Shiksha Samiti

2924. 063310044R Gayatri Shakti Shiksha Kalyan Samiti

2925. 063310045R Mahakoshal Mahila Shiksha Samiti

2926. 063310046R Manju Mahila Samiti

2927. 063310047R Saraswati Mahila Kalyan Samiti

2928. 063310048R Pushpanjali Chhatra Samity

2929. 063310049R Lutheran Mission Of Salvation

2930. 063310051R Anjuman Islamia

2931. 063310052R Asha Deep Kalyan Samiti

2932. 063310053R Society For Resource Integration And Development Action

2933. 063310054R Pragaya Sai Lok Kalyan Nyas

2934. 063310056R Seth Mannoolal Das Trust Hospital

2935. 063320003R Church Hostel

2936. 063320004R Voluntary Services & Development Society

2937. 063320005R Canadian Presbyterian Missionary Commtt.

2938. 063320006R MG Abey Childrens Home

2939. 063330005R Kanpur Mission Primary School

2940. 063340002R Christian Hospital West Nimar

2941. 063340014R Catholic Sansthan Jashpur Agnikone Parishetra

2942. 063350002R Assisi Sachidananda Hospital

2943. 063360002R Christian Endeavour Hostel

2944. 063360003R Childrens Home

2945. 063370002R Chambal Paryavaran Society

2946. 063370004R Gajendra Shiksha Prasar Samiti

2947. 063370007R Hira Lal Samaj Seva & Shiksha Samiti

2948. 063370008R Mahila Parishad

2949. 063380001R Methodist Womens Work

2950. 063380002R H C Mission Higher Secondary School

2951. 063400009R Lutheran Hostel

2952. 063410006R Sarvajanik Seva Samaj

2953. 063410014R GC Mennonite Mission

2954. 063410031R Chhatisgarh Netra Chikitsa Samity

2955. 063410033R Dhantari Christian Hospital

2956. 063410041R Chhatisgarh Vikas Parishad

2957. 063410045R Shri Pran Nath Mission

2958. 063410046R Indira Gandhi Agricultural University

2959. 063440002R Kharuna Childrens Hostel

2960. 063440004R Bajna Bamnia Development Project

2961. 063440005R Emergency Relief Committee

2962. 063440006R Volunteer Leadership Training

2963. 063440009R Masihi Higher Secondary School

2964. 063450005R Jay Bharat Jay Manavtavadi Seva Samiti

2965. 063460001R Jan Sakti Trust Sagar

2966. 063460005R Sedish Mission Hospital

2967. 063460009R Sagar Mahila evan Bal Samiti

2968. 063470003R Christiya Bandhurkulam Family Helper Project

2969. 063490002R Development Fund Board of Secondary Education

2970. 063490009R Mission Girls Primary School

2971. 063490010R Shree Shiv Vidya Peeth

2972. 063500002R Sri Ramakrishna Vivekanand Sevashram

2973. 063500003R Utkarshi Mahila evam Bal Kalyan Sanstha

2974. 063500004R Sharda Education Samiti

2975. 063520004R Rama Mahila Mandal

2976. 063520005R Khadi Gramodyog Sewa Ashram

2977. 063520008R Shiv Shiksha Samiti Churhat

2978. 063540002R The Board Of Community Health Employment Relief,rural

Development & Agriculture

2979. 063540005R The Raipur Pallottine Society

2980. 063540007R Adivasi Vikas evam Prashikshan Sanstha

2981. 063540012R Karmapa Multipurpose Coop Society

2982. 063540013R Sarguja Grameem Vikas Mandal

2983. 063540014R Janhit Seva Kendra

2984. 063550002R Kasturba Vanvasi Kanya Ashram

2985. 063550003R Vikalp

2986. 063560005R Ujjaini Senior Citizens Forum

2987. 063560010R Malwanchal Vikas Parishad

2988. 063620001R Swami Vivekanand Kalyan Samiti


2989. 075820001R Csi Boys Boarding Home

2990. 075820007R Mobile Evangelistic Team

2991. 075820009R Andra Education Centre

2992. 075820016R Csi Home For Children

2993. 075820020R Sriperumpudur Community Development Project

2994. 075820024R Church Of Christ Charitable Trust

2995. 075820031R All India Muslim Education Society

2996. 075820035R Christ For Poor Mission

2997. 075820041R Damien Foundation Hemerijckx

2998. 075820059R Gabriel Rehabilitation Centre

2999. 075820084R People’s Theatre

3000. 075820085R Save The Children Fund

3001. 075820092R Csi Girls Hostel

3002. 075820094R Chengalpattu Community Development Project

3003. 075820096R Irula Coop

3004. 075820099R Buchanan Family Helper Project

3005. 075820103R Merg Development Trust

3006. 075820106R India Christian Fellowship Ministry

3007. 075820112R YMCA Boys Town

3008. 075820113R Silom Gospel & Social Service

3009. 075820122R Instt Of Asian Studies

3010. 075820124R Society Of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

3011. 075820126R Seva Niketan Trust

3012. 075820127R Christian Welfare Service

3013. 075820128R Compassion For India

3014. 075820129R Education & Community Health Organisation Society

3015. 075820134R Worldwide Mission Trust Of India

3016. 075820147R Ikkadu Community Development Training & Extension Project

3017. 075820150R Base Of Rural India Developmet And Gospel Education

3018. 075820152R Nesam Devapragasam Charitable Trust

3019. 075820153R Nalintha Makkal Nalvarbhvu

3020. 075820157R Rural Dev & Peace Foundation

3021. 075820158R Good Shepherd Social Service Guild

3022. 075820159R Seventh Day Adventist English School

3023. 075820172R Sri Guru Satchithananda Saraswathy Swamigal Trust

3024. 075820177R Christian Hospital Mini Health Centre

3025. 075820185R Asian Instt Of Human Resource Develoment

3026. 075820192R Saundaran Ponnaiah Educational Trust

3027. 075820197R S E E Aims

3028. 075820201R Mahatma Gandhi Social Service & Educational Society

3029. 075820204R Agricultural Womens Association For Rural Development

3030. 075820214R Centre For Rural Economic Development And Industrial Training

3031. 075820230R Esther Educational Trust

3032. 075820231R Lawrence Educational Trust

3033. 075820233R Shelter Trust

3034. 075820237R St. Thomas Gospel Ministry & Educational Trust

3035. 075820238R Rural Development And Community Welfare Centre

3036. 075820243R Mentally Handicapped Training & Vocational Applications

3037. 075820244R All India Physically Handicapped Welfare Trust

3038. 075820245R Jeevan Gnanodhaya School For The Deaf

3039. 075820252R The Guild of Services

3040. 075820255R Universal Welfare Foundation

3041. 075820270R Community Association for rural Development Society

3042. 075820273R Comprehensive Community Development Organisation

3043. 075820274R Bethania Foundation

3044. 075820278R A world of Friends

3045. 075820279R Paradise Home

3046. 075820302R Mass Development Society

3047. 075840027R Habeeb Educational And Social Service Trust

3048. 075840033R Kuzhithurai Integral Developent Social Service Trust

3049. 075840041R A field for Charity of India

3050. 075840042R Abinaya Women Development Society,

3051. 075840043R Centre for Human Resource and Rural Developmental


3052. 075850001R Coimbatore Csi Girls Home

3053. 075850017R Centre For Tribal Development

3054. 075850018R Service And Action Society

3055. 075850048R Round Table India Area 1 Refugee Relief Fund

3056. 075850063R Centre For Community Development & Social Education

3057. 075850068R St. Josephs Christian Education Social Trust

3058. 075850074R Coimbatore Malayali Samjam

3059. 075850075R Seventh Day Advertist English School

3060. 075850077R Mass Welfare Association

3061. 075850083R Lakshmi Ram Medical Trust

3062. 075850089R Coimbatore Christian Charitable Trust

3063. 075850091R Tamil Nadu Technical Education Foundation

3064. 075850094R Vidya Viakasini Society

3065. 075850114R Dalmiya Centre For Biotechnology

3066. 075850115R Tirupur Social Service Organisation

3067. 075850126R Womens Education & Awareness Development Trust

3068. 075850130R Coimbatore Cancer Foundation

3069. 075850134R Swami Satchidananda Foundation

3070. 075850136R Kovai Hearth Foundation

3071. 075850151R Good Will Trust

3072. 075850160R Hindustan Educational and Charitable Trust

3073. 075850164R The Society for the Aid of Handicapped Children

3074. 075850165R Sam Educational Trust

3075. 075850175R Trust for Rural Action and community Empowerment

3076. 075850176R Youth Chrisitian Gospel Ministries in India

3077. 075860011R Association for Rural Poor Empowerment

3078. 075860012R Snekithi

3079. 075870011R Concordia Crecha Home No. 3813

3080. 075870012R Concordia Crecha No.3814

3081. 075870014R People’s Integrated Development Organisation

3082. 075870016R St John’s Middle School

3083. 075870018R Dharmapuri District Rural Sports Association

3084. 075870022R Society For People’s Education And Counselling

3085. 075870031R Dharmapuri District Development Youth Society

3086. 075870032R Voluntary Health Centre

3087. 075870036R Village Association For Gainful Employment

3088. 075870039R Society For Promotion Of Human Efforts And Rural Environment

3089. 075870051R Seva Bharathi, Hosur

3090. 075870054R Evangelical Gospel Mission Trust

3091. 075870064R Vallalar Illam

3092. 075880005R Women Development Trust

3093. 075890001R Social Work & Research Centre

3094. 075890011R Rural Organisation For Social Education

3095. 075890016R Menpidi Thozhilalar Sangham Community Centre

3096. 075890017R Vivekananda Kendra International

3097. 075890020R Fishing Workers Educational Society

3098. 075890028R Marthoma Bhavan

3099. 075890032R Cultural Action For Development

3100. 075890039R South India Congregational Churches -lm Benevolence Board

3101. 075890041R Society Of Sisters Of St. Anne- Society

3102. 075890046R Jumma Mosque Extension Committee

3103. 075890054R St. Vincent De Paul Community Centre

3104. 075890068R Amala Province

3105. 075890070R India Christian Endeavour Union

3106. 075890073R India Evangelical Lutheran Church

3107. 075890074R India Evangelical Luthern Church

3108. 075890078R International Cancer Centre Trust

3109. 075890079R Malaivali Makal Niruvanam

3110. 075890083R Social Education And Action Trust

3111. 075890084R Association For Rural Transformation

3112. 075890085R Little Flower Convent

3113. 075890089R Nanbar Nanpan

3114. 075890093R Klein Children Home

3115. 075890096R Sacred Heart Convent

3116. 075890100R Rusary Church

3117. 075890102R D J Nelson Memorial Home For Children

3118. 075890106R J B S Haldare Research Centre

3119. 075890117R Muslim Educational Society

3120. 075890124R Fellowship Of Christian Workers

3121. 075890125R Rural Community Development Centre

3122. 075890127R Bhagavathy Seva Sangam

3123. 075890137R Peer Mohamadia Muslim Educational Trust

3124. 075890165R Garmosdaya Sangam

3125. 075890168R Karumpanai Meenpidi Thozilalar M.sangham

3126. 075890179R Amma Illam

3127. 075890186R Sri Durga Educational Development Welfare Society

3128. 075890189R Kasthuba Trust

3129. 075890192R Centre To Assisocation The Needy

3130. 075890194R Kanyakumary District Rural Weavers Welfare Sangam


3131. 075890196R Community Education And Child Develoment

3132. 075890201R Organisation For National Integration And Rural Development

3133. 075890205R Mahatma Gandhi Social Service Socity

3134. 075890208R Society For Promoting Self Reliance

3135. 075890211R Indian Eucational Self Employment Centre

3136. 075890212R Centre For Agriculture And Rural Education

3137. 075890213R Rural Development Agency

3138. 075890214R Resource Centre For Ecology Agriculture And Community


3139. 075890220R Pnaf S.A P Varghese Educational And Charitable Trust

3140. 075890236R Sathyam Trust

3141. 075890261R Rural Ldevelopment Mission

3142. 075890270R Joint Action And Motivation Awareness Trust

3143. 075890285R Women Health Education Economic Liberation Society

3144. 075890295R Rural Institute For Development And Education

3145. 075890313R Association for Community Transformation

3146. 075890320R Action for Rural Improvement Service and Tranining


3147. 075890321R Meena Trust

3148. 075890323R Rural Education Welfare & Action Development Service Trust

3149. 075890324R Kins Foundation

3150. 075890327R Rural Development Community Centre

3151. 075890329R Health and Art Light Trust

3152. 075890333R Institute of Rural Mass Transformation

3153. 075890334R Oasis Foundation

3154. 075890339R Divine Trust

3155. 075890340R Star Trust

3156. 075900002R Janagri

3157. 075900013R Deepa Society For Retarded Children

3158. 075900020R Medical Unit For Service Of Tamils

3159. 075900030R Trust Association Of Advent Christian

3160. 075900036R Social Aid Charitable Trust

3161. 075900047R Association For Refugees & Solidarity Of Tamils

3162. 075900050R St. Paul’s Social Welfare & Educational Centre

3163. 075900053R End Time Harvest Ministries

3164. 075900060R Jehovah Shammah

3165. 075900061R Siloam Christian Gospel & Welf Mission

3166. 075900063R Voluntary Health Services

3167. 075900069R Intracranial Pressure Society Of India

3168. 075900074R Centre For Development Communication

3169. 075900076R Land Mark Church

3170. 075900077R Land Mark Christian Church Children’s Home

3171. 075900079R St Ursula’s High School & Orphanage

3172. 075900081R Integrated Rural Development Project

3173. 075900085R CSI Rainy Hospital

3174. 075900090R Gospel Of Deliverance

3175. 075900091R M/s Development Services (india) Pvt, Ltd.

3176. 075900095R Skills

3177. 075900099R Institute Of Law Ans Research

3178. 075900100R Centre For Social-legal Research And Documentation Services

3179. 075900106R Christian Social Welfare Society

3180. 075900107R Bishop Corrie Higher Secondary School

3181. 075900111R Provident

3182. 075900116R Indian Cultural Development Centre

3183. 075900117R The Indian Pentecostal Community Church

3184. 075900119R Madras Citizens’ Council

3185. 075900121R Centre For Human Dev And Social Change

3186. 075900126R Camp Tonakela Association

3187. 075900128R Daughters Of The Heart Of Mary.

3188. 075900136R Projects Among The Discharged Prisioners In Madras

3189. 075900143R South Asia Baptist Missionary Fellowship

3190. 075900144R The Advent Christian Conference Of India

3191. 075900145R Council Of Indian Mission Of The Lutheran Church In America

3192. 075900147R Rural Resources Development Society

3193. 075900149R Modern Development League

3194. 075900151R Social Welfare Research Society

3195. 075900155R Viidys Bharati Trust

3196. 075900156R St. Josephs Church

3197. 075900157R Good Samaritan Elementary School

3198. 075900163R The Animators For Community Development

3199. 075900165R Social Welfare Assocation

3200. 075900166R Joint Action Council For Women

3201. 075900179R Shreeniketan

3202. 075900187R Indian Mission Of The Evangelical Lutheran Synod Of Missouri

Ohio And Other Stat

3203. 075900206R Council Of SDA Hospital

3204. 075900207R Council Of SDA Education Institution

3205. 075900208R Centre For Human Rights Research In South Asia

3206. 075900209R Tamil Inforamation Centre India

3207. 075900213R The Proutent Trust

3208. 075900216R Society Of Our Lady Of Fatima

3209. 075900217R Madras Round Table No.1

3210. 075900220R Medical Unit For The Service Of Tamils

3211. 075900221R The Apostolic Fellowship Of India

3212. 075900222R Kural Solai Rural Development Trust

3213. 075900223R Sri Lanka Repatriates Mercy Home

3214. 075900225R Lepers Welfare Society

3215. 075900226R Jennifer Evans Cottage Industrial Socy.

3216. 075900227R Early Apostolic Church Of God In India

3217. 075900228R Fisherman Welfare Society

3218. 075900233R Village Community Social Service Centre

3219. 075900234R S B I Officers’ Association Educational Trust

3220. 075900237R The Year Of The Child Trust

3221. 075900238R P Adma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School

3222. 075900242R Amici Di Rauol Follereau

3223. 075900244R Muslim Educational Assn. Of South India

3224. 075900246R Anderson Girls Day High School

3225. 075900250R Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement

3226. 075900261R C.s.i. School For The Deaf

3227. 075900265R Medical Researcj Foundation

3228. 075900266R Vision Research Foundation

3229. 075900267R Muslim Womens Association

3230. 075900280R Holy Angels Family Helper Project

3231. 075900286R South India Scheduled Tribes Welfare Association

3232. 075900287R Kural Salai Rural Development Trust

3233. 075900289R India Financial Association Of Seventh Day Adventists

3234. 075900294R G.ramachandra Reddiar Memorial`itable Trust

3235. 075900299R Madras Society For The Protection Of Childrens

3236. 075900306R St Thomas Mount Babies Home

3237. 075900309R Gospel Outreach India

3238. 075900314R Madras Society Of The Immaculate Conception

3239. 075900319R St Johns Dispensary & Social Service Teacher’s Colony

3240. 075900323R Jayaprakash Youth Research Centre

3241. 075900329R Madras Chambers & Industry

3242. 075900331R Striet Baptist Mission

3243. 075900332R Indian Cultural Development Centre

3244. 075900333R Madras Society For The Protection Of Children

3245. 075900334R Rubbi Blye Metal Works

3246. 075900335R Gospel Tract & Bible Society Of The Church Of God In Christ


3247. 075900343R Faith And Love Home

3248. 075900346R Sagayinagar Roman Catholic Mission

3249. 075900347R Centre For Rural Change

3250. 075900348R Bain School

3251. 075900353R Sarala Neurology Hospital Research Centre

3252. 075900364R Lutheran World Relief

3253. 075900365R Madras Christian Council Of Social Service

3254. 075900368R Amalagamated Assistance R Dev S Pvt L

3255. 075900369R Foundation Of Occupational Development

3256. 075900376R The Land Mark Church

3257. 075900378R American Lutheran Church

3258. 075900381R P.s Senior Secondary School

3259. 075900382R Community Development Information Action Centre

3260. 075900383R M.subbaraya Aiyar Birth Cent Chari Trust

3261. 075900384R Dharmic Samaj

3262. 075900389R Society For Social & Edn Centre

3263. 075900396R Social Service League

3264. 075900397R Home For The Aged

3265. 075900404R Kalaikoil (India)

3266. 075900407R Solidarity

3267. 075900408R Youth Social Service Union

3268. 075900413R Alamas India

3269. 075900415R Anderson Girls Day Higher Secondary School

3270. 075900416R Lutheran World Relief

3271. 075900417R Women Liberation Movement

3272. 075900418R Society For International Development

3273. 075900425R People Service Centre

3274. 075900429R Agricultural And Rural Development Trust

3275. 075900431R Community Agricultural Technical And Educational Resources

To Women

3276. 075900433R United Evangilacal Lutheran Churches In India

3277. 075900434R The Kingdom Of Jesus Gospel Mission

3278. 075900435R Board For Narikuravas Development

3279. 075900436R Centre For Edn & Literacyal & Urban Deve

3280. 075900438R The Music Academy Madras

3281. 075900441R Community Orgn & Resources Development

3282. 075900443R The Tamil Nadu Community Development Centre

3283. 075900446R Of Christ Of Latter D.saint

3284. 075900448R Rural Integrated Development Society

3285. 075900452R Development Group Federation

3286. 075900454R Trust For Environmental Education

3287. 075900455R Universal Concern Charitable Trust

3288. 075900460R Indian Instt.of Human Res. & Dev. Trust

3289. 075900461R T.N Womens Welfare Centre

3290. 075900463R Mariasingam Arulappa Edu & Charitable T.

3291. 075900464R Dorcas Institute Education & Service Society

3292. 075900465R C.s.i Jubilee Church

3293. 075900474R Vallam M Abhoy Trust

3294. 075900475R Jayaprakash Youth Research Centre

3295. 075900483R Chatnath Educaional Trust

3296. 075900488R Ecumen Council For Rep&ref From Srilanka

3297. 075900489R Hindu Dharmartha Samithi Trust

3298. 075900490R Siga Community Service Guild

3299. 075900491R Tamilnadu Educational Foundation

3300. 075900493R Madras College Of Engineering

3301. 075900496R The National Association For The Blind

3302. 075900504R Spic Science Foundation

3303. 075900511R Kakon Destitute Ladies Federation

3304. 075900513R Madras Chinmaya Seva Trust

3305. 075900518R Shastri Nagar Indira Gandhi Samuga Nala

3306. 075900522R Nirmal Educational Trust

3307. 075900524R United Eco Forum

3308. 075900525R Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetamu

3309. 075900529R Centre For Mass Communication

3310. 075900534R The Environmental Society

3311. 075900540R Association Of Christian Endeavour India

3312. 075900545R St. Teresa’s Educational Trust

3313. 075900550R Friends Educatioinal Society

3314. 075900551R Society For Educaitonal Advancement

3315. 075900555R Satyamurthi Centre For Democractic Studies

3316. 075900563R Tamil Nadu Dr.M G R Medical University

3317. 075900564R Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself Foundation

3318. 075900566R Narbhavi Home For The Senior Citizen

3319. 075900567R University Of Madras

3320. 075900569R Madras Baptist Charitable Trust

3321. 075900572R Aids Research Foundation Of India

3322. 075900575R Dr. T M P Mahadevan Foundation

3323. 075900586R Rajani Raja Trust

3324. 075900596R Prakriti

3325. 075900601R Mass Education Rural Improrovement Trust(merit)

3326. 075900604R Jeevan Jyothi

3327. 075900605R Grokul Education An Demployment

3328. 075900609R Siloam For Health And Human Development

3329. 075900611R Association Of India Management School

3330. 075900614R Shalinghur Development Trust

3331. 075900616R Welfare Organisation Of Rural Development

3332. 075900621R Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Foundation

3333. 075900627R Society For Rural Reconstruction Movement

3334. 075900635R Social Education For Welare &awareness

3335. 075900637R Shelter And Housing Activity As Rehabilitation for Leprosy

Patients & Staff

3336. 075900638R Gnana Deepam

3337. 075900639R St. Antony’s Educational And Social Service Association

3338. 075900643R Jesus Home

3339. 075900644R The Madras Voluntary Blood Bank

3340. 075900651R Leading Orgnation For Redressing Problems

3341. 075900653R Roshni

3342. 075900669R Ecumenical Missionary Society For Rural Development

3343. 075900676R Maharatta Education Fund

3344. 075900677R The Kupuswami Shastri Research Institute

3345. 075900690R Samarpana

3346. 075900694R Rev. Jacob Vedanayagam Trust

3347. 075900695R Regina Charitable Trust

3348. 075900697R Community Health Education Society

3349. 075900701R Onkelerik’s Memorial Orphanage

3350. 075900704R People For Animals (Chennai) Charitable Trust

3351. 075900708R Ramana Sunritya Aalaya

3352. 075900712R Southern India Education Trust

3353. 075900713R Smt. Pattamal Education & Charitable Trust

3354. 075900718R Jeevan Blood Bank & Research Centre

3355. 075900736R Iit Madras Alumni Charitable Trust

3356. 075900741R Alpha To Omega Learning Centre

3357. 075900744R Miracle Church Of Jesus Christ

3358. 075900750R Rural Action For Self-employment And Education

3359. 075900751R Universal Brotherhood Trust Charities

3360. 075900758R Kidney Help Trust

3361. 075900760R Roshni

3362. 075900765R Tamilnadu Kidney Research Foundation

3363. 075900772R Anna University

3364. 075900780R Child Care Trust

3365. 075900787R Rajammal Educational & Charitable Trust

3366. 075900792R Krupa

3367. 075900805R The Mylapore Academy

3368. 075900821R Sri Sairam Medical And Educational Centre Trust

3369. 075900825R College Students & Graduates Association For The Blind

3370. 075900834R New Awareness Service Centre

3371. 075900835R K.s.o. Mohamed Yaseen Charitable Trust

3372. 075900836R Social Health Educational and Environmental Development


3373. 075900842R Vidya Mandir M.L.C. School Society

3374. 075900849R Sri Vilakkoli Perumal Thoopul Vedantha Desikar Charitable Trust

3375. 075900858R Shri Sevasubramania Nadar Educational Charitable Trust

3376. 075900859R Springs

3377. 075900870R Base for Human Upliftment Movement and Ideal Institute

3378. 075900872R Samaya Sweekruta Trust

3379. 075900873R Dharma Medical Research and Charitable Trust

3380. 075900877R Dr. V. C. Kulandaiswamy Educational and Research Foundation

3381. 075900878R Rotary Club of Madras Pallava Charitable Trust

3382. 075900890R Rotary Club of Madras Temple City Trust

3383. 075900891R Vasan Charitable Trust

3384. 075900897R True Life Trust

3385. 075900902R Sri Kumarappa Seva Sangam

3386. 075900903R University of Madras

3387. 075900905R Father Ceyrac Children’s Trust

3388. 075900908R The Nalmanam

3389. 075900909R Messiah Mission Trust

3390. 075900911R Muslim Educational Foundation

3391. 075900913R Tripura Foundation (India)

3392. 075900917R Samudhaaya Foundation

3393. 075900924R Downs Syndrome Association of Tamilnadu

3394. 075900928R The Aseema Trust

3395. 075900930R Association of Volontary Blood Donors Tamilnadu

3396. 075900936R Rajbai Anusuya Devi Gulechha Memorial charitable Trust

3397. 075900937R Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children

3398. 075900943R The Perinatal Research Foundation

3399. 075900946R Regional Institute of Ophthalmology

3400. 075900947R Jayadasa Charitable Trust

3401. 075900948R The Mission for the Suffering in India Trust

3402. 075900949R The Foundation Aid for Nations – India

3403. 075900952R International Foundation for Fairtrade and Development

3404. 075900960R Sri Ahobila Math Samskrita Vidya Abivardhini Sabha

3405. 075900964R Womens Education and Development Organisation

3406. 075900968R Social education and Action for rural Development Trust

3407. 075900971R Raymond D.Workmaan Welfare Trust

3408. 075900972R Sri ramanuja Mission Trust

3409. 075900973R All Women And Rural Development Trust (AWARD TRUST)

3410. 075900974R Meenakshi Ammal Trust

3411. 075900975R Glorious Gospel Mission Charitable Trust

3412. 075900977R Kotahari Institute of Integrated Rural Development and

Technology Transfer

3413. 075900978R Gypsy Christian Welfare Society

3414. 075900979R Peniel Trust

3415. 075910002R Kandasamy Kandar’s Trust Board

3416. 075910003R Aelaigal Munnetra Sangam

3417. 075910008R Vijaya Bharathi vidhya Seva Samithi

3418. 075910009R Alai Youth Association

3419. 075930009R Social, Health and Education Liberating Voluntary Association

3420. 075930011R Welfare Organisation of Rural Development

3421. 075930012R Raja Mohammadan Education Charitable Trust

3422. 075930013R Women Development Society

3423. 075940002R Madura Ramnad Dts. Social Welfare Association

3424. 075940006R Kodaikanal Educational And Development Society

3425. 075940020R Uchapatti Munetra Sangam

3426. 075940023R Madurai Seva Sham

3427. 075940028R Urban Social Service Society

3428. 075940031R Spirit Or Life Ministries

3429. 075940038R Tamilnad Sarvodaya Mandal

3430. 075940040R Makkal Kalachara Valarchi Arakattalai

3431. 075940041R Andersonpatti Rural Development Association

3432. 075940055R Tamil Theological Book Club

3433. 075940056R The Board For Thological Text Books Programme Of South Asia

3434. 075940057R D.m. & R. Girls High School Project

3435. 075940058R Batlagunda Children’s Home

3436. 075940065R Wydara Hostel Committee

3437. 075940069R Madurai Maratta Gramodhana Nirman Sangham

3438. 075940073R Indian Council For Child Welfare

3439. 075940083R Frama Trust

3440. 075940084R Aelaigal Munnetra Sangam

3441. 075940088R Andrew Kurian Kalachara Velarchy Sangam

3442. 075940089R Centre For Rural Development

3443. 075940092R Sisters Of St.Joseph Of Lgon

3444. 075940093R Social Welfare Association- Balamardiram Madrai

3445. 075940098R Vinoba Niketan Trust

3446. 075940099R Meyer Trust

3447. 075940101R C. S I. High School

3448. 075940107R Fatima Mission Hospital

3449. 075940109R Seventh Day Adventist High School

3450. 075940110R Project Deenabandhu

3451. 075940118R Lakshmi Seva Sangham

3452. 075940121R National Christian Service

3453. 075940122R Rural Improvement Service & Education Committee

3454. 075940125R The Tamil Nadu Prisoners’ Welfare Association

3455. 075940126R Medical Aid & Service Scheme Trust

3456. 075940134R Seva Nilayam

3457. 075940139R Christian Fellowship Society

3458. 075940143R Good Shepherd Social Service Society

3459. 075940156R United Front Federation For Repatriates

3460. 075940158R Gandhi Niketan Ashram

3461. 075940161R Telc Home For Children

3462. 075940163R Project Vikasa Project Office

3463. 075940166R Gurukula Mabalir Mandram

3464. 075940167R Sanmarga Gurukulam

3465. 075940174R Christian Community Centre

3466. 075940175R Sriramapuram Rural Service Grama Seva S

3467. 075940178R Shanthi Ashram

3468. 075940179R Build India Foundation

3469. 075940181R Giramiya Sugadhara Nilayam

3470. 075940184R Indian Association For Blind

3471. 075940187R Desa Institute

3472. 075940192R Seventh Day Adventist Matriculation Higher Secondary School

3473. 075940194R Kombai Small Farmer’s Development Society

3474. 075940195R Mandram For Rural Dev.

3475. 075940198R Mahatma Gandhi Women Centre

3476. 075940200R Victory Education Centre And Social Society

3477. 075940205R Rural Environment And Agricalrure Development Society

3478. 075940207R Association For Dev. Edu.& Soci. Action

3479. 075940211R New Endeavours Source Action

3480. 075940212R Duraisamy Memorial Christian Assn.rural Delop. & Rehabilition

3481. 075940214R Seventh Day Adventure English School

3482. 075940215R The Council Of Research International Educational Hostel

3483. 075940217R Society Of Sacred Heart

3484. 075940218R Inst. Of Women & Children Welfare

3485. 075940221R Centre For Human Resources Development

3486. 075940223R Munnawaral Girls Educational Trust

3487. 075940226R Social Edu & Action For Dev Trust

3488. 075940229R Hazrath Kazi Tajuddin Society

3489. 075940233R Othakkadai Rural Health Social Wel Soc

3490. 075940236R Society For Promotion Of Res Edu & Dev

3491. 075940244R Rural Reconstruction & Social Service So

3492. 075940252R Annai Indira Rural Social Welfare Educatiional Association


3493. 075940254R Madurai Instt Of Social Services

3494. 075940260R Centre For Social Edu. & Dev.

3495. 075940261R Chetna Vikas

3496. 075940262R Madurai Round Table No.14

3497. 075940265R Youth & Rural Development Centre

3498. 075940269R Rural Welfare Organisation

3499. 075940270R Muceyyath Sha Sirugo Wakf Board College

3500. 075940275R Council For Uplifting Economically And Educationally Backward

in Rural Area

3501. 075940281R Vanchi Youth Welfare Association

3502. 075940291R Infant Voluntary Service Trust

3503. 075940300R Imalaya

3504. 075940305R Kalludaikkum Thozhilalikal Sangam

3505. 075940316R Peoples Oranaisation for Need Based Development Service

3506. 075940317R Tamilnadu Nalivuttoor Naluazhvu Federation

3507. 075940319R Society For Education And Voluntary Action

3508. 075940321R Society For Education And Voluntary Action

3509. 075940322R Distt Bhoodan Gramdhan Dev Sangh

3510. 075940325R Swathy Educational Development

3511. 075940326R Sempatti Hill Initiators For Biological Development

3512. 075940333R New Light Trust

3513. 075940338R Madurai Kamaraj University

3514. 075940351R Community Development Centre

3515. 075940357R Rural Multipurpose Social Welfare Development Society

3516. 075940365R Prtogram Association Of India

3517. 075940368R Peoples Service Society For Rural Dev.

3518. 075940372R St. Paul’s Society For The Mentally Disabled

3519. 075940381R Community Enterprise Forum International

3520. 075940387R Association For Rural Community Health And Development


3521. 075940397R A.T Arasu Multipurpose Service Orgnanisation

3522. 075940411R Base For Launching Immense Servicde To The Society

3523. 075940424R The Home For The Aged And Isolated

3524. 075940429R Kulamangalam Golden Jubilee Seva Sangam

3525. 075940436R Education, Communication And Development Trust

3526. 075940443R Sathya Shri Seva Society

3527. 075940444R Reform Trust

3528. 075940462R Indian christian Rural development Trust

3529. 075960001R Kasturba Gandhi Women Centre

3530. 075960003R India Trust

3531. 075960009R E.d. Thomas Hostel

3532. 075960012R St. Joseph’s Convent

3533. 075960013R Rural Development Federation

3534. 075960031R Social Education And Economic Development Trust

3535. 075960038R Indira Gandhi Vill. Women Wel. Sangam

3536. 075960041R National Village Education Centre

3537. 075960043R Nehru Social Education Centre

3538. 075960045R Mangawallur Village Welfare Association

3539. 075960047R Foundation For Rural Women Development

3540. 075960057R Social Rural Welfare Women And Farmers Tiller Association

3541. 075960059R Mullaiyambal Mangalir Mandram

3542. 075960063R Tamil Nadu Rural Development Organisation

3543. 075960065R Muthanmil Mahalin Mandram

3544. 075960068R Centre For Ecology And Research

3545. 075960072R Sri Venkateswara Orphanage

3546. 075960073R Tamil Nadu Homeopathy Doctors Association

3547. 075960075R Annai Indina Social Education Centre

3548. 075960084R M.k.n Madurasa,

3549. 075960087R Arumai Illam

3550. 075960091R Society For Rural Development

3551. 075960092R Pupil Nation Social Service Trust

3552. 075970008R St. Gabrial’s Family Helper Project

3553. 075970015R The Nilgiris Fine Arts Society

3554. 075970016R Annai Pallam Dev. Project

3555. 075970023R Deepa Nurseries

3556. 075970041R Development Activities Of Rehabilitation Efforts

3557. 075970046R Nilgiri Rehabilitation Project

3558. 075970050R St. Sebastian’s Church

3559. 075970052R Society Of Franciscan Bro Of Kotagiri

3560. 075970059R Nilgiri Christian Guest Home Association

3561. 075970062R St Mary Church

3562. 075970071R Help The Children Project Home

3563. 075970072R Women’s Welfare & Progress Society

3564. 075970073R University Women’s Association Of Coonoor

3565. 075970074R Sunflower Mahalir Mandiram

3566. 075970088R Hill People’s Development Organisation

3567. 075970093R Sri Sarada Brahma Vidya Kendra

3568. 075980002R Shalinghum Girls Hostel

3569. 075980008R Community Development Project

3570. 075980009R Christukula Ashram & Hospital

3571. 075980011R St. Joseph’s Semi Orphanage

3572. 075980013R Association For Rural Social And Health Affairs

3573. 075980016R North Arcot Rural Dev. Society

3574. 075980028R Movement For Protection Of H R M C

3575. 075980037R The Siloam Evangelical And Social Service Mission Pvt. Ltd.

3576. 075980039R Nirmala Rani Health Centre

3577. 075980042R Social Education & Development Society

3578. 075980043R Fr. A.t.james Sdb. Auxilium Social Service Society

3579. 075980045R Chettupattu Church Assoctation

3580. 075980048R Movement For Community Development

3581. 075980052R C.a. Samkuel And C.a. Joseph Memorial Christian Association

For Education And Tr

3582. 075980060R Siloam Good Shepherd Mission Pvt Ltd

3583. 075980064R Rural Community Development Society

3584. 075980069R Ashram School Home

3585. 075980071R India Evengelical Lutheran Church

3586. 075980075R Ymca Boys Division

3587. 075980076R Ymca Boys Division

3588. 075980081R Rural Development Seva Centre

3589. 075980082R Co-ordination And Development Education Society

3590. 075980083R St Antony New Mission

3591. 075980087R Indian Christian Assembly

3592. 075980094R Shanthigram-kandipadu

3593. 075980097R Balanilayam Association

3594. 075980098R Concordia Creche

3595. 075980099R Naua Jyothi Madar Sangam

3596. 075980100R Illanthalir Creche Centre

3597. 075980102R I.e.l.c. Day Care Centre

3598. 075980106R Union Teachers Training School Association

3599. 075980111R Rengampatti Development Project

3600. 075980112R Sparrow Sewing School

3601. 075980115R Concordia Teachers Training Institute

3602. 075980116R Cluny Convent Assn

3603. 075980118R The India Evangelical Lutheran Church

3604. 075980123R St. Joseph’s Institutions

3605. 075980124R Association For Leprosy Prevention And Healing Encore

3606. 075980125R Good Shepherd Development Project

3607. 075980132R Rural Women Welfare Development

3608. 075980133R Agnes Dixon Trust

3609. 075980140R Sarvadhana Sangham

3610. 075980141R Pavithram Church Association

3611. 075980142R Queen Of Angels Church Association

3612. 075980145R Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church Committee For Socio Eco


3613. 075980147R Arno Pagal Boys Hostel

3614. 075980149R Society For Rural Community Development Service

3615. 075980150R Society For The Opressed And Uncared People

3616. 075980154R Anjuman-e-muiyedul Islam Muslim Orphange

3617. 075980157R Mary Verghese Trust For The Physically Handicapped

3618. 075980158R Seventh Day Adventist English School

3619. 075980159R Shenbakkam Church Association

3620. 075980160R Village Development Project

3621. 075980161R Auroville Resource Trust

3622. 075980163R Society For Integrated Rural Development

3623. 075980165R Village Dev Seva Centre Kalasamudiram

3624. 075980166R Instt. For Social Sciences & Research

3625. 075980167R Karunalaya Rural Medical Mission

3626. 075980168R Edayansathu Women M.p. Indl. Coop.

3627. 075980177R Women’s Education & Economic Dev Trust

3628. 075980178R Charles India

3629. 075980179R Easwarammal Mayalir Mandir

3630. 075980182R Rural & Tribal Improvement Orgn

3631. 075980188R Nehru Asss. For Rural Dev. Service

3632. 075980189R Rural Andedu.devp.soc.

3633. 075980192R Kalvivlagam Educational Society

3634. 075980197R Women’s Education And Development Society

3635. 075980198R Vellore Social Development Organisation

3636. 075980203R Association For People’s Dev Society

3637. 075980204R Rural Education And Development Society

3638. 075980205R Childhood Diabetes Association

3639. 075980208R Society For Agricultural Rural And Env D

3640. 075980231R Melvishram Muslim Educational Society

3641. 075980236R Ubaibas Foundation

3642. 075980251R SRDPS Animal Welfare Organisation

3643. 075980252R Rural Development and Social Welfare and charitable Trust

3644. 075980253R Saayarbai Educational and Charitable Trust

3645. 075990002R Schwartz Orphanage

3646. 075990005R Thiruvadani Children Home Thiruvadanai

3647. 075990007R Org. For Rur. Agri & Allied Labourers

3648. 075990011R Tirupuvanam Boys Home

3649. 075990018R Kandukondan Manickam Gramas Madram

3650. 075990021R Sehcoartz Childrens House

3651. 075990023R Samudaya Pani Mandram

3652. 075990025R Sucheta Kripal Ani Rural Dev Centre

3653. 075990026R Weal Organisation

3654. 075990027R Muthiyar Illam

3655. 075990034R New Education For Rural Upliftment Trust

3656. 075990036R Dr. Zakir Hussain College Society

3657. 075990039R Seventh Day Adventist High School

3658. 075990043R Sivakasi Hindu Nadars’ Uravinmur M.f

3659. 075990047R Tamilnadu Handicapped Person’s Association

3660. 075990049R Basic Integrated Rural Development Services Trust

3661. 075990050R Vellaichanaitheva Memo Non-formal L D

3662. 075990054R Rural Social Poors` Action For Development Society

3663. 075990057R Shri Mahashakti Formation

3664. 075990060R Christithava Dharamasthapana Sangam

3665. 075990061R Holy Heart Home Child Orphanage

3666. 075990062R Rural Peoples Association For Environmental And Awarness


3667. 075990064R R.V P. Nadar Association

3668. 075990071R Farmers Integral Education & Development

3669. 075990073R Ariyakkudi Perumal Trust

3670. 075990074R Centre For Sustainble Development Trust

3671. 075990081R Kamaraj Children Educational Trust

3672. 076000002R Emmanuel Full Gospel Mission Trust

3673. 076000003R Emmanuel Full Gospel Mission Trust

3674. 076000014R K T Paul Hostel

3675. 076000015R Church Of South India

3676. 076000022R Village Reconstruction & Development Project

3677. 076000030R Chinka Hill Agri Dev Association

3678. 076000033R Chinnakalrayan Hill Agricultural Development Association

3679. 076000034R Slolan Evangelical Church And Social Welfare Association For


3680. 076000035R The Arcot Tribal Community Development Project

3681. 076000037R The People’s Integrated Development Project

3682. 076000041R Rural Welfare And Development Society

3683. 076000043R Action For Rural Awareness

3684. 076000045R Salem Round Table No.28

3685. 076000046R Krg Nagappu Charitable Trust

3686. 076000049R Socio Economic, Education Society

3687. 076000050R New India Edrcational Society

3688. 076000052R Evangelical And Social Welfare Science

3689. 076000055R Sri Shanmugam Educational Society

3690. 076000060R Poolavari Agraharam Mahalir Sangam

3691. 076000063R Centre For Social Development

3692. 076000065R Bharathi Elainger Sangam

3693. 076000090R Loganathan Medical Charitable Trust

3694. 076000093R Mahendra Educational Trust

3695. 076000095R God First Trust

3696. 076010001R Nightingale Compassion Home

3697. 076010003R Danish Mission Hospital

3698. 076010024R Proletaration Progressive Socciety

3699. 076010025R Meyeh English School Of Seventh Day Adventist

3700. 076010026R Meyeh English School Of Seventh Day Adventist

3701. 076010034R Shanti Nilayam

3702. 076010039R Junior Ministry Under Alc

3703. 076010050R Orunkinnaintha Kirama Munnerrathikara Samuga Kalvi Maturum

3704. 076010054R S Ri Aurobindo International Institute Culture Education Of

Endownment Research

3705. 076010058R Community Development Of Health Service Of The Arcot Centre

3706. 076010062R Siloam Church & Welfare Mission Pvt Ltd

3707. 076010063R Doctjor Ambedkar Service Society

3708. 076010064R Centre For Oppressed Liberation And Development

3709. 076010066R Society Of The R.c. Parsh Of Vadalure

3710. 076010068R Rural Education & Agriculural Development Society

3711. 076010075R Rural Community Development Society

3712. 076010076R Krishna Hospital & Research Centre

3713. 076010078R Mobile Orientation & Community Development Society

3714. 076010079R Association For Improving The Downtroden

3715. 076010080R Alteces Trust

3716. 076010084R Institute Of Social Education

3717. 076010085R The Privileges Of Dehumanized Communities & Tribal


3718. 076010088R People Association For Liberation

3719. 076010089R Danish Mission Hospital

3720. 076010092R Rural Child Development Society

3721. 076010094R Village Development Society

3722. 076010097R Seventh Day Adventist English School

3723. 076010099R Society For Improvement Of Weaker Sectriono

3724. 076010103R Oasis Trust For The Handicapped

3725. 076010106R Village Development Society

3726. 076010107R Meyvazh Tamizh Sabai

3727. 076010110R Society For Oppressed’s Liberation And Action For Youth

3728. 076010118R Trust For Social Justice

3729. 076010119R Neyveli J Matriculation School

3730. 076010122R Rural Community Development Centre

3731. 076010123R Centre For Awareness And Rural Development

3732. 076010124R Indian Rural Development Society

3733. 076010128R Association For Rural Mass India

3734. 076010132R Centre For Community Organisation And Development

3735. 076010133R Health Service Trust

3736. 076010150R Mass Trust

3737. 076010151R Rural Upliftment Of Women’s Association

3738. 076010152R Small Savings Industries And Social Service Organisation

3739. 076010155R Association For Empowering The Marginalised And Eliminated

Rural Folk

3740. 076010160R Ayries Multipurpose Social Service Society

3741. 076010161R Subarayapillai Social Service

3742. 076020004R Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences University

3743. 076020007R Karunalayam Rural Poor Charitable And Educational Trust

3744. 076020016R Manasa

3745. 076020026R Chartian Educational and Health Trust

3746. 076020027R The Kaalapakkam Society for Rural and Sustainable


3747. 076030005R Edward Memorial A.g. Institute For Children

3748. 076030026R Action Aid India

3749. 076030037R T.p.s. Soorey Adutharaikattar And Maria Sosey Rodriga Family


3750. 076030039R Dr A Augustine Adytharaikatar

3751. 076030042R Tuticorin Dasnevis Matha Education Trust

3752. 076030051R Velliour Health Project

3753. 076030053R Development Education

3754. 076030054R Ellist Tuxford Boarding Home

3755. 076030063R Sawyer Memorial Social & Welfare Asso

3756. 076030067R Society For Social Development

3757. 076030068R Ymca Boy`s Home

3758. 076030074R Seventh Day Adventist English Matriculation School

3759. 076030076R Trust For Social Service

3760. 076030079R Tamilnadu Banjara Munnetra Sangam

3761. 076030082R Makkal Nalvazvu Mantram

3762. 076030084R Rural Welfare Centre

3763. 076030085R Annai Sathiya Moyalir Mandiram

3764. 076030089R Selvum Educational & Charitable Trust

3765. 076030100R Dr (mrs) Mathew Mem. Dev. Ass.

3766. 076030108R Society For Inte. Edu. & Dev.

3767. 076030109R Jayalakshmi Mahavir Mandir

3768. 076030111R Community Orgnanisation For Rural Development

3769. 076030112R Jansirani Magalir Mandram

3770. 076030113R Green Educational Trust

3771. 076030114R Helen Flagharity Society For The Blind

3772. 076030117R Man Welfare Form

3773. 076030124R Jeevan Dhaara Sangam

3774. 076030126R Rural Development Society

3775. 076030133R Motherland Childrens Orhanage

3776. 076030134R Village Dev Society

3777. 076030135R Association for Handicapped’s Development

3778. 076030136R Nehru Youth Club

3779. 076030138R Fraternity Of The Integrated Social Tran

3780. 076030147R Rural Education And Economic Development Centre

3781. 076030151R Annai Indira Magalir Mandram

3782. 076030157R Rural Women And Children Development Society

3783. 076030160R Society For Women’s Development

3784. 076030164R Rural Research And Development Organisation For


3785. 076030165R Secularistic Organisation For Tranformation

3786. 076030166R Rural Development Society Kanji

3787. 076030168R Society For Rural Development

3788. 076030170R Tamil Nadu Yadava Sports And Educational Trust

3789. 076030171R Getwell Foundation

3790. 076030174R Social Welfare Organisation

3791. 076030180R Rural Education And Agricultural Development Society

3792. 076030181R Society For Peoples Advancement

3793. 076030182R Organisation For Rural Development

3794. 076030185R Hindu Mission Hospital

3795. 076030190R Community Organisation Of The Rural Poor

3796. 076030204R Committed Heptam Organised Rural Dev. Society

3797. 076030205R Society For Rural Health

3798. 076030206R J. C. Educational Society

3799. 076030207R Vivekananda Samuga Nala Membattu Kazhaga

3800. 076030208R A. J. Aruna Charitable Trust

3801. 076030209R Sri Nandhessur Siddha Research Trust

3802. 076030216R Nehru For Education And Economic Development

3803. 076030219R Rural Eucation And Agricultural Development Society

3804. 076030221R Welfare Association For Rural Development,

3805. 076030227R Dr. Ambedkar Elaignar Peravai

3806. 076030234R Integrated Rural Development Organisation

3807. 076030246R Public Health Education Development

3808. 076030251R Poors Education And Cultural Economic Organisation

3809. 076030256R Aururan Manavar Illam

3810. 076030261R Women’s Welfare Association For Rural Development

3811. 076030283R Thirumaran Rural Upliftment Stable Trust

3812. 076030286R Rural Development Charity Trust

3813. 076030291R Host of Christ

3814. 076040003R Christappel Blinden Mission (address Changed From T.n. To


3815. 076040006R Seventh Day Adventist High School

3816. 076040023R Instt. Of Marist Brothers Of The Schools

3817. 076040038R Karuneipuri Children Home

3818. 076040049R Good Sheperd Evangelical Mission Pvt. Ltd.

3819. 076040062R Lativian Evangelical Luthern Church

3820. 076040065R Indo – Srilankan Development Trust

3821. 076040068R Brothers Of Charity

3822. 076040074R All India Catholic Federation Of Blind

3823. 076040077R K S F Home For Children,

3824. 076040078R The Church Of Sweden Rehabilitation & Charitable Mission In


3825. 076040086R Khazmalai Ladies Assocation

3826. 076040088R People Development Centre

3827. 076040094R Progressive Slum Welfare Assocation

3828. 076040098R Serve Soceity

3829. 076040102R Socio Economic Development Assocation

3830. 076040103R Voluntary Inst. Of Dev. Through Interagated Action

3831. 076040105R Irular Palang Udiener Peoples Gen Wll As

3832. 076040107R Society Toward The Upliftment Of The Downworders

3833. 076040109R Seventh Day Adventists English School

3834. 076040111R Our Lady Of Lourdes Charitable Association

3835. 076040112R International Federation Of Plantation Agricultural & Alled

3836. 076040117R Aiders Rer Foundation

3837. 076040118R United Christian Federation

3838. 076040119R Mohd Institute of Education And Technology

3839. 076040121R Krishnas’ Home

3840. 076040127R Tamizhaga Munetra Illainger

3841. 076040129R Jamboji Silvicultural League

3842. 076040130R Mother Salathe Society For Development And Social Service

3843. 076040134R All India Ambedkar Mission

3844. 076040136R People’s Assocation For Probulems Education

3845. 076040137R Chinnappa Educational Health & Charitable Trust

3846. 076040141R Thoulourpatty Pappathi Ammal Mookkan Chettion Education

3847. 076040146R Infant Jemus Children

3848. 076040152R Vinobha Seva Sangham

3849. 076040156R St. Antony Educational Society

3850. 076040157R Life Institution For Freedom And Employment

3851. 076040159R V O Chidambaram Education Society

3852. 076040164R People’s Association For Rural Society

3853. 076040167R Association For Rural Development

3854. 076040168R Elaignen Narpani Mandram

3855. 076040171R Association Of Rural Women Welfare Soc

3856. 076040174R Don Bosco Social Service Society

3857. 076040177R Trichy District Consumer’s Council

3858. 076040179R Society For Action in Rural Development

3859. 076040181R Cordeep Trust

3860. 076040188R Universal Social Service Society

3861. 076040189R Association For Village Integrated Development

3862. 076040193R Bharathidasan University

3863. 076040197R Human Uplift Trust

3864. 076040201R Alliance For Awareness Advancement A R

3865. 076040202R Service Of The Common Mass

3866. 076040203R Amutham Trust

3867. 076040212R Society For Education And Environment Development

3868. 076040213R People’s Education Economic And Environment Development


3869. 076040223R Centre For Sustainable Development

3870. 076040236R Development Of Economic And Education For The People

3871. 076040251R Govin Trust

3872. 076040266R Sathyotheya

3873. 076040281R Downtrodden’s Association For Social Status

3874. 076040289R The Siloam Christian Aid Mission (p) Limited

3875. 076040290R Bercah Christian Mission (p) Ltd.

3876. 076040298R Trust for Hope

3877. 076040318R Bible League

3878. 076040319R Desiya Sudar Priyanka Educational and charitable Trust

3879. 076040320R Community Action Trust

3880. 076040321R G.V.N. Cancer Prevention Centre

3881. 076040324R Social Programmes for Educational and Environmental


3882. 076040332R Annai

3883. 076050007R Ramachandra Puram, Sri Bhumeeswari

3884. 076050008R Grama Seva Kendra

3885. 076050010R Rural Agency For Development And Relief

3886. 076050011R Social Welfare Service Society

3887. 076050019R Prakash Trust

3888. 076050030R District Consumers Councilt

3889. 076050036R Women Emancipation And Rural Development

3890. 076050045R Manushi Women Development Foundation

3891. 076050064R Social Economic and Literacy Development for Village Action

3892. 076050068R Mary Anne Charity Trust

3893. 076050069R Seeds Organisation

3894. 076050072R Social Action and Rehabilitation Centre

3895. 076050074R Social Educational,Vocational and Awareness

Association(SEVAA Trust)

3896. 076050078R Tagore Educational Development Trust

3897. 076050079R The Rosarian Sisters Trust

3898. 076060003R Erode C.S I Boys Boarding Home

3899. 076060013R Fr. Zachaeus C.m.i. Superior Carmel Monastery

3900. 076060015R Erode Csi Ccf Project

3901. 076060018R Rural Extension Service Trust

3902. 076060019R Erode Arima Society Trust

3903. 076060033R Swami Vivekianda Sevashram

3904. 076060038R Shakthi Nagar Rotary Club Trust

3905. 076060040R Action For Water And Rural Development

3906. 076060043R Social Health Centre & Educational Development Association

3907. 076060052R Anbu Illam

3908. 076070007R Venkateswara Educational and Rural Development Trust

3909. 076070008R St.Joseph Educational and Rural Development Trust

3910. 076080001R Ilaigner Narpani Mandram

3911. 076080006R Rajivji Memorial People’s Service Society

3912. 076080022R Good Life Centre

3913. 076080023R Mahatma Gandhi Seva Trust

3914. 076080033R Multipurpose Organisation For Rural Education & Economics

3915. 076080035R Womens Education And Economic Development Society

3916. 076080041R Health Education Board For Rural Orphan And Neglected-


3917. 076080055R Social Organisation for Welfare, Education and Reformation

3918. 076080060R Association for Women, Education and Rural Development

3919. 076080065R Mother Theresa Women’s Education and Development Society

3920. 076080068R Tiruvannamalai District animals Protection Welfare and

Development Society

3921. 076080070R Society for Rural Educational and Economical Development

3922. 076080074R Apostolic Christian Fellowship for Social Action Trust

3923. 076080075R Animators for Development Alternative Mission

3924. 076080077R Rural Institute for Social Empowerment

3925. 076100008R Organisation For Women’s Development Social Service

3926. 076100010R Social Education Economic Development Society (seeds)

3927. 076100012R Karunalaya

3928. 076110007R Centre for Appropriate Rural Development (CARD)

3929. 076110008R Nehruji Sewa Centre Annai Indira Gandhi Voluntary Organisation

3930. 076110011R Yerimalai Trust

3931. 076160004R Global Organisation Development Trust

3932. 076160006R St.joseph’s Educational Social Developmental Society


3933. 083720001R Pravara Inst.of Res&edu In Natural &s.s.

3934. 083720004R Bal Shikshan Mandal

3935. 083720006R Voluntary Action Reconstrun Devlopment

3936. 083720018R Ahmednagar Dist Leprosy Relief Asson.

3937. 083720026R Hind Sewa Mandal

3938. 083720029R Methodist Home

3939. 083720030R Gramin Lok Seva Prakalp

3940. 083720031R Rural High School

3941. 083720032R Methodist Primary School

3942. 083720033R Sang Nagar Arts Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha

3943. 083720037R Myers Mothers & Child Welfare Creche

3944. 083720042R Methodist Home

3945. 083720043R Ahmednagar Boys High School Hostel

3946. 083720049R Avtar Mehar Baba Perpetual Charitable Trust

3947. 083720050R Anand Sadan Crech

3948. 083720051R Maliwada Creche

3949. 083720058R Indian Insitiute of Management Science & Labour

3950. 083720059R St Martin Hospital

3951. 083720062R Van Vikas Sahakari Sanstha Ltd

3952. 083720063R Mahila Audhyogik Sahakari Society Ltd.

3953. 083720064R Pravara Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.

3954. 083720066R Adivasi Magasvargiya Durbal Ghatak Gramin Vikas Mandal

3955. 083720067R Sahaja Women Welfare Society

3956. 083720068R Gayatri Mahila Sahakara Adyogik Society

3957. 083720069R Dat Deosthan Charitable Trust

3958. 083720070R Separate Baptist In Christ India Mission

3959. 083720072R Mamta Samajita, Shaikshanik & Sanskritik Mandal

3960. 083720076R Bphes Ahmednagar College

3961. 083720084R Priyadarshini Mahila Tantra Shikshan Mandal

3962. 083720085R Maharashtra Tantrik Shikshan Mandal

3963. 083720094R Late Karandikar Guruji Balsadan

3964. 083720096R Swayyamsiddhamahila Vikas & Prashikshan Sanstha

3965. 083720097R Shirdi Sai Rural Institute, Pravaranagar

3966. 083720098R Eklavya Adivasi Bhatkhaya Vimukta Jati Jamati Va

Magasvargiya Sevabhavi Sanstha

3967. 083720099R Sau Mathurabai Bhausaheb Thorat Sevabhavi Trust

3968. 083720101R Center for Rural Development

3969. 083720102R Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Gramin Vikas


3970. 083720104R Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Ashram trust

3971. 083730003R Mid India Board Of Examiner Of Nurse Leg

3972. 083730006R Jagriti

3973. 083730007R Sarvajahik Gram Sudharak Prasarak Mdl

3974. 083730010R Indrayani Manovikas Sanstha

3975. 083730012R Azad Hind Educational Society

3976. 083730015R Akot Rotary Charitable Sanstha Akot

3977. 083730017R Jyoti Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

3978. 083730018R Gunvant Shikshan Sanstha

3979. 083730019R Swami Samartha Gramin Vikas Shikshan Va Krida Prasarak


3980. 083730020R Gayatri Health and Agriculture Research Foundation

3981. 083740002R World Missionary Evangelism India

3982. 083740003R The Leprosy Mission Kothara Leprosy Hospital

3983. 083740005R Shri Arvindo Gramin Utkaini Kendra

3984. 083740020R Akhil Bhartiya Shrji Gurudev Sewa Mandal

3985. 083740023R Matru Sachya Day Creche

3986. 083740034R The Blind Welfare Society

3987. 083740035R Zila Apang Kalyan Punrvas Sah Sanstha

3988. 083740037R Hemant Nritya Kala Mandir

3989. 083740038R National Blind Dev. Association

3990. 083740039R Gramin Vikas Bahuudeshiya Krida Sansthan

3991. 083740041R Gautam Shikshan Sanstha

3992. 083740045R Geramin Vikas Shikshan Sansthan

3993. 083740046R National Association For The Welfare Of Physically Handicapped

3994. 083740047R Sategoan Edu. Society

3995. 083740052R Nagsen Dnyan Prasarak Mandal

3996. 083740055R Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal

3997. 083740056R Community Action For Rural Dev. Society

3998. 083740057R Vanita Samaj

3999. 083740060R Sane Guruji Manav Seva Sangh,

4000. 083740061R Sanskar Wahini Gram Vikas Shikshan Sanstha

4001. 083740062R Maharashtra Gram Darpan Sanstha

4002. 083740064R New Creation Ministries

4003. 083740065R Rashtrasant TukdoJi Maharaj Shikshan Sanstha

4004. 083750003R Darul Enun Arts Craft Trg Centre

4005. 083750004R Kailas Trust

4006. 083750007R Dr Fraser Boys Hostel

4007. 083750008R J W E Society Dr Fraser Boys High School

4008. 083750009R Fransalian Technical Institute

4009. 083750010R Prerana Trust Aurangabad Apang Unnayan Society

4010. 083750011R Panini Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4011. 083750013R Roman Catholic Church Trust

4012. 083750019R Kailash Technical Trust

4013. 083750022R Agasti Foundation

4014. 083750025R Indian Institute Of Rutal Workers

4015. 083750027R New Life Mission Of India

4016. 083750028R Roman Catholic Church (prerana)

4017. 083750030R Dougals Girls High School

4018. 083750031R St Francis De Sales Education Socty

4019. 083750034R Vinay Shikshan Sanstha

4020. 083750035R Ravisoot Vyayam & Shikshan Praband Sanstan

4021. 083750037R Bhagwan Shikshan Prasharak Mandal

4022. 083750041R Aurangabad Gramin Yuvak Kalyan Mandal

4023. 083750042R Satyasodhak Mahila Vikas Mandal

4024. 083750044R Janseva Foundation

4025. 083750048R Church Of Christ Ministries

4026. 083750049R M.s.centre For Enterpreneurship Developt

4027. 083750052R Mordren Shi Krshna Prasant Mandal

4028. 083750053R Modern Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4029. 083750055R Rajaya Darshi Jan Sewan Sanseha

4030. 083750056R Bhartya Balmitra Academy

4031. 083750057R Jugadamba Shiksham Prasara Mandal

4032. 083750067R Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar Education Soiety

4033. 083750069R Jambuwant Maharaj Sakshan Sanstha

4034. 083750071R Isan Vikas Bahuuddeshiya Seva Bhava Sanstha

4035. 083750072R Shri Dhaneshwari Manav Vikas Mandal

4036. 083750073R Kaai Bapurao Narwade Gram Vikas Sanstha

4037. 083750075R Rajarshi Shahu Shikshan&Gramodyog Sanstha

4038. 083750077R Aurangabad District Physically Handicapped Co-op. Credit &

Service Society Ltd.

4039. 083750078R Indian Society for Life Development

4040. 083750079R Varad Ganesh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4041. 083750081R Mata Girija Gramin Vikas Prathisthan

4042. 083760001R World Missionary Evangelism Of India

4043. 083760002R M/s Sundrani Netra Chikitsala Samiti

4044. 083760003R Maneck Hospital

4045. 083760004R Bahu Udyog Matsay Vyasa Sahkri Sanstha

4046. 083760005R Diocesan Boys Hostel

4047. 083760007R Gramotthan Samiti

4048. 083760008R Multi Purpose Tibetan Coop Society Ltd

4049. 083760010R Parshik Bahuudyeshiya Sanstha

4050. 083770003R Beer Sheba Ministries

4051. 083770010R Women’s Welfare Society

4052. 083770012R Mahatama Jativao Phale

4053. 083770013R Chhatrapati Shahu Central Intitute Of Business Education &


4054. 083770015R Ganga Education Society

4055. 083780008R Smt. Kamla Mehta Dadar School For Blind

4056. 083780009R Industrial Home For Blind Women

4057. 083780012R Auxilium Salesian Society

4058. 083780013R The Evangelical Alliance Mission

4059. 083780032R Maharastra Gramday Gram Vikas Mandal

4060. 083780052R Ritambhara Vishwa Vidyapeeth

4061. 083780059R Gram Mahaa Educational Development Training Unit

4062. 083780061R Bhartia Mehta Federation

4063. 083780063R Philadelphia Church

4064. 083780074R International Yoga Cord Centre

4065. 083780075R Central Steel & Engineering Committee

4066. 083780076R Indian Federation Of Building Wood Working

4067. 083780087R Bethel Children Home Welfre Centre

4068. 083780092R Indian Christian Art Association

4069. 083780096R Mahila Jivan Samvardak Mandal

4070. 083780099R The Yoga Institute

4071. 083780101R Kewalram Chaurai Foundation

4072. 083780111R Maharastra State Council Child Welfare

4073. 083780114R Centre For Dev Studies

4074. 083780121R St. Louis Charitable Trust

4075. 083780122R Socy. Of Mission Sister Of Bambay

4076. 083780130R Community Development Trust

4077. 083780131R Queenie Captain Community Centre

4078. 083780133R The Pocket Testament League India

4079. 083780136R Society Of Carmel Of St Joseph

4080. 083780140R Civil Aviation T U Leadership Trg

4081. 083780154R Ex Services Association India Bombay

4082. 083780159R Cadre Of Media Resources & Action (camera)

4083. 083780163R Bombay Centre For The Deaf

4084. 083780169R The Konkan Cultural Association

4085. 083780170R Christian Brothers Bombay Society

4086. 083780176R Shri Gadge Maharaj Mission

4087. 083780181R Santchurary Peace & Harmony

4088. 083780184R Kuan Yin Charitable Trust

4089. 083780187R Adoption International

4090. 083780189R Islamic Foundation

4091. 083780192R Socty For Advncmnt Of Rural People Of I.

4092. 083780195R The Samaratian, C/o Sewa Niketan

4093. 083780197R C.m.i. Sevasadan

4094. 083780198R Building Mazdoor Union

4095. 083780200R Rotary Club Bombay Charities Trust

4096. 083780208R Tara Cultural Trust

4097. 083780212R Inter Mission Business Office

4098. 083780214R Hinduja Foundation Bombay

4099. 083780216R Indian Epilepsy Association

4100. 083780217R The Bombay Vigilance Association

4101. 083780222R Universal Concern In India

4102. 083780227R Project Committee Polytech.class Science

4103. 083780228R National Co-op Land Dev Banks Federation

4104. 083780230R St. Paul Religious Trust

4105. 083780233R Bal Anand School For Needy Children

4106. 083780239R People Action For Development

4107. 083780242R Rehabilitation Co-ordination India

4108. 083780244R Concordeia Crech

4109. 083780250R Dipchand Gardi Charitable Trust

4110. 083780251R Sister Of Charity Of St. Anne

4111. 083780256R C. C Shroff Self Welfare Centre

4112. 083780259R Bombay Mottars & Child Welfare Society

4113. 083780265R Nab Lions Home For Aging Blind

4114. 083780271R Kumbhar Samaj Kalyan Kendra

4115. 083780273R The New Roze Baugh Play Centre

4116. 083780284R The Nab-lions Home For Aging Blind

4117. 083780290R World Wild Life Fund For Nature-india

4118. 083780295R Bhartiya Bible League

4119. 083780296R Bal Varsha Pratisthan

4120. 083780299R Bombay Young Women Christian Association

4121. 083780301R National Centre For Performing Arts

4122. 083780303R National Federation Of State Co-op Banks Ltd

4123. 083780304R Balmikki Dalit Vikas Samiiti

4124. 083780310R Shree Vaishnav Seva Trust

4125. 083780313R Friendship Centre

4126. 083780314R Bombay Regional Decanesses Conference

4127. 083780315R Ministry To Women Fund

4128. 083780317R Acil Navasarjan Rural Dev. Foundation

4129. 083780318R Acil Navsarjan Rural Development Foundation

4130. 083780323R Kalyandas Memorial Sports Foundation

4131. 083780328R Shri Dinesh Balchand Trust

4132. 083780330R Shushrusha Citizens’ Co-op. Hospital Ltd.

4133. 083780331R Cross And Crown Society

4134. 083780333R Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital

4135. 083780334R Karan Welfare Association

4136. 083780335R Association For Taruma Care India

4137. 083780348R Jan Jagran Trust

4138. 083780349R Anza Special School

4139. 083780350R India International Business Development Foundation

4140. 083780353R Nagpada Neighbourhood House Medi. Works

4141. 083780355R Rachnatmak Karya Samiti

4142. 083780356R The Kartavya Trust

4143. 083780357R International Association Of Lion Club

4144. 083780358R Sonaz Peale Foundation

4145. 083780364R Deptt Of Preventive Social Medicine

4146. 083780370R Research & Documentation Centre

4147. 083780371R Survarna Charitable Trust

4148. 083780384R Good Shepherd Church

4149. 083780385R Malankara Orthodox Church Council Of Bmy

4150. 083780386R Indian Communications Insitute

4151. 083780388R Santacruz Residents Association

4152. 083780392R Health Promotion Society

4153. 083780393R Assn. For The Welfare Of Persons With A

4154. 083780394R Blind Men’s Producer’s Society

4155. 083780397R Madhuri V Desai Charitable Trust

4156. 083780398R Peoples Education Society

4157. 083780401R Development Corporation Of Konkan Ltd.

4158. 083780407R India Evangelical Mission

4159. 083780413R International Study & Service Exchange

4160. 083780414R Life Let Individual Feel For Everyone

4161. 083780415R Arya Medical Relief Mission

4162. 083780419R Abhivyakti Media For Development

4163. 083780422R Manikgarh Paharh Lok Vikas Samithi

4164. 083780423R Shramik Sadhana

4165. 083780426R People`s Association For Training & He

4166. 083780427R Jain Centre Trust

4167. 083780428R Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital For Children Institute Of Child Health

Research Soct.

4168. 083780429R St. Louis Society

4169. 083780432R S B Bhojwani Arjun Basumal Charitable Trust

4170. 083780436R International Society for Krishna Consciousness

4171. 083780437R Convent Medical Research Society

4172. 083780439R Multiple Sclerosis Society Of India

4173. 083780441R National Federation Of Blinds

4174. 083780442R Blind Graduates’ Forum Of India

4175. 083780445R Shramik Mahila Sabha

4176. 083780450R Marwadi Samelan

4177. 083780451R Indian Council Of Social Welfare

4178. 083780459R Omep India

4179. 083780461R S.N D T Women’s University

4180. 083780464R Stree Bal Sanjivani Trust

4181. 083780465R Shivasdan Research Foundation, Sangli

4182. 083780466R Bombay Institution For Deaf Mutes

4183. 083780468R Nafscob-rias Training Project

4184. 083780470R Save Bombay Committe

4185. 083780472R Bhaktivedanta Institute

4186. 083780473R Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

4187. 083780475R The Bombay Society Of The Salesian Sisters

4188. 083780478R Charakfoundation

4189. 083780485R Daya Sagar Arogya Rock-4 E Memorial Trus

4190. 083780486R Sh Samta Paragia Soni Maha-raj Seva Trus

4191. 083780498R National Environment Edun. & Eco. Dev.

4192. 083780507R Mansukh Lal Hari Lal Charitable Trust

4193. 083780511R Association For Social Health In India

4194. 083780516R Diamond & Gear Development Corporation

4195. 083780523R R J Advani Charitable Trust

4196. 083780526R Kirtilal M. Mehta Family Charitable Trust

4197. 083780528R Ashadeep Charitable Trust

4198. 083780531R Cancer Patients Aid Association

4199. 083780537R Mahila Dakshta Samiti

4200. 083780538R Words Of Life Trust

4201. 083780540R Alfalah Education & Welfare Society

4202. 083780546R Anjuman-e-mifidul Yavatama

4203. 083780547R Association Of Youth For A Better India

4204. 083780550R The Bombay Diamond Marchants Assn.relief

4205. 083780551R Charitable Trust For Advancement Of The Poor And Meritorious

4206. 083780552R Haffkine Institute For Training Research & Testing

4207. 083780553R A.I Children Charitable Trust

4208. 083780561R Smt. Rukmaniben Gandhi Charitable Trust

4209. 083780562R Alliance Foundation

4210. 083780563R The Family Planning & Medical Aid Trust

4211. 083780568R World Zorodmin Organisation

4212. 083780570R Yashwant Rao Chavan Maharashtra Open Universty

4213. 083780589R The National Assocation Of

4214. 083780593R Manecleji & Shrinbi Netrwala Foundation

4215. 083780594R Casa Counseling & Allied Servic.for Aids

4216. 083780600R Swami Shri Buddhdevji Maharaj’s

4217. 083780603R Shree Kshatriya Mitra Mandal,

4218. 083780614R Sh.G B Pant Foundation

4219. 083780619R Light Of Yoga Research Trust ,

4220. 083780623R Fosma Maritime Institute & Research Organisation

4221. 083780638R Punawas Education Society

4222. 083780641R The Cricket Club Of India,

4223. 083780644R Shri Manechchand Nemchand Sheth Charitable Trust

4224. 083780651R Rotary Club Of Bombay ,

4225. 083780652R Seth V.m.k. Boarding School

4226. 083780659R Bharativikas Balvikas Trust,

4227. 083780670R Shri Hashu Advani Memorial Foundation

4228. 083780671R Amar Shaheed Hemu Kalyani Yadgar Mandal

4229. 083780673R Prince Of Wales Museum Of Western India

4230. 083780674R Rotary Club Bombay Charities Trust No-3

4231. 083780676R The Anchorage,

4232. 083780680R Rahat Welfare Trust,

4233. 083780683R Women’s Institute For Social Education

4234. 083780686R Stree Shakti Sadan

4235. 083780692R Association For Research In Homoeopathy

4236. 083780703R National Kidney Foundation,

4237. 083780715R S B I Children’s Welfare Fund

4238. 083780720R Chemould Publications & Arts

4239. 083780724R Bai Kabibai And Hansraj Morarji Charity Trust

4240. 083780725R Shri Bidada Seva Samaj

4241. 083780727R Indian Association For The Visually Handicapped

4242. 083780741R Bajaj Public Charitable Trust

4243. 083780743R Shri Pandit Ratnachandraji Jain Kanyashala Trust

4244. 083780744R Chaitanya Adhyatmik Dnyan Prasar Sanstha (maharashtra)

4245. 083780748R Salaam Balak Trust

4246. 083780754R Pragati Kendra

4247. 083780756R Relief And Welfare Society For The Blind

4248. 083780760R Chandaria Foundation

4249. 083780761R Chanchalbai Mangaldas Patel Charity Trust

4250. 083780773R Lotus Hospital Trust

4251. 083780780R Sanskardham Vidyalaya For The Hearing Impaired- Parents

Teachers Association

4252. 083780785R Prerana- Psychiatric Remedies & Rehabilitation Of Addiction

4253. 083780786R Senior Citizens’ Settlement Foundation

4254. 083780787R The Bright & Morning Star

4255. 083780793R Yuvak Pratishthan

4256. 083780797R Rescue Foundation , C/o Shri Dahyalal Dayaram Khandeka

4257. 083780801R Samajik Vikas Kendra

4258. 083780804R SkSChakshu Foundation

4259. 083780807R Malad Educational & Medical Foundation

4260. 083780809R Kadri Foundation

4261. 083780813R The Anandilal Podar Trust

4262. 083780815R Meljol

4263. 083780816R Sitlax India Foundation

4264. 083780820R Naryan Ashram

4265. 083780822R Dream Foundation

4266. 083780829R Jagannath Cancer Aid Foundation

4267. 083780832R Society Moved To Install Love With Empathy(smile)

4268. 083780834R Manav Jyot

4269. 083780835R Adhra Karnataka Dalita Varga Sangha

4270. 083780840R Shree Krishna Kalyan Kendra

4271. 083780843R Shree Vithlesh Prabhucharan Gausamvardhan Charitable Trust

4272. 083780846R Satkarmashradhashray

4273. 083780850R Shree Kapole Mahila Mandal

4274. 083780851R Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati Hospital

4275. 083780854R Mahavir Educational Andd Meddical Foundation

4276. 083780856R Ref Watch Marine Conservation

4277. 083780861R Make-a-wish Foundation Of India

4278. 083780864R Nav Nirman Foundation (india)

4279. 083780868R Gurnani Sati Charitable Trust

4280. 083780876R Karamshi Jethabhai Somaiya Trust

4281. 083780878R Karamshi Jethabhai Somaiya Medical Trust

4282. 083780879R Somaiya Vidyavihar

4283. 083780883R Sadhu Vaswani Mission,Bombay

4284. 083780886R Janvi Charitable Trust

4285. 083780888R Tara Cultural Trust

4286. 083780889R Paramshanti Dham Vriddhashram

4287. 083780890R Shri Devi Bhadrakali Devalaya (Revandi) Jimoddar Samiti

4288. 083780891R Vishwass Hospital Trust

4289. 083780892R Sane Guruji Rashtriya Smarak Trust

4290. 083780899R Malankara Catholic Church Bombay

4291. 083780900R The W.Z.O. Trust Funds

4292. 083780903R Rotary Club of Bombay Queen’s Necklace Charitable Trust

4293. 083780904R Drishti Human Resource Centre

4294. 083780905R Ramrao Adik Education Society

4295. 083780907R Continental Medicare Foundation

4296. 083780909R Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak Samiti, Juhu-Mumbai

4297. 083780910R Indian Association for Cancer Research

4298. 083780915R Help Handicapped International

4299. 083780918R Rotary Club of Powai Charitable Trust

4300. 083780919R M.I.G. Cricket Club

4301. 083780922R Jyoti Trust

4302. 083780923R National Association of Adoptive Families,

4303. 083780924R Tiger Watch

4304. 083780928R Shri Lallubhai Sheth Foundation

4305. 083780930R Bombay North West Rotary Public Charitable Trust

4306. 083780931R Indian Express Citizens Relief Fund

4307. 083780934R Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

4308. 083780935R Green Earth Foundation for Global Environment

4309. 083780939R Matushri Kanbai Lalabai & Motibai Lohana Kanyashala &

Balikagrah Trust

4310. 083780940R We Care Trust

4311. 083780941R Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City Foundation

4312. 083780942R Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha(State Institute of Marathi)

4313. 083780943R Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation

4314. 083780944R Rotary Club of Bombay Metropolitan Chairitable Trust

4315. 083780947R Mumbai Educational Trust

4316. 083780949R Najam Baug Trust

4317. 083780951R Kurtade Panchkroshi Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4318. 083780952R Rotary club of Bombay Cuffee Parade charitable Trust

4319. 083780956R Rotary Club of Mumbai Midwest

4320. 083780957R Jash-Kanta Charitable Trust

4321. 083780960R Siddharth Agricultural Industrial and rural Development


4322. 083780962R Dai Welfare Society

4323. 083780963R Parshva Charitable Trust

4324. 083780964R Sunidhi Charity Foundation

4325. 083790001R Anjuman Mufidual Islam

4326. 083790002R Roman Catholic Church (mission) Society

4327. 083790006R Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Sanstha

4328. 083790008R Surybham Wankhede Education Culture & Krida Society

4329. 083790009R Shri Gajanam Maharaj Sansthan

4330. 083790012R Adhar Mahila Mandal,Buldana

4331. 083790013R Shri Gajanan Maharaj Krishi & Shaikshanik Sanstha Umberkhed

4332. 083790014R Shri Gurudeo Shikshan Prasarak Bahuuddeshiya Seva Sanstha

4333. 083810001R World Missionary Evangelism English School

4334. 083810002R World Missionary Evangelical India Home

4335. 083810005R Clason Memorial Hospital

4336. 083810007R Agricultural Development Project Of Cni Diocese Of Nagpur

4337. 083810012R Indian Jesus Society

4338. 083810014R New Life Development Society

4339. 083810018R Shramik Kalyan Sanstha

4340. 083810029R Rani Lakshmi Bai Mahila Mandal

4341. 083810030R Jagriti Mahila Samaj

4342. 083810032R Gram Vikas Sewa Mandal

4343. 083810033R Graminvikas Shikshan Sanstha

4344. 083810034R Madhuvan Kushtarog Nirmulan Sanstha

4345. 083810036R Nalanda Mahila Shikha Sanstha

4346. 083810038R Mul Taluka Yuvak Biradari Sanghatana

4347. 083810039R Sav Lakhmi Yenprediwar Shikshan Sanstha

4348. 083810042R Mahila Vikas Mandal, Chandrapur

4349. 083810044R Saraswati Shikshan Mahila Mandal

4350. 083820001R Suwarta Community Development Project

4351. 083820004R Mavchi Pragati Prakalp

4352. 083820005R Satpuda Rural Development Society

4353. 083820006R Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Trust

4354. 083820008R Dhule Zila Kam Shodhak Mandal

4355. 083820009R District Probation & After Care Association

4356. 083820010R Shri Kalpatru Cooperation Sangh

4357. 083820013R Adivasi Navjeevan Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4358. 083820014R Adiwasi Satapuda Shikshan Prasarak Mandali

4359. 083820015R Gram Vikas Mandal

4360. 083820016R Naval Bhau Pratisthan

4361. 083820017R West Khandesh Bhagini Seva Mandal

4362. 083820018R Indira Mahila Seva Society

4363. 083820025R Jawahar Medical Foundation’s Annasaheb Chudaman Patil

Memorial College

4364. 083820026R Shree Shani Mandir Trust,

4365. 083820028R Ujjwal Rural Development Society

4366. 083820030R Gramin Janseva Shikshan Sanstha

4367. 083820031R Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Dhule

4368. 083840002R Satpuda Vikas Mandal

4369. 083840005R Advasi Seva Mandal

4370. 083840009R Dr. Mahashakar’s Medical Foundation

4371. 083840010R Godavari Foundation, Jalgaon

4372. 083840011R Bhagini Mandal, Chopda

4373. 083840012R Norwegian Free Evangelical Mission India

4374. 083840013R Vivekanand Pratishthan Jalgaon

4375. 083840015R Jai Bhavani Vividh Karyakari Lokseva Parishad

4376. 083840016R Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank Keshav Smruti Pratisthan

4377. 083840017R Keshav Smruti Pratishthan,Jalgaon

4378. 083840019R Matimand Vidyarthi Shikshan Mandal

4379. 083840020R Shri Sant Narhari Maharaj Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha

4380. 083850004R World Human Organisation

4381. 083850008R Giri Gram Sadhna

4382. 083850009R Adivasi Vikas Mandal

4383. 083850010R Janta Shikshan Sanstha

4384. 083850011R Royal Education. Society

4385. 083850021R Shree Rishikesh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4386. 083860004R Anath Mahila Ashram

4387. 083860005R Govidrao Korganki Dharmalya Sanstha

4388. 083860006R Jeevan Vikas Sanstha

4389. 083860007R Gautam Samukta Sahikari Sheti Society Ltd

4390. 083860010R Irwin K D C Boys Hostel

4391. 083860011R Decospin Charitable Trust

4392. 083860013R Dr.haythrnthwaita Memorial Centre

4393. 083860014R Panchgana Educational Charitable Trust

4394. 083860017R Presbyterian Church

4395. 083860018R Dr.arunrao Laxman Jadhav C. Trust

4396. 083860019R K D C Princess Indumati Girls & Boys Hos

4397. 083860020R Suman Niketan Crech

4398. 083860022R Wilson Memorial Hospital

4399. 083860024R Navjivan Gramin Vikas Mandal

4400. 083860028R Young Mens Christian Association

4401. 083860031R Muslim Samaj Prabhodhan Va Shikshan

4402. 083860034R Shriman Jai Singh Rao Nanasaheb Gaikwad

4403. 083860213R Haithornthwaite Memorial Leprosy Service

4404. 083870002R World Missionary Evangelism Of India

4405. 083870003R World Missionary Evangelism Of India

4406. 083870004R World Missionary Evangelism Of India

4407. 083870005R W.m.i. Douglas Memorial Children Home

4408. 083870007R W.m.i. Central Bible School

4409. 083870008R Douglas Educational Medical Welfare Association

4410. 083870009R World Missionary Evangelism Of India

4411. 083870013R W.m.e. India Douglas Adivasi School

4412. 083870014R W.m.e. India Douglas Memorial Child Home

4413. 083870015R World Missionary Evangelism Of India

4414. 083870016R Christian Service Agency

4415. 083870019R Young Christian Student & Y.s’s Movement

4416. 083870021R Jagruti Mahila Mandal

4417. 083870022R Shishu Sangopan Griha

4418. 083870025R Bhartiya Yuvak Vikas Sanstha

4419. 083870032R Indian Institute Of Youth Welfare

4420. 083870034R Teen Action International

4421. 083870035R Holistic Child Dev. India C.n.i.ccc.admn

4422. 083870037R C.n.i. C.c.wardas Training Institute

4423. 083870039R Mount St Joseph Orphange

4424. 083870041R Jhopada Sudhar Sangharsh Samiti

4425. 083870046R Bharat Muk Vidyalaya

4426. 083870048R National Road Accident Prevention Society

4427. 083870049R Yuvak Kalyan Sewa Prishikashan Sanstha

4428. 083870051R Brothers Of St. Martin Home

4429. 083870057R Agnes Hendrson Memorial

4430. 083870060R Christian Education Council Of India

4431. 083870061R Shri Shradhanand Anathalaya

4432. 083870062R National Council Of Churches In India

4433. 083870063R Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh

4434. 083870066R Christian Medical Association Of India

4435. 083870067R Mandanwan School For Mentally Retarded Children

4436. 083870069R Bishop Cotton School

4437. 083870070R Utksarsha Mahila Mandal

4438. 083870074R Muk Aur Bahdir Udyogik Sanstha

4439. 083870078R Federation Of Evangelical Church

4440. 083870079R Nagpur Institute Of Civil Preparedness

4441. 083870081R National Apostolic Church Education Society

4442. 083870082R Rastriya Magas Mahila Vikas Mandal

4443. 083870083R Shri Balasaheb Tripude Granthalya

4444. 083870084R Sarajanik Utkarsha Mandal

4445. 083870085R Anath Vidarthi Griha

4446. 083870087R Bahujan Hitay Bhajan Sikshan Sanstha

4447. 083870088R Gandhi Seva Ashram Samiti

4448. 083870090R Cancer Relief Society

4449. 083870091R Ambika Mahila Mandal

4450. 083870092R United Youth Development Association

4451. 083870095R Magasvargiya Jankalyan Vikas Sanstha

4452. 083870096R Mahila Shikshan Sanstha

4453. 083870097R Bright Founder’s Association

4454. 083870098R Param Pujya Paramatma Ek Sevak Mandal

4455. 083870099R The Sant Jagoji Maharaj Edu. Society

4456. 083870100R Sh Ganesh Sikshan Prasark Mandal

4457. 083870101R Karuna Cultural Orgn.

4458. 083870103R Yugantar Education Society,

4459. 083870105R Bhartiya Institute Of Social Work

4460. 083870109R Nav Nirman Samiti

4461. 083870111R Women’s Polytechnic Education Institute

4462. 083870113R Viveksheel Mitra Pariwar

4463. 083870116R Sarvodaya Shikshan Mandal

4464. 083870121R Manav Mandir

4465. 083870122R Samajik Bahuaddeshiya Samstha

4466. 083870126R Vjjwal Goalwama Malula Mandal

4467. 083870127R Bhaitiya Vaidyak Samanvaya Samiti

4468. 083870130R Stree Atyachar Virodhi Parishad

4469. 083870131R Samuchit Shikshan Sanstha,

4470. 083870135R Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha

4471. 083870139R Rashtriya Anda Va Jankalyan Bahuudderhiya

4472. 083870142R Saroday Bhoomiputra Vikas Mandal Divan

4473. 083870146R Central India Eye Bank Hospital And Research Centre

4474. 083870149R Shri Sati Anusaya Mata Sansthan

4475. 083870155R Mission India

4476. 083870159R Pawan-Paankaj Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha

4477. 083870162R Vishwa Hindu Janakalyan Parishad

4478. 083870163R Smt. Radhikabai Meghe Memorial Medical Trust

4479. 083870164R Concern for Committeed Efforts of People Towards a Transient


4480. 083870165R Nagar Yuwak Shishan Sanstha,

4481. 083870171R Shri Yogesh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4482. 083870173R S.M.M. Welfare Charitable Trust

4483. 083890004R Marathwada Lok Seva Mandal

4484. 083890008R Sandhya Chaya Vrudhaashram

4485. 083890009R Catholic Relief Services

4486. 083890010R Mahila Samasya Nivaran Mandal

4487. 083890012R Vimukt Jati Seva Sangh

4488. 083890014R Adarsh Gramin Vikas Sanstha

4489. 083890016R Prabhat Shikshan Prasaran Mandal

4490. 083890017R Islahul-amal Education & Welfare Society

4491. 083890020R Late Ulhas Memorial Trust

4492. 083890021R Nanded Medical Foundation

4493. 083890022R Lok Jagriti Mandal

4494. 083890023R Jai Parkash Givan Kalyan Samiti

4495. 083890025R Livraty Anjiuman Taraqhi-e-urdu (chind)

4496. 083890026R Unatiacal Matila Mandal

4497. 083890027R Dr Zakir Hussain Education Society

4498. 083890029R Jankalyan Aarogya Va Shikshan Seva Mandal

4499. 083890030R Maharashtra Shikshan Sanstha

4500. 083890031R Jyotiba Phule Seva Trust

4501. 083890032R Ramrao Patil Memorial Education Society

4502. 083890033R Sarodaya Educational & Voluntary Association

4503. 083890035R Sant Ravidas Samaj Seva Mandal

4504. 083890036R Janatha Shikshan Sanstha

4505. 083890037R Sri Rajrajeshwar Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha

4506. 083890039R Sant Gora Kumbhar Shikshan Sanstha

4507. 083890040R Vikas Ganga Pratisthan Mukhed

4508. 083890041R MadhukarraoGhate Pratishthan

4509. 083890042R Shree Raghvendra Swami Pratishthan

4510. 083890044R New JaiBharat Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Aluwadgaon

4511. 083890045R Dayn Sawradhan Shikshan Parsark Mandal

4512. 083900001R Samaj Parivartan Kendra

4513. 083900002R St. Patricks Church

4514. 083900003R Good Samaritan M R E Relief Society

4515. 083900004R Evangelical Alliance Christian Church

4516. 083900006R Mahila Hakka Saurakshan Samiti

4517. 083900009R Nirmal Gram Nirman Kendra

4518. 083900010R Vividh Vikash Sanstha

4519. 083900011R Seventh Day Adventist High School

4520. 083900017R Salesian Training Institute

4521. 083900018R Maharashtra Kusht Peedit Sahyak Sanstha

4522. 083900026R Auto Skill Training Centre

4523. 083900027R St. Joseph’s Educational Society

4524. 083900028R Nirmala Home For The Aged Society

4525. 083900029R Medical Welfare Trust

4526. 083900032R Nasik District Cultural Association

4527. 083900034R Nazarat Education Welfare Society

4528. 083900036R Karmaveer Shikshan Sanstha

4529. 083900038R Rahul Shikshan Sanstha

4530. 083900040R Maharashtra Samaj Sevi Sangh

4531. 083900042R Anjuman Moinut Tulba

4532. 083900043R Rachana Trust

4533. 083900044R Pune Vidyarthi Grih

4534. 083900047R Audyogik Shikshan Prasark Mandal

4535. 083900048R Nasik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj

4536. 083900053R Khatoon Minority Womens Social Welfare & Educational Soceity

4537. 083900055R Ved Vidya Prasarak Mandal

4538. 083900056R Guru Gobind Singh Foundation

4539. 083910001R K D C John Malelu Memorial Creche

4540. 083910002R Ramabai Ambedkar Backward Brick Making Co-op Society.

4541. 083910003R Chatrapati Rajshri Sadhu Mal Poultry Farm Co-op. Society Ltd.

4542. 083910004R Leporsy Education Centre

4543. 083910007R Methodist Church

4544. 083910008R Lok Kalyankari Mandal

4545. 083910010R Gram Vikas Kukat Palan Sahkari Sanstha

4546. 083910011R Panchkroshi Gramvikas Mandal

4547. 083910012R Sambhav Gram Vikas Mandal

4548. 083910016R Rastriya Dharma Nirpak Balak Sanstha

4549. 083910017R Gurudsat Gram Nirman Sanstha

4550. 083910018R Balghat Gramin Vikas Mandal

4551. 083910020R Savitri Bai Phule Sewa Kendra

4552. 083910021R Matoshri Gangadevi Mahila Samaj Sanstha

4553. 083910022R Yeshoda Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4554. 083910023R Parimal Vikas Mandal

4555. 083910024R Marathansada Apang Sangham

4556. 083910025R Anma Bhan Sathe B.c. Co-op. Piggery Society Ltd.

4557. 083910026R Hindustani Educational Society

4558. 083910027R Matoshri Ramabai Ambedkar Bahu Vidhyalaya

4559. 083910028R Antar Bharti Aurad Shahjani

4560. 083910029R Vijay Wachanalaya

4561. 083910032R Padmashri Youth Service Institute.

4562. 083910034R Dnyan Gangotri Education Society

4563. 083910035R Bhagirath Shikshan Sanstha

4564. 083910037R Stree Jagat Vikas Sanstha

4565. 083910039R Ajay Shiksharasantha,

4566. 083910040R Geeta Devia Gramin Vikas Shiksha Sanstha

4567. 083910042R Gramin Vikas Mahila Mandal

4568. 083910044R Shiv Kripa Samaj Seva Mandal

4569. 083910045R Sarovoday Youth Service Institution

4570. 083910046R Shri Kaleshwar Dyan Praswak Bhagim

4571. 083910050R Rani Laxmibai Sikshan Prasarak Sanstha

4572. 083910051R Late Dr. Venkatarao Dawle

4573. 083910052R Maharashtra Shikhan Samiti

4574. 083910053R Amrutsha Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha

4575. 083910054R Jeevan Rekha Pratishthan

4576. 083910055R Jyotiba Charitable Trust

4577. 083910057R Swayamsiddha Mahila Mandal

4578. 083910058R Tejeswani Mahila Mandal, Latur

4579. 083910059R Magaswargiya Samaj Sudharak Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,


4580. 083910060R Ramamata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4581. 083910061R Naaz Welfare Soceity For Urban & Rural Development

4582. 083910063R Balaji Shikshan Sanstha

4583. 083910066R Bharat Multipurpose Education Society

4584. 083910070R Rutuja Shikshan Sanstha

4585. 083910071R Samarth Education Society

4586. 083910073R Dr.S.B. Gugle Medical Foundation and Medical Research

Charitable Trust

4587. 083910075R Ahailya Bahuudeshiya Shikshan Prasarak mandal

4588. 083920005R Sant Gadge Maharaj Bhatki Jati Jamati Shikshan Prasarak


4589. 083920007R Association for Social Research & Pervasive Development

4590. 083920008R Jeevan Jyoti Charitable

4591. 083920009R Vidya Niketan Education Society

4592. 083920010R Pu Puroshottam Maharaj Guru Narayan Maharaj Sahishanik and

Sevabhavi Sanstha

4593. 083920012R Prateek Sevabhavi Sanstha, Parbhani

4594. 083930001R United Socio-economic Development & Research Programme

4595. 083930003R Conference Of Churches Of Christ Western India.

4596. 083930009R St. John Secondary School

4597. 083930015R Subodh Education Society

4598. 083930017R Baramati Agricultural Development Trust

4599. 083930019R Poona University German Association

4600. 083930020R Terresden Homes Helpage Children In Need

4601. 083930021R Young Men Christian Association

4602. 083930022R Zion Pentecos Church & Australian A.g.m.

4603. 083930023R India Christian Endevour Union Proj Comm

4604. 083930026R Arogya Dakshata Mandal

4605. 083930027R Anand Gram Society

4606. 083930034R Vikas Vridhi Sewa Sangh

4607. 083930038R Conf. Of Churches In Westn India

4608. 083930040R Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust

4609. 083930041R Gandhi National Memorial Society

4610. 083930044R Poona Adventist Medical Centre

4611. 083930056R Christ For India Children

4612. 083930057R Balaodyan

4613. 083930058R Jay Prakash Gram Vikas Sanstha

4614. 083930068R Sarveshamsewa Sangh

4615. 083930069R St. Margaret School

4616. 083930075R Poona & Indian Village Mission

4617. 083930078R Service

4618. 083930082R Seventh Day Adventist Int Pvt Ltd

4619. 083930087R Centre For Dev Studies & Activities

4620. 083930089R Mission Convent Church Of Sweeden

4621. 083930092R Rayat Unnati Mandal

4622. 083930093R Emmanuel Creche

4623. 083930094R Dwarka Sangmerkar Medical Foundation

4624. 083930098R Guineaworm Eradication Centre

4625. 083930105R The Eagles

4626. 083930109R Indian Institute Of Education

4627. 083930112R Poona Urban & Rural Service Mission

4628. 083930115R Centre For Development Studies Activities

4629. 083930116R Satya Niketan

4630. 083930119R Kamyani School For Mentally Handcap

4631. 083930127R Poona Women Council

4632. 083930136R Mahila Punarvasan Kendra

4633. 083930137R Mahila Sahakari Udyogalya

4634. 083930138R St. John Mission Boys Hostel

4635. 083930139R Muslim Satya Shodak Mandal

4636. 083930140R The Poona Catholic Edu. Assn.(p) Ltd.

4637. 083930145R Depressed Classes Mission Society Of India

4638. 083930148R The Depsaressed Classes Mission India

4639. 083930150R Cheshire Homes India

4640. 083930151R Rotary Club Of Poona Charity Trust

4641. 083930154R Christian Children Fund Spicer Memorial Project No.0828

4642. 083930156R St. Judes Church

4643. 083930157R Housing Action League

4644. 083930165R National Association Of Water Resources Development

Agencies (nawda)

4645. 083930166R Jeevan Sanstha

4646. 083930167R Poona English Adventist High School

4647. 083930169R St. Joseph Church

4648. 083930172R Hastimal Sancheti Memorial Trust

4649. 083930174R National Institute Of Management

4650. 083930175R Kaivalyadhama Shriman Mandir Samiti

4651. 083930176R Badhir Mook Shikshan Kendra

4652. 083930177R Pune Tyrannus Hall

4653. 083930181R Parner Taluka Mitra Mandal

4654. 083930182R Tata Research Development & Desgn Centre

4655. 083930188R Savitribai Phule Mahila Udyogik Sangathan Sansthan

4656. 083930190R Cent For Appld Sys Anlys In Devlp.

4657. 083930191R Progressive Research Aids Pvt. Ltd.

4658. 083930193R Theatre Academy

4659. 083930194R Ayodhya Charitable Trust

4660. 083930198R S.n.d.t. Kanyashala

4661. 083930199R Poona Hospital & Research Centre

4662. 083930203R Gramin Vikas Sanstha

4663. 083930205R A.h.m. Relief Organisation

4664. 083930206R Centre For Special Education

4665. 083930207R Sahabal Vikas Society

4666. 083930209R Maharashtra Voluntary Health Association

4667. 083930211R Pune Medical Research Society

4668. 083930212R Janata Sahakarya Mandal

4669. 083930213R National Socy.for Equal Opportunity For

4670. 083930214R Educational Research Foundation, Pune

4671. 083930216R Dr.ranazini Resh. Instt. Occunal Servcs.

4672. 083930217R System Research Instt.

4673. 083930218R Society For Welfare Of Physically Handicapped

4674. 083930219R Jalagaon General Hospital & Convalescent Home

4675. 083930220R Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar

4676. 083930224R Pune Ecolo. Action For Commuty Environmt

4677. 083930228R Deccan College P G & Research Insitute

4678. 083930229R Human Resources & Rural Development Centre

4679. 083930231R Jay Malhar Krishi Vikas Pratisthan

4680. 083930232R Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal’s U. D Purushotam Shastri Nanal


4681. 083930233R Seth Tara Chand Ramnath Ch.aurved.hospit

4682. 083930235R Bal Sahitggyalaya

4683. 083930237R S.n.d.t. College Of Home Scinces

4684. 083930238R Jan Seva Foundation

4685. 083930246R Ashok Kala Neketan Trust

4686. 083930247R Parivarthan Probodhni Sanstha

4687. 083930248R Mah Fellowship For Deaf

4688. 083930249R Samajwadi Mahila Sabha

4689. 083930251R Four Eyes Foundation

4690. 083930252R Kalyani Gorakshan Trust

4691. 083930253R Vanarai People S Movement

4692. 083930257R Pune Neuroscinces Trust & Res. Society

4693. 083930263R World Renewal Sritual Trust121 M G Road

4694. 083930264R Bharti Vidyapeeth

4695. 083930265R Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical Foundation

4696. 083930269R Avaben Navrachana Sansthan Kendra

4697. 083930271R Jan Kalyan Rakt Kosh

4698. 083930276R Prince Aly Khan Hospital

4699. 083930285R Maharashtra Harijan Sevak Sangh

4700. 083930287R Assn For Health Edu.assistance&deveopmnt

4701. 083930293R Savali Association For Mentally Retarded

4702. 083930296R Rashtra Sewa Dal

4703. 083930299R Sushrut Medical Care & Research Society

4704. 083930301R Hindavi Swaraj Pratishthan

4705. 083930309R Welfare Medical Foundations Mohintara Hospital

4706. 083930310R Centre For Development Research And Documentation

4707. 083930315R Blue Cross Society Of Pune

4708. 083930316R The School Board, Pune Corporation

4709. 083930320R Chaitanya Rural Eye Hospital & Jaihind Polyclinic

4710. 083930322R University Of Pune

4711. 083930325R Entrepreneurship Development And Rehabilitation Centre For

The Hdandic(edrch)

4712. 083930326R Pariwar Mangal Trust

4713. 083930330R The Puppet (old No.083990020)

4714. 083930334R Namdeorao Mohol Education And Sports Pratishthan

4715. 083930336R Cancer India Foundation And Research Centre

4716. 083930339R U. V. Patel Foundation

4717. 083930341R Jagrut Apang Sanghatana Sanchalit Mahatma Phule Apang

Prashikshan Kendra

4718. 083930342R Kalawati Adarsh Mahila Vikas Kendra

4719. 083930350R Late Rajaram Tukaram Bhoite Smruti Arogya Pratishthan

4720. 083930363R National Centre For Advocacy Studies

4721. 083930369R Dyan Deep Jankalyan Foundation

4722. 083930371R Indira Rural & Traible Medical & Education Development Trust

4723. 083930374R Sanskrit Vidya Parisanstha

4724. 083930376R Dnyandeep Gram Vikas Pratishthan

4725. 083930379R Sunil Wankhede Medical Foundation

4726. 083930380R Ashta No Kai-India

4727. 083930381R Poona Riverside Round Table No.105

4728. 083930387R National Friends Association

4729. 083930388R Rotary Club of Pune Cantonment Charity Trust

4730. 083930389R Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Sangli Shakha Pune

4731. 083930391R Institute of Rural Paediatrics

4732. 083930393R UMED

4733. 083930394R Pune Netraseva Pratishthan,

4734. 083930399R Cochlea Pune For Hearing & Speech,

4735. 083930400R Samaj Vikas Sanstha

4736. 083930404R Dr. D.Y. Patil Education Society

4737. 083930405R Bhakti Foundation

4738. 083930407R Mitcon Foundation

4739. 083930408R Akshay Medical Trust

4740. 083930414R Prism Foundation

4741. 083930415R Lonavla Yoga Institute(India)

4742. 083930416R Arogyaseva Medical Academy of India

4743. 083930420R Rewachand Bhojwani Foundation

4744. 083950002R Matru Mandir Mahila Sahkari Udyogik Utpadak Sanstha Ltd.

4745. 083950003R Mahilashram Lanja

4746. 083950005R Balniketan

4747. 083950008R Kharepatan Panchakrosh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4748. 083950011R Lajul Gram Vikas Samiti

4749. 083950013R Gokul Prakalp Pratisthan

4750. 083950015R Mangaon Khore Krishi Udyog And Dugdha Utpadak Sahkari

Sangh Ltd.

4751. 083950024R Dr.Tatyasaheb Natu Smruti Pratishthan

4752. 083960001R Velankar Math Balkakashram

4753. 083960003R Issa Bal Sangopan

4754. 083960004R Shalom Crech

4755. 083960007R Sati Anusaya Mahila Mandal

4756. 083960008R Savitri Bai Phula Mahila Mandal

4757. 083960010R Navjeevan Sanyukta Sahkari Shetkari Society Ltd.

4758. 083960011R Shri Vithal Sanyukta Sahakari Sheti San.

4759. 083960012R Dr. Balasaheb Samyukta Sahkari Shetkari Society Ltd.

4760. 083960013R Guru Govind Sahakari Griha Nirman Sansth

4761. 083960014R Vijaya Sahakari Griha Nirman Sanstha

4762. 083960015R Bhimraj Vyayam Mandal

4763. 083960016R Miraj Christian Church

4764. 083960017R Sir William Wanless Chest Hospital

4765. 083960018R Rural Service In Health Society

4766. 083960019R K D C Boys Hostel

4767. 083960020R Ramabai Ambedkar Mahila Mandal

4768. 083960021R Rush Family Development Projects

4769. 083960022R Bal Vikas Kendra

4770. 083960023R K D C Emmanuel Creche

4771. 083960024R Jiwan Creche

4772. 083960025R Child Development Centre

4773. 083960028R Institute Of Self Development & Social Action

4774. 083960029R Prakash Niketan Creche

4775. 083960030R Brown Memorial Hospital

4776. 083960034R Taluka Shetkari Sangh

4777. 083960035R Kohapur Diocesan Council Hostel

4778. 083960036R K D C Girls Hostel

4779. 083960037R St Agnes Pratisthan Crech

4780. 083960038R K D C Crech Nurses Training School.

4781. 083960039R K D C Shantinagar Crech

4782. 083960040R K D C Anand Home Creche

4783. 083960042R Socy. For Welfare Of Mentally Handicappd

4784. 083960045R K.d.c. Lyn Balsangopan Creche (

4785. 083960046R Shramjivi Vividkaryakari Gram Vikas Mandal

4786. 083960059R Vrudha Sevashram,

4787. 083960060R Navjeevan Vikas Sanstha & Navjeevan School For Mentally


4788. 083960061R Kay Yashwantraoji Chavan Charitable Trust

4789. 083960066R Lions Comprehensive Eyecare Foundation

4790. 083960067R Azad Education Society,Miraj

4791. 083960068R Mahananda Developement Project

4792. 083960070R Kasegaon Education Society

4793. 083970001R Bhartiya Bhatake Vimukt Development And Research Institute

4794. 083970006R Holy Family Convent Trust

4795. 083970007R Narmada Education Academy

4796. 083970009R Mahila Vikas Prakalp

4797. 083970012R Indian Institute For Social Development And Research

4798. 083970018R Nimbkar Rehabilitation Trust

4799. 083970022R Mahila Samajik Samta Parishad

4800. 083970023R Phalltam Aryogya Mandal Phaltam

4801. 083970024R Indian Institute Of Research & Development Of Nomadic &

Denotified Tribes

4802. 083970025R Samata Shikshan Prasrak Mandal

4803. 083970029R Sanjeewan Vidyalaya Trust

4804. 083970034R Andhashradha Nirmulan Samiti Maharashtra

4805. 083970035R Parivartan

4806. 083970036R Yashodeep Samajik Vikas Sanstha

4807. 083980001R Gramin Vikas Sansodhan Santha

4808. 083980002R Backward Class Girls Hostel

4809. 083980003R Sholapur Well Service

4810. 083980004R Immaculate Conception Chruch

4811. 083980005R Shri Shivaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4812. 083980006R Indian Red Cross Soceity

4813. 083980008R Shirale Samudayik Sahkari Shetkari Society

4814. 083980009R Christa Sewsa Mandir Hesalth Project

4815. 083980010R Christa Sewamandir Non For Mal Educn

4816. 083980011R Christa Sewsa Mandir Well Steening

4817. 083980013R Christa Sewsa Mandir Well Spng Project

4818. 083980015R Ambrose Memorial Hospital

4819. 083980021R The Leprosy Mission

4820. 083980022R Shri Barshi Gorakshan Mandal

4821. 083980023R First Church

4822. 083980029R Dr Vinayak Wagle Memorial Trust Near

4823. 083980032R Jivhali Society Of The Mentally Handicapped

4824. 083980033R Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital Trust

4825. 083980038R Model Action for Rural Change(MARCH)

4826. 083980039R Sri Ram Pratishthan Mandal

4827. 083980045R Chatrapati Shivaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4828. 083980046R Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Magaswargiya Gramin Vikas Sevabhavi


4829. 083980047R Vishwa Vidyavikas Mandal

4830. 083980048R Deen Daya Alp Sankhya samaj shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4831. 083980049R N.M. Wadia Charitable Hospital

4832. 083990004R Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh

4833. 083990005R Law Centre

4834. 083990006R Convent Of Jesus Mary

4835. 083990007R Christian Truth Book

4836. 083990015R Vasai Small Industries Service Centre

4837. 083990017R Surya Community Centre

4838. 083990018R Holy Spirit Church

4839. 083990020R People Universal Popular Puppetry Educational Theatre

4840. 083990021R Varvada Tribal Welfare Association

4841. 083990022R Thane Zila Stree Ahuti Jagriti Samiti

4842. 083990025R Adiwasi Gram Sewa Sangh

4843. 083990026R Gramin Vikas Mandal

4844. 083990027R Gokhale Education Society

4845. 083990030R Tribal Youth Home Industry Trust

4846. 083990034R Aqso Educational Society

4847. 083990037R Samaj Vikas Kendra

4848. 083990038R Astitva Prahladrai Kagzi Instte.handi.c.

4849. 083990046R Sacred Heart Church

4850. 083990049R Konkanee Muslim Educational Society

4851. 083990052R Janami Ashish Chanitable Turst

4852. 083990054R Society For The Rehabilitaion Of Paraplegics

4853. 083990057R Sadoccha – Kalyan Rehabilitaion Center For The Disabled


4854. 083990058R Uttam Vidhla Kshyeee Shikshan Sanstha

4855. 083990065R Pragati Pratishthan, Jeevan Ghaya

4856. 083990068R Jawahar Education Society’s A.C Patil College Of Engineering

4857. 083990072R Chhatrapati Shikshan Mandal

4858. 083990076R Netra Seva Sansthan

4859. 083990078R Mother’s Home Convent Society

4860. 083990080R Bhiwandi Weavers’ Education Society

4861. 083990081R Shree Swami Samartha Seva Mandal, Dombivli (e)

4862. 083990087R Opk Educational & Charitable Trust

4863. 083990091R Omkarnath Music Foundation Trust

4864. 083990092R Achkan Educational Trust

4865. 083990098R Fruitful Ministries

4866. 083990100R Punjabi Cultural and Welfare Association

4867. 083990101R Church of christ Missionary India

4868. 083990102R Inner Wheel charity Forum of Thane West

4869. 083990103R Shanti Bhagini of Maria Sangh

4870. 083990118R Vidhayak Sansad

4871. 084000004R Progressive Education Assocation

4872. 084000005R Shri Sant Bhanudas Maharaj Sanstha

4873. 084000006R Seva Gram Ashram Pratisthan

4874. 084000010R Magan Sangrahlay Samiti

4875. 084000011R Centre Of Science For Villagers

4876. 084000013R Shiksha Mandal

4877. 084000016R Gramin Udyagikaran Sangh

4878. 084000021R Muslime Deucation Centre

4879. 084000024R Dharmitra Gopuri Marg Gitar Nagar

4880. 084000025R Sharad Samagra Gramin Vikas Sanstha

4881. 084000036R Association of the Sisters of the Distitute

4882. 084000037R Savitribai Pule Mahila Mandal,. Wardha

4883. 084010002R St Joseph Convent

4884. 084010005R Janata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4885. 084010006R Sh. Ramdeo Baba Satsang Mandal

4886. 084010008R Vidy Prasarak Mandal

4887. 084010012R Millat Education Society

4888. 084010017R Centre For Socio-economic Research And Development

4889. 084010023R Shama Sarwajanik Sanstha

4890. 084010037R Yuva Vedh Manch Yuva and Grameen Kalyan Sanstha

4891. 084010038R Navchetna

4892. 084030003R Bahujan Hitaya Gramin Shaishanik & Sanskritik Shikshan


4893. 084030006R Ekta Samajik Shikshan Sanstha Gadchiroli

4894. 084040004R Nivara Hakk Welfare Centre

4895. 084050001R Laximibai Sewabhavi Gramvikas Mandal

4896. 084050002R Jaikisan Sewabhavi Gramvikas Mandal

4897. 084050003R Shivam Mahila Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

4898. 084050004R Samarth Ramdas Swami Pablic Health,edn., & Agricultural Dev.


4899. 084050006R Om Shanti Dnyan Mandir

4900. 084050008R Diamond Educational Society,Jalna

4901. 084050009R Swami Samarth Mahila Bahuudesiya Seva Santha

4902. 084060003R Nehru Yuba Mandal

4903. 084060005R Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Apekshpurm Wesanmukti Kendra

4904. 084080001R Ahilyadevi Shikshan Prasarak & Bahuuddeshiya Mandal

4905. 084080003R Mahila Utkarsh Pratisthan

4906. 084100002R Gram Vikas Mandal Molagi


4907. 094360001R Adarsha Women Development Association

4908. 094360002R Social Educational Activity Rural Child Health Development

4909. 094370001R Saviours Social Welfare Education Society

4910. 094400007R Jayalakshmi Women’s Welfare Associaition

4911. 094400009R Sri Mathe Kalikadevi Women’s Education Society

4912. 094400012R Baduku Rural Development Society

4913. 094400014R Sanmathi Education and Rural Development Society

4914. 094410001R Vasavi Education Soceity

4915. 094410002R Shri B.D. Tatti(Annavaru) Memorial Charitable Trust

4916. 094410003R Agricultural Science Foundation

4917. 094420002R Homes Vinayaka Trust

4918. 094420011R Mahila Mandali

4919. 094420019R Indian Every Home Crusade

4920. 094420022R South Asia Institute Of Advanced Christian Studies

4921. 094420042R Media Exploration For Social & Cultural Advancement

4922. 094420048R Jeeva Jyothi Sahitalaya

4923. 094420050R The Association of the Deaf

4924. 094420055R St. John’s High School (st. John’s Child Development Project )

4925. 094420058R The Home Missionary Society Of India

4926. 094420063R World Evangelical Fellowship

4927. 094420065R CSI Karnataka Central Diocese

4928. 094420070R Tend Teaching Cassets India

4929. 094420079R Roshni

4930. 094420080R Action For Water Development Mysore Society

4931. 094420082R Nettur Technical Training Fkoundation

4932. 094420083R Good Shepherd Home With Family Helper

4933. 094420112R Serve The Less Human Development Organisation

4934. 094420122R Sidhi Youth Association

4935. 094420135R Christian Publishing House Trust

4936. 094420140R Reachout

4937. 094420144R Eileen Hycinth Murray

4938. 094420150R The Maitryya Society

4939. 094420155R M/s Balaji Industries Association

4940. 094420161R Theological Publication In India

4941. 094420163R Sanghatana Vedike Compound

4942. 094420168R Craca Cottage Home For Lambanies

4943. 094420179R Darpan Chitra Trust

4944. 094420181R Bangalore Kidney Foundation

4945. 094420187R Evangelical Trust Association Of North India

4946. 094420196R Bharatiya Suvartha Prochevka Sangha

4947. 094420198R Karyanalayam Convent

4948. 094420201R Karnataka Ex-services League

4949. 094420202R Sisters Of St. Annes Bangalore

4950. 094420206R The Church Of God

4951. 094420207R St Anne’s Convent

4952. 094420209R Dbiya Jothi Society For Englightment

4953. 094420214R Rural Christian Mission Centre Trust

4954. 094420216R Need Trust

4955. 094420220R Medico Friends Circle

4956. 094420224R Vistar

4957. 094420232R Kushta Chakitsa Sangha

4958. 094420234R The Greater Mysore Chamber Of Industry

4959. 094420235R Sr. Lydin Mary Vimalalaya Convent

4960. 094420236R South India Evangelical Mission

4961. 094420239R The Indian Institute of World Culture

4962. 094420240R Council Of The Indian Missions Of The Lutheran Church In


4963. 094420243R Bangalore Integrated Rural Development Society

4964. 094420247R Karnataka Holy Cross Sister’s Society

4965. 094420256R Sri Sai Samaj

4966. 094420258R The Bangalore Christi Jyoti College

4967. 094420270R Bhartha Matha Education Society

4968. 094420271R Society Of The Sisters Of St. Anne

4969. 094420277R Society Of St.josephs Church

4970. 094420278R Crest Centre For Research Edu Service

4971. 094420283R All India Family Life Of The Mci

4972. 094420296R Ladies Circle India

4973. 094420299R Society Of Sisters Of Charity Holy Angels Convent

4974. 094420303R Al- Ameen Educational Society

4975. 094420314R Holt International Childrens Services

4976. 094420318R Bangalore East Round Table

4977. 094420322R Smt. Ravi Sondhi Vidyarthi Nilaya Dc Hostel Education Society

4978. 094420324R Carl Diesberg Association

4979. 094420326R Rayapuram Slum Development Project

4980. 094420330R International Nursing Service Association

4981. 094420331R Centre For Psycho Social Development

4982. 094420335R C B C I Commission For The Laity

4983. 094420339R Bangalore Christ Adelphian Ecclesia

4984. 094420341R Sri Lalithambike Educational Association

4985. 094420346R Little Way Association

4986. 094420353R India Campus Crusade For Christ

4987. 094420358R Bangalore Brahmo Samaj

4988. 094420361R Working People’s Education Society

4989. 094420362R The Society Friars Minor

4990. 094420366R Y C S Young Students Movement

4991. 094420370R Society For Human And Social Development

4992. 094420403R The Concerned For Working Children

4993. 094420404R Goodness Outreach Mission

4994. 094420405R Dr.(mrs.)sita Bhateja’s Nursing Home Trust

4995. 094420406R Sree Venkateshwara Medical Service Centre

4996. 094420409R Sri Kumaran Childrens Home Educational Council

4997. 094420411R Asharaya

4998. 094420414R Hussain Charitable Trust

4999. 094420415R Association For Sheltering The Mentally Ill

5000. 094420419R Hazi Latif Sait Charitable Trust

5001. 094420423R Sharon Social Welfare Society

5002. 094420424R Atma Shanti

5003. 094420425R Asian Forum For Theology & Culture

5004. 094420428R Cathexis India Soceity

5005. 094420429R Indo-german Cultural Soceity-bangalore

5006. 094420430R Gamaliel Foundation

5007. 094420438R Madrasa-e-Madeenathul Uloom

5008. 094420440R Society For Women And Development

5009. 094420441R Centre For Resource Ecology & Management

5010. 094420446R Destitute Childrens Ark

5011. 094420452R Vasudha Mahila Mandali

5012. 094420453R Dalitha Rural Development Association

5013. 094420458R Tribe Child Development Council

5014. 094420462R Service Civil International

5015. 094420464R Chetna Womens Voluntary Organisation

5016. 094420467R Sri Saraswathi Vidya Nikethen Education Society

5017. 094420476R Massard Nazareth House

5018. 094420501R The Mico Employees Co-op Society Ltd

5019. 094420503R Sneha Mandira

5020. 094420508R The Bangalore SC & ST Members Welfare Association

5021. 094420512R Rural Development Centre

5022. 094420513R Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation

5023. 094420514R Indus Medical Society Trust

5024. 094420516R Arya Sevasrama Trust

5025. 094420521R Janaseva Samaja Vidya Kendra

5026. 094420527R Gayathri Educational Society

5027. 094420531R Surabala Nilaya Sangha

5028. 094420534R Padmabhushan Dr. MC Modi Public Trust

5029. 094420540R National Centre For Mangement Dev. In A.& Rural Dev.

5030. 094420542R Hasanath Education Society

5031. 094420545R Crusade Foundaional Research Institute

5032. 094420546R Special Olympics India

5033. 094420551R Krupa Sagar Trust

5034. 094420553R Association Of Women Enterpreneurs

5035. 094420556R Ali Education Society

5036. 094420559R Water For Overall Rural Development

5037. 094420561R Mahatma Gandhi Lokseva Foundation

5038. 094420563R The Veerashaiva Welfare Foundation

5039. 094420564R Jayanthi Gram Women And Children Welfare Association

5040. 094420565R Vishwabandhu Development Foundation

5041. 094420569R Karnataka State Handicraft Development Ltd.

5042. 094420577R Indian Society Of Health Administration

5043. 094420581R M/s Grace Baptist Church

5044. 094420586R Swetha Education Soceity

5045. 094420588R Gram Vikas Society

5046. 094420596R Al-falah Educational Economic Trust

5047. 094420606R Jnana Jyothi Jai Bheem Edu Society

5048. 094420612R Cartman Society

5049. 094420615R Sree Veerabhadra Education Society

5050. 094420617R Buddha Education Society

5051. 094420634R Rajaji Nagar Veshaswiri Mahila Mandal

5052. 094420635R Mattadally Jagijivanram Sarvodaya Sangha

5053. 094420636R Vimal Ladies Club

5054. 094420639R Karnataka Handicapped Welfare Association

5055. 094420645R Naveena Welfare Association

5056. 094420646R University Of Agricultural Sciences

5057. 094420651R Child Foundation Karnataka

5058. 094420655R People’s Learning Centre

5059. 094420656R Gautam Education Society

5060. 094420657R Indian Institute Of Consumer Studies

5061. 094420658R Bahujan Development Centre

5062. 094420668R C.a.i.m. Charitable Society

5063. 094420675R The Ashrya Mahila Multipurpose Co-op.Society

5064. 094420680R Sri A.G Ramaiah Reddy Charitable Trust

5065. 094420683R Ashwini Rural Education And Development Project

5066. 094420684R Karnataka Nagarika Vedika

5067. 094420685R Chamarajapet Education Society

5068. 094420686R Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Found.

5069. 094420687R Institute For Commerce Studies And Irrigation Management

5070. 094420688R Dr. B M Theppeswamy Memorial Educational Association

5071. 094420690R Chaya Udyoga Kendra

5072. 094420691R Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology

5073. 094420693R Sri Veenabhadueswara Vidya And Abhivanudhi Samste

5074. 094420694R Guild Of Service Bangalore

5075. 094420697R Karnataka State Commission Of Jinists

5076. 094420698R Citizens Action Group

5077. 094420700R S.l. V Educational And Wealth Association

5078. 094420701R Ramachandrapura Bhuvaneshwari Mahila Samaj

5079. 094420707R Mercy Foundation

5080. 094420708R Social Welfare And Development Association

5081. 094420714R Indian Institute of Plantation Managemnt

5082. 094420719R Dr. Jachami Rastriya Seve Peetha

5083. 094420734R Himabindu Foundation

5084. 094420737R Bhanu Education Society

5085. 094420744R Gowthamnagia Welfare Association

5086. 094420746R L.M Social and Women Welfare Trust

5087. 094420751R Development Education Service

5088. 094420756R Neha Ashrya Trust Of Karnataka

5089. 094420762R Bismillah Education Trust

5090. 094420763R Kowsheka Sankithi Sangha

5091. 094420770R Shri Chandrasekhar Scheduled Centre For Educational Society

5092. 094420771R A P Educational Trust

5093. 094420772R Sri Shatha Shrunga Vidya Samethi

5094. 094420773R Mamatha Makkala Mandira

5095. 094420777R Biotechnology And Ecology Development Research Foundation

5096. 094420778R Mahila Grameena Vidyabhivrudhi Samthe

5097. 094420779R Gokula Education Foundation

5098. 094420782R Karnataka Welfare Association For The Deaf

5099. 094420789R Indian Institute Of Science Alumini Association

5100. 094420805R Sri Mahalakshmi Munieshwara Gananamanira

5101. 094420807R AH Lalithakala Academy

5102. 094420824R Alhaj Khadejassu Charitable Public Trust

5103. 094420826R Bangalore Insttitute of Human Relations & Development

5104. 094420836R Sadhana Sangama Trust

5105. 094420852R Gangu Rural Development Society

5106. 094420857R Chaitanya Mahila Mandali

5107. 094420864R The Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust

5108. 094420865R The Madani Educational Trust

5109. 094420866R Smt. Gowramma Pinnapati Ramaiah Charities

5110. 094420869R Kiinkini

5111. 094420886R Lalita Shivaram Ubhayaker Foundation For The Arts

5112. 094420890R Indian Society of Church of Jesus Christ

5113. 094420894R Zoo Authority Of Karnataka

5114. 094420901R Ananda Social And Educational Trust

5115. 094420920R Art Anchor

5116. 094420933R Sgr Technical And Educational Society

5117. 094420936R Wake Up India

5118. 094420938R Social Workers Brotherhood

5119. 094420944R Saviours Social Welfare Education Society

5120. 094420953R Goutham Institute Of Medical Science And Technology

5121. 094420954R Dhriti

5122. 094420962R Open Arms Trust

5123. 094420964R Ambedkar Memorial Society

5124. 094420967R R.t. Nagar Educational Trust

5125. 094420969R Samaja Samparka Vedike

5126. 094420975R Childrens Love Castles Trust

5127. 094420979R Sree Nirvanaswamy Krupa Vidya Peetha,

5128. 094420981R Gramina Makkala Abhyudaya Samsthe,

5129. 094420994R Animal Rights Fund

5130. 094421005R Vikas Rural Development Society

5131. 094421006R Prerana Resource Centre

5132. 094421011R Sri Krishna sevashrama

5133. 094421015R Diya

5134. 094421016R Suraksha Trust

5135. 094421020R Institute for Development Research and Policy

5136. 094421022R Sree Sangama Educational, Social and Cultural Society

5137. 094421035R Humane Touch Trust

5138. 094421038R Bangalore Cantonment Rotary Trust

5139. 094421040R Samyukt Gujarati Samaj(Karnataka)

5140. 094421044R Srinivasa Trust

5141. 094421046R Arulsamy Education Trust

5142. 094421050R Karunya Rural Health Care Society

5143. 094421052R Baba Saheb Ambedkar Shatamanotsava Samiti Trust

5144. 094421059R Little Flower Service Society

5145. 094421062R Krishna Trust

5146. 094421063R Sri Gurukrupa Education Society

5147. 094421066R Islamic Academy of Education

5148. 094421068R Global christian Network INC

5149. 094421069R Asha Jeevan Home for the aged

5150. 094421072R Sukruthi Mahila Seva Samaj

5151. 094421074R Indira Memorial Voluntary Organisation

5152. 094421076R Karnataka State Aids Prevention Society

5153. 094421078R Fides India Society

5154. 094421079R St. Francis Sales Educational and charitable Trust

5155. 094421081R Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health

5156. 094421084R The Society of the Daughters of St.Paul Bangalore

5157. 094421086R Sneha Seva Samudaya

5158. 094421087R Emmanuel Orphanage and child Care Centre

5159. 094440003R Kolhapur Diocesan Boy’s Hostel

5160. 094440006R Teachers Basic Training College

5161. 094440008R Baynon Smith High School

5162. 094440018R Beynon Smith School of Fine Arts

5163. 094440028R District Womens Work Gokak

5164. 094440029R Methodist Co-educational Primary School

5165. 094440030R Belgaum Methodist Hostel

5166. 094440031R Pro.congregation Of Sisters Of St.charls

5167. 094440040R Medico Friend Circle

5168. 094440050R Integrated Rural Development Centre

5169. 094440051R The Association Of The Physically Handicapped

5170. 094440056R Success Shivankala Mandal

5171. 094440058R SAMARPANA Non- Government Voluntary Organisation,


5172. 094440062R Chiklodi Taluka Gramodyog Karbadar Ka. Shakaru Sangh Ltd.

5173. 094440066R Women’s Welfare Society

5174. 094440068R Nutan Education Trust

5175. 094440069R Kastakala Rural Handicraft Development Association Of Hirebu

5176. 094440077R Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama

5177. 094440078R Health Care Trust

5178. 094440079R Mahila Vidayak Sansad

5179. 094440082R United Social Welfare Association of Belgaum

5180. 094450005R Community Development Society

5181. 094450007R Christian Ministry

5182. 094450014R Divya Jyothi Association For The Disabled

5183. 094450018R Khidmat – Ul – Muslameen

5184. 094450027R Shravana Rural Dev.Medical Foundation & Rehabilition Welfare

5185. 094450028R Nava Jyothi Rural Development Medical Foundation and

Rehabilitation Welfare Association

5186. 094450029R Shri S. Nijalingappa National Education and rural Development

Service Trust

5187. 094450030R Full Gospel Ministry Trust

5188. 094460002R Sarvodaya Sewa Mandal

5189. 094460010R Bidar Methodist Womens Work

5190. 094460012R District Women’s Work

5191. 094460016R Brotherhood Rural Economic Assistance

5192. 094460020R Mahatma Phule Education Society

5193. 094460023R Chandrashekar Education Society

5194. 094460025R Bharathiya Education Society

5195. 094460027R Indira Memorial Education Society

5196. 094460028R Chywan Ayurvedic Education Society

5197. 094460030R Rashtriya Santosh Education Society

5198. 094460031R Deepak Education Soceity

5199. 094460034R Baswa Karya Samiti Kotgyal

5200. 094460035R Seamonds Memorial Education Society For Rural Development

5201. 094460041R St. Peter’s Education Trust

5202. 094460042R The Karnataka Rashtriya Education Society

5203. 094460045R Sri Revansidheshwar Education Trust

5204. 094470003R The Blind Relief Association

5205. 094470004R Shri Raghvendra Netra Seva Kendra

5206. 094470007R Shri Amogasidda Education And Social Association

5207. 094470008R Net Work For Interior Main Land Of Bheem And Ambient Laity

5208. 094470013R Seeda

5209. 094470014R Bhasyarhri Mahila Mandal

5210. 094470015R Rural Development Society

5211. 094470016R Chetana Vikas

5212. 094470017R Lord

5213. 094470018R Shri Rajivgandhi Social Welfare Association

5214. 094470019R Shree Manjunath Shiksha Samithi

5215. 094470020R Mother Teresa Welfare Educational Society

5216. 094470021R Shri Jagadguru Gurusiddeswar Vidyavar .and Sansthe

5217. 094470023R Vijeta Devdasi Nirmaulana Sangh

5218. 094470024R Sri Siddalingeshwara Vidya Vardhaka Sangha

5219. 094470025R Shree Shreedhar Swamy Vidya Vardhak Sangha

5220. 094470026R Sri Siddalingeshwara Rural Dev.society

5221. 094470028R Pawanagangothri Education And Rural Integrated Development


5222. 094470034R People Organisation for Wasteland and Environment


5223. 094480001R Joseph Nilaya Family Helper Project

5224. 094480008R The Rural Poor Dev. Soceity

5225. 094480014R Sharda Dhmavantri Charitable Hospital

5226. 094480019R Tarikeri Pentacostal Association

5227. 094480025R Ashwini Vruthi Sikshana Samasthe

5228. 094490002R St. Mary’s Convent

5229. 094490004R Jyothi Seva Kendra

5230. 094490005R Anathasevashram Trust

5231. 094490008R Sri Tipprudraswamy Gramodyoga Samgha

5232. 094490011R S.J M Hospital Medical Education And Research Society

5233. 094490012R Sri.Dr B. R. Ambedkar Education Association

5234. 094490014R Sri Durgeshwari Education Society

5235. 094490015R Sri Kalpataru Educational And Rural Development Society

5236. 094490022R Sri Devraj Urs Education Society

5237. 094490024R K.veerabhadrappa,b.k.rajashekarappa Trust

5238. 094490025R Society For Human Resource And Rural


5239. 094510001R St Annes Family Helper Project

5240. 094510002R Sri Sadguru Sai Shankar Trust

5241. 094510003R Our Lady Of Verclines Convent

5242. 094510005R Adoration Convent

5243. 094510006R Pahadi Trust

5244. 094510007R Lourds Hill Convent

5245. 094510010R Salcida Damda Ashram

5246. 094510013R Shanti Nilaya Family Helper Project

5247. 094510015R St Ann’s Convent

5248. 094510017R St Peter Convent

5249. 094510018R St Peter’s Adoration Convent

5250. 094510019R Parish Society Church Of Our Lady Lourds

5251. 094510028R Rural India Health Project Hospital

5252. 094510032R Virajpet Parish Society

5253. 094520003R Dharwar District Council For Child Welfare

5254. 094520005R Agricultural Consultancy And Service Association

5255. 094520009R Bharat Evangelical Fellowship

5256. 094520013R Khadi Gramodyaga Sangh

5257. 094520014R Church Of South India

5258. 094520016R Shri Rajeshwari Vidyaniketan

5259. 094520019R Dr.Rudulf Stener’s Educational And Welfare Society

5260. 094520021R Kalaposhaka Sangh[ regd]

5261. 094520024R Anjuman-e-Islam Polytechnic

5262. 094520025R Hindulida Samayada Vidyavardhaka Sangha

5263. 094520029R Community Health And Family Planning Centre

5264. 094520030R Spandan Sankuilik Andolan

5265. 094520034R Vanitha Samaj

5266. 094520035R Bapuji Educational Association

5267. 094520036R Anjuman-e-darsul Quran’s Riyazool

5268. 094520037R Sri Manjunatha Vidya Samustha

5269. 094520038R Anglo Urdu School Committee

5270. 094520043R Insititute for Development Agriculture and Rural Youths

5271. 094540001R Seamands Boys Hostel Project

5272. 094540002R St Joseph’s Convent Girls High School

5273. 094540004R South Indian Conference Methodist Church

5274. 094540006R Chiranjeevi Higher Primary School

5275. 094540008R Voluntary Health Plan Holston Hospital

5276. 094540009R Gulbarga District Womens Work

5277. 094540011R Vijaya Vidayalaya Composite Jr. College

5278. 094540012R Grama Swarajya Sangh Shorapur

5279. 094540013R Methodist Woments Work Methodist Church

5280. 094540014R Lou Ann Long Methodist Girls Hostel

5281. 094540015R Linn Health Centre

5282. 094540016R Jeevan Vidalaya Lower Primary School

5283. 094540017R Chiranjeevi Higher Primary School

5284. 094540019R Shanti Sadan College Hostel

5285. 094540020R Scholarship For Higher Edu For Women

5286. 094540022R Ministry To Womens Fund

5287. 094540024R Anand Vidyalaya Hostel District Women’s Work

5288. 094540027R Mount Carmel Convent

5289. 094540028R Vocational Ednal Society

5290. 094540029R Seamands Boys Hostel

5291. 094540030R Seamonds Boys Hostel

5292. 094540034R Islamia Education Society

5293. 094540035R Devanajiurs Memorial Education Society

5294. 094540037R Gautham Welfare Society

5295. 094540038R Vidya Village Integrated Rural Development

5296. 094540039R Haznath Shaik Minhajuddin Ansari Kallerawan Charitable Trust

5297. 094540040R Grama Pragati Seva Samithy

5298. 094540041R Integrated Development Organistion

5299. 094540043R Shri Manik Prabhu Youth Social Welfare Society

5300. 094540048R Kamadhenu Education And Rural Integrated Development Trust

5301. 094540049R Rakesh Roshan Education Society

5302. 094540050R Al-farooq Education Society

5303. 094540052R Hyderabad Karnataka Nirgatika Women’s And Devadasiyara

5304. 094540053R Elite Education And Welfare Society

5305. 094540054R Feroz Shah Memorial Education Society,

5306. 094540056R Gulbarga Integrated Rural Lead Society of India

5307. 094540057R Jawahar Education Society

5308. 094540058R Basaveshwar Shikshan Samsthe

5309. 094540059R Sant Kabirdas Education Society Gulbarga

5310. 094550003R Blue Mountain Educational Society

5311. 094550008R Firdose Mahila Samaja

5312. 094550009R Sairam Mahila Samaja Pension Mohalla

5313. 094550010R Sri Kantha Vidya Samste

5314. 094550013R Harsita Alur Yojane

5315. 094560004R Marian Family Helper Project

5316. 094560006R Association For Human Development

5317. 094560009R Evangel Taberande Society

5318. 094560010R Zion Full Gospal Church Trust

5319. 094560011R Pnakini Rural Devp. Society

5320. 094560012R Ester Memorial Charitable Trust

5321. 094560013R FCA Charitable Trust

5322. 094570006R Teresian Family Helper Project

5323. 094570011R St Paul’s Family Helper Project

5324. 094570012R Anjuman-e-hyderi Polytechnic

5325. 094570029R St Paul’s Family Helper Project

5326. 094570030R Kolar District Evangelical Rural Integrated Educationaltraining

5327. 094570031R Suman Villa Family Helper Project

5328. 094570034R Sunanda

5329. 094570036R Etcm Community Health Creche

5330. 094570037R Hilal Fine Arts And Cultural Trust

5331. 094570041R Methodist Girls School And Hostel

5332. 094570044R South India Methodist Medical Fellowship

5333. 094570046R Ethodist Womens Work Retiremen Home

5334. 094570050R South India Biblical Seminary

5335. 094570051R Budikote Community Development Project

5336. 094570056R Mallappanahalli Gramabhuvrudhi Sangam

5337. 094570059R Guribidannur Taluk Sarvodaya Trust

5338. 094570060R Good News Movement

5339. 094570062R Linguistic Minorities Dev. Trust

5340. 094570064R Shatha Shrunga Seva Sadan

5341. 094570066R Cauvery Rural Sc/st Dev Society

5342. 094570068R Integrated Rural Development Society

5343. 094570069R Pawan Integrated Rural Development Social Welfare Society

5344. 094570070R Bagepalli Rural Development Society

5345. 094570073R Kumar Gramodyoga Sangha

5346. 094570076R Kamdenu Welfare Trust

5347. 094570083R Mother Thearesa Edu Society

5348. 094570084R Maruthi Integrated Rural Development & Social Welfare Society

5349. 094570085R Sri Priradarshini Mahila

5350. 094570087R Karthik Foundation

5351. 094570088R Basavatharakam Educational Trust

5352. 094570089R Shri Ambika Educational Trust

5353. 094570090R Agricultural Development And Rural Educational Society

5354. 094570092R Natural Health Service Education & Rural Development Society

5355. 094570093R Gandhi Welfare Society

5356. 094570094R Sreee Varu Backward Area Rural Development Society

5357. 094570095R Sri M.Y K Saraswathi Khadi Gramodyoga Sangha

5358. 094570096R Jai Bharat Deaf Children’s Residential School And Development


5359. 094570097R Sunrise Rural Development Project

5360. 094570098R Tippu Welfare Trust

5361. 094570101R Shri Sharada Vidya Niketan

5362. 094570104R Grameen Mahila Vikas

5363. 094570106R Bhavya Rural Development Society

5364. 094570109R Sri Manjunatha Kalabhiruddi Education Society

5365. 094570113R Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

5366. 094570115R Guru Siadalingeshwara Gramina Abhivrudhi Sangha

5367. 094570116R Society For Socio Economic Emancipation & Village Autonomy

5368. 094570117R Sadhana Rural Development Trust

5369. 094570122R Bargarpet Taluk Women’s Association

5370. 094570125R Samagra Grameena Kendra

5371. 094570126R Praja Abrudhi Kendra

5372. 094570128R Deendayal Jana Seva Samiti

5373. 094570130R Sri Kamakshi Rural Development And Educational Trust

5374. 094570131R Garudadri Seva Sangha

5375. 094570133R Shri Balaji Education & Sports Trust

5376. 094570134R Jeevajala Mahila Sevashrama

5377. 094570148R Madarasa-e-darul-quran

5378. 094570166R Comprehensive Community Development Trust

5379. 094570168R Suma Khadi Gramodyoga Sangha,

5380. 094570173R Ammaji Mahila Sangha

5381. 094570174R Divya Shanthi Educational and Charitable Trust

5382. 094570175R Paul Ministries

5383. 094570176R Sri Siddalingeshwara Unne Nekarara Kshemabhivruddi Sangha

5384. 094580002R Pandarapura Parish Society

5385. 094580004R Social Work Centre Vimalaya

5386. 094580012R Seva Sadana

5387. 094580016R Christalaya Hadanur Thendekere

5388. 094580017R Association For Community And Rural Education

5389. 094580021R Cathedral Parish Society

5390. 094580024R Mysore Samaja Kendra

5391. 094580025R Ashraya Trust Udayagiri

5392. 094580026R River Valley Organisation For Rural Development

5393. 094580027R Ganesh Education Society

5394. 094580029R Sri Swamy Vidya Samasthe

5395. 094580031R Academy Of Sanskrit Research

5396. 094590023R Kollegal Girls Home

5397. 094590024R Lisieux Carmel Convent

5398. 094590026R Pushpashrama Periyapatana

5399. 094590032R Carmel Convent

5400. 094590034R St John Baptist Covent

5401. 094590035R Viswa Shanthisamsthan Sapnapura Ratnapur

5402. 094590042R Teresian Convent’manoranjan Mahal’

5403. 094590046R Kuldur Parish Society

5404. 094590052R Enedsa

5405. 094590053R Trust For Human And Community Development

5406. 094590061R Rotary Club Of Krishnarajnagar

5407. 094590062R Water Dev And Adult Literacy Project Dt

5408. 094590063R Sermey Thoesam School

5409. 094590064R Sermey Dratsang (sermey Monastary)

5410. 094590071R Tashy Dhargay Monastery

5411. 094590075R St.thomas Parish Society

5412. 094590079R The Literacy Christian Centre

5413. 094590084R Chamrjanagar Development Society

5414. 094590085R Prakash Palayam Parish Society

5415. 094590088R Mysore Chinmaya Seva Trust

5416. 094590093R Dr. Iqbal Nursery 7 Primary School

5417. 094590099R Dudee Organisation For Rural Reconstruction

5418. 094590104R Mysore Educational Social & Cultural Organisation

5419. 094590107R The Cuhodhi Tashi Lhunpo Cultural Society

5420. 094590110R Sakyappa Monastic Cultural Society

5421. 094590113R Dzhgehen Monastic Cultural Society

5422. 094590123R University Of Mysore

5423. 094590124R Rural Institute For Social Employment

5424. 094590128R Vijay Foundation

5425. 094590129R University Of Mysore

5426. 094590131R People’s Education Trust

5427. 094590134R Seva Bharati Trust

5428. 094590135R J.S S Consultancy Trust

5429. 094590140R Jamiath-e- Khudad Trust

5430. 094590142R Vishwajyothi Vidya Samsthe

5431. 094590157R Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara Mahavidyapeetha

5432. 094590164R Central Food Technological Research Institute

5433. 094590170R Rotary Mysore Brindavan

5434. 094600003R The Christa Mitra Family Helper Project

5435. 094600006R Parish Of St Vincent Ferrers

5436. 094600009R Himalayan Indian Buddhist Students Welfare Association

5437. 094600012R Doigulip Tibetan Resettlement Hospital Association

5438. 094600016R Holy Rosary Convent

5439. 094600018R Religious And Cultural Protection Society

5440. 094600027R All Karnataka Siddi Development Association

5441. 094600034R Sowbhagya Health And Education

5442. 094600035R Sri Idagurugi

5443. 094600036R Society Of Charity Holy Angels Convent

5444. 094600037R St Anthonys Education Society

5445. 094600045R Dharmajyoti Society

5446. 094600047R Vishwadarshana Education Society

5447. 094600049R North Canara Sacesian Missionaries Of Mary Immaculate, .

5448. 094600054R Kadamba Charitable Foundation

5449. 094600055R Vishwadarshana Education Society, Yellapur

5450. 094600057R Shri Datta Umamaheshwar Temple Nadghar Trust

5451. 094610002R Methodist Women’s Work

5452. 094610004R Sirwar Health Centre

5453. 094610009R Methodist Composite Jr College

5454. 094610012R Methodist Boys Hostel

5455. 094610013R Rural Development Technical Education Society

5456. 094610016R Shivapadma Vidya Samsthe

5457. 094610018R Vidyananda Gurukula Education Trust

5458. 094610021R Suparna Women’s Welfare Association

5459. 094610022R R`reach Society – Raichur

5460. 094610028R Jana Hitha

5461. 094620002R Padmaramdas Memorial Trust

5462. 094620012R Akshara Prakashana

5463. 094620013R Church Of Christ

5464. 094620015R Shri Sujanaseva Mahila Mandali

5465. 094620026R Swamy Vivekananda Vidya Samithi

5466. 094620032R Vishwabharati Trust

5467. 094620033R Sri Sharada Devi Andhara Vikasa Kendra

5468. 094620034R Dharma Chakra Trust

5469. 094620035R Rural Community Science Centre Trust

5470. 094620036R Madeenath-Ul-Uloom Education Trust

5471. 094630001R The Society For The Welfare Of Disabled

5472. 094630021R The Crescent Welfare Centre

5473. 094630022R Ullal B M School

5474. 094630046R The Academy Of General Education

5475. 094630051R Karnataka Holy Cross Sisters Society

5476. 094630055R Anruthalalji High School

5477. 094630061R Madanthayar Parish Education And Relief Account

5478. 094630072R St Martin Defore Hosptal

5479. 094630081R Ranipura Welfare Society

5480. 094630082R Franciscan Sisters Of Mary Conventof Our Lady Of Pilar

5481. 094630089R Mariashram Chapel Bishops House

5482. 094630095R Holy Cross Church (Milgres Church)

5483. 094630096R Fransiscan Sisters Of Mary Convent

5484. 094630098R The Christian Service Charitable Trust

5485. 094630100R Sst. Josephs Church, P.o. Bajpe

5486. 094630102R Seyyid Madani Chtble Trust

5487. 094630105R University Womens Association Of Bangalore

5488. 094630107R Parent Teacher Association Adeline

5489. 094630109R Mundkar Community Centre

5490. 094630128R Sudhana North Club

5491. 094630136R Rural Dev.&self Employmt.trg.institutes

5492. 094630139R Sujnana Trust

5493. 094630158R The Puttur Education Society

5494. 094630160R Sirsi Salesian Society

5495. 094630163R The Institution At Dharmasthala

5496. 094630166R Laxmi Memorial Education Trust,

5497. 094630167R Ajeya Trust,

5498. 094640002R G G Soams Memorial Farms And Rural Afforestation Training


5499. 094640003R The Rural Development Society

5500. 094640004R Our Lady Of Lourds Convent

5501. 094640007R Gramkalyana Gurukrupa

5502. 094640008R Al Huda Educational Society

5503. 094640012R Integrated Rural Development Society

5504. 094640013R Rural Social Service Society

5505. 094640016R Sree Siddaganga Mutt Sree Suivakumara Swamigalu Diamond


5506. 094640023R Mass Education & Environment Development Society

5507. 094640024R Indira Education Society

5508. 094640025R Dr.ambedkar Industrial And Rural Development Society

5509. 094640027R Sri Arakeswara Education Society

5510. 094640030R Jeads

5511. 094640031R Hazrath Madinshe Educational Society

5512. 094640032R Shri Shivaganga Education & Charitable Trust

5513. 094640033R Shanthiniketan Rural Development Trust

5514. 094640035R Integrated Rural Development Society

5515. 094640036R Sri Yuvaraja Vidya Samsthe

5516. 094640038R Social Action For Rural Development Society

5517. 094640040R The Development Society Of Weaker Secton

5518. 094640041R Sri Vinayaka Rural Development Society

5519. 094640043R Sri Hanyalu Channachar Education Society

5520. 094640044R Sri Sandeep Education & Multipurpose Development Welfare


5521. 094640046R Dar-ul-uloom Saudia Arabic College

5522. 094640049R Hazrat Madar Shah Makan

5523. 094640050R Karnataka State Harijan Girijan Organisation

5524. 094640054R Indian Rural Integrated Development Society

5525. 094640056R Multipurpose Organization for Training Health & Rehabitation

5526. 094640058R Karnataka Integrated Development Society

5527. 094640059R Rural Dev Elopment And Training Society

5528. 094640061R Kasturba Integrated Development Of Health,education

Environment And Re-

5529. 094640062R Punarchetana Grameena Abivuruddi Samsthe

5530. 094640063R Gayathri Education Society

5531. 094640065R Association for Welfare of Women and Rural Education

5532. 094640066R Sri Channabasaveshwara Swamy Rural Education Society

5533. 094640067R Pragathi Community Development Society

5534. 094690004R Vagjyothi Deaf And Dumb Disabled Welfare Society

5535. 094690006R Syndicate Rural Development Trust,

5536. 094690007R Rotary Club of Karkala Charitable Trust

5537. 094690008R Hattiangady Sri Siddhivinayaka Kshetra Development Trust

5538. 094690009R Jeevan Welfare Trust, Karkala


5539. 104820008R South Asia Baptist Missionary Fellowship

5540. 104820010R Education For Rural Poor

5541. 104820011R Daridra Narayan Seva Sanstha

5542. 104820012R Gandhi Sevashram Iswarlal Sisuvawan

5543. 104820015R Srima Dhyana Mandir

5544. 104820016R Harijan Surakhya Committee

5545. 104820017R Madhusudan Kusta Seva Samiti

5546. 104820018R Gopalpur College

5547. 104820021R Biswa Jyoti Club

5548. 104820022R Nehru Pathagara

5549. 104820030R Netaji Rural Welfare Organization

5550. 104820032R Parivartan

5551. 104820037R Chandrabhaga

5552. 104820039R Peoples Rural Re-construction Institute For Youth Action

5553. 104820042R Young Utkal Project

5554. 104820043R Teresa Loka Seba Sanstha

5555. 104820044R Bikash

5556. 104820049R National Awareness & Nurtrition Development Association

5557. 104820050R Krishna Sukuri Kanyashram

5558. 104820052R Mandal Pokhari Jubak Sangha Mandari

5559. 104820053R Assure

5560. 104820059R Gramya Unnayan Yuba Parisad

5561. 104820066R Satyanarayan Yuba Club

5562. 104820070R Shahara

5563. 104820072R May I Help You

5564. 104820084R Society For The Activities Of Health, Education And


5565. 104820091R Agnisikha Voluntary Organization

5566. 104820092R Nari And Sishu Kalyan Samitee

5567. 104820094R Green Life

5568. 104820096R Masum

5569. 104830003R National Institute Of Community Health

5570. 104830011R Madan Mohan Banashram

5571. 104830012R Natural Institute Of Social Change & Res. Gen

5572. 104830013R Development Innovatiors

5573. 104830016R Hungry & Oppressive Participation For Emancipation

5574. 104830018R Orisssa Centre For Oriental Research

5575. 104830021R Pranab Centre For Integrated Social Development

5576. 104830029R Action For Integrated Development Of India

5577. 104830030R Cerebrum

5578. 104830039R Jana Kalyan Samaj

5579. 104830041R Agricultural & Rural Development Consultancy Society.

5580. 104830042R L. C. Institute Of Social & Applied Sciences

5581. 104830059R Council For Research And Development Of Orissa.

5582. 104830077R Farm And Non-farm Sector Producers Society

5583. 104830080R Kalinga Animal Care And Shelter

5584. 104830082R Action Research And Orientation Of Human Values Through

Experiment &

5585. 104830083R Maa Hinjalakshaya Mahila Samiti

5586. 104830086R Orissa University Of Agriculture & Technology

5587. 104830088R Sudhanshumala Kanhucharan Mission

5588. 104830094R Jatiya Krusak Samukhya

5589. 104830103R Orissa Primary Education Programme Authority

5590. 104830104R Sookruti

5591. 104830108R Ambedkar Educational Complex,

5592. 104830110R Agency for International Development(AID),

5593. 104830112R Orissa State Disaster Mitigation Authority(OSDMA)

5594. 104830113R Renewable Energy and Agricultural Development Foundation

5595. 104830114R Students Welfare Institute,

5596. 104830115R Social Education and Economic Development Society

5597. 104830119R J.D.Centre of Art,

5598. 104830127R Udyog Vikas

5599. 104830128R Sadhana

5600. 104830131R Social Advancement and Nourishment for Community Kink

Eradication and Training

5601. 104830132R Orissa Environmental Society

5602. 104830133R Prayas

5603. 104830134R Jana Seva Samaj

5604. 104830136R Institute of Media Studies

5605. 104830137R Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar

5606. 104840001R Mission Boys M.e. School

5607. 104840002R Mission L.p. School

5608. 104840003R Gnyanaloka Diocese Of Sambalpur

5609. 104840004R Nava Jeevan Vidyapitha

5610. 104840007R Nava Jeevan Boys Hostel

5611. 104840009R Action Aid

5612. 104840010R Action Aid Project

5613. 104840011R Mission Girls M.e. School

5614. 104840016R Home Leprosy Research Trust

5615. 104840018R Jankalyan Pathagar

5616. 104840022R Radhakrishna Pathagar

5617. 104840023R Modern Club

5618. 104840024R Wanchayat Samiti College

5619. 104840025R Brajeswar Kalakunja

5620. 104840027R Bolangir District Craft Council

5621. 104840045R Centre For Rural & Women Development

5622. 104840052R Green Earth

5623. 104840053R Gramya Jyoti

5624. 104840056R Samaleswari Club

5625. 104850002R Rajib Gandhi Foundation For Rural Development

5626. 104850006R Bikalpa Bikash-Orissa

5627. 104850008R Peoples Integration and Union for Society

5628. 104850009R Society for Advancement of Rural community

5629. 104860002R Utakl Sarvodaya Mandal

5630. 104860003R Sarvodaya Relief Committee

5631. 104860008R Bapuji Bidya Pith

5632. 104860010R Balikana Children And Women Welfare Centre

5633. 104860011R Antyodaya Seva Kendra

5634. 104860018R Urban Cum-rural Development Society

5635. 104860020R Buckley Girls Hostel

5636. 104860022R Radhakrishna Charitable Dispensary

5637. 104860024R Gandhi Smarak

5638. 104860025R Yuvac

5639. 104860026R Maa Nanguli Seva Sangha

5640. 104860028R Gauri Shankar Youth Club

5641. 104860029R Sishu Ashram

5642. 104860030R Lakamayak Club

5643. 104860035R Ali Siddiqia Trust

5644. 104860036R Indian Hansenian Association

5645. 104860037R Guild Of Service

5646. 104860038R Sanjaya Kustha Seva Samity

5647. 104860042R Orissa Silk Khadi Utpadan Udyogik Samiti

5648. 104860044R Utkal Mahila Samiti

5649. 104860045R Sarba Mangal Yubak Sangha

5650. 104860046R Nil Adhab Yubak Sangha

5651. 104860047R Club Palli Rashmi Rekha

5652. 104860048R Kalika Yuba Bahime

5653. 104860050R Seva Samiti

5654. 104860054R Centre Of Upliftment Of Labour Incomers

5655. 104860057R Indian Medical Association

5656. 104860059R Club Romomtic

5657. 104860061R Gopabandhu Youth Club

5658. 104860062R Orissa Gama Education Society

5659. 104860063R Krishna Murty Society

5660. 104860070R International Association For Future Of Humanity

5661. 104860071R Chitta Binodan Kendra

5662. 104860079R Blue Stocking

5663. 104860081R The Citizen

5664. 104860085R Sarbodaya Seva Samiti

5665. 104860095R Siddhant

5666. 104860097R Society For Environment And Social Awareness

5667. 104860101R Sraddha

5668. 104860109R Bhumiputra Club

5669. 104860125R Netaji Subhash Seva Sadan Trust Board

5670. 104860126R Sampurna Centre for Womens Empowerment and Social


5671. 104860127R Indira Network of Social Action and Formation

5672. 104860128R Block Voluntary Organisation for Inprovement of Culture and


5673. 104860135R Diakonia

5674. 104870002R Avhas

5675. 104870012R Janakalyan Sebha Sanstha

5676. 104870024R Orissa Maritime Academy

5677. 104870027R Vasundhara

5678. 104870072R Mahamaya Weavers Handloom Development Society

5679. 104870090R Yuv Vandhu Cultural Group

5680. 104870091R Sidheswara Bani Mandir

5681. 104870093R Indian Cancer Society

5682. 104870094R Orissa Maritime Academy

5683. 104870095R Swami Vivekananda Swechhasevi Sangha

5684. 104870106R Salipur Kishove Nagar Yuba Pachishoa

5685. 104870111R Club Shree Jagannath

5686. 104870112R Utkal Seva Pratishan

5687. 104870113R Samajik Seva Samiti

5688. 104870117R Jajpur Harijan Seva Samiti

5689. 104870118R Juya Durga Jubak Sangha

5690. 104870124R Niladri Yubak Sangha

5691. 104870127R Club Blue Star

5692. 104870130R Woman Model Education Centre

5693. 104870132R Cuttack Zilla Ambedkar Memorial Org.

5694. 104870134R Jana Chetana

5695. 104870138R Maa Nimesui Nori Seva Sadan

5696. 104870159R Kishore Club

5697. 104870160R Kalinga Foundation Trust

5698. 104870162R Institute For Mentally Handicappcd & Social Action

5699. 104870166R Samaj Kalyan Samiti

5700. 104870168R Vivekananda Youth Association

5701. 104880005R Swami Jibananda Brahmachari Badhita Kalyan Institution

5702. 104890004R Miraben Ladies Mission

5703. 104890009R Chakradharee Village Welfare Club

5704. 104890011R Alok Yubak Sangha

5705. 104890013R Nehru Youth Club

5706. 104890014R Bibekananda Gramya Vikas Kendra

5707. 104890016R Romantic Club

5708. 104890017R Abaj-adivasi Harijan Seva Sangha

5709. 104890020R Bapujee Yuvak Sangha

5710. 104890021R Social Efforts For Voluntary Action

5711. 104890022R National Institute Of Social Res.f.u.r.t

5712. 104890027R Youth Welfare And Reconstruction Centre

5713. 104890030R Nav Jyoti Kishore Club

5714. 104890031R Peoples Organisation For Welfare

5715. 104890033R Swaraj Khalbala Tarawa

5716. 104890037R Polli Vikas Kendra

5717. 104890039R People’s Organisation Of Welfare Enterpreneurship and


5718. 104890042R Mahila Unnayan Pathagar (mup)

5719. 104890044R Social Welfare and Rural Development

5720. 104890045R JKS United Education Development Society

5721. 104890047R Human Resource Development Action And Research

5722. 104890048R Jeevan Jyoti Club For Social Welfare & Rural Development

5723. 104890050R Happbikas

5724. 104890051R B. Bys. Bighna Binashan Yubak Sangha

5725. 104890052R I. W.I. International Welfare Instuten

5726. 104890054R Mother Teresa Ladies Mission.

5727. 104890056R Janajagarana Vikas Samaj

5728. 104890060R Netaji Yuvak Sangha

5729. 104890061R Social Insitute of Community Welfare

5730. 104890066R National Association for Men For Mankind

5731. 104890067R Jana Vikash Kendra

5732. 104890068R Master Institute for Training Research & Rural Advancement

5733. 104890069R Bira

5734. 104890071R Irdep

5735. 104890072R Aask

5736. 104890077R Pragati Cultural Club

5737. 104890080R National Equity Trust

5738. 104890085R Iswar

5739. 104890086R District Harijan Adivasi Development Organisation

5740. 104890087R Pally Vikas Kendra

5741. 104890089R Kasturi Bai Mahila Samiti

5742. 104890095R All Orissa Research Institute For Development Of Woman


5743. 104890097R Jaya Durga Mahila Samiti

5744. 104890098R Rovin Club

5745. 104890100R Zilla Harijana & Adivasi Kalyan Mahasangha

5746. 104890101R Sri Ran Krishan Ashrama

5747. 104890104R Manpower Institute Of Research

5748. 104890110R Useful Technique To Achieve Morality

5749. 104890111R Noble Institute For Rural Mutual Action And Aids

5750. 104890114R Surakhya

5751. 104890119R Rural Organisation For People’s Empowerment

5752. 104890124R Development Education Service for Health

5753. 104900003R Association for Social Work and Social Research in Orissa

5754. 104910010R Bapuji Gramya Kalyana Samaja

5755. 104910024R Central School For Tibetans

5756. 104910025R Rubhikulya Milk Producers Coop Society Ltd.

5757. 104910028R Bapuji Sevashram

5758. 104910030R Pragati Pathagar

5759. 104910031R Netji Subhash Yuvak Sangha

5760. 104910032R Bana Devi Sewa Mandal

5761. 104910038R Aurobindo Club

5762. 104910039R Sarbodata Samajika Kendra

5763. 104910041R Anushanti

5764. 104910045R Young India Socitey

5765. 104910051R Kalaniketan Training Cum Production Centre

5766. 104910057R Gramodyog

5767. 104910058R Anchalika Prasad Sanskuntia Sansad

5768. 104910067R Social Association & Tyros Help.institut

5769. 104910073R Moogam

5770. 104910084R Upkar,

5771. 104910085R Sri Venkateswar Educational and Health Trust

5772. 104910089R Appex Guide Line

5773. 104920002R Viswa Seva Sangha Trust

5774. 104930007R New Life Movement India

5775. 104940002R Help For Environment & Love For People

5776. 104940004R Orissa Rural Innovation Social Service Association

5777. 104940005R Orissa Voluntary Association For Rural Social Development

5778. 104940006R Nabajagaran Pathagar

5779. 104940007R Live And Let Live

5780. 104940009R Ideal Society

5781. 104940012R Sri Aurobindo Seva Sanstha

5782. 104940019R Council for Human Awakeness and Rebuild India Through Youth

5783. 104950009R Udjogi Young Farmers Club

5784. 104950010R Oxfam West Orissa Programme

5785. 104950013R Central India Missionary Association of UCBWM

5786. 104950019R Dinabandhu Yubak Sangha

5787. 104950025R Nash Seva Pratistam

5788. 104950026R Council For Humanitarian Action And Rural Welfare Mandal

5789. 104950029R Adibasi Sanskruti Gabesanga Parishad

5790. 104950045R Dina Bandhu

5791. 104960004R Social Work And Research Centre

5792. 104960005R Red Cross Rotary Society For Handicapped

5793. 104960007R The Nandapur Gramanidhi Sangh

5794. 104960014R Orissa Voluntary Health Association

5795. 104960015R Padwa Gramdani Sangha

5796. 104960018R Danish Missionary Society In East Jeypore

5797. 104960021R Bana Bharti

5798. 104960023R New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust

5799. 104960025R Sangeet Natak Parishad

5800. 104960027R Adivasi Chritiya Samaj

5801. 104960037R Centre For Rural Development Society

5802. 104960051R Rural Devpt Agency For Backward People

5803. 104960055R The Society For Human Development

5804. 104960057R Pragati, Koraput

5805. 104960059R Deati Society

5806. 104960063R Spiritual Health Education & Economical Paradise

5807. 104960067R Gospel Development for Orissa

5808. 104970001R Community Health Extension Project

5809. 104970005R Lok Kalyan Samiti

5810. 104970045R Viswa Vikash Sevashram

5811. 104970050R Centre for integrated Tribal and Rural Development

5812. 104970052R Social Welfare Organisation of Rural Development

5813. 104990004R Biswa Bandhu Sevak Sangh

5814. 104990010R Betnoti College

5815. 104990014R Chitrada Dakhina Sahi

5816. 104990016R Ranjit Club

5817. 104990021R Bananee Yuva Parisada

5818. 104990025R Jatiya Chetana Vikas

5819. 104990039R People’s Institute For Development & Action

5820. 105010005R Moorshed Memorial Christian Hospital

5821. 105010006R Home For Tribal Children

5822. 105010014R Adibasi Cultural Society

5823. 105010016R Bapuji Youba Sangha

5824. 105010020R Samanwita Gramya Unnayan Samiti

5825. 105010023R Vikas Bharati

5826. 105010028R Swadesi, Sowai Weaker Economic Service Institution

5827. 105010035R Adivasi Harijan Integrated Mass Social Agency

5828. 105020001R Jayadurga Trolly Rickshaw Chalak Association

5829. 105020002R Nehru Seva Sangh

5830. 105020006R The Orissa Association For The Blind

5831. 105020010R Palli Kalyan Samiti

5832. 105020013R Centre For Youth & Integrated Development

5833. 105020018R Yoga Niketana

5834. 105020021R Jana Mangal Samity

5835. 105020022R Anusila Mahila Samiti

5836. 105020025R Gopabandhu Darodra Narayan Seva Sangh

5837. 105020026R Centre For Rural Reconstruction & Social Service

5838. 105020027R Shri Jagannatha Vardhik Sikshy Anustun

5839. 105020028R All India Indira Kusta Seva Samiti

5840. 105020031R Bidgut Club

5841. 105020033R Achyata Nanda Club

5842. 105020034R Sarbaseva Jankalyan Anusthan

5843. 105020035R Mahanta Banamali Das, Memorial Library

5844. 105020036R Word Wide Faith Missions

5845. 105020037R Raneswar Juba Parisad

5846. 105020043R Orissa Association For The Deaf

5847. 105020048R Badada Yubak Sangha

5848. 105020052R Apsara Mahila Samiti

5849. 105020055R Mo Club

5850. 105020056R Institute Of Social And Applied Research

5851. 105020058R Social Upliftment & Self Real. On Instt.

5852. 105020060R Club Sewa

5853. 105020061R Vivekananda Memorial Club & Library

5854. 105020063R Ram Chandi Mahila Samiti

5855. 105020068R Bijaya Sankritik Pathagwe

5856. 105020072R Utkal Bharati Yuba Sangath

5857. 105020076R Bishwajit Club

5858. 105020081R Rural Initiative For Self-reliance Educ.

5859. 105020083R Orissa Dance Academy

5860. 105020085R Child Care & Educational Devl Foundation

5861. 105020091R Utkal Women’s Welfare Organisation

5862. 105020093R Jana Vikas

5863. 105020097R Dips Communication Centre

5864. 105020101R Mahila Vikas Samabaya Nigam

5865. 105020104R Vikas Institute For Mentally & Physically Handicapped

5866. 105020105R Instt Of Animal Resources Devl Technolog

5867. 105020107R Kiehakeswari Social & Rural Welfare Organisation

5868. 105020110R Guru Mahima Yuvak Sangha

5869. 105020114R Maa Anantai Yuba Parishad

5870. 105020115R Kalinga Sheeta

5871. 105020116R Aruna Udaya Yubak Sangh

5872. 105020123R Orissa State Volunteers & Social Workers Assocition

5873. 105020131R Centre Of Youth For The Dev.of Artists

5874. 105020133R Suiya Mahila Samiti

5875. 105020134R Dakhina Chandi Jubak Sangha

5876. 105020135R Atasee – A Socio- Cultural Institution

5877. 105020136R Trimuti Youth Club

5878. 105020138R Swami Vivekandanda Club

5879. 105020139R Gandhiji Seva Pawisa

5880. 105020141R Natyak Lok

5881. 105020144R Shri Krishana Institute Of Social Service And Culture

5882. 105020145R Orissa State Council For Child Welfare

5883. 105020146R Gopinath Jew Club

5884. 105020148R Artatrana Yuba Parisada

5885. 105020149R Bhargabi Club

5886. 105020153R Pragati Voluntary Organisation

5887. 105020154R Social Welfare Resource Centre

5888. 105020156R Lalita Kala Pilta,

5889. 105020157R Sanskar

5890. 105020158R Council of Computer Professionals

5891. 105020161R Professionals Association For Action &

5892. 105020169R Karigar

5893. 105020173R Trimurci Club

5894. 105020174R Vikas Valui

5895. 105020175R Janvikash

5896. 105020180R Swadesh Foundation

5897. 105020184R Society For Rural Development

5898. 105020188R Madan Mohan Smiti Club

5899. 105020190R New Light Voluntary Organisation

5900. 105020192R Organisation For Rural Development And Energy Research

5901. 105020193R Sudhai Cultural & Social Assocation

5902. 105020198R Motivatiing And Organising For Voluntary Effort

5903. 105020200R The Patriot

5904. 105020206R Social Welfare Organisation &

5905. 105020208R Kalinga Womrn Sewing &handicrafts Samity

5906. 105020211R Jay Mangla Jubak Sangha

5907. 105020212R Jay Maa Domani Mahila Samiti

5908. 105020220R Centre For Development Action

5909. 105020230R Centre For Human Research &dev.studies

5910. 105020233R Sri Ramanandacharya Kanva Veda Pathsala

5911. 105020239R Nrushingnath Voluntary Organisation

5912. 105020244R Indrayumna Club

5913. 105020251R Society For Environmental Action & Restoration Of Cultural


5914. 105020253R Social Welfare Development Organisation

5915. 105020266R Movement Organised To Restore Earth(more)

5916. 105020269R Shri Jagannath Temple Managing Committee, Puri

5917. 105020272R F.M. Welfare Club(FMWC)

5918. 105020277R Gram Vikas Sahayak Sanstha

5919. 105020278R Nilachala Nari Seba Samity

5920. 105020280R Global Vision

5921. 105020281R Bright Association for Noble and Decent Human Understanding

5922. 105020282R National Youth Organisation

5923. 105030005R Association For Women’s Action And Rural Development

5924. 105030012R Citrap

5925. 105030014R Srusti Mahila Samity

5926. 105030019R Social Association for Rural Progress

5927. 105040002R Mahila Sarva Unnayan Samiti

5928. 105050001R Banadurga Sanskrutik Parishad

5929. 105050004R Peoples Association for Rural Re-Construction

5930. 105050007R The Alacrity

5931. 105060006R Drought Relief Programme Of Diocese Of Sambalpur

5932. 105060007R Community Development Project

5933. 105060008R Bal Sadan Ambapali

5934. 105060012R Viswa Seva Institution

5935. 105060020R Diptipur Middle English School

5936. 105060024R Axene Evangelical Mission

5937. 105060025R Gandhi Seva Sangha

5938. 105060028R Chandani Association

5939. 105060029R Kasturba Gandhi Matruniketan

5940. 105060054R Creative Education Society

5941. 105060056R Organisation For Removing Regional Imbalances & Social

Injustice Of Society

5942. 105060059R Social Education for Basic Awareness

5943. 105060060R Adivasi Social and Cultural Society

5944. 105070007R Gossner College Hostel

5945. 105070009R Rourkela Shishu Bhawan

5946. 105070010R Nirmala Nilaya Carmel Convent

5947. 105070011R Pabitra Atma Convent

5948. 105070012R Mary Womens Welfare And Traning Centre

5949. 105070013R Distinct Illustration On Supplementary Chemical Operationl.

5950. 105070016R Indian Institute For Foreman Training

5951. 105070017R Mahatma Gandhi Anatha Seva Ashram

5952. 105070020R Naba Jyoto Club

5953. 105070022R Rural Development Centre

5954. 105070023R Hasanpur Urdu School

5955. 105070024R Srimat Dayand Vedic Sansthan

5956. 105070029R Orind Rural Development Society

5957. 105070036R Mahulpali Yubak Sangha

5958. 105070039R Birsa Muwa Statue Commitee

5959. 105070041R Little Orchard Vivid For Ecstasy

5960. 105070044R Sankalpa

5961. 105070046R Regional Rehabilitation And Research Center

5962. 105070050R Global Art and Culture

5963. 105070051R Social Association for Nouarishment Training and Improvement

5964. 105080009R Rourkela Sisu Bhavan

5965. 105120004R Deepti

5966. 105140001R Indian Art & Craft Academy For Women

5967. 105180004R Animal Resources Development Agency

5968. 105180006R Yugamurti Seva Ashram

5969. 105190001R Nabajyothi Janaseba Samiti

5970. 105190002R Sadasiva Seva Pratishthan

5971. 105190003R Educare

5972. 105190005R Kasturee


5973. 115210001R The Leprosy Home and Hospital

5974. 115210011R Saint Marys Hospital

5975. 115210014R Rotary World Eye Foundation Intraocular Lens Society

5976. 115210017R Guru Gobind Singh Education Society

5977. 115210021R Maharaja Baba Dev Singh Charitable Trust

5978. 115210025R Anand Model Educational Society,

5979. 115210026R Dr.Hehnemann Social and Welfare Society

5980. 115230001R Methodist Church in India

5981. 115230002R Mission Primary School

5982. 115230003R Bhatinda Disrict of Methodist Church of India

5983. 115230004R Parmanand Dham Kusht Ashram

5984. 115260003R Batala Rural Community Development Project

5985. 115260007R Womens Christian Service

5986. 115260010R Avalon K.G. & Primary School

5987. 115260012R Little Flower Capuchin Service Society

5988. 115260022R Adarsh Kusht Ashram

5989. 115260023R Sewa Sadan Leporsy Colony

5990. 115270005R Word of Life Fellowship

5991. 115280011R Rajan Memorial Hospital & Opthalmic Institute

5992. 115280015R Shiv Ram Lajwanti Manchanda Memorial Arya Samaj Charitable


5993. 115280025R Jalandhar Welfare Society,

5994. 115280027R Holy Trinity Seminary Church Society

5995. 115290001R Sri Guru Ravidas Educational Trust

5996. 115290003R Bebe Nankiistri Satsang Charitable Trust

5997. 115290004R Ganga Nirualla Kusht Ashram

5998. 115300006R Ewing Christian Primary School

5999. 115300012R Punjab Education Board of Church of North India

6000. 115300016R Punjab Agricultural University

6001. 115310002R Sundran Community Development Project

6002. 115310004R Centre For Community Deelopment & Technology

6003. 115310005R Krisnopur Kusht Lachar Sewa Sangh

6004. 115310007R Senior Citizens Welfare Association

6005. 115310009R Krishna Puri Kushtlachar Seva Sangh

6006. 115310010R Baba Fand Memorial Society

6007. 115310011R Nishkam Sewa Kendra

6008. 115320007R National Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research

6009. 115320009R Nevedac Prosthetic Centre

6010. 115320012R Maranatha Educational & Welfare Society

6011. 115320013R The Global Education Promotion Society of India(GEPSI)

6012. 115330001R Bhatinda District of Delhi Regional Conference of Methodist

Church in India

6013. 115330004R Rural Organisation for Medical Assistance

6014. 115330005R Luxmi Social Welfare Society,

6015. 115340004R Shiv Shakti Kusht Ashram

6016. 115360001R Noel Mission School


6017. 125410002R Cefris Comextn for Rural Improvement Society

6018. 125410013R Rajasthan Christian Central Mission Board of Secondary


6019. 125410015R Rajasthan Church Council Association

6020. 125410016R Shri Prabhat Netra Seva Sadan Samiti

6021. 125410019R Lions Club Ajmer

6022. 125410020R Vikas Mandal Trust

6023. 125410026R Shri Ram Dhan Trust

6024. 125410028R Mayo College Central Council Society

6025. 125410035R Ajmer Citizen’s Council

6026. 125410036R Watershed Management & Environment Development Society

6027. 125410037R Propkarini Sabha

6028. 125410038R Gharib Nawas Mahila Evam Bal Kalyan Samiti

6029. 125420001R Research & Relief Centre

6030. 125420002R The Relief & Rehabilitation Society of Rural Carpenters

6031. 125420004R Mahavir International

6032. 125420005R Sri Hari Krishan Shiksha evam Sewa Samiti

6033. 125420008R Public Rose Shiksha Samiti

6034. 125420016R St. Charles School Family Helper Project

6035. 125420022R Lok Vikas Shikshan Sansthan

6036. 125420024R Jan Vikas Sanchalan Samiti

6037. 125420025R Arnold Educational and Rural Development Society

6038. 125420026R Nav Chetana Seva Sansthan

6039. 125420027R Indian Society for Sustainable Development Alwar

6040. 125420028R Karm Manovikas Sansthan.

6041. 125420029R Sri Krishna Vikas Sansthan

6042. 125420030R Samriti Samaj Kalyan Sansthan

6043. 125440001R Saransthan Children Home

6044. 125440002R Saransthan Hospital

6045. 125440003R Masihi Uchch Prathmic Vidyalaya

6046. 125450009R Rural Integrated Culture and Human Academy

6047. 125450011R Shilpi Sansthan

6048. 125460001R Jeevan Nirman Sansthan

6049. 125460003R Lions Club

6050. 125460004R Nagrawal Samaj Navyuvak Mandal

6051. 125460005R Gramin Shiksha Vikas Sansthan

6052. 125460009R Kala Vidya Mandir Prabandh Samiti

6053. 125460013R Shree Shanti Niketan

6054. 125460015R Jan Jagrati Sansthan

6055. 125460018R National Integration and Social Consciousness Society

6056. 125480001R Rajasthan Gauseva Sangha

6057. 125480005R Mahila Hart Shil Samiti

6058. 125490001R Nehru Youth Mandal

6059. 125490002R Lakheri Cement Workers Multipurpose Co-operative Society

6060. 125500003R Bahuuddhesiya Arogya Sewa Samiti

6061. 125510001R Lions Club

6062. 125510005R Saraswati Vidyalaya Shikshan Sansthan

6063. 125510006R Dr B.R. Ambedkar Prashichhan Sansthan

6064. 125530001R Shree Govardhan Vidya Vihar

6065. 125530002R Social Work & Research Centre

6066. 125530004R Billkha Badgamait Chuna Utpadak Society

6067. 125530005R Lodahut Mines Mazdoor Sangh

6068. 125530006R Janjati Vikas Evam Rahat Samiti

6069. 125530011R Pahal Project

6070. 125540001R Shri Jagdamba Andh Vidyalaya Samiti

6071. 125540002R Tarun Sangh

6072. 125540003R Mahavir International

6073. 125540004R Lions Club

6074. 125540005R Adarsh Bal Mandir Prabandh Samiti

6075. 125540006R Saur Chetana AurUrja Vigyan Shodh Sansthan

6076. 125540008R B.S.Public School Samiti

6077. 125540009R Public Seva Society

6078. 125540010R Sardar Patel Sansthan

6079. 125560003R Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyani Sangh

6080. 125560006R Tarun Bharat Sangh Kishori

6081. 125560009R Lok Bharatiya Samiti

6082. 125560012R Jaipur Industrial Estate Association

6083. 125560013R Shri Amar Jain Medical Relief Society

6084. 125560015R Lions Club Jaipur West

6085. 125560017R Nagrik Samiti

6086. 125560018R Good Sheperd Vocational Project

6087. 125560020R Sahai Charitable Trust

6088. 125560022R Jaipur Rural Health & Development Trust

6089. 125560025R Indian Association for Womens Studies

6090. 125560029R Jaigarh Public Charitable Trust

6091. 125560030R SOS Childrens Village

6092. 125560031R Shri Gujarati Samaj

6093. 125560032R Shri Gandhi Chhatrawas Samiti

6094. 125560033R Victoria Montessori School Shiksha Samiti

6095. 125560034R Sanphan Education

6096. 125560035R Maliram Puranmal Charitable Trust

6097. 125560040R Child Home Public School Shiksha Samiti

6098. 125560043R Anjuman Talimul Musalmeen

6099. 125560046R Senior Citizens Council

6100. 125560049R Vivek Vidyapeeth Samiti

6101. 125560050R Avas Vikas Sansthan

6102. 125560051R Madhu Smriti Mahila evam Balak Uthan Sansthan

6103. 125560052R Shri Chand Shilp Shala

6104. 125560053R Mamta Vidya Mandir Samiti

6105. 125560062R New Life Community Development Society

6106. 125560065R Jiramdas Education Trust

6107. 125560066R P.D. Agarwal Foundation

6108. 125560069R Department of Geography

6109. 125560082R Institute of Conflicting Education and Development

6110. 125560083R Development Institute of Social & Health Awareness

6111. 125560084R Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Shiksha Samiti

6112. 125560085R Santokba Durlabhji Trust

6113. 125560089R Society for Welfare of Mentally Handcapped

6114. 125560107R Health and Social Development Research Centre

6115. 125560110R Society for Study of Education and Development (sandhan)

6116. 125560116R Dr. M.N. Tandon Memorial Charitable Trust

6117. 125560119R Gramin Vikash Avam Anusandhan Sanstha

6118. 125560121R Lok Rang

6119. 125560124R Rajasthan Abhyudaya Sanstha

6120. 125560125R Self Development Institute Society

6121. 125560128R Vinoba Seva Samiti

6122. 125560132R Bal Sansar Santha

6123. 125560133R Sumedha

6124. 125560134R Shanti Deep

6125. 125560138R Bhartiya Shiksha Shoodh Awam Nirdeshan Sansthan

6126. 125560144R Ajit Vyas Foundation for Social Development Society

6127. 125560151R Rajasthan Cancer Society

6128. 125560152R Rajputana Public School Samiti

6129. 125560155R Shermal Sona Devi Charitable Trust

6130. 125560156R Chitransh Education & Welfare Society

6131. 125560157R Nari chetna Samiti

6132. 125560160R Society for Integrated Developmental Activities, Research and


6133. 125560161R Satish Chandra Agarwal Memorial Charitable Trust

6134. 125560162R Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network

6135. 125560163R Vikas Vidhya Mandir Shiksha Samiti

6136. 125560164R Surendra Bal Bharti Samiti

6137. 125560165R Manav Seva Samati

6138. 125570001R Gyan Sandhan Karyalaya

6139. 125570002R Lions Club of Jaisalmer

6140. 125570003R Jaigarh Public Charitable Trust

6141. 125570004R Shri Jagdamba Sewa Samiti

6142. 125570005R Shri Ramdeo Shiksha Uthan Sangh

6143. 125580001R Adarsh Van Shramik Theka

6144. 125590093R Research Education & Audiological Development Society

6145. 125600004R Sankalp Nagin Nivas

6146. 125600007R Gramin Swarajya Vikas Sansthan

6147. 125610004R Rotary Club of Jodhpur

6148. 125610005R Netraheen Vikas Sansthan

6149. 125610008R Shri Navratan Ayurvedic Aushdhalaya

6150. 125610009R Sri Navratan Ayurvedic Aushdhalaya

6151. 125610010R Mar Thoma Church

6152. 125610012R Kasturba Shikshan Samiti

6153. 125610015R Lions Club

6154. 125610027R Swasthya Chetna Pranyas

6155. 125610035R Sucheta Kriplani Gram Vikas Sansthan

6156. 125610036R Sangeet Kislaya Sansthan

6157. 125610037R Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Educational Society

6158. 125610042R Ayurved Gramo Udhyog Shodh Sansthan

6159. 125610044R Chakshu Chiktsa Seva Samiti

6160. 125610046R Uttam Ashram Manav Kalyan Samiti

6161. 125620006R Jhunjhunu Zila Paryawaran Sudhar Samiti- Chirawa

6162. 125630001R Lions Club Borawar

6163. 125630004R Gramothan Samiti

6164. 125630006R Zila Gramin Vikas Sansthan

6165. 125640001R Parsraj Bohra Memorial Trust

6166. 125640009R Marudhar Mahila Shikshan Sangh

6167. 125660001R Gram Punarnirman Sansthan

6168. 125660002R Nab Pheroze & Noshir Meewanji Centre for Blind

6169. 125660003R Aravali Seva Samiti

6170. 125670001R Jan Kalyan Adult Education Committee

6171. 125670004R Indira Shiksha Samiti Wazipur

6172. 125670008R Gandhi Yuva Mandal

6173. 125680001R Gramudyog Samiti

6174. 125680002R Lions Club

6175. 125680007R Institute of Resources Management & Studies Society

6176. 125690003R Bhil Tribal Community Development Project

6177. 125690004R Jawahar Sewa Mandal

6178. 125690005R Mahila Hosari Sahakari Gramin Utthan Samiti Ltd

6179. 125690006R Sanjeev Seva Samiti

6180. 125690007R Kshetriya Seva Society

6181. 125690009R Udaipur Bhileshwar Mahila Grih Udyog Sahkari Samiti

6182. 125690012R Rajasthan Adim Jati Sevak Sangh

6183. 125690013R Christian Agency for Integrated Development & Assistance

6184. 125690015R Kherlara Shramik Thera Sahkari Samiti

6185. 125690016R Tribal Area Relief Medical & Legal Aid Society

6186. 125690018R Debyacha Kshetra Vikas Samiti

6187. 125690020R Pratap Shiksha Prachar Samiti

6188. 125690022R Ajun Nav Yuvak Mandal

6189. 125690025R Shri Shivlal Mohanlal Taya Charitable Trust

6190. 125690040R Bal Bharati Society

6191. 125690042R Gyan Bharati Trust

6192. 125690048R Nathdwara Temple Board

6193. 125690051R Prayatna Samiti

6194. 125690053R Udaipur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

6195. 125690054R Viklang Kalyan Samiti

6196. 125690056R Satsang Sahyog Samiti

6197. 125690062R Alakh Nayan Mandir

6198. 125690068R RCA Alumni Association

6199. 125690070R Prachya Sodh Peeth Samiti, Prayas Sansthan

6200. 125690071R Kanhaiya Gramin Vikas Seva Sanatha

6201. 125710001R New Holy Angels Educational Society

6202. 125750001R Mewar Krishak Vikas Samiti

6203. 125750002R Mewar Sewa Sansthan


6204. 136210004R Sundarani Charitable Eye Hospital Samiti

6205. 136210017R Chambal Ghati Shanti Samiti

6206. 136210020R Bhudevi Mahila Evam Bal Vikas Shiksha Sanstha

6207. 136210021R Kisan Ashram

6208. 136210023R Gramin Bal Vikas Samiti

6209. 136210025R Sarvodaya Shiksha Evam Vikas Sansthan

6210. 136210027R Sri Ram Baba Verma Charitable Society

6211. 136210028R Gram Vikas Samiti

6212. 136210030R Mak Charitable Trust

6213. 136210031R Kishan Bharat Sewa Samachar

6214. 136210032R Kisan Gramodyog Sansthan

6215. 136210034R Centre For Development Intitiatives And Research

6216. 136210047R Gramin Bal Vikas Samiti

6217. 136210050R Rahat Samaj Seva Samiti

6218. 136210051R St. Loreto’s Public School Siksha Samiti

6219. 136210052R M/s Veena Vadni, Children & Women Education & Welfare

6220. 136220012R Dawakhana Tibbiya College

6221. 136220013R Sir Syed Education Development Society

6222. 136220015R Smt Indira Memorial Gram Vikas Sanstha

6223. 136220017R Rashtriya Samaj Seva Samiti

6224. 136220018R Jan Kalyan Gramin Mahila Utthan Sewa Sansthan

6225. 136220019R Jan Kalyan Kutir Gramodyog Sansthan

6226. 136220020R Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan

6227. 136220021R Akhil Bharatiya Gramin Vikas Sansthan

6228. 136220024R Banjara Vikas Samiti

6229. 136220027R The Duty Society

6230. 136220030R The Rafi Education Development Society

6231. 136220031R Noorul Uloom Educational Society

6232. 136220033R Taj Society for Promotion of Life Sciences and Technology

6233. 136220036R Purnima Gramodyog Seva Sanstha Aligarh

6234. 136230003R Allahabad Rural Development Society

6235. 136230011R Mary Wamamakar Girls Inter College

6236. 136230019R Up Council Of Churches

6237. 136230020R Mishrani Co-project V Mission

6238. 136230026R B S Mehta Eye Hospital

6239. 136230032R O M S Iinternational

6240. 136230033R The Leprosy Mission Health Education Centre

6241. 136230034R Jag Jyoti Sewa Ashram

6242. 136230041R National Association For The Blind (u.p. State Branch)

6243. 136230045R Sardar Bhagwan Singh Govind Sewa Sansthan

6244. 136230046R Braile Vocational Training Centre For The Blind

6245. 136230048R Association For The Welfare Of Muslim Women

6246. 136230050R Akhil Bhartiya Patel Sewa Sansthan

6247. 136230052R C Society

6248. 136230057R Christian Health Institute

6249. 136230066R Adarsh Janta Shiksha Samiti

6250. 136230073R Sarvodaya Sewa Samiti

6251. 136230078R Society For Psychological Education & Technical Association

6252. 136230079R Shramik Vikas Sewa Ashram

6253. 136230081R Daryagany Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

6254. 136230082R Bioved Research Society

6255. 136230092R Millia Educational Society Of Up

6256. 136230093R Abhinav Vikas Sansthan

6257. 136230095R Pt. Sumitra Nandan Pant Gramodaya Ashram

6258. 136230098R Utthan

6259. 136230107R Rashtriya Nav Chetana Ssnsthan

6260. 136230108R Shri Balram Shaikchhik Evam Samaj Sudhar Samiti

6261. 136230109R National Institute Of Career Development

6262. 136230110R Vaasundhra

6263. 136230117R Bhartiya Mahila Gramodyog Sansthan

6264. 136230119R Govind Vallabh Pant Social Science Institute

6265. 136230121R Ghunghru Prashikshan Sansthan

6266. 136250004R Christian Hospital

6267. 136250006R All Indian Children Care And Educational Development Society

6268. 136250007R Wesley Inter College Society

6269. 136250011R Association Of Weaker People Of Azamgarh

6270. 136250012R Azamgarh Muslim Girls Education Society

6271. 136250016R Slbs Kusht Sevashram

6272. 136250017R Purwanchal Jan Sewa Sansthan

6273. 136250021R Nagrik Bharti Pratishthan

6274. 136250022R Balvadi Aur Nirbal Sewa Kala Kendra

6275. 136250025R Gramin Mahila Silai Kadhai Bunai Prashikshan Kendra Ashram

6276. 136250026R Gramin Shramjeevi Seva Sansthan

6277. 136250027R Shri Deshari Samplerna Mahila Gramodyog Shiksha Kendra

6278. 136250028R Balvadi Evam Nirbal Seva Nari Kalyan Kendra

6279. 136250030R Purvanchal Sansthan

6280. 136250032R Kishan Mahila Gramodyag Sansthan

6281. 136250033R Buddha Smriti Sansthan

6282. 136250034R Ashrafia Educational Society

6283. 136250038R Viklang Seva Samiti

6284. 136260005R Atodar Gramodyog Seva Kendra

6285. 136270001R Ballia Integrated Rural Development Service

6286. 136270002R Ballia Rural Development Project

6287. 136270004R Purvanchal Gramin Chetana Samiti

6288. 136270005R Shri Sitaram Sarvodaya Swarajya Sansthan

6289. 136270006R Bageshwari Educational Society

6290. 136270008R Gramin Vikas Sewa Samiti

6291. 136270009R Janta Gram Vikas Sansthan

6292. 136270010R Dr. Ambedkar Purva Madhyamic Vidyalaya

6293. 136270013R Audyogik Prashikshan Sewa Sansthan

6294. 136270017R Ramrati Ambedkar Balika Inter College Samiti

6295. 136270018R Buddha Shikshan Jan Seva Sansthan

6296. 136270019R Mother Teressa Children Academy

6297. 136270021R Jan Kalyan Sansthan

6298. 136270022R Nawal Shikshan Evam Shodh Sansthan

6299. 136280011R Bethel Church Association

6300. 136280024R Adarsh Gyan Vigyan Vikas Sansthan

6301. 136290003R Zila Vikas Evam Sahayata Samiti

6302. 136290006R Parijat Yuvak Samiti

6303. 136290007R Trishul Sewa Sansthan

6304. 136300002R Soya Production And Research Association

6305. 136300008R Moradabad Regional Board Of Methodist Church

6306. 136300009R Clara Swain Hospital

6307. 136300012R Nave Scholarship Fund

6308. 136300013R Kusht Sevashram

6309. 136300016R Gram Vikas Samiti

6310. 136300017R Rohi Khurd University

6311. 136300018R Sheri Gram Vikas Sansthan

6312. 136300020R Ancon Krishi Avam Gramin Vikas Seva Samiti

6313. 136300021R Deep Jan Kalyan Samitee

6314. 136300023R Gangasukh Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

6315. 136300024R Shri Sarvetish Memorial Welfare Society

6316. 136300026R Mahila Kalyan Samiti

6317. 136300028R Kavita Gramodyogik Prishikshan Evam Gram Vikas Sansthan

6318. 136310005R Grameen Lok Vikas Sansthan

6319. 136310006R Madrasa Darul Uloom Ahle Sunnat Badrui

6320. 136310008R Adarsh Mahatma Gandhi Kusht Ashram

6321. 136310010R The Muslim Minority Educational Society

6322. 136310012R Kashtkala Audyogik Utpadan Sahkari Samiti

6323. 136310014R Kasth Kala Audyogik Utpadak Sahkari Samiti Ltd.

6324. 136310018R National Vikas Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan

6325. 136310019R Shri Gaushala Kathar Jungle

6326. 136310024R Shri Badri Prasad Mahila Shiskha Samiti,

6327. 136310025R Akhil Sanskratik Sansthan

6328. 136320003R District. Womens Works

6329. 136320008R Adarsh Mahatma Gandhi Kusht Ashram

6330. 136320010R Chida Nand Kusht Ashram

6331. 136320013R Bijnor Sewa Sansthan

6332. 136320014R Ideal Educational Society

6333. 136320015R A.k Model Public School Samiti

6334. 136330004R Bhartiya Gramin Vikas Samiti

6335. 136330005R Kisan Vikas Samiti

6336. 136330006R Tata Chemicals Society For Rural Development

6337. 136330007R Mahesh Manav Vikas Sansthan

6338. 136330013R Amar Shahid Chetna Sansthan

6339. 136340004R All Saints Christian Hostel

6340. 136340005R Methodist Missionary Society Girls Boarding School

6341. 136340006R District Eye Relief Society

6342. 136340007R Ajay Gramocdgog Vikas Sansthan

6343. 136340008R Sewa Sadan Kusht Asram

6344. 136340010R Youth Assocation For Rural Develpment

6345. 136340011R Kisan Sewa Samiti

6346. 136340012R Thora Vikas Samiti

6347. 136340013R K.n. Aram Udyog Vikas Sewa Sansthan

6348. 136340014R Kiran Gramodyog Vikas Samiti

6349. 136340016R Luxmi Mahila Shilp Kala Kendra (regd.)

6350. 136350002R Dasoli Grama Swarajya Mandal

6351. 136350006R Tapobhumi Samiti

6352. 136350011R Sankalp Samiti

6353. 136350035R Manavadoya

6354. 136370006R Helping Hand Rural Community Health Project

6355. 136370014R Sakya Tibetan Society

6356. 136370027R St Agnes High School

6357. 136370043R Cheshire Homes India

6358. 136370044R Union Church

6359. 136370046R Social Work And Research Centre

6360. 136370050R Dr Balbir Singh Sahitya Kendra

6361. 136370052R Tibetian Women’s Centre

6362. 136370054R Jeevan Jyoti Institute

6363. 136370055R Happy Home Society

6364. 136370058R Ibra International Bible Radio Association

6365. 136370060R Society Of The Brother Of St Patrick

6366. 136370061R Ramakrishna Vivekanand Sevashram Triveni Ghat

6367. 136370064R Rashtriya Utthan Samiti

6368. 136370066R Jyoti Niketan

6369. 136370070R Indian Council Of Forestry Research & Education

6370. 136370072R Wild Life Institute Of India

6371. 136370074R St Johns Educational Society

6372. 136370077R Uttarakhand Shoshit Mahila Utthan Samity

6373. 136370082R Pahar Hara Aur Pahar Bhara

6374. 136370084R Vimal Bhagat Motor Neurone Disease Support Trust

6375. 136370089R Himalayan Gramodyog Lok Seva Sansthan

6376. 136370097R National Centre For Gender Training And Planning Research

6377. 136370100R Ramakrishna Mission Ashram

6378. 136370103R Himalayan Village Resource Development Society

6379. 136370105R International Society Of Alternative Medicine

6380. 136370111R Rukmani Mai Dharamshala Trust

6381. 136370112R Josuvah Rural Development Society

6382. 136370113R Sarvahitkari Dharmarth Nyas

6383. 136380003R Baba Raghav Das Seva Sansthan, Deoria

6384. 136380005R Jan Kalyan Shiksha Samiti

6385. 136380006R Jankalyan Shiksha Samiti

6386. 136380010R Yuva Evam Bal Vikas Samiti

6387. 136380011R Matsya Jivi Sahkari Samiti Ltd.

6388. 136380016R Jawahar Lal Nehru Seva Sansthan

6389. 136380018R Chandra Shekhar Azad Seva Sansthan

6390. 136380020R Nava Chetana Gramodaya Samiti

6391. 136380022R Manav Seva Sansthan

6392. 136380025R Rastriya Sewa Sansthan

6393. 136380026R Sri Narayan Manav Seva Kendra

6394. 136380027R Nehru Sewa Samittee

6395. 136380029R Adarsh Gramin Samajeek Vikash Sansthan

6396. 136380033R Purvanchal Kalyan Samiti

6397. 136380035R Vivekanand Yuva Mahila Evam Bal Seva

6398. 136380037R Shankar Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan

6399. 136380039R Purvanchal Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti

6400. 136380041R Shardy Kakaj Kala Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan

6401. 136380042R Dr. Ramekbal Jan Seva Sansthan

6402. 136380049R Indian Society for Human & Rural Advancement

6403. 136390008R Rural Litigation And Entitlement Kendra

6404. 136390013R Gramin Seva Ashram

6405. 136390014R Shri Roop Kishore Gautam Manav Seva Sansthan

6406. 136390015R Satguru Kabir Smarak Sansthan

6407. 136390016R Eternal Life Fellowship Society

6408. 136400001R Kesarwani Samaj

6409. 136400002R Shri Hari Grah Udyog Seva Sansthan

6410. 136400003R Auraiya Gram Udyog Sansthan

6411. 136400004R Bhartiya Gramin Sewa Sansthan

6412. 136400006R Shri Vinoba Bhave Gramothan Avam Shiksha Prasar Samiti

6413. 136400007R Pratap Seva Sansthan

6414. 136400009R Nishwa Niketan

6415. 136410007R Avadh Vikas Seva Mandal

6416. 136410008R Cancer Research And Cancer Educational Society

6417. 136410012R Krishak Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

6418. 136410013R Ratan Gramodyog Sansthan

6419. 136410015R Blind Eye Relief Society

6420. 136410017R Shri Haneemat Nidilya Junior High School

6421. 136410019R Surya Gramodyog Vikas Samiti

6422. 136410020R Dropadi Gramodyog Vikas Sanstha

6423. 136410022R Sh. Mani Ram Dass Chhawni Seva Trust

6424. 136410023R Shiv Gramodyog Sansthan

6425. 136410024R Lok Utthan Gram Vikas Samiti

6426. 136410025R Manish Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan

6427. 136410027R Human Welfare Development Society

6428. 136410030R Jan Utthan Samiti

6429. 136410034R G.D.Foundation

6430. 136420004R Rakha Girls Higher Secondary School Hostel

6431. 136420005R Barhpur Christian Hostel

6432. 136420008R Sarodya Aagrim

6433. 136420009R Nisnpaksh Dev Jan Kalyan Samiti

6434. 136420010R S. D. Kinder Garden Vidyalaya

6435. 136420011R Rescue Home & Orphanage Hostel

6436. 136420013R Multi Purpose Education Samiti

6437. 136420015R Akhil Bhartiya Mirbal Vikas Sansthan

6438. 136420016R Asha Mahila Shilp Kalval Vidyalaya Samiti

6439. 136420017R Nav Jagrati Samaj Vikas Sansthan

6440. 136420020R Shaheed Malta Hakeem Nusrathms

6441. 136420021R Swami Atmadev Gopalanand Shiksha Sansthan

6442. 136420023R National Social Welfare Organisation For Rural Development

6443. 136420024R Swami Dharma Nand Shiksha Samiti

6444. 136420027R Upkar Pratisthan

6445. 136420031R Sundar Jan Kalyan Samiti

6446. 136420032R Rashtriya Nagarik Vikas Sansthan

6447. 136420033R Rastriya Nganesh Sanker Vidyarthi Seva Samiti

6448. 136420035R Swami Sant Das Manav Kalyan Samiti

6449. 136420037R Milli Refah-E-Aam Society

6450. 136420038R World Human Organization

6451. 136420041R Madarsa Furquaniah

6452. 136440002R Uttar Pradesh Kambal Bunkar Vikas Seva Samiti

6453. 136440003R Ashok Sansthan

6454. 136440005R Zila Vikas Avam Gramodyog Kalyan Samiti

6455. 136440007R Purvottar Vikas Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti

6456. 136440010R Gram Seva Samiti

6457. 136440013R Reshami Utapadhan & Gramodhyog Vikas Samiti

6458. 136440014R Khadi Eyam Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

6459. 136440016R Grameen Udyog Avam Vikas Samiti

6460. 136440020R Krishak Vikas Samiti

6461. 136440023R Shilpendu Gramodaya Prathisthan

6462. 136440024R Adarsh Gramin Udyog Avam Vikas

6463. 136440029R Pawahari Shirti

6464. 136440039R Bodhistva Baba Sahab Dr. Bhimrav Ambedakar Karmottar

Vidyalay Samiti

6465. 136440040R Gramin Yuva Vikas Samiti

6466. 136460007R Rama Masstssori Junior Basis Vidyalaya Samiti

6467. 136460008R Saket Mahila Mandal Kalyan Samiti

6468. 136460009R Balvikas Evam Mahila Kalyan Parishad

6469. 136460011R Nandani Bal Vikas Avam Gramin Gramodyog Seva Samiti

6470. 136460012R Kaoshal Sansthan

6471. 136460015R Nav Bharat Mahila Jan Kalyan Samiti

6472. 136460016R Gramin Vikas Sansthan

6473. 136460017R World Welfare & Research Institute

6474. 136470013R Gorakhpur District Eye Relief Society

6475. 136470018R Gramin Prodh Shiksha Prasar Samiti

6476. 136470019R Janta Seva Samiti

6477. 136470022R Swastha Raksha Samiti

6478. 136470030R Gorakhpur Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad

6479. 136470033R Anamica Gramdyog Seva Sansthan

6480. 136470038R Sharda Mahila Gramodhyog

6481. 136470044R Maina Devi Shiksha Samiti

6482. 136470047R Rahul Sankrityayan Sansthan

6483. 136470048R Voluntary Ecology Aid Organisation

6484. 136470049R yashmitra Gramin Vikas Sansthan

6485. 136470051R Veena Sikchha Samiti

6486. 136470052R Global Synergetic Institute

6487. 136470053R Purvanchal Khel Sansthan

6488. 136480002R Anna Hansen Memorial Primary School

6489. 136480005R Asha Arogya Chikitsalaya

6490. 136480007R Bundelkhand Farm Development Centre

6491. 136480008R Gramodyog Vigyan Ashram Sansthan

6492. 136480012R Shiwam Gramodyag Awam Samaj Seva Sansthan

6493. 136480016R Shri B.K.S. Prakash Deep Pratishthan

6494. 136480017R Shri Ram Lok Kalyan Samiti

6495. 136490004R Divyanand Spiritual Foundation

6496. 136490005R Kalyanam

6497. 136490006R Sarvjanik Shikshanagar Sansthan

6498. 136490007R Shakti Sadhana Sansthan

6499. 136490008R Bhooraj Seva Sansthan

6500. 136490010R Adaradh Charitable Trust

6501. 136490014R Devi Sahai Somwati Devi Sewa Sansthan

6502. 136490017R Swami Kalyanand Samaj Kalyan Shiksha Samiti

6503. 136490018R Arpanam Sewa Sansthan

6504. 136490019R Bhim Roa Ambedkar Dalit Sewa Gramothan Jan Kalyan Samiti

6505. 136500004R Jai Gayatri Ma Bal Vidya Mandir Samiti

6506. 136500005R Adarsh Jan Seva Sansthan

6507. 136500006R Christian Hospital

6508. 136500008R Sri Badriprasad Sahitya Evam Shiksha Samiti

6509. 136500009R Nirval Barg Vikas Samiti

6510. 136510001R Jaycees Scf Balwari

6511. 136510002R Frazer Primary School

6512. 136510006R Chandra Siksha Sansthan

6513. 136510010R Rashtriya Gramin Vikas And Mahila Kalyan Sansthan

6514. 136510012R Mirza Anwar Begt Charitable Trust

6515. 136510013R Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

6516. 136520001R Christian Inter College & Hostel

6517. 136520011R Rani Jhansi Kusht Ashram

6518. 136520012R St Marks College Society

6519. 136520020R Manav Vikas Evam Samaj Kalyan Sansthan

6520. 136520024R Basundhara

6521. 136520026R Manav Aikya Saathi Samiti

6522. 136530005R Epiphany Girls Jr High School

6523. 136530010R Smt Bhagwan Das Hospital (leprosy)

6524. 136530012R Association For Prevention Of Blindness

6525. 136530014R Hospitals Welfare Society

6526. 136530020R Nirbal Manav Kalyan Samiti

6527. 136530022R Emmanuel Pentecostal Church

6528. 136530023R Rural Eye Foundation

6529. 136530025R G.da Memorial Shiksha Sansthan

6530. 136530031R Shri Puran Chandra Gupta Smark Trust

6531. 136530032R Hasrat Mohani Charitable Trust

6532. 136530033R Abhinava Seva Sansthan

6533. 136530034R The Spastic Centre Kanpur

6534. 136530035R Bodui Satva Baba Sheli Dr. Ambedkar Smarak Samiti

6535. 136530038R Samaj Sewa Sansthan

6536. 136530039R Anjuman Taraggi-e-talim

6537. 136530040R Indian Institute Of Technology

6538. 136530041R M/s Savitri Devi Gramodyog Samiti

6539. 136530042R Gyan Devi Vidyalya Sansthan

6540. 136530046R Harcourt Butler Technology Institute

6541. 136530050R Indian Institute Of Technology

6542. 136530054R Solace India On Line

6543. 136530056R Vansidhar Chikitsa Seva Sadan

6544. 136530057R Humanity International Sansthan

6545. 136530061R Bharatiya Gramothan Samiti

6546. 136530064R Goonge Baharon Ka Vidyalaya

6547. 136530066R Lok Kalyan Sansthan

6548. 136530071R Raza Husain Memorial Charitable Society

6549. 136530072R Manviya Prabandhan Sansthan

6550. 136530073R Paryavaran Sanrakshan Sanstha

6551. 136530074R Shri M.D. Memorial Vidyalaya Samiti

6552. 136530075R Satyendra K Dubey Memorial Fund

6553. 136530076R Jai Hind Subhash Chandra Bose Rashtriya Ekta Samiti

6554. 136540002R J.n. Bal Nikunj Samiti

6555. 136550007R Carmel Sadan Society

6556. 136550008R Gramin Vikas Evam Shodh Sansthan

6557. 136550013R Bethel Turahu Society

6558. 136550015R Up Drought Relief Committee

6559. 136550020R Assemblies Of God Radio Programmes

6560. 136550023R Lucknow Christian Welfare Institute Association

6561. 136550030R Das Project For The Poor Children

6562. 136550032R Society Of Ethanobotanists

6563. 136550034R Nida-e-umeed Bandana

6564. 136550039R Insitute Of Applied Statistics And Development

6565. 136550040R Young Women’s Christian Association

6566. 136550041R Association For Rural Development Energy & Environment

6567. 136550042R Uttar Pradesh Harijan Seva Sansthan

6568. 136550050R Social Economic Development Institution India

6569. 136550053R A1- Huda Muslim Educational Society

6570. 136550057R Disabled Children Foundation Trust

6571. 136550060R Uttar Pradesh Aruselity Vimukt Avam Janjati Sewak Sangh

6572. 136550063R Society For Urban & Rural Reconstruction

6573. 136550065R Centre for Rural Developement & Research

6574. 136550066R Harsh Memorial Jankalyan Samiti

6575. 136550067R Deepshikha Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan

6576. 136550069R Varcon Gramodyog Kendra

6577. 136550073R Nari Sewa Samiti

6578. 136550074R Pragati Sheel Khadi Gramodyog Sansthan

6579. 136550078R Akai Polycraft Association

6580. 136550079R Crafts Council Of U P

6581. 136550080R Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Studies on Rural


6582. 136550083R Sunny Morning School Society

6583. 136550086R St. Mary Public School Society

6584. 136550088R Bhartiya Sewa Sansthan

6585. 136550089R Kshitij

6586. 136550090R Public Memorial School

6587. 136550092R Jan Kalyan Sewa Sansthan

6588. 136550096R St. Columbus School Society

6589. 136550100R Akhil Bhartiya Samaj Sansthan

6590. 136550101R Centre For Development Studes

6591. 136550102R Sahpur Youth Club

6592. 136550105R Gramin Jan Kalyan Evan Mahila Vikas Sansthan

6593. 136550112R Gyansarorar Montessori Junior High School

6594. 136550118R Tiloi Special And Platonic Development Society

6595. 136550121R Wisdom Way Progressive School

6596. 136550122R Sai Sewa Sansthan

6597. 136550125R Prayas

6598. 136550128R Sunrise Education Society

6599. 136550138R Manav Vikas Parishad

6600. 136550144R Ankerite Sewa Sansthan,1

6601. 136550145R Study Point Samiti

6602. 136550147R Anshumali Bal Mahila Evam Berojgar Kalyan Samiti

6603. 136550149R Samadhan

6604. 136550150R Jan Kalyan Aankh Ka Aspatal Samiti

6605. 136550152R Human Care

6606. 136550154R Akhil Bhartiya Soshit Kalyan Parishad

6607. 136550156R Aas Educational Society For Women

6608. 136550157R Drishti Samajik Sansthan

6609. 136550159R Bahujan Vikas Sansthan

6610. 136550160R Anil Montessory School

6611. 136550163R Apna Ghar

6612. 136550164R Akhil Bhartiya Manav Seva Sansthan

6613. 136550166R Suraksha Dahej Mang Virodhi Sanstha

6614. 136550167R Vasundhara Mahila Bal Kalyan Samiti

6615. 136550168R Sure Success Coaching Institute

6616. 136550170R Regional Artisan & Female Establishment Center (india)

6617. 136550171R Swastik Gramodyog Mahila Samiti

6618. 136550172R Mahila Samakhya Up

6619. 136550173R Bal Vikas Mahila Sewa Sansthan

6620. 136550178R Dr Rajendra Prasad Memorial Society

6621. 136550182R Sri Sethji Braham Seva Sansthan

6622. 136550186R Jaagriti

6623. 136550187R St. Lawrance Public School Samiti

6624. 136550188R Bharosa

6625. 136550189R Kendriya Nehru Smarak Parishad

6626. 136550190R Mobility India

6627. 136550191R National Organisation of Voluntary Associations

6628. 136550193R Sampark

6629. 136550194R Prideshi Yuva Kalyan Society

6630. 136550195R Indian Institute of Technology

6631. 136550201R Nova Srijan

6632. 136550203R Srishti

6633. 136550204R People’s Welfare

6634. 136550206R Jan Seva Kalyan Samiti

6635. 136550208R Real Foundation

6636. 136550209R Printech Computer Training & Research Institute

6637. 136550210R Samanvay

6638. 136550212R Gramya Vikas Sansthan

6639. 136550213R Gramya Vikas Evam Samaj Seva Sansthan

6640. 136550214R Sanjivini Agrotech . Foundation

6641. 136550215R Maa Gomati Devi Educatioal Evam Welfare Society

6642. 136550216R Abhyudi Youth Welfare Society

6643. 136550217R Vishwakarma Kasth Udyog Sewa Sansthan

6644. 136550221R Sonelal KrishnaDevi Gramodyog Samiti

6645. 136550222R Shivalik Rural Development & Women Welfare Society

6646. 136550225R Support for Implementation & Research

6647. 136550226R Venus Vikas Sansthan

6648. 136550227R Awadh Sewa Sansthan

6649. 136560002R Lok Kalyan Ashram

6650. 136560003R Lok Kalyan Ashram

6651. 136560004R Akhil Bhartiya Jan Maitriya & Santi Parishad

6652. 136560007R Menu Sharma Viklang Relief Soceity

6653. 136570002R Mitom Stewarts Boys Home Agra

6654. 136570006R Black Stone Girls Hostel

6655. 136570008R Clancy Inter College Ssw Project

6656. 136570018R International Soc. For Concious Ness

6657. 136570019R Shri Gaurdham Trust

6658. 136570020R Gram Vikas Sansthan

6659. 136570023R Adarsh Gramin Vikas Parishad

6660. 136570030R Shri Brij Seva Samiti T.b. Sanatorium Trust

6661. 136570035R Shri Shri Narhari Sewa Sansthan

6662. 136580003R Institute Of Brothers Of St Gabriel

6663. 136580008R St Andrews Girls Hostel

6664. 136580009R Methodist Girl’s Home

6665. 136580012R Franciscan Clarist Congregation Alburnia Service Society

6666. 136580013R Moolchand Sharbati Devi Hospital Trust

6667. 136580014R Jitholi Vikasa Samiti

6668. 136580015R Academy Of Environmental Sciences

6669. 136580018R St. James English Medium School

6670. 136580019R Gram Utthan Samiti

6671. 136580022R Samajothan Evam Shiksha Pracharini Samit

6672. 136580023R N.v.gadgil National Society

6673. 136580025R Rohit Serve Bal Vihar Hitkari Siksha

6674. 136580026R Sudha Gramodyog Sewa Samiti

6675. 136580028R Meerut Masihi Gramin Seva Samiti

6676. 136580031R Iqra Educational And Social Welfare Society

6677. 136580032R Vinayak Charitable Eye Hospital Trust

6678. 136580034R Sunrise Educational & Social Welfare Society

6679. 136580035R Pupils Red Rose Shiksha Prasar Samiti

6680. 136580038R Universal Socity For Blind Relief

6681. 136590007R Lions Club Of Renukoot

6682. 136590009R Tagore Bal Niketan Evam Balwadi Kendra

6683. 136590010R Sarvoday Seva Gram Sewashram Samiti

6684. 136590011R Vigyan Vikas Sansthan

6685. 136590013R Bandhuwa Mukti Samiti

6686. 136590014R Shri Sai Bal Niketan

6687. 136590018R Sahdaibal Vidya Mandir Nursery & Primary Vidyala

6688. 136590021R Maa Vindhyawashini Shiksha Niketan

6689. 136590022R Shri Rajaram Shastris Grameen Vikas Sansthan (Regn

Cancelled on request-18/2/5)

6690. 136590023R Ramapur Uchhatar Madhayamic Vidyalya

6691. 136590024R Baba Nand Das Junior High School Samiti

6692. 136590026R Pandit Ramchandra Mishra Kalvari Junior High School

6693. 136590027R Karunday Seva Sansthan

6694. 136590028R Kasturba Smarak

6695. 136590030R Midcare Society

6696. 136590033R `Indrawati Shikshan Sansthan

6697. 136600013R Parker Intermediate College

6698. 136600015R St Andrews Hostel

6699. 136600016R Moradabad Methodist Girsl Inter College

6700. 136600017R Methodist Girls Home

6701. 136600018R Bhartiya Mahila Vikas Sansthan

6702. 136600022R Adarsh Bal Mandir

6703. 136600024R Chandra Pal Arya Adarsh Kanya Vidyalaya

6704. 136600025R Rampur District Womens Work

6705. 136600030R Titus School Christian Children Fund Project

6706. 136600031R District Eye Relief Society

6707. 136600032R Distt Supdt Methodist Church In India

6708. 136600033R St Perpetuas Nursery School

6709. 136600034R Vijay Vikas Gram Udyog Seva Sansthan

6710. 136600035R Gram Udyog Kshetra Vikas Samiti

6711. 136600036R Mangrwal Vikas Samiti Mangrnla

6712. 136600037R Vishnu Swarg Ashram

6713. 136600039R K.S J High School

6714. 136600040R Rashtriya Gramodyoga Sansthan

6715. 136600042R Vinay Gramodyog Sansthan

6716. 136600043R Gramodyog Vikas Mandal

6717. 136600044R Bahioi Grmodyog Vikas Samiti

6718. 136600045R Azhar Memorial Public Social Service Society

6719. 136600046R Anant Gramodyog Vikas Santhan

6720. 136600047R Khadi Gramodyog Ashram

6721. 136600048R Moradabad Jan Kalyan Samity

6722. 136600049R Bhadla Gramin & Nari Vikas Sansthan

6723. 136600050R Khadi Gramoday Ashram

6724. 136600051R Morden Shiksha Vikas Samiti

6725. 136600052R Heera Gramodhyog Vikas Sansthan

6726. 136600054R Abdul Rashid & Mairaj’s Trust For Understanding & Literacy

6727. 136600055R Faisal National Modern Inter College

6728. 136610003R P.c. Manglick Public Charitable Trust

6729. 136610005R Rotary Club Of Muzaffor Nagar

6730. 136610006R Adarsh Seva Samiti

6731. 136610007R Nagrik Kalyan Seva Samiti

6732. 136610010R Gramin Samaj Kalyan Sansthan

6733. 136610011R Baslay Gram Udyog Samiti

6734. 136610012R Jan Vikas Mandal (regd.)

6735. 136610013R Bhartiya Gram Seva Niketan Udyog Mandal

6736. 136610015R Samaj Chetna Uthan Samiti

6737. 136610016R Viklang Kalyan Sevak Sansthan

6738. 136610017R Zila Mehtar Mazdoor Shiksha Prasar Sabha

6739. 136610019R Anshal Gramodyog Sansthan

6740. 136610020R Shri Patel Sewa Ashram

6741. 136620006R Good Sheperd Agricultural Mission

6742. 136620007R Himalya Full Gospel Church

6743. 136620008R Anchaliya Gramya Vikas Samiti

6744. 136620011R All Saints College Society

6745. 136620015R Society For Employment Welfare And Agricultural Knowldege

6746. 136620018R G.b. Pant University Of Agriculture And Technology

6747. 136620019R Hari Chaitanya Sewa Mission

6748. 136620020R Taag Bharti Sewa Sansthan

6749. 136620022R Hayal Ratna Udyan Sewa Sansthan

6750. 136620024R Centre For Development Studies

6751. 136630002R Soya Production And Research Association

6752. 136630004R Cosmic Society For Human Research And Development

6753. 136630005R Lok Sewa Ashram

6754. 136630007R Sitaram Gramaddua Ashram

6755. 136630012R Trivemi Manav Udyamita Vikas Sansthan

6756. 136630015R Shri Ganga Prasad Smarak Mahila Kalyan Sansthan

6757. 136630019R Divya Jyoti Sewa Niketan

6758. 136630021R Adarsh Shiksha Samiti

6759. 136630022R National Charitable Welfare Society

6760. 136630024R Sadhna Bhawan Trust

6761. 136630025R Avadh Seva Sansthan

6762. 136630026R Jan Seva Samiti

6763. 136630027R Jan Priya Sewa Sansthan

6764. 136640001R Mary Ensign Gill Children Home

6765. 136640003R Education Society Of The Diocese Of Bijnore

6766. 136640005R Than Community Development

6767. 136640006R Mission Inter College

6768. 136640008R Gadoli Girls Hostel

6769. 136640009R Garhwal Womens Work

6770. 136640010R Regional Deucomess Conference For Girls

6771. 136640015R Methodist Church In India

6772. 136640018R Nayar Ghati Gram Swarajya Samiti

6773. 136640020R Kirti Cottian Utthan Samiti

6774. 136640021R Himalayan Mushroom Samiti

6775. 136650005R The Methodist Church In India

6776. 136650015R Uttar Pradesh Drought Relief Committee

6777. 136660001R Medical Sisters Of St. Joseph

6778. 136660003R Lucy W Sullivan Girls Inter College

6779. 136660004R Berinag Gram Swasthya Mandal

6780. 136660006R Parvatiya Paryavaran Sanrakshan Samiti

6781. 136660013R Mahila Gramin Utthan Samiti

6782. 136660020R Himalaya Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

6783. 136670001R Gandhi Seva Niketan

6784. 136670003R Sarvodaya Seva Sansthan

6785. 136670006R Swadeshi Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti

6786. 136670007R Tarun Chetana

6787. 136670009R Raj Gramodyog Seva Samiti

6788. 136670010R Mahila Kalyan Samiti

6789. 136670012R Jan Jeevika Seva Sansthan

6790. 136670013R Narayan Seva Samiti

6791. 136670014R Surabh Sewa Samarpan Sansthan

6792. 136670017R Navneet Sewa Sansthan

6793. 136670021R Akhil Khadi Tatha Gramodyogik Sansthan

6794. 136670022R Vishwas Sansthan

6795. 136670023R Amita Mahila Vikas Seva Sansthan

6796. 136680001R St. Josephs Cooperative Farming Society Ltd

6797. 136680005R Methodist Church In India

6798. 136680008R Madrasa Islamia Faisul Uloom

6799. 136680010R Rampur Zila Gramin Vikas Samiti

6800. 136680011R Khadi Gramodyog Seva Sadan

6801. 136680012R Jawahar Jyoti Shiksha Evan Gramya Vikas Samiti

6802. 136680013R Netaji Subhash Vidya Mandir

6803. 136680016R Social Welfare Association

6804. 136690001R Association Of Social Technicians And Human Activities

6805. 136690002R Sri Swamy Devnandji Bb Yoga Ashram

6806. 136690004R Seventh Day Adventist High School

6807. 136690007R Swami Vivekanand Charitable Hospital

6808. 136690013R At Rudra Mahayagna Trust

6809. 136690014R Shree Anandamayee Sangha

6810. 136690018R Leprosy Patient Relief Society

6811. 136690026R Panchal Seva Sansthan

6812. 136690029R Bharatiya Parishad

6813. 136690031R Womens Development Organisation Kamalpur

6814. 136690032R Shri Jai Durga Kusht Ashram

6815. 136690033R Indian Association Of Hydrologists

6816. 136690034R Sahyog Sarvodaya Mandal

6817. 136690036R Society For World Development

6818. 136690037R Deepak Gramodyog Sansthan

6819. 136690039R Sri Ved Vyas Charitable Trust

6820. 136690041R Manav Mandir Samiti

6821. 136690042R All India Aarsh Society For World Development

6822. 136690043R Shri Samanvaya Seva Trust

6823. 136690044R Swami Ramanandji Charitable Society

6824. 136690046R Indian Art & Culture Development Society

6825. 136690047R Keshav Madhav Shiksha Samiti

6826. 136690048R Helpage Home

6827. 136690049R Mahila Jagrati Sewa Samiti

6828. 136700002R Bindwell Memorial Girls Hostel

6829. 136700003R Methodist Girls Hostel

6830. 136700013R Nehru Seva Ashram

6831. 136710002R Methodist Girls Home

6832. 136710004R Methodist Girls School

6833. 136720005R Bharatiya Yog & Prakratik Seva Sansthan

6834. 136720008R Amethi Gramodyog Sewa Samiti

6835. 136720011R Sultanpur Technological Institute

6836. 136720013R Amethi Mahila Swaichik Sewa Samiti

6837. 136720020R P.I.Gramodyog Society

6838. 136730006R The Lakshan Jhula Leprosy Dispensary & Rehabilitation Centre

6839. 136730016R High Altitude Plant Physiology Research Centre

6840. 136740001R Gramya Vikas Dal

6841. 136740003R Social Welfare Committee

6842. 136740005R Vivekananda Saraswati Gyan Seva Sadan

6843. 136740006R Ganga Vishnu Jan Kalyan Samiti

6844. 136740007R Adarsh Sewa Samiti

6845. 136740009R Avadh Seva Sansthan

6846. 136750006R The Himalayan Ecology &treatment Of Natural Agri Samiti

6847. 136750007R The Society For Rural Awareness & Dev. In Himalayan Area

6848. 136760003R Saghan Kshetra Vikas Samiti

6849. 136760005R U P Gandhi Smarak Nidhi

6850. 136760010R Gramodyog Kala Pratishthan

6851. 136760015R Christian Hostel Cutting Memorial

6852. 136760019R Rotary Club

6853. 136760022R Cutting Memorial International

6854. 136760023R Sharda Ashram And Delavya Chikitsalaya

6855. 136760025R Cuttin Memorial Intermediate College

6856. 136760026R Kashi Hastha Kala Pratishthan

6857. 136760027R Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sansthan

6858. 136760028R Benares Hindu University

6859. 136760031R Shanti Shikshan Seva Ashram

6860. 136760034R Mahila Shiksha Samadhan Samiti

6861. 136760035R Bhisampur Khadi Gramodyog Sansthan

6862. 136760041R Raja Chet Singh Shiksha Sansthan

6863. 136760043R National Environmental Conservation Association

6864. 136760044R Gramin Khadi Gramodyog Vikas Samiti

6865. 136760045R Resham Khadi Vikas Samiti

6866. 136760047R Sevanjali

6867. 136760048R Disha

6868. 136760052R Indian Manav Kalyan Society

6869. 136760054R Prashanti Medical Care Institute

6870. 136760056R Gandhian Institute Of Studies

6871. 136760057R Khadi & Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

6872. 136760060R Gramodyog Bharati Sansthan

6873. 136760061R Vikasman Samiti

6874. 136760064R Integrated Institute For The Disabled

6875. 136760067R Aanjuman Jamea Hospital

6876. 136760069R B.c.g School For The Deaf

6877. 136760070R Gyan Bharti Seva Samiti

6878. 136760071R I.c. I. Child Welfare Trust

6879. 136760093R Dalit Uddhar Samiti

6880. 136760094R Food And Pollution Sufferers Welfare Committee

6881. 136760095R Girivasi Vanvasi Sewa Prakalpa

6882. 136760101R Nirman Tirtha Southpoint School & Vidyashram

6883. 136760104R Gramin Utthan Ve Samajik Vikas Society

6884. 136760106R Narendra Educattional & Welfare Society

6885. 136760107R Path Society

6886. 136760109R Vishwa Jyoti Jan Sanchar Samiti

6887. 136760111R Swami Param Welfare Society

6888. 136760112R Janardan Gyanoday Sewashram

6889. 136760113R Gramyanchal SewaSamiti

6890. 136770006R Mission Inter College

6891. 136770016R Uttarakhand Dc Samiti

6892. 136770029R Jan Jagran Samiti

6893. 136770031R Murad Nagar Vidya Pracharini

6894. 136780001R Dharma Gramodya Sikshan Sansthan

6895. 136780002R Manav Jagrukta Kalyan Sansthan

6896. 136780004R Mohaddis-E-Azam Mission School

6897. 136780005R Nand Khadi Gramodyog Samiti

6898. 136800004R Society For Pragati Bharat

6899. 136810011R Centre For Economy And Development Research

6900. 136810013R Manav Shishu Sadan

6901. 136810014R Emmanual Social Association

6902. 136810018R Baikunth Dham Kusht Ashram

6903. 136810020R Navoday Vikas Sansthan

6904. 136810024R Parivartan

6905. 136810030R Swargiya Smt. Sushma Devi Smarak Vidyalaya

6906. 136810032R The Wear Design & Development Institute

6907. 136810037R Interact Society For Spastic & Handicapped

6908. 136810038R Bhawani Shiksha Prasar Parishad

6909. 136810042R Swami Bal Nath Ashram

6910. 136810046R Khadi Gramodyog Seva Sansthan

6911. 136810047R Durga Charitable Society

6912. 136810051R Universal Human Welfare Society

6913. 136810053R Kamla Sewa Samiti

6914. 136810056R Society for Agrarian Research Improvement and Education

6915. 136810057R Manav Vikas Parishad

6916. 136820001R Dharam Gramin Utthan Sansthan

6917. 137190001R Seth Chhadamilal Jain Rotary Eye Hospital Trust Society

6918. 137190002R Raj Khadi Gramodog Sewa Sansthan

6919. 137230001R Manav Kalyan Swyam Sevi Sanstha

6920. 137230002R Tiny Tots Educational Society

6921. 137230003R Baby Shikshan Sansthan

6922. 137230004R Nawada Gramodyog Vikas Samiti

6923. 137240001R Shri B.K.S. Prakash Deep Pratishthan

6924. 137250001R Arya Kanya Vidyalya Samiti

6925. 137270002R Purvanchal Kusht & Viklong Punarwas Kalyan Sansthan

6926. 137280001R Dr Abdus Salam Ansari Memorial Society

6927. 137280002R Mahila Gramodyog Seva Samiti

6928. 137340003R Manav Kalyan Sansthan

6929. 137340004R Prabha Sewa Samiti

6930. 137360004R Kapilvastu Shodh & Vikas Sansthan

6931. 137370003R Rastriya Sewa samiti

6932. 137370004R Hindalco Jan Sewa Trust

6933. 137400002R World Buffalo Trust

6934. 137400004R Aastha Jan Kalyan Samiti

6935. 137410001R Bahuuddeshiya Samaj Sewa & Mahila Kalyan Samiti


6936. 146900006R Uday Nagar Chetana

6937. 146900008R Raiganj Banamali Seva Kendra

6938. 146920011R Christian Boys Hostel

6939. 146920019R Akui Yuba Sangh

6940. 146920020R Government Sponsored Junior Basic Training Institute

6941. 146920021R Vivekanand Ashram

6942. 146920026R Vivekananda Mission

6943. 146920033R Socio Economic & Rural Development Society

6944. 146920038R Susunia Agrani

6945. 146920042R Shamayita Math

6946. 146930001R Bothia Gram Sabha Pally Unnayan Samity

6947. 146930007R Vivekananda Adivasi Sangha

6948. 146930008R Birbhum Gramin Udyog

6949. 146930018R Vidya Jan Kalyan Samity

6950. 146930020R Santiniketan Academy Of Medical Study And Research

6951. 146930026R Alhaj Abdul Karim Fazlul Huq Education & Welfare Trust

6952. 146930029R Nawapara Lakshminarayan Khadi-) Gramonnayan Mahila


6953. 146940001R Bengal Rural & Urban Development Centre

6954. 146940003R Peoples Work Education Centre

6955. 146940008R Ushagram Boys Home

6956. 146940010R St Theresa’s Catholic Church

6957. 146940012R Ushagram Boys High School

6958. 146940015R Christian Association For Social Action

6959. 146940016R Chesire Homes India

6960. 146940023R Bhagra Diamond Club

6961. 146940028R Asansol Social Welfare Organisation

6962. 146940031R Lions Club Of Panagash Bazar Welfare Trust

6963. 146940033R The Thalassemic Child Health Care Society

6964. 146940037R Paschim Banga Gramin Artha Samaj Sebi

6965. 146940038R Debpur Janakalyan Sangha

6966. 146940043R Durapur Bidhancar Centre For Ecology And Natural Resource


6967. 146940055R Burdwan Society for Animal Welfare

6968. 146950001R Society For Handicaped Orientation Programme And Education

6969. 146960004R Nari Mukti Mahila Samiti

6970. 146960006R Chakbhabani Mohila Mangal Samity

6971. 146970001R Development Project Swedish Mission

6972. 146980004R Jiwan Jyoti Prakashan

6973. 146980007R Darjeeling Jesuit Of North Bengal .

6974. 146980014R Diocesan Child Care Project

6975. 146980016R World Missionary Evangelism Of India

6976. 146980017R Kalimpong Girls High School

6977. 146980023R Darjeeling Diocesan Council Girls Hostel

6978. 146980027R Himalayan Free Church

6979. 146980042R Parent Teachers Association

6980. 146980044R Darjeeling Diocese Cni

6981. 146980047R Tibetan Lhamo Society

6982. 146980071R Christian Congregation

6983. 146980072R Sakya Kunga Shedup Ling Monastery

6984. 146990001R Gospel Home

6985. 146990003R Makalpur Janakalyan Sangha

6986. 146990013R Mitali Tirtha

6987. 146990017R Serampore Seva Sadan

6988. 146990023R Kalyan Sangha

6989. 146990026R Hatbasanthapur R K Pallimangal Partistha

6990. 146990029R Mother & Child Health Organisation

6991. 146990032R South Saraswati Agricultural & Village Development Samiti

6992. 146990033R Hooghly Children

6993. 146990036R Piratali Sarat Smriti Sansad

6994. 146990037R Ramkrishna Smriti Sangha

6995. 146990040R Fatema Girls High School

6996. 146990041R Gaurangachak Krishalaya Sangha

6997. 146990043R Dhanyaghori Pragati Sangha

6998. 146990044R Bhanderhati Singha Bahini Pathachakra

6999. 146990055R Sishu Unmes Kendra

7000. 146990059R Bhanderhati Pragatisangsad

7001. 146990060R Santoshi Mata Samity

7002. 146990062R Naba Panchajannya

7003. 146990084R Bandhan Konnagar

7004. 146990086R Kamarkundu Krishna Social Welfare Society

7005. 146990088R Hirnyabati Gramin Silpa Niketan

7006. 147000019R Church Of Our Lady Of Happy Voyage Education Fund

7007. 147000024R Samaj Kalyan Mahila Samity

7008. 147000028R Basudevpur Bhagini Nivedita Nari Mongal

7009. 147000031R Howrah Seva Sangha

7010. 147000034R Banviban Brahmo Samaj Education Society

7011. 147000037R Aboak Gaonta

7012. 147000043R Brahmo Samaj Balya Bhaban

7013. 147000049R Nari-o-sishu Kalyan Kendra

7014. 147000050R Howrah Women Association

7015. 147000053R Rashpur Centre For Child Welfare

7016. 147000054R Ramaksrishna Shishu Sangha

7017. 147000055R Sarenga New Mukul Samity

7018. 147000058R Rashpur Balaka

7019. 147000059R Sonatala Five Star Social Organisation

7020. 147000064R Ananda Bhawan

7021. 147000067R Society For Advancement Of Village Environment

7022. 147000074R Santosh Nagar Sadharan Pathagar

7023. 147000077R Murgaberiga Sarbik Gram Bikash Kendra

7024. 147000080R Ganghadhar Pur Mahila Kalyan Kendra

7025. 147000085R Hooghly Aparajita

7026. 147000086R Kalyan Kendra

7027. 147000094R Morning Star Welfare Society

7028. 147000095R Gram Bangla Bikash Kendra

7029. 147000096R Jaypur Pally Unnayan Parisad

7030. 147000098R Baira Quichi Rashmoni Sangh

7031. 147000099R Mahasakti Sangha Foot Ball Ground

7032. 147000107R Rajupur Dakhin Bari Bhai Bhai Sangha

7033. 147000108R Mahishamuri Palli Mangal Samity

7034. 147000111R Howrah Rural Action Council

7035. 147000113R Khardah Public Cultural & Welfare Association

7036. 147000114R Udayan Charitable Trust

7037. 147000115R Mainankganj Shilpi Kalyan Samity

7038. 147000117R Rama Krishna Math, Ichwah

7039. 147000120R Al- Ameen Mission

7040. 147000128R Khanpur Yuba Sangha

7041. 147000132R Mukheyeepake Sammilita Pallibashi Samiti

7042. 147000135R Saorabheria Kalimata Nattya Samaj

7043. 147000140R Bazarpara Bullet Ciub

7044. 147000143R Azad Sangha

7045. 147000160R Bengal Engineering College

7046. 147000172R Khashmohal Balichak Pally Unnayan Samity

7047. 147020001R Raymond Memorial High School

7048. 147020002R Boys Town Mal Society

7049. 147020003R Boys Town Fernadale Trust

7050. 147020004R Darjeeling Dioce Mahakalguri Womens Work

7051. 147020007R Mahakalguri Girls Jr High School

7052. 147020009R Rockan Trust

7053. 147020011R Saontalpur Mission Boys Hostel

7054. 147020014R Mahakaliguri Mission High School

7055. 147020015R Harihar Nirashraya Sebashram

7056. 147020019R Dakhin Khalpara Rajib Sinriti Ashramik Vidyapeeth

7057. 147020022R Jalpaiguri East Ukilpara Mahila Vikas Sangathan

7058. 147020029R Noble Educational and Welfare Trust

7059. 147020031R Organisation for Suffering Huminity and Awarness

7060. 147030002R St. Annes Primary School

7061. 147030003R St. Ritas Primary School

7062. 147030006R Achintala Junior High Madrasah

7063. 147030017R North Bengal Welfare Society

7064. 147030021R Perojpur Bullet Club

7065. 147030030R 16 Mile Rural Development Society

7066. 147040005R Social Service Centre

7067. 147040007R Union Church School Child Care Home 489

7068. 147040012R St Anne’s School

7069. 147040017R Golgatha Seva Ashram

7070. 147040018R Harduachak Shyamchand Charitable Dispensary

7071. 147040026R Basantha Sewak Sangha

7072. 147040034R Binapani Sangha Pathagar

7073. 147040035R Neturia Sri Sri Ma Sardamayee Kalyan Samity

7074. 147040041R Amar Bir Saheed Kshuchiram Raksha Samiti

7075. 147040043R Nimtala Rural Dev. Project

7076. 147040047R Relief Of Underprivleged & Rehabilitation Of Agronomical Life

7077. 147040051R Khalsabhanga Pragati Sangha

7078. 147040052R Bhupatinagar Jana Seva Sangha

7079. 147040057R Ektanpur Pragati Sangha

7080. 147040059R Samaj Kalyan Sangha

7081. 147040064R Pravati Sangha

7082. 147040066R Kasaria Matangini Nari Kalyan Samiti

7083. 147040067R Mother Teresa Mohila Samity

7084. 147040078R Urgapur Palli Unnayan Samity

7085. 147040080R Rabindra Pathagar

7086. 147040081R Tarun Sangha 4

7087. 147040088R Nekursini Chiristian Hospital

7088. 147040090R Kakhuriabari Ramakrishna Pathagar

7089. 147040092R Purbachara Bhratree Sangha

7090. 147040095R Paschim Birulia Milani San.

7091. 147040099R Lok Seva Samity

7092. 147040102R Kharagpur English Medium School

7093. 147040104R Tengunia Arunodaya Pally Mangal Samity

7094. 147040106R Ulista Bholanath Vidyaniketan

7095. 147040107R Binodan

7096. 147040113R Gopalpur Bibekananda Bidyut Sangha

7097. 147040115R Argora Udayan Sangha

7098. 147040117R Madarsa Amwarul Uloom Social welfare

7099. 147040125R Gobardhanpur & D.raibandh Naboday Sangha

7100. 147040126R Baraghuni Kotbar Tapasili Udyan Sangh

7101. 147040128R Paushi Janakalyan Samity

7102. 147040130R Daisan (basnli) Tarun Sangha

7103. 147040134R Bahiri Milani Sangha

7104. 147040135R The Maternity & Child Welfare Centre

7105. 147040136R Midnapur Developmeny Coun

7106. 147040138R Palli Jyoti Pathagar

7107. 147040139R Barani Binaani Sangha

7108. 147040140R Saradamani Nari Kalyan Samity

7109. 147040147R Disari Sangha

7110. 147040151R Godaveri Se Ramakrishna Seva Sangh

7111. 147040153R Sebak Samity

7112. 147040154R Soc. Action For Rur.& Tribal Inhabs Ind.

7113. 147040156R Raghunath Chak Alli Kalyansamity

7114. 147040157R Kari Mullachak Tarun Sangha

7115. 147040168R Sbey Sangha Pathagar

7116. 147040173R Sevak Sangha

7117. 147040174R W.b Sch.castes,tribes & Minorities Welf

7118. 147040176R Dakshin Itaberia Samaj Kalyan Sangfha

7119. 147040177R Sadat Pur Bidyutbahin

7120. 147040180R Makaranpur M.d.c. Palli Unnayan Sangha

7121. 147040181R Kalyanpur Yuba Sangha

7122. 147040182R Kshetrapal Bandhu Mahal Sangha

7123. 147040186R Pragati Sangha Public Library

7124. 147040190R Midnapur Netaji Rural Womeodevp Society

7125. 147040193R Agragami Handicapped Society

7126. 147040194R Bhutanath Midya Gram Bikash Kendra

7127. 147040196R Baranalgeria Milan

7128. 147040203R Lalua Swamiji Seva Sangha

7129. 147040204R Midnapore Social & Cultural Organisation for Rural Development

7130. 147040205R Ratan Pur Progresive Total Development Club.

7131. 147040207R Jogiberh Kulia New Tarun Sangha

7132. 147040208R Shibrampur Milan Tirtha

7133. 147040210R Pratatisil Sabuj Sangha

7134. 147040213R Advancement In Self Help Activities

7135. 147040221R Agrani Sanket

7136. 147040222R Garh Haripur G N High School

7137. 147040223R Bongalpur Jankalyam Sangha

7138. 147040233R Dakshin Alikha Udayan Sangha

7139. 147040235R Midnapore District Gandhiji Youva Kalyan Samiti

7140. 147040236R Khejunijane Kalyan Sangha

7141. 147040237R Agani Sangha And Pathagar

7142. 147040239R Bhadur Pur Palli Mangal Samity

7143. 147040241R Sabang Vivekanand Club

7144. 147040242R Midnapore District Child & Women Welfare Society

7145. 147040244R Nanda Palli Unnayan Sanga

7146. 147040245R Bahadur Pur Palli Mangal Samitiy

7147. 147040246R Sidhu Kanu Education Society

7148. 147040250R Makana Pur Manisha Juba Kalyan Sangha

7149. 147040252R Bangal Pur Jankakalyan Sangha

7150. 147040254R Lakshi Jai Hind Sansad

7151. 147040258R Bhadurpur Palli Mangal Samiti

7152. 147040259R Institute Of Social Research And Applied Anthropology

7153. 147040261R Tamchandra Pur Vivkanand Samati Sangha

7154. 147040262R Kalyan Pur Juba Sangha

7155. 147040265R Lalua Pragati Sangha

7156. 147040266R Karma Kutei

7157. 147040267R Kalyanpur Yuba Sangha

7158. 147040270R Sarva Bhartiya Hanuman Sanker Mandal

7159. 147040274R Jhanjia Sanchayan

7160. 147040275R Tapan Sumana Avem Vikash Chikitshya Kendra

7161. 147040276R Nirada Sishu Niketan

7162. 147040280R Sitala Sporting Club

7163. 147040285R Bhabananda Mission Trust

7164. 147040293R Purba Kharan Rainbow Club

7165. 147040294R Lions Club Of Contai

7166. 147040299R Maisali Sevak Sangha

7167. 147040301R Rankinipur Balaka Krira Sangha &pathagar

7168. 147040303R Braj Kishore Seva Niketan

7169. 147040304R Malpar Vivekananda Dutt For Rural Development

7170. 147040308R Golasin Ma Mamisa Yuwogosthi

7171. 147040312R Midnapore Dance & Music Circle

7172. 147040315R Blind Madrasha & School Mahatapur

7173. 147040316R Contai Sub-divisional Freedom Fighter’s

7174. 147040321R Midnapore Vidyasagar Welfare Assocation

7175. 147040322R Society Of Rural Development For People Action And Evaluation

7176. 147040326R Khalsageria Socety For Human Resource Development

7177. 147040337R Bhemua Populat Club

7178. 147040339R Mangalchak Sabuj Sanjhyas

7179. 147040444R Purba Dakshin Moyna Sri Binoy Krishna Social Welfare Society

7180. 147040445R Hitaljore Kishanbala Databya Chikitjalage

7181. 147040448R Ramakrishna Pally Unnayan Sangha

7182. 147040451R Narangadighi Vivekjyoti Pathachakra

7183. 147040471R Debra Block Nijpapan Welfare Association

7184. 147040472R Bhagwanpur Rural & Cultural Society

7185. 147040475R Kishorchak Backward Classes Rural Development Society

7186. 147040481R Midnapore Madhusudan Nagar Craft Centre

7187. 147040485R Vivekananda Sevasangha

7188. 147040487R Ekterpur Saraswat Sangha

7189. 147040488R Uttar Koatbarh & Dalbarh Shanti Sangha

7190. 147040492R Inda Child Care Centre

7191. 147040498R Maitana Jana Sevak Sangha

7192. 147040499R Balidangri Child Development Organisation

7193. 147040500R Gohaldiha Jati Upajati Blue Birds Womens Welfare Centre

7194. 147040502R Deulpota Kalyan Sangha

7195. 147040505R Nandakumar Alor Disari

7196. 147040507R Sevayatan Kalyan Kendra,Swarabodhan Niketan

7197. 147040510R Midnapore Town Handicapped Welfare Society

7198. 147050008R Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama

7199. 147050011R Tartipur Jana Seva Sangha

7200. 147050014R The Minority Council

7201. 147050015R Chhhatiygari Girls Junior High Madrassa

7202. 147050018R Dhuliyan High Maderasaah

7203. 147050024R Rahmania Education Society

7204. 147050025R Saktipur Lohit Sangha

7205. 147050027R Sitesh Nagar Shishu Kalyan Junior Madrasha

7206. 147050031R West Bengal Sc/st Destitute Community Progressive Council

7207. 147050036R Berhampore Prabeen Sabha

7208. 147050037R Salafi Dawa Centre

7209. 147050038R Salehdanga Madrasah Darul Uloom Ehya-Us- Sunnah

7210. 147050041R Sagarpara Versatile Rural Dev elopment Society

7211. 147050043R Ambedkar Palli Tapshilli Unnayan Sangha

7212. 147060001R Chapra Day School Project

7213. 147060004R Christ Church Hostel Unit No.1

7214. 147060010R Iskcon

7215. 147060011R St Capitanios Home

7216. 147060012R Vimla Family Helper Project

7217. 147060015R C.E Z. Queen’s Girls’ Junior High School

7218. 147060030R Childrens Aid Programme

7219. 147060039R Rameswar Maternity Clinic & Ch.wel.centr

7220. 147060043R Institute Of Nadia Rural Develop. Socy.

7221. 147060051R Simanta Gram Unnayro Sanstha

7222. 147060052R Nadia Tapasili Jolio Adivasi Jagran Samity

7223. 147060054R Biswabandu Seva Sangha

7224. 147060055R Mahesher Para Santi Mayer Ashram

7225. 147060056R Kushnagan Catholic Charitable Social

7226. 147060057R Senand Road Rural Development Society

7227. 147060059R Sri Sri Harichanl Furachand Seva Ashram

7228. 147060062R Nabadwip A.P C Blind School

7229. 147060063R Barnia Gramin Khadi-o- Kutir Shilpa Unnayan Samiti

7230. 147060065R Paschim Banga Andhra Able Samiti Netaji Sabha Pally

7231. 147060066R Gopalpur Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Kishore Seva Sangha

7232. 147060067R Chapra Rural Education & Economic Development Society

7233. 147060073R University of Kalyani

7234. 147070003R Leprosy Field Research Unit

7235. 147070009R Bijnacharya Satyendranat Bose Edu Societ

7236. 147070014R Chhoto Sagen Shanti Ashram

7237. 147070015R Lokabrati Society

7238. 147070017R Haripada Sahitya Mandir

7239. 147070020R Purilic Pelli Seva Sangha

7240. 147070026R Marshal Dahar Gaunta

7241. 147070027R Institute Of Training & Development

7242. 147070030R Ramakrishna Society For Rural Development

7243. 147070033R Dakakendu Womens Development Society

7244. 147100006R Bartolomeas Children Home

7245. 147100008R Carey Boys Hostel Cni Mission

7246. 147100009R Carey Girls Hostel

7247. 147100012R Vivekananda Anath Ashram

7248. 147100015R Khudiram Soociety

7249. 147110002R Abbey Junior High School

7250. 147110022R Baruipur Mahila Samity

7251. 147110024R Nishkalanka Maria Kendra

7252. 147110025R Poor Children’s Fund

7253. 147110028R Catholic Church

7254. 147110029R St.gabriels Hostel

7255. 147110032R Wme Of India Douglas Memorial School

7256. 147110033R Social Service Committee

7257. 147110034R Udayan Samaj Kalyan Samity

7258. 147110035R Child Care Home

7259. 147110045R Sarima Sangha Seba Ashram

7260. 147110046R Catholic Church Hostel

7261. 147110047R Catholic Church Khari

7262. 147110049R Swami Abhedananda Charitable Unit

7263. 147110054R Sundarban Area Development Association

7264. 147110058R Rural Oppressed Organisation Trust

7265. 147110059R Kachua Singhapara Janakalyan Samiti

7266. 147110062R Dadpur Anchalik Jana Kalyan Samity

7267. 147110064R Mojlispur Shilpa Kendara Seba Sangha

7268. 147110065R Abhoy Ashram Family Helper Project

7269. 147110067R C.n.i. Girls Primary School

7270. 147110072R Keorapukur Cni Boys High School

7271. 147110073R Bengal Baptist Fellowship

7272. 147110074R Bengal Rehabilitation & Dev. Project

7273. 147110076R Bishnupur Siksha Sangha

7274. 147110077R C.n.i Girl’s Primary School

7275. 147110081R Balarampur Manmatha Nath Vidya Mandir

7276. 147110082R Prabartak Ashram

7277. 147110087R Dacca Tant Silpi Udbastu Sangathan

7278. 147110088R Banga Bharti Mihir Smriti Seva Ashram

7279. 147110096R Sankarachi Pally Unnayan Samity

7280. 147110106R Catholic Church Bamandanga

7281. 147110107R Barefoot Doctors Service Centre

7282. 147110111R Village Welfare Society

7283. 147110114R Bharat Kar Adimjati

7284. 147110115R Manindra Pathagar Seva Samity

7285. 147110117R Diamond Jana Sevak Sangha

7286. 147110119R Brahmo Balika Shikshaloya

7287. 147110120R Calcutta Welfare Society

7288. 147110121R Geological Mining & Metallurgical Society Of India

7289. 147110123R Calcutta Blind School

7290. 147110125R Lokswaraj Parishad

7291. 147110126R Functional Education Programme

7292. 147110127R St Ignatius Church

7293. 147110131R Sagar Seva Sangha

7294. 147110132R Ghateswar Samaj Kalyan Sanshad

7295. 147110133R Sonapur Thana Health Centre Generator Fund

7296. 147110137R Bodra Manab Vikash Kendra

7297. 147110138R Saujatya

7298. 147110140R Manickpur Charitable Sanstha

7299. 147110142R Gandhi Seva Sangha Dakshindani

7300. 147110143R East India Rural Welfare Committee

7301. 147110147R Magrahat Anglo Oriental Institution

7302. 147110149R The Daria Club

7303. 147110151R Sanghashree

7304. 147110153R Community Development Organisation

7305. 147110154R Baidyapur Charmo Shilpo Unnayan Samity

7306. 147110159R Basbadi Pally Unnyan Samity

7307. 147110161R Satindra Smriti Samsad

7308. 147110162R Jamtala Janakalyan Samiti

7309. 147110165R Kishore Sangha

7310. 147110168R Handicapped & Widows Rehabilitation Society

7311. 147110173R Operation Grassroots

7312. 147110174R Andarika Jugantar Club

7313. 147110179R Sri Ramkrishna Ananda Ashrama

7314. 147110180R Rajpur Nabamillan Sangha

7315. 147110185R Theatre Living Labouratory

7316. 147110186R Society To Serve The Tb Suffeers

7317. 147110188R Kshetramohanpur S S R K Seba Samity

7318. 147110189R Arunodoy

7319. 147110193R Katia Unnayani

7320. 147110194R Koyra Gram Unnayan Samity

7321. 147110196R Friendship Unit

7322. 147110199R Dhankhet Bidyalaya Gram Unnayan Samity

7323. 147110202R Social Welfare & Development Centre

7324. 147110203R Durgapur Abaitankik Madhyamik Vidyalaya

7325. 147110210R Milan Sangha

7326. 147110220R Nivedita Nari Kalyan Samity

7327. 147110222R Sundarban Ramakrishna Seva Ashram

7328. 147110223R Chintamonipur R.k.tapasilpalli-o’gram Sg

7329. 147110226R Maiterhat High School

7330. 147110232R North Suburban School For The Deaf

7331. 147110238R Sarbahara Sangha

7332. 147110240R Deul Para Unnayan Samity

7333. 147110241R Ananda Rural Development Association

7334. 147110242R Saraswati Mahila Samity

7335. 147110243R Prerana

7336. 147110252R Basudebpur Pally Unnayan Samity

7337. 147110261R Swadesh Basu Hospital

7338. 147110264R Basanti Khadi & Village Industries Socy.

7339. 147110267R Joaru Youngs Union Club

7340. 147110268R Netaji Sangha

7341. 147110276R Uttarramtanu Nagar Janakalyan Sangha

7342. 147110281R Bidhan Nagar (salt Lake) Social Ser Asso

7343. 147110296R Sangathani

7344. 147110300R Hogla Janakalyan Samity

7345. 147110301R Sundar Ban Gandhi Society

7346. 147110304R North 24 Parganas Disabled Persons Assn.

7347. 147110312R Sundarban Tarun Sangha

7348. 147110313R Pravat Samity

7349. 147110318R Falti Goshapur Samaj Unnayan Samity

7350. 147110321R Seva Sangha

7351. 147110322R Kensily Youbak Sangha

7352. 147110324R Daksin Nikarighata Biswarup Sangha

7353. 147110331R Chandnagar Palm & Date Gur

7354. 147110338R Jatavpur Halderpore Chara Chandra

7355. 147110342R Vivekananda Seva Samiti

7356. 147110344R Crafts Council Of West Bengal

7357. 147110349R Khordanahala Samaj Kalyan Samiti

7358. 147110350R Chemageri Indira Gandhi Samiti Sangha

7359. 147110353R Unique Pally Bikash Unnayan Samity

7360. 147110358R Chandigar Diamond Star Club

7361. 147110359R A Friend In Need

7362. 147110362R Nabasan Palisree Sangha

7363. 147110367R Kumarkhola Richshaw Samity

7364. 147110368R Kensitey Azaad Sporting Club

7365. 147110371R Mainan Netaji Sangha

7366. 147110376R Parudaha Samaj Siksha Kendra

7367. 147110377R Minority Post Graduate Basic Traning College

7368. 147110379R New Young & Ear Club.

7369. 147110380R Arun Sangha

7370. 147110385R Sashibhusan Seba Sangha

7371. 147110387R Bayarshing Sibaji Sangha

7372. 147110390R Purbasha Young Association

7373. 147110391R Simuldaha Azad Club

7374. 147110393R Ghatiherama Sunderbcen Unnayan Sangha

7375. 147110394R Jhumnia Treen Sanstha

7376. 147110397R Sundarban Mehnati Sangha

7377. 147110405R Sarisha Milan Sangha

7378. 147110409R Bana Bankra Anagvassar Palli Unnayan Samity

7379. 147110411R Raghunath Samiti Sangha

7380. 147110412R San R. Welfare Society

7381. 147110416R Banaful Sangha

7382. 147110420R Sri Ramakrishna Matrimangal Pratisthan

7383. 147110428R Pirpur Progatisil Samiti

7384. 147110432R South Sundarban Education & Cultural Instittute

7385. 147110435R Seva Sangha Mahela Samiti

7386. 147110439R Bhusna Tapaban Welfare Society

7387. 147110441R Chalawari Cosmos Clus

7388. 147110442R Pathar Protima Dakshin Sibjanj Lokoraksha & Rural

Development Society

7389. 147110445R Sarisha Pally Unnayan Samity

7390. 147110450R Ramkrishna Pathamandir

7391. 147110454R Satjelia Vivekanand Milan Sangha

7392. 147110455R Basbadi Seva Sangha

7393. 147110464R Urban And Rural Mission

7394. 147110465R West Bengal Association Of Sacrifice

7395. 147110473R Gramin Seva Sangha

7396. 147110479R Basirhat Relief Handicapped Welfare Society

7397. 147110485R Sitaramapur Gram Unnayan Samiti

7398. 147110493R Fatepur Sree Sree Radhakrishana Asrama

7399. 147110498R Centre For Contemporary Comunication

7400. 147110499R Siddharth United Social Welfare Mission

7401. 147110503R Kakdwip Muslim Welfare Society

7402. 147110507R Saradamayee Nari Kalyan Samity

7403. 147110508R Shyam Nagar Kaji Najrul Sangha

7404. 147110528R Birati Youth Club

7405. 147110529R Lakshmipur Bidhan Sangha

7406. 147110532R Santi Sangha

7407. 147110537R Anandalok

7408. 147110540R Ramnagar Abad Mother Smriti Sangha

7409. 147110545R Deganga Sonar Bangla Samity

7410. 147110550R B/ambikanagar Mukul Sangha

7411. 147110552R Raghunathpur Nari Kalyan Samity

7412. 147110568R Sagardeep Nagendraganj Madrasah Anjuman-e- Muslihul Millat

7413. 147110572R Nadhibag Al-hoda Education Society

7414. 147110576R Thakur Shree Shree Samir Brahmachari Biswa Sevasram


7415. 147110592R Uttar Kusummajharhat Yubak Sangha

7416. 147110599R Dakshin Chabbish Paraganas Pratibandhi Kalyan Sanstha

7417. 147110601R Kensily Social Development Organisation

7418. 147110602R Rekha Ray Memorial Medical Aid Society

7419. 147110604R Al- Helal Education and Welfare Foundation

7420. 147110611R Al-Hera Educational and Welfare Foundation

7421. 147110616R Halderchak Chetna Female- Development Samity

7422. 147110622R Jampur Islamic Educational and Welfare Trust

7423. 147110625R Dakshin Gobindapur Narayani club and Pathagar

7424. 147110626R Assist India

7425. 147120019R St. Thomas School

7426. 147120024R Saroj Nalini Family Helper Project

7427. 147120036R Auxilium Parish School

7428. 147120039R Office Of Medical Advisor North Reg Sect

7429. 147120041R Thomas School (for Girls) Home

7430. 147120042R Paikpara Samaj Unnayan Kendra

7431. 147120046R Naba Jiwan Society

7432. 147120048R Alakendu Bodh Niketan F.h.p.

7433. 147120049R St Joseph’s College

7434. 147120064R Mennonite Christian Service Fellow.india

7435. 147120073R International Yoga Research Society

7436. 147120082R Loreto House Educational Society

7437. 147120091R Jadavpur Social Welfare Society

7438. 147120095R West Bengal Voluntary Health Association

7439. 147120100R St Margarets School Hostel

7440. 147120101R Community Services Society

7441. 147120102R Association Of Medical Women In India

7442. 147120104R St Mary’s Home

7443. 147120107R Door Of Hope Orphanage

7444. 147120108R Society For Advancement Of Rural Economy Education & Kutir

7445. 147120114R Alcutta Bengali Women’s Work

7446. 147120115R Mahajati Sewak Samaj

7447. 147120117R Chiriya More Children

7448. 147120123R Calcutta Development Foundation

7449. 147120130R C Y S E C Marketing Centre

7450. 147120135R St Mary’s School

7451. 147120137R Rehabilitation India

7452. 147120141R Sujay Welfare Society

7453. 147120145R St Patrick Church

7454. 147120146R Premananda Leprosy Dispensaries

7455. 147120149R Sri Mayapur Project Development Trust

7456. 147120150R The Institution Of Engineers (India)

7457. 147120157R St John Ambulance Association

7458. 147120158R Auxilium Convent

7459. 147120163R Behala Balananda Brahmachari Hospital

7460. 147120164R United Missionary Primary Teachers Instt

7461. 147120169R Womens Welfare

7462. 147120177R Sos Childrens Village

7463. 147120179R Ling Liang Orphanage

7464. 147120180R Grace Ling Liang Child Care

7465. 147120181R St Antony High School

7466. 147120182R St Teresa Church

7467. 147120183R Adhyatmic Sahcharya Sanstha

7468. 147120185R Save The Children Fund Sponsorship Committee

7469. 147120197R E.i.c.t. Infant School

7470. 147120199R Katikata Basti Pragati Sanghtan

7471. 147120203R Agriculture Integrated Development Project

7472. 147120207R St Thomas Church

7473. 147120209R Sarba Shanti Ayog

7474. 147120215R Calcutta Destitutes

7475. 147120217R International Society For Krishna Consciousness

7476. 147120225R Light House For Blind

7477. 147120227R Jalpaiguri Welfare Organisation

7478. 147120228R Women Research Centre

7479. 147120229R Belghata Chhatra Sangsad

7480. 147120231R Lion Club Of Calcutta

7481. 147120232R Project 50 Calcutta

7482. 147120233R Save The Children Committee

7483. 147120234R Lion Club Of Calcutta Metropolitan

7484. 147120235R The Voice In The Wilderness

7485. 147120236R Kishore Vidyapeeth

7486. 147120237R Sarada Punnyasaram

7487. 147120241R Women For National Development

7488. 147120243R Institute Of Social Welfare & Research

7489. 147120244R Vidhan Educational Society

7490. 147120246R Indian Christion Mission

7491. 147120249R Bharatiya Jukta Christa Prochar Mandali

7492. 147120252R Women Voluntary Service

7493. 147120256R Saint Mary’s Church

7494. 147120257R Tiljala Lion Trust

7495. 147120259R Calcutta South Round Table No.17

7496. 147120267R Bhawanipur Congregational Church

7497. 147120268R West Bengal Poor Society

7498. 147120269R Indian Council Of Rural Youth

7499. 147120273R Institute Of Time Science India

7500. 147120277R Inter Link Calcutta

7501. 147120280R Poschim Banga Christiya Yuba Sangha

7502. 147120283R Council Of Baptist Churches In North Ind

7503. 147120288R Understanding

7504. 147120295R Humanitarian Charity Trust

7505. 147120297R Mass Education Text Book Library Cum Research

Documentation Centre

7506. 147120299R Shri Ramkrishna Patherchakra & Seva Kendra

7507. 147120301R Agriculture And Rural Technology

7508. 147120302R Alkalid Research Laboratories Ex-employees Co-op Industrial

Society Ltd.

7509. 147120307R Holy Mission Of Indian Culture

7510. 147120308R Council Of Organised Action For Social Reform

7511. 147120312R Scottish Church College

7512. 147120317R Self Employment Centre

7513. 147120321R Parents Own Clinic For Deaf Children

7514. 147120326R Padatik

7515. 147120329R Paschimbanga Jankalyan Parishad

7516. 147120331R Indo-arab Cultural Association

7517. 147120332R The Oral School For Deaf Children

7518. 147120334R Asahi Glass Foundation

7519. 147120338R East West Centre Of Rural Development

7520. 147120342R Nikhil Bharal Gramin Nari Sangha

7521. 147120343R Apostolate Of Our Lady Of Fatima

7522. 147120347R Society For Rural Reconstruction

7523. 147120349R Bengal Provincial Depressed Class League

7524. 147120350R Maharaja Cossimbaar Sabitri Siksalaya

7525. 147120351R Hindustan Charity Trust

7526. 147120354R Bengal Baptist Union

7527. 147120355R West Bengal Cultural Association

7528. 147120358R Bodh Peet

7529. 147120361R Ballygunge Siksha Sadan

7530. 147120364R Manipuri Nartanalaya

7531. 147120365R Janata Medical Service Mar Thoma Church Centre

7532. 147120376R Rotary Club Of South West Calcutta Trust

7533. 147120380R Government Pensioners Association

7534. 147120386R Aiwc Central Calcutta Constituency

7535. 147120390R Nari Shiksha Samity

7536. 147120393R The Gujarati Relief Society

7537. 147120395R Samaj Bikesham Kendra

7538. 147120398R Effort

7539. 147120410R Indian Puppet Theatre

7540. 147120411R Phyllis Gress Foundation

7541. 147120415R Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha

7542. 147120418R The Institute Of Child Health Trust

7543. 147120420R All India Womens Conference

7544. 147120423R Calcutta Ladies Association

7545. 147120424R Chandranath Basu Seva Sangha

7546. 147120428R Development Dialogue

7547. 147120433R Tiljella Bustee Development Society

7548. 147120435R Dum Dum Welfare Society For Handicapped

7549. 147120444R Prem-e-asha

7550. 147120445R University Of Calcutta

7551. 147120449R National Cultural Association

7552. 147120457R Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre

7553. 147120459R National Institute Of Small Mines

7554. 147120465R Dakhin Kalikala Krita O Sanskriti Parishad

7555. 147120467R Mafhun David Synagogue

7556. 147120468R Mafhun David Synagague

7557. 147120472R Indian Craft Village Trust

7558. 147120477R Dr. Mori Biswas Child Care Unit

7559. 147120482R Gandhi Smarak Gramya Seva Kendra

7560. 147120483R Book Sellers Guild

7561. 147120489R Smile

7562. 147120490R Muslim Orphanage & Educational Trust

7563. 147120491R Subodh Mitra Memorial Trust

7564. 147120492R Sri Krishna

7565. 147120504R National Centre

7566. 147120509R Training Resources & Core For Kids

7567. 147120512R Bharat Sevak Samaj

7568. 147120518R Antarang Society For Social & Economic Development

7569. 147120523R Calcutta Heart Clinic Hospital Society

7570. 147120525R West Bengal Association Of The Deaf

7571. 147120532R Aamra

7572. 147120537R Calcutta Taltatala Society For Community Intervention &


7573. 147120538R All Indian Womens Conference (canal West Branch)

7574. 147120548R Dhyana Teertha

7575. 147120549R Bengal Provincial Depressed Class League

7576. 147120556R Society For The Preservation Of Satyajit Ray Films

7577. 147120585R Parivarikee

7578. 147120587R Ballyganj Society For Children In Pain

7579. 147120591R Academy Of Fine Arts

7580. 147120594R North Bengal Welfare Society

7581. 147120602R Pt. Ravi Kichlu Foundation

7582. 147120605R Haldane Society For Eco-Research And Enterprise Development

7583. 147120606R Ballygunge Society For Children In Pain

7584. 147120614R Nature Environment and Wildlife Society

7585. 147120618R Sonata Foundation

7586. 147120620R Prabha Khaitan Foundation

7587. 147120629R Trinita Society for Social & Health Research

7588. 147120630R Rotary Club of Central Calcutta Trust

7589. 147120634R Love-N-Care for Animal

7590. 147120635R Naba Janakalyan Samiti

7591. 147120636R Riddhi-Society for Remedial and Integrated Education

7592. 147120638R Mukundalaya Children Welfare Organisation

7593. 147120639R Calcutta School of Music

7594. 147120640R Vedanta and Science Educational Research Foundation

7595. 147120647R Eye Foundation

7596. 147120648R Bibek Bikash Samaj Kalyan Kendra

7597. 147120650R Institute of Molecular Medicine

7598. 147120654R Bidhannagar Association for Social and Health Advancement-04

7599. 147120658R Centre for Studies in Social Sciences

7600. 147120661R Asian Village Development Society

7601. 147120663R Karuna Welfare Society

7602. 147120664R Rotary Club of Belur Charitable Trust

7603. 147120666R Rotary Club of Calcutta Eastland Trust

7604. 147120670R Tangra Green Society for Social Welfare


7605. 152610002R Rehmat E Alam Hospital Trust Anantanag

7606. 152670001R J&K Samaj Kalyan Kendra`

7607. 152670002R Alexander Memorial High School Project

7608. 152670003R J&K Mahila Seva Sangh

7609. 152670005R Bee Enn Charitable Trust

7610. 152670007R St. Paul’s Church

7611. 152670012R J&K Paryavaran Sangthan

7612. 152670013R Sapna Grameen Udyog

7613. 152670014R Adarsh Nari Sudhar Centre

7614. 152670016R Krist Jyoti Social Welfare Society

7615. 152680001R Kargil Restoration Project

7616. 152680002R Wakka Mulbek Welfare Project

7617. 152680003R Buddhist Youth Association

7618. 152680004R Lungnag Youth Association

7619. 152680005R Cultural Prevention Environmental And Area Development


7620. 152680009R Rangdum Gonpa Cultural and Welfare Society,

7621. 152690002R Be Sahara Village Industry Social Forestry and

7622. 152710002R Sonamling Tibetan Settlement

7623. 152710009R Karma Dupgyad Chhoeling

7624. 152710010R Aide A L’enfance Tibetaine

7625. 152710015R Indus Public School

7626. 152710020R Rizong Cultural And Welfare Society

7627. 152710022R His Holiness The Cyalwa Karumpu Welfare Society

7628. 152710027R Photang Urgyan Dorje Chozong

7629. 152740001R Sir Sayed Muslim Institute Of Education

7630. 152740002R Social Welfare Of India

7631. 152740003R Modern Cultural Club

7632. 152750001R J & K Darul Fazal Home for the Zoram Evangelical Fellowship

7633. 152750002R The Tibetan Muslim Refugee Welfare Association

7634. 152750005R Prefecture Apostolic of J&K Catholic Church

7635. 152750007R Madrasa Taleemul Quraan

7636. 152750010R Voluntary Medicare Society

7637. 152750011R Rattan Rani Hospital

7638. 152750013R Awaan

7639. 152750017R Cancer Society of Kashmir

7640. 152760005R Rural Penetration

7641. 152760006R Samjee Pappy Kallimes Church Of Christ

7642. 152760007R Shree Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board


7643. 164730001R Sharon Childrens Home

7644. 164730007R Keruma Community Development Project

7645. 164730015R Amgami Baptist Council of Churches

7646. 164730020R Rengma Community Development Project

7647. 164730022R Ministry of Mount Mary Academy

7648. 164730026R Rongmei Naga Community Development Project

7649. 164730028R Kohima Orphanage & Destitute Home

7650. 164730029R Educated Unemployed Union of Nagaland

7651. 164730033R Senjum Women Welfare Society

7652. 164730037R Tragopan Farmers Society

7653. 164730041R Rural Area Welfare Association

7654. 164730042R Acme Ethnic Society

7655. 164730044R Yerms Co-operative Society

7656. 164730045R Nzan Women and Child Welfare Society

7657. 164730047R Kiwi Society

7658. 164730048R Shan Women Society

7659. 164730049R Chewang Society

7660. 164730051R St.Andrew Studentsand Staff Multipurpose

7661. 164730053R Ketaketo Society

7662. 164730061R Pin Youth Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd.

7663. 164730073R Valley Welfare Association

7664. 164730074R North East Welfare Society

7665. 164730075R NMA Youth and Women Welfare Organisation

7666. 164730076R Three Sister’s Welfare Society

7667. 164730077R K. P. Bethesda Health Society

7668. 164730078R Mascotte Development Society

7669. 164740001R Aolijen Community Development Project

7670. 164740002R Alain Socio-Economic Transformation Project

7671. 164750004R Chang Community Development Project

7672. 164750005R Old Manlakai Rural Development Society

7673. 164750007R Backward Development Trust

7674. 164760003R Chen Wankon Development Society

7675. 164770005R Chouzuba Area Baptist Association

7676. 164770006R Chizami BS Multipurpose Society

7677. 164770007R Voices Club

7678. 164780001R Assembly of God English School

7679. 164780002R Chukitong Area Baptist English School

7680. 164780003R Vankhosan Community Development Project

7681. 164780005R K.G School / Tribal Welfare Christian School

7682. 164780007R Sanis Baptist English School

7683. 164780008R Grace English School

7684. 164780011R Omega Ministry

7685. 164780012R Bethel Statndard English School

7686. 164780013R Women Welfare Society

7687. 164790001R M/s.Samaritan Society(Regd)


7688. 172200003R Al-Rasheed Charitable Society

7689. 172210003R Amhala Believers Church

7690. 172210004R United Church Girls Middle School

7691. 172210006R Self Employed Womens Association

7692. 172210010R Pashupathi Kusht Ashram Society

7693. 172210011R Gauri Shankar Kusht Ashram

7694. 172210014R Sant Nischal Singh Public School

7695. 172210015R Rahat International

7696. 172210017R Haryana Kusht Ashram Society

7697. 172210021R Shri Swami Rama Foundation Trust,

7698. 172250001R Christian General Hospital

7699. 172250005R The YMCA Institute of Engineering

7700. 172250007R Association for the Welfare of the Handicapped

7701. 172250017R Anandi Seva Prakalap

7702. 172270001R St. Michael Senior Secondary School

7703. 172270003R St. Crispins High School /Hostel

7704. 172270004R Bal Kalyan Kendra

7705. 172270005R Ethic Family Helper Project

7706. 172270007R Rural Initiative Technology Impact

7707. 172270009R Mewat Development Society

7708. 172270011R Stri Niketan

7709. 172270015R Swami Amar Dev Vidyalaya Trust

7710. 172270016R Chaudhri Trust

7711. 172270018R Rohini Educational Society

7712. 172270023R All India Ujwal Charitable Trust

7713. 172270024R Indian Development Foundation

7714. 172280001R Society for rural Economy and Technology Advancement

7715. 172290003R Womens Christian Service

7716. 172290004R Hissar District of Mehtodist Church in India

7717. 172290008R Governing Body,Jat Educational Institution,Hisar

7718. 172300001R Behnon Ka Apna Ghar

7719. 172300002R All India Youth Welfare Society

7720. 172310003R Urlana & Joshi Community Development Project

7721. 172310004R Gram Vikas Samity

7722. 172310006R Karnal District of the Delhi Regional Conference

7723. 172310009R Participation for Development Society

7724. 172310012R Community Devlopment Project

7725. 172310014R Ashok Khadi Gram Udyog Samiti

7726. 172310015R Amit Khadi Gram Udyog Samiti

7727. 172310016R Blind Relief Mission

7728. 172310019R Hans Khadi Gram SamitiUdyog

7729. 172310021R Dinesh Gramodyog Samiti

7730. 172310023R Women’s Organisation for Motivation Emancipation and


7731. 172310025R Rashtriya Yuva Sangathan

7732. 172320001R Community Development Project

7733. 172320005R Association of Social Action Research & Education

7734. 172320008R MANTHAN – A Society for Creative Ideas and Action

7735. 172330002R Gramin Vikas Samiti (Cancelled)

7736. 172330005R Rural Development Association

7737. 172330008R Centre for Rural Initiative

7738. 172330011R Baba Sarnai Nath Yoga Ashram Nayas

7739. 172350002R Bhavik Society for Education Promotion

7740. 172370001R Adhyatmik Sahacharya Sansthan

7741. 172370002R The Jawan & Kisan Seva Samiti

7742. 172370004R Chaubisee Vikas Sangh

7743. 172370006R Bharat Vikas Sangh

7744. 172370007R Aall India Commonwealth Organisation

7745. 172370010R Haryana Navyuvak Kala Sangam

7746. 172380002R Nirjharini Nasi Sahyog Samiti

7747. 172380003R Disha Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre

7748. 172380004R Baba Bihari Samariti Charitable Trust

7749. 172390003R Village Welfare Association

7750. 172390005R Village Welfare Association

7751. 172390008R Sonepat Kusht Ashram Society

7752. 172390009R Modern Education Society

7753. 172390010R Nari Chetna Sangathan

7754. 172390011R Ram Lal Kapur Trust

7755. 172410001R Rashtriya Adivasi Seva Yojana


7756. 182420004R The Gobindsagar Fisheries Cooperative of Marketing & Supply

7757. 182420005R Manav Vikas Sansthan

7758. 182430002R District Council for Child Welfare

7759. 182430006R Mahila Vikas Manch,

7760. 182450004R Tibetan Children’s Educational & Welfare Fund

7761. 182450007R Palampur Leprosy Home & Hospital

7762. 182450012R St Johns Church in the Wilderness

7763. 182450014R Tibetan Art and Metal Craft Training Centre

7764. 182450019R Bodhicitta Welfare

7765. 182450020R Tibetan Craft Community for the Progress

7766. 182450021R Kentingtai Situs Charitable Society

7767. 182450028R Mehar Ashram Charitable Trust Society

7768. 182450029R Dzongsar Institute for Buddhist Studies

7769. 182450030R Andretta Pottery and Crafts Society

7770. 182450032R International Sahaj Public School Society

7771. 182450043R Thakur Pre-Examination Coaching Cum Trg. Institute

7772. 182450045R Dhauladhar Public Education Society

7773. 182450050R Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Himachal Pradesh Krishi


7774. 182450052R Kangra Mahila Sabha

7775. 182450053R Nechung Monastery(Institute of Buddhist Studies))

7776. 182460001R Mahila Kalyan Parishad

7777. 182470003R Himachal Pradesh Handloom Weavers Apex Body

7778. 182470004R Aid to Tibetan Children

7779. 182470011R Institute for Development Studies

7780. 182500001R Ahju Community Development Project

7781. 182500009R Himalaya International Health Institute d.b.a.

7782. 182510001R St. Beds College

7783. 182510002R Tibetan Progressive Society

7784. 182510003R Simla Jesus and Mary Educational Society

7785. 182510006R Sangye Chowling Tibetan Buddhist Association

7786. 182510009R Central School for the Tibetans

7787. 182510010R Kupvi Harbarium Welfare Workers Association

7788. 182510011R Umber Education Society

7789. 182510018R Santhshi Mahila Sangathan Sabha

7790. 182510022R H.P.State Council for Child Welfare

7791. 182510024R Lokhit Sansthan

7792. 182510025R MUSE

7793. 182510027R Jonang Takten Phuntsok ChoslingCultural Society

7794. 182520001R Sakya Tibetan Society

7795. 182520003R Tsechen Samdupling Monastary

7796. 182520006R Tibetan Taopan Gapa Welfare Society

7797. 182520010R Hitaishee

7798. 182520017R Mahila Mandal

7799. 182520024R Stepco Society Nahan

7800. 182540001R The Social Work & Research Centre

7801. 182540002R Peoples Action for People in Need

7802. 182540004R The Leprosy Mission Home & Hospital

7803. 182540005R Indra Talimiyat Society

7804. 182540007R Society for Rural Development and Action

7805. 182540008R Christian Hospital

7806. 182540014R Jan Kalyan Seva Samity

7807. 182540017R Vardhman Educational Society


7808. 194130001R Manipur Wood & Extractors

7809. 194130003R Citizen Volunteers Training Centre

7810. 194130005R All Manipur Mushroom Growers Association

7811. 194130012R Manipur Rural Development Foundation

7812. 194130020R Peoples Development Organisation

7813. 194130023R The Arbours Welfare Organisation

7814. 194130024R M.BC High School

7815. 194130025R Manipur Peace Centre

7816. 194130039R Sangaiprou Naga Youth Association

7817. 194130040R Chongthu Baptist Church Association

7818. 194130041R Inter Village Development Organisation

7819. 194130044R Kangmong Nupi Thougal Marup

7820. 194130045R Meexei Christian New Educational And Social Welfare Society

7821. 194130047R Tangkhul Shanao Wortam Society

7822. 194130050R Economic & Moral Development Organisation

7823. 194130051R Capart, Manipur

7824. 194130052R The Social Guidance Centre

7825. 194130053R Friends Development Training & Research Centre

7826. 194130056R Manipur Women Coordinating Council

7827. 194130058R Oriental Voluntary Association

7828. 194130063R Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association

7829. 194130064R Arapti Welfare Organisation

7830. 194130068R Manipur Ramakrishna Society

7831. 194130069R Manipur Eastern Hill People’s Development Society

7832. 194130073R South-eastern Centre For Rural Development

7833. 194130074R Integrated Rural People Development Organisation

7834. 194130075R Institute Of Youth Technology

7835. 194130077R Women’s Education Development Association.

7836. 194130079R Orjuscassim

7837. 194130081R District Borderl Land Development Organisation

7838. 194130082R Children Training School

7839. 194130086R Irepak Youth & Development Association

7840. 194130088R Land And Industry Development Voluntary Association

7841. 194130091R Leimarol Yaifa Marup

7842. 194130094R Integrated Rural Development Welfare Association

7843. 194130100R Manipur Tribal Development Society

7844. 194130101R Social Guidance Centre

7845. 194130102R All Manipur Rural Technology Institute Of Paramedical Science

7846. 194130104R Hill Areas Tribal Development Society

7847. 194130107R Manipur Youth Training Centre

7848. 194130108R Imphal District Tribal Welfare Society

7849. 194130112R Council For Social Awareness And Development

7850. 194130113R People’s Development Agency

7851. 194130114R All Manipur Women Voluntary Services

7852. 194130115R Rural Agricultural And Industrial Development Centre

7853. 194130117R Langthabal Tribal Development Organisation

7854. 194130118R Panthobi Multi Workers Welfare Society

7855. 194130125R The Social Development Society

7856. 194130126R Institute Of Social Organisation

7857. 194130128R Integrated Citizen’s Development Centre

7858. 194130129R Crafts Society Of Manipur

7859. 194130131R Charsal Avenue Tribal Women Development Organisation

7860. 194130132R The Association For Integrated Development

7861. 194130136R The Grace Academy

7862. 194130139R Chingu Panganba Serial Welfare Association

7863. 194130140R Sangeet Kala Sangham

7864. 194130150R Socio-environmental Research Centre

7865. 194130152R The Panthabi Multi Workers Welfare Society

7866. 194130154R The Multipurpose Social Development Foundation

7867. 194130157R Centre For Social Awareness & Reconstuction

7868. 194130160R Tribal Women Welfare Agency

7869. 194130164R Integrated Rural Tribal Area Development Authority

7870. 194130165R The Khongman Moirang Pandit Leikai Women’s Welfare


7871. 194130167R Integrated Rural Development Services

7872. 194130170R Manipur Chikim Adventurous Development Society

7873. 194130171R The Orient Ecology And Environment Development Organisation

7874. 194130174R The Modern Clinic And Village Industries Society

7875. 194130175R Manipur Science And Technology Council

7876. 194130177R Khoupsai Student’s Welfare Organisation

7877. 194130178R Integrated Tribal Welfare Association

7878. 194130179R The Rural Women’s Development Association

7879. 194130180R Socio Economic Voluntary Agency Seva

7880. 194130181R Integrated Tribal Upliftment Society

7881. 194130184R The Community Development Society

7882. 194130185R The New Social Welfare Society

7883. 194130187R All Manipur Management Of Development Training & Research


7884. 194130189R Environmental Protection And Development Research Centre

7885. 194130190R Hill Areas Development Organisation

7886. 194130193R The Voluntary Service Institution

7887. 194130203R Shija Health Care & Research Institute

7888. 194130207R El Shadai Hope

7889. 194130208R The Performing Artistes Centre

7890. 194130210R The Social Welfare Development Association

7891. 194130211R The Environment Protection & Devevelopment Research

7892. 194130217R The Yoga & Nature Cure Home

7893. 194130224R Global Care,

7894. 194130225R The Scientific &Humanitarian Association for Knowledge of

Technology Innovations

7895. 194130226R Rishang Keishing Foundation for Management of Tribal Areas

7896. 194130228R Organisation for Social Development

7897. 194130229R Help and Development Organisation

7898. 194130231R Manipur States Scouts Union

7899. 194130233R Indigenous World

7900. 194130234R The Kripa Society

7901. 194130236R Foundation for Rural Development & Technological Achievement

7902. 194130238R The Charitable and Religious Society

7903. 194130241R Care Foundation

7904. 194130244R Mahila Vikas Kendra.

7905. 194130249R Society for Health and Environment

7906. 194130250R Rural Area Social Development Association

7907. 194130251R Imphal Urban and Rural Development Society

7908. 194140002R Integrated Tribal Development Association

7909. 194140004R Western Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association

7910. 194140008R Grace Community Development Project

7911. 194140009R Lower Lamka Women Society

7912. 194140013R Good News Mission

7913. 194140015R Zomi Christian Church

7914. 194140019R Network Service For Community Participation

7915. 194140020R Kangkun Womens Welfare Society

7916. 194140021R Ukhrul District Multipurpose Development Organisation

7917. 194140022R Integrated Tribal Development Society

7918. 194140023R Action For Rural Development

7919. 194140024R Rural Development Society

7920. 194140027R Women Association For Rural Development

7921. 194140028R Hill Areas Tribal Development Society

7922. 194140039R Eco -Development Society Ltd.

7923. 194140041R The Phazang Integrated Development. Association

7924. 194150002R Model English School

7925. 194150003R Manipur North Naga Baptist Womens Union

7926. 194150004R Tuilangkun Development Society

7927. 194150005R Kom Rem Baptist Churches Association

7928. 194150011R K.T.Higher Secondary English School

7929. 194150012R Namching Tribal Weaving Association

7930. 194150015R The Manipur North Scouts Children Training School

7931. 194150018R Bunglung Area Welfare Association

7932. 194150027R School Of Higher Academy & Litercy Org. Motbung

7933. 194150029R Don Bosco Parish

7934. 194150034R Oriental Women Society

7935. 194150038R Social Action for Comprehensive Development

7936. 194160002R New Life Ministries

7937. 194160005R Churachandpur A.g. Church School

7938. 194160006R Standard English High School

7939. 194160007R Pherzawal Community Development Project

7940. 194160010R Taiphai Rongmai Evangelistic Fellowship

7941. 194160011R Christian Organisation For Relief & Development

7942. 194160013R Henglep Community Development Project

7943. 194160014R Manipur Pastors Conference

7944. 194160015R Muolvaiphei Community Development Project

7945. 194160017R Evangelical Organisation Church

7946. 194160020R Kuki Christian Association Church

7947. 194160023R Bijang Area Drinking Water Supply Project

7948. 194160024R Christian Guardians’ Association

7949. 194160025R Christian Development Service

7950. 194160026R Manipur Eastern Presbytery

7951. 194160027R Manipur Gam Presbytery

7952. 194160028R Bunglon Christian Model School

7953. 194160032R Women & Child Development Association

7954. 194160033R Tuithaphai Presbytery

7955. 194160037R Presbyterian Church In India

7956. 194160038R Sumchinvum Youth Welfare Association

7957. 194160039R The Sumchinvum Women Society

7958. 194160040R T.lailoiphai Youth Development Organisation

7959. 194160041R The Kamulairok Women’s And Child Welfare Association

7960. 194160042R Community Development Authority

7961. 194160044R Manipur Presbyterian Synod

7962. 194160045R The Hiangtan Area Women’s Welfare Association

7963. 194160047R Zomi Youth Cultural Association

7964. 194160048R Centre Of Science For Rural Peoples

7965. 194160050R Rural Integrated Development Agency

7966. 194160051R Agency For Development of Rural Technology

7967. 194160052R Manipur Southern Hill People Dev. Organisation

7968. 194160053R Zomimother’s Association

7969. 194160054R Lalzalien Mangminthang Gangte Memorial

7970. 194160057R Bethany Christian Institute

7971. 194160060R Zogam Multipurpose Development Association

7972. 194160062R Rural Environment Development Agency

7973. 194160063R Youth for Gospel Ministry

7974. 194160064R People Advance in Social Service

7975. 194170003R Brighter Institute For Christian Social Service

7976. 194170008R Hll Area Jhum Control Agency

7977. 194170010R Pretty Lamb Institute

7978. 194170011R Namlalong Khadi & Village Industries Association

7979. 194170012R United Action For Rural Development

7980. 194170013R Christian Grammar School

7981. 194170015R Mount Kisha English School

7982. 194170016R Tamenglong District Development Association

7983. 194170017R Tamenglong District Women And Child Welfare Samiti

7984. 194170018R Tamenglong Adivasi Women Development Association

7985. 194170019R Rural Area Development Association

7986. 194170020R Good News Mission

7987. 194170021R Association for Development of Tamenglong

7988. 194170027R Women Union for Progress

7989. 194170029R Tamenglong Area Women & Children Backward Class

Development Association

7990. 194170030R Tribal Area Organic Farmers’ Association

7991. 194180001R Anallon Christian Institute

7992. 194180005R Moyon Naga Baptist Association

7993. 194180008R H.mongjang Development Association

7994. 194180009R Chakpi Area Standard English School

7995. 194180012R Komlathbi Baptist Church

7996. 194180017R Social Environmental & Rural Technology Council

7997. 194180019R Komlathabi Rural Development Association

7998. 194180020R Christian Volunteers For Social And Rural Development


7999. 194180027R Rural Community Development Services

8000. 194180028R Rural Welfare Development Society

8001. 194180029R Kankhu Ecology & Rural Development Authority

8002. 194180031R St. Peter’s Parish

8003. 194190005R Rural Development Organisation

8004. 194190010R Council For Rural Development & Research In Educational


8005. 194190011R Rural Health And Socio-economic Development Association

8006. 194190013R Regional Executive Council For Higher Education

8007. 194200005R Rural Peoples Better Living Council

8008. 194200009R Hiyanglam Waikhon Leikai Womens Association

8009. 194200010R M.A. Wahab Islamic Public School

8010. 194200021R Jamia Educational Society

8011. 194200024R Hiyangalam Rural Development Association

8012. 194200025R Uneven Rural Development Organisation

8013. 194200027R The Association For Village Upliftment

8014. 194200028R E.m. Standard Jr English School

8015. 194200030R Social Volunteers Organisation

8016. 194200031R Council For Advancement People Action

8017. 194200035R Education & Technological Development Rural Services


8018. 194200044R Madrasa Darul-Uloom

8019. 194200048R Community Development Programme Centre

8020. 194200052R Womens Income Generation Centre

8021. 194200053R The Rural Peace And Progressive Society

8022. 194200056R All Manipur Rural Service

8023. 194200060R Integrated Rural Upliftment Service

8024. 194200061R Youth Progressive Organisation

8025. 194200065R Manipur Educational & Technical Academy

8026. 194200066R Socio Economic For Human Upliftment Organisation

8027. 194200068R All Cultural & Rural Dev. Organisation

8028. 194200070R Centre for Resource Development

8029. 194200071R Al-Milat Integrated Development Society


8030. 206140001R Goncarai Community Development Project

8031. 206150001R St. Pauls Hostel

8032. 206150003R Gonga Rai Community Development Project

8033. 206150005R Tripura Adivashi Mahila Samiti

8034. 206150009R Humanity Protection Forum

8035. 206150010R Tripura Adimjaati Sevak Sangh

8036. 206150013R Tripura Handicraft Development Samity

8037. 206150014R Kalyan Samiti

8038. 206150018R ARK Science & Social Organisation

8039. 206150019R Tripura Social Welfare Society

8040. 206150026R Minority Development Organisation


8041. 214230004R Ramakrishna Mission Ashram

8042. 214230010R Doulos Bible Institute

8043. 214240002R St. FR Society Mawkyedeng Health Services

8044. 214240005R Biate Tribal Social Welfare Organisation

8045. 214240014R Seng Kynjoh Shaphrang Ki Kynthei Kyndong Tuber

8046. 214250002R Assam Diocesan Council (C.N.I)

8047. 214250004R Society Of Conngr Of Our Lady Of The Mission

8048. 214250014R St. Michael’s Convent

8049. 214250030R Meghalaya Small Farmers Horticulture Society

8050. 214250034R Jaitha Hills Youth for Development Project

8051. 214250037R Christian Relief & Social Services

8052. 214250046R Neicord Baptist Vacatim House

8053. 214250049R Young womens Christian Association

8054. 214250058R Don Bosco Welfare Centre

8055. 214250059R Dangar Social & Econmic Life Association

8056. 214250064R Catholic Church

8057. 214250066R North Eastern Hill University

8058. 214250067R North Eastern Rural Devpt. Agency

8059. 214250078R Meghalaya Environment and Wildlife Society

8060. 214250080R Mega Multipurpose Development Society

8061. 214260001R Sisters of Mary Immaculate

8062. 214260009R St. Peter’s Church

8063. 214260010R St. Joseph’s Mission

8064. 214270003R St Peters High School


8065. 227430001R Paljor Namgyal Girls High School

8066. 227430002R N E Sikkim Pastorate CNI Church

8067. 227430004R Thrangu Tuluku Charitable Trust

8068. 227430005R The Palace Tsukhalakhang Trust

8069. 227430007R Sikkim Co-operative Milk Producers’Union Ltd.

8070. 227430011R National Association for the Blind, Sikkim Branch

8071. 227460001R Muyal Liyanag Trust


8072. 231650005R Labour Organisation Of The Rural Poor

8073. 231650011R Maharashi Dhyan Vidya Peeth

8074. 231650015R Bhartiya Grameen Mahila Sangha

8075. 231650018R Mahila Siddh Nirman Yojna

8076. 231650019R Dharma Pratishtanam

8077. 231650020R Genealogical Society Of Utah

8078. 231650023R National Association Of Fishermen

8079. 231650024R Amath Shishan Palam Trust Of India

8080. 231650036R Human Relief Service Society

8081. 231650039R International Cooperative Alliancee

8082. 231650049R Vanguard For Peace Foundation

8083. 231650050R Indian Federation Of United Nations Association

8084. 231650051R All India Pracharya Ps Association

8085. 231650055R Sawan Kirpal Public Spiritual Society

8086. 231650057R Motherlands Alumni Association Of India

8087. 231650061R Institute Of Cultural Affairs India

8088. 231650068R Catholic Hospital Association India

8089. 231650078R Snehalay

8090. 231650079R Consortium On Rural Technology

8091. 231650086R Age Of Enlightenment Trust

8092. 231650087R Maharishi International Institute Of Spirituality & Religion

8093. 231650088R Kirpal Ruhani Satsang Society

8094. 231650090R Gandhi Peace Foundation

8095. 231650098R Delhi Fransalian Society

8096. 231650100R The World Unity Of Man Society

8097. 231650106R Peoples Action For Development India

8098. 231650107R India Christian Endeavour Union

8099. 231650108R Community For Development

8100. 231650109R The International Leprosy Association

8101. 231650117R Sahyog Pratishthan

8102. 231650124R Centre For Green Book Studies And Research

8103. 231650128R Living Bible India

8104. 231650129R Catholic News Service Of India

8105. 231650131R National Alliance Of Young Entreprenuers

8106. 231650133R Shekhavasi Trust

8107. 231650138R Evangelical Fellowship Of Asia

8108. 231650140R Emmaus Follow Up Trust

8109. 231650142R Public Interest Advocates

8110. 231650149R Jamia Milia Islamia

8111. 231650150R Jesus Free Salvation House

8112. 231650151R Medical Sciences Development Society

8113. 231650152R Khoj

8114. 231650156R International Community Fellowship

8115. 231650157R B M Gange Girls Sr Secondary School

8116. 231650161R Bhule Bisre Kalakar Cip Society

8117. 231650164R Adhyatmik Sahcharya Sanstha

8118. 231650166R S R M Foundation Of India

8119. 231650168R Centre For Youth & Social Work

8120. 231650176R Society For Those Who Have Less

8121. 231650179R World Relief – West Asia

8122. 231650187R Homeopathic Education & Research Foundation

8123. 231650192R Asian Blind Union

8124. 231650194R Shekhavati Vikas Nidhi

8125. 231650196R Indian Association For Study Of Population

8126. 231650197R Delhi State Council For Women

8127. 231650199R Citizenship Development Fund

8128. 231650200R Rural Labour Cell

8129. 231650204R Sanjivini Society For Mental Health

8130. 231650207R Bal Kunj

8131. 231650208R The Times Of India Relief Fund

8132. 231650209R Sankalp

8133. 231650212R The Evangelical Alliance Mission

8134. 231650213R Behavioural Service Centre

8135. 231650215R Salem Marthoma Syrian Church

8136. 231650217R Delhi District Of Methodist Church

8137. 231650218R Delhi Annual Conference Of Methodist Church

8138. 231650222R Naya Theatre

8139. 231650223R Centre For Study Of Promotion Of Environmental Studies

8140. 231650225R Sandarshan

8141. 231650229R Reiyukai

8142. 231650233R Delhi Diocesan Scholarship Committee

8143. 231650238R Low Income Family Emancipation Society

8144. 231650243R Immune Bio-technology Research Centre

8145. 231650248R Dr. Zakir Hussain Memorial Welfare Society

8146. 231650250R Christian Youth Fellowship Of India

8147. 231650251R Mukti Pratishthan

8148. 231650255R Professors Of World Peace Academy (india)

8149. 231650270R Shrom Pentacostal Church Of Delhi

8150. 231650273R Bal Sahyog

8151. 231650275R Asian Forum Of Parliamentarians On Population & Development

8152. 231650277R Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital

8153. 231650278R The Prakha Trust

8154. 231650279R Energy And Environment Group

8155. 231650280R Family Tree Fellowship In India

8156. 231650281R Delhi Revival Centre

8157. 231650282R Methodist Church India

8158. 231650287R Association Of Indian Engineering Industry

8159. 231650288R Grand Lodge Of India

8160. 231650289R Childrens Hope Interntional

8161. 231650291R Tibetan Childrens Educational Sponsor

8162. 231650292R Council For Human Development

8163. 231650293R Technological Consultants Centre

8164. 231650294R Zanana Bible Medical Mission Trust

8165. 231650295R The Anjuman Wakil Quam Punjabian

8166. 231650296R Madarsa Amina Islamia

8167. 231650298R Vrindaban Co-operative Trust

8168. 231650304R Kenting Tai Situs Charitable Trust

8169. 231650309R Sarva Manav Hitkari Samiti

8170. 231650311R Public Service International Coordination Committee

8171. 231650313R Institute Of Social Services

8172. 231650318R Gyan Yug Trust

8173. 231650320R Vanvasi Trust

8174. 231650321R Nutrition Foundation Of India

8175. 231650322R Purbosee Mahila Samiti

8176. 231650323R Tushita Mahayana Meditation Centre

8177. 231650324R The Trained Nurses Association Of India

8178. 231650327R Mandi Harijan Samyukth Sewa Krishi Samiti

8179. 231650328R Yog Niketan Trust Delhi

8180. 231650329R Gandgdaya Hetibai Charitable Trust

8181. 231650330R Social Action For Peoples Development

8182. 231650335R Foundation For Rural Development & Social Action

8183. 231650338R Yoga Niketan Trust Delhi

8184. 231650344R Mahila Mangal

8185. 231650345R World Assembly Of Small And Medium Entreprenuers

8186. 231650346R Patiala Technical Education Trust

8187. 231650347R Centre For Labour Education & Social Research

8188. 231650349R Mehar Ashram Charitable Trust

8189. 231650351R Sh Virendra Nath Jamna Das Chaudhary Trust

8190. 231650354R National Association Of Care Medium

8191. 231650356R Trees For Life India

8192. 231650358R Sivananda Vidya Bhawan

8193. 231650360R District Grand Lodge Of North India

8194. 231650363R Leprosy Rehabilitation Society Bethany

8195. 231650364R Aall India Deaf & Dumb Society

8196. 231650365R Gautam Nursery Education Society

8197. 231650366R Lurgi India Company Pvt Ltd.

8198. 231650367R Himalaya Seva Sangh

8199. 231650372R Nanaksar Satsang Sabha (regd)

8200. 231650377R Tirlokpuri Seed Project

8201. 231650378R Kalyanpuri Seed Project

8202. 231650380R Institute Of Peace Research And Action

8203. 231650382R Village Family Centres Of Delhi

8204. 231650383R Bcci Welfare Society For Writers & Artists

8205. 231650384R Dr. Deepak Gupta Memorial Foundation

8206. 231650385R Dr. B.r. Ambedkar Research Institute

8207. 231650387R Consultancy & Rural Development Society

8208. 231650388R Rural Education & Cultural Association

8209. 231650389R Tilak Nath Shankar Dass Smarak Nidhi

8210. 231650390R Association For Development Of Mentally Handicapped

8211. 231650391R Sneha

8212. 231650392R Samanvit Gram Vikas Samiti

8213. 231650393R Plantation Utilisation Reforestation Enterprise

8214. 231650395R Self Employed Womens Association

8215. 231650398R Select Book Publisherss

8216. 231650399R Asian Regional Office Of World Federation Of United Nations


8217. 231650402R University Of Delhi

8218. 231650403R Municipal Corportation Of Delhi Education Department

8219. 231650407R Delhi Mahila Kalyan Samiti

8220. 231650408R The Sethi Foundation

8221. 231650412R Society For The Study Of Regional Dispensations

8222. 231650417R Root Institute For Wisdom Culture

8223. 231650418R Educational Consultant India Ltd.

8224. 231650421R Bhagwati Devi Memorial Charitable Trust

8225. 231650422R Delhi Midtown Rotary Service Trust

8226. 231650424R Indian Council Of Women Entreprenuers

8227. 231650428R Childrens Research Foundation And Hospital Society

8228. 231650429R Legal Aid & Advice Centre

8229. 231650432R Vishwamata Gayatri Trust

8230. 231650437R St. Thomas Educational Society

8231. 231650438R Venu Charitable Trust

8232. 231650441R St. Gee Verghese Educational Society

8233. 231650442R New Delhi Social Service League

8234. 231650450R Centre For Socio Economic Research

8235. 231650453R Womens Christian Service Of Delhi District

8236. 231650455R Centre For Social Transformation

8237. 231650456R Young Farmers Association , India

8238. 231650459R Mahila Shakthi

8239. 231650462R Dr. M.C Gupta Charitable Trust

8240. 231650463R All India Rural Women’s Upliftment Association

8241. 231650464R Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan Memorial Society

8242. 231650467R Rajasthan Catalyst Foundation

8243. 231650471R Gujarat Research Society

8244. 231650473R Drepung Plagakpa Tantric College..

8245. 231650477R Centre For Study Of Administration & Relief

8246. 231650478R Integrated Human Development Service Foundation

8247. 231650479R Sri Guru Ramdas Dharma Sabha Prabandhak Committee.

8248. 231650483R Vocational Education Society

8249. 231650484R Dr. R.prasad Welfare Centre

8250. 231650491R Congregation of Charity Sisters of St. Frances Association

8251. 231650492R Foundation For Organisational Research

8252. 231650493R Centre For Population & Environment Studies

8253. 231650496R Nav Yug Udyog Sangh

8254. 231650497R Sanchetna

8255. 231650500R National Institute Of Wasteland & R.d.

8256. 231650504R Handloom Research Centre For Leprosy Patients

8257. 231650506R CPWD Wives Association

8258. 231650507R Association Of Indian Drop Forging & Stamp Industry

8259. 231650509R Institute Of Management & Enterprenuer Development

8260. 231650510R Society For Promotion Analysis & Research Traditional

8261. 231650518R Bal Jyoti Education Society

8262. 231650523R National Labour Law Association

8263. 231650526R Rural Women Social & Welfare Association

8264. 231650529R Himalaya Seva Sangh

8265. 231650530R All India Organisation Of Employees

8266. 231650532R Arya Mahila Ashram

8267. 231650535R O.n.g.c Schlumberger Research Centre

8268. 231650536R Aarya Samaj Mahila Ashram

8269. 231650537R Indian Council Of Agricultural Research

8270. 231650540R Srinivas Malilah Memorial Theatre Crafts Trust

8271. 231650542R Foundation For Applied Research In Cancer

8272. 231650545R Hand Navothan Pratishthan

8273. 231650546R Alll India Pariwar Kalyan Parishad

8274. 231650555R The Creative Fund

8275. 231650560R Ecology Environment & Energy Conservation Organisation

8276. 231650563R National Institute Of Fashion Technology

8277. 231650564R Jai Jawan Jai Kishan Trust

8278. 231650567R International Foundation For Women In Agriculture

8279. 231650573R Dr. S.l.dutt Memorial Foundation Trust

8280. 231650574R Prabhati Foundation

8281. 231650576R Banjara Foundation Regd.

8282. 231650577R Indian Institute Of Technology

8283. 231650579R Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre

8284. 231650586R Vikram Sarabhai Foundation

8285. 231650587R Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust

8286. 231650591R The Indian Econometric Society

8287. 231650592R National Agricultural Co-op Marketing Federation Of India Ltd.

8288. 231650596R Dr.b.r.ambedkar Centre For Biomedical Research

8289. 231650599R Sparsh

8290. 231650601R Global Energy Centre Society

8291. 231650602R Help Care Society

8292. 231650604R The Mud Village Society

8293. 231650605R Health Education And Life Society Of India

8294. 231650607R Upkar Foundation

8295. 231650609R Indira Gandhi National Centre For Arts

8296. 231650610R Gandhi Leprosy Ashram

8297. 231650616R National Open School

8298. 231650617R Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

8299. 231650628R Society For Technology & Action For Sustainable Development

8300. 231650629R Alok Charitable Trust

8301. 231650631R The Janta Adrash And H. Vidyalaya (regd)

8302. 231650632R Elders Homes Society Regd

8303. 231650633R Harnam Singh Harbans Kaur Charitable Trust

8304. 231650634R Community Welfare Organation

8305. 231650640R National Association For The Blind

8306. 231650650R Indian Society For Aphresis

8307. 231650665R Trust For Citizenship Values, Environment

8308. 231650668R D.A.V. College Trust & Management Society,

8309. 231650669R Habitat Polytech

8310. 231650688R Elact Soc For The Wel Of Mently Retd

8311. 231650693R Society Of Citizens Concerned

8312. 231650697R Health Occupation & Poverty Eradication Society

8313. 231650699R Naya Jeevan Foundation

8314. 231650703R Shikshan Kalyan Parishad

8315. 231650705R Concern Of India School

8316. 231650707R Asian Wetland Bureau India

8317. 231650711R Budha Tri-ratna Mission

8318. 231650713R Women’s Political Watch

8319. 231650717R International Manqgement Institute

8320. 231650723R Association Of Writers & Illustrator For Children

8321. 231650724R Great India Education And Social

8322. 231650730R Rotary International Educational Foundation

8323. 231650734R Unniti Foundation Trust, India

8324. 231650735R Samaj Sudhar Society

8325. 231650737R Nuclear Science Centre

8326. 231650738R Shree Vardhman J. Sarvajanik Chikitsa Committee

8327. 231650739R Bharatiya Yoga & Prakritik Seva Sanghathan

8328. 231650742R Cancer Detection Society Of India

8329. 231650745R All India Dalit Development Research Institute

8330. 231650747R Jan Kalyan Samiti

8331. 231650749R Befrienders India

8332. 231650751R Iacp Asia-pacific Regional Office

8333. 231650755R Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust

8334. 231650757R The Indian Law Institute

8335. 231650761R Rotary Educational Foundation

8336. 231650762R Society Of Depressed People For Social Justice

8337. 231650770R Tejram Memorial Cancer Society

8338. 231650772R Society For Human Upliftment

8339. 231650793R Garima Vaibhav Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti

8340. 231650800R Institute Of Government. Accounts & Finance

8341. 231650804R Ganesha Natyalaya

8342. 231650811R Snehi International

8343. 231650814R Jigyansu Tribal Research Centre,

8344. 231650817R Indira Gandhi National Open University

8345. 231650829R Association Of National Brotherhood For S.w.

8346. 231650833R Bindu

8347. 231650834R Sri Sanatan Dharma Sabha Laxmi Narain Temple Trust

8348. 231650835R Bhai Pramanand Educational Society

8349. 231650840R All India Gram Pradhan Sangthan

8350. 231650846R Agyanwati Bhalla Foundation

8351. 231650848R Brooke Hospital For Animals (India)

8352. 231650859R Indian Society Of Agronomy

8353. 231650862R National Illness Assistance Fund

8354. 231650865R Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh,(Delhi Pradesh)

8355. 231650866R Mahila Pratiraksha Mandal

8356. 231650867R Manav Uddhar Shanti Seva Samiti

8357. 231650868R Children’s Book Trust

8358. 231650874R Satya Jeevan Leprosy Society

8359. 231650881R Nav Roshni Chetna Mahila Samiti

8360. 231650886R Prakash All India Human Education & Welfare Society

8361. 231650888R Ranbaxy Community Health Care Society

8362. 231650895R S K Chaudhary Educational Trust

8363. 231650898R India International Centre

8364. 231650900R Vipasana Sadhana Sanstha

8365. 231650901R Swasthya Gyan Foundation

8366. 231650902R Islamia Anjuman Committee

8367. 231650905R Indian Council Of Education

8368. 231650909R Centre For Environment Agriculture Development

8369. 231650917R Trust For Promotion Of Higher Education

8370. 231650919R Home For Orphans

8371. 231650920R School Of Planning & Architecture

8372. 231650922R The Doon School Old Boys Association

8373. 231650925R Centre For Research On Environment Ecology & Development

8374. 231650930R Handicapped Welfare Federation

8375. 231650940R Babs Noronha Memorial Education & Social Welfare Society

8376. 231650946R Delhi Karnataka Sangh

8377. 231650950R Vision Foundation For Development Management

8378. 231650958R Child Care India

8379. 231650966R Centres For Research Action & Training

8380. 231650968R Circle Of Animal Lovers

8381. 231650969R National Thalassemia Welfare Society

8382. 231650976R Youth Alliance For Aids Removal

8383. 231650983R Rajarishi Rananjay Sinh Jan Kalyan Samiti

8384. 231650986R Narain Dass Pastogi Charitabel Trust

8385. 231650987R All India Secondary Teachers Fedration

8386. 231650989R Students & Youth Welfare Society

8387. 231650991R National Backward Class Finance & Development Corporation

8388. 231650994R Family Welfare Foundation Of India

8389. 231650998R Army Welfare Central Welfare Fund

8390. 231660002R Zee Telefilms Relief Fund

8391. 231660006R Kennedy Educational Society

8392. 231660009R Woman And Child Welfare Forum

8393. 231660010R Namrata Education Trust

8394. 231660016R Al Falah Charitable Trust

8395. 231660024R Foundation For Inter-community Relations

8396. 231660029R Aasra

8397. 231660032R All India Ashaya Mahila Sahyog Samiti

8398. 231660044R Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Science

8399. 231660050R Dalima Sewa Trust

8400. 231660058R Samskrita Bharti

8401. 231660061R Vikrant Children Foundation Research

8402. 231660076R Sanitation Consultancy Service

8403. 231660078R Laxmi Educational Society

8404. 231660086R Women’s Action Group – Chelsea

8405. 231660096R Noble Foundation

8406. 231660101R Indian Insstitute Of Technology

8407. 231660103R Planet Terra Trust

8408. 231660105R Indian School Of Business

8409. 231660108R Women’s Development Organisation

8410. 231660111R Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation

8411. 231660112R Training Organisation For Research & Counselling In Health

8412. 231660114R Adhyatma Kalyan Parishad

8413. 231660117R Institute For Conflict Management

8414. 231660121R Kshitij

8415. 231660124R Dr. Mathura Singh Dharmarth Trust

8416. 231660129R Sambhavana Trust

8417. 231660131R Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

8418. 231660136R Army Navy Airforce Wives Charitable Association Of The Retired

Officers & Jco

8419. 231660137R Akhil Bhartiya Bahawalpur(state) Panchayat

8420. 231660142R Brahmavetta Shree Devaraha Hans Baba Trust

8421. 231660143R Karoor Pakka Maha Sabha

8422. 231660144R Urusvati Centre For Contemporary Art

8423. 231660146R Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribe Welfare & Development.


8424. 231660150R Drishtikon

8425. 231660151R Institute For Studies In Industrial Development

8426. 231660152R Jai Bhomiya Ji Maharaj Dharmarth Samiti

8427. 231660154R Sulabh International Institute Of Health & Hygiene

8428. 231660172R Lal Bahadur Shastri National Memorial Trust

8429. 231660177R Bhartiya Dalit Sahitya Academy

8430. 231660178R Edgeworth India Trust

8431. 231660188R Sankranti

8432. 231660191R Federation Of Indian Women Entrepreneurs

8433. 231660199R Meenakshi Foundation

8434. 231660206R Society For Rehabilitation & Development Of Rural People

8435. 231660208R Udyog Bharati

8436. 231660209R All India Movement For Seva

8437. 231660223R Penal Reform And Justice Association

8438. 231660224R H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Foundation

8439. 231660228R Safe Blood Organisation

8440. 231660232R Bhartiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh

8441. 231660234R Green Age

8442. 231660237R Bhogilal Leherchand Institute Of Indology

8443. 231660240R Jan Kalyan Siksha Samiti

8444. 231660241R Jai Prakash Seva Safnsthan

8445. 231660243R Akhil Bhartiya Sikshan Sansthan

8446. 231660244R Gargi College

8447. 231660257R Sai Prakash Spiritual & Charitable Trust

8448. 231660258R Sakshi

8449. 231660264R Manpower Management Centre

8450. 231660266R Ortho Prosthetics Care and Rehabilitation

8451. 231660267R Centre for Advancement aof Sustainable Agriculture,

8452. 231660270R Jan Chetna Jagriti Avom Shakshnik Vikas Manch,

8453. 231660278R Council of Handicrafts Development Corporations

8454. 231660282R Prajna Foundation for Cultural Interactions and Studies,

8455. 231660286R Interventions for Support, Hearing and Awareness

8456. 231660291R Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad,

8457. 231660292R Carer Sakhi Samaj Sadan

8458. 231660300R Indian Council of Medical Research

8459. 231660306R Forum of Financial Writers,

8460. 231660314R Gramin Swabhiman

8461. 231660315R Sant Parmanand Blind Relief Mission

8462. 231660320R All India Tribal Welfare Society

8463. 231660330R Bhartiya Blind Educational Cultural Welfare Society

8464. 231660333R Mata Kundan Devi Charitable Trust

8465. 231660334R Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Charitable Trust

8466. 231660339R Bal Jagruti Association

8467. 231660342R Tarini: Cancer and Health Awareness Organization

8468. 231660345R Assam Association Cultural and Educational Trust

8469. 231660347R Rural Development Organisation

8470. 231660350R Welfare Association for Downtrodden

8471. 231660351R Jindal Education and Medical Trust

8472. 231660352R Naari Abhyudaya

8473. 231660353R Burning Souls Cry

8474. 231660357R Energy Research Applications

8475. 231660364R Sanridhi

8476. 231660365R Sight Foundation

8477. 231660367R Natural Resources India Association

8478. 231660368R Sachkhand Nanak Dham

8479. 231660369R K. Bhanu Prakash Foundation

8480. 231660371R Mahila Utthan Samiti

8481. 231660374R TCI Foundation

8482. 231660376R Smt Thakuri Child and Lady Welfare Center

8483. 231660385R Association of Revival Tebernacle

8484. 231660386R Anuvrat Mahasamiti,

8485. 231660391R Ganga Devi Shaikshik Society

8486. 231660394R Development Management Trust

8487. 231660397R Jaisalmer Heritage Trust

8488. 231660399R The Education for All

8489. 231660401R The Book Review Literary Trust

8490. 231660403R Bilal Mission for Shia Ithnasheri Educational and Social Welfare

8491. 231660406R Confederation of Indian Industry

8492. 231660408R Geeta Ashram

8493. 231660409R Delhi Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs

8494. 231660412R Sridev Suman Charitable Trust

8495. 231660417R Chandra Bhushan Singh Memorial Mahila,Bal Evam Shravan


8496. 231660420R Shri Digamber Jain Mahilla Ashram

8497. 231660421R The Creative Centre for Rural Development

8498. 231660422R Alshifa Foundation

8499. 231660425R Calvary Ashram Seva Sangh

8500. 231660427R All India Society for Advance Education and Research

8501. 231660429R Gods Grace Foundation

8502. 231660430R All India Society for rural Upliftment

8503. 231660431R Development Communication India

8504. 231660433R National Neonatology Forum

8505. 231660435R Kumayun Technical Education and Social Welfare Society of


8506. 231660437R Sri Ram Goburdhun Charitable Trust

8507. 231660438R Manjiri Trust

8508. 231660440R Health Fitness Trust

8509. 231660444R Dr.Ambedkar Samaj Kalyan Shiksha Samiti

8510. 231660445R Bhartiya Jeevan Dhara Educational and charitable Trust

8511. 231660449R Indiasocial. Org

8512. 231660453R Centre For Spatial Database Management And Solutions



8513. 240020008R Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram


8514. 261530002R Immaculate Conception Mission

8515. 261530008R Church of Our Lady of Piety

8516. 261530011R Shanti Niketan


8517. 271800001R Bharteeya Sanskriti Probodhini

8518. 271810004R Instituto Indo-Portugues

8519. 271830014R Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

8520. 271830021R Our Lady of Fatima Convent

8521. 271830024R Society of Congregation of Carmelite Religions

8522. 271830038R Society Of Poor Sisters Of Our Lady

8523. 271830042R Carmelite Monastery

8524. 271830048R Curca Church Building Fund of Fabrica Curca

8525. 271830059R Fabrica Daigre Ja De Chinchinim

8526. 271830063R Society of Franciscan Hospital Sisters of Immaculate Conception

8527. 271830064R Confraria of SSMO Sacrement De Sebastian

8528. 271830067R Fabricia Da Igreja De Aldona

8529. 271830071R Fabrica Da Igreja De Nagoa De Verna

8530. 271830077R Cofre Da Igreja De Utorda

8531. 271830079R Goa Lok Samiti

8532. 271830081R Cofre of Our Lady Help of Christian

8533. 271830082R Homestead Rural Community Development & Welfare


8534. 271830084R Society for Child Development

8535. 271830085R Confre Dos Fundos Reunidos of Galibaga

8536. 271830088R Confraria of SS Cosmos & Damien Bogmolo

8537. 271830092R Fabrica of Carmona Church

8538. 271830097R Fabrica Da Igreja De Piedade

8539. 271830099R Ezekiel Methodist School

8540. 271830100R Our Lady of Perpetual Help Convent

8541. 271830105R Fabrica Da IgreJa De Shiroda

8542. 271830108R Confraria De Nossa Senhora Do Porto Seg St. Inez

8543. 271830109R St. Judes Commercial Institute

8544. 271830111R Peoples Educational Trust

8545. 271830112R Fabrica Da Igreja De Verna

8546. 271830113R Fabrica of Moira Church Parish School

8547. 271830114R Cofre Da Igreja De Maina

8548. 271830115R Conraria Do Fundo Reunido De Igrja De Goa Velha

8549. 271830117R Fabrica of our Lady Mother of Poor Church

8550. 271830126R Desterro Eves Mahila Mandal

8551. 271830135R Fabrica DA Igreja DE Ambulim

8552. 271830137R Fabrica Da Igreja De Nuvem

8553. 271830139R Centur Educador Society

8554. 271830141R Gomantak Sanskrutotottejak Mandal

8555. 271830142R National Institute of Oceanography

8556. 271830143R Desterro Eves Mahila Mandal,

8557. 271830145R Fabrica Da Igreja De Mandur

8558. 271830146R The International Centre, Goa


8559. 285130013R Seventh Day Adventist High School

8560. 285130019R St. Joseph’s Home for the Handicapped

8561. 285130023R Pondicherry Community Development Society

8562. 285130028R Peace Evangeligal & Relief Society

8563. 285130029R Deepa Oli Community Development Project

8564. 285130030R Tibetan Childrens Home

8565. 285130046R Artisana Trust

8566. 285130048R Pondicherry University

8567. 285130051R Anbarasi Madhar Sangam Orphanage

8568. 285130054R Pondicherry Dyarkai Kazhagam

8569. 285130055R The Pondicherry Physically Handicapped Welfare Association

8570. 285130056R The Society for Social Justice and Human Resource Devlopment

8571. 285130062R Willpower Welfare Society

8572. 285130063R Thiyogjhthi Community Development Centre

8573. 285130070R Rajiv Gandhi Home for the Handicapped

8574. 285150006R World Hands of Youth

8575. 285160001R Muslim Educational Society


8576. 291420013R Jesus and Mary School

8577. 291420014R Bharatiya Gramin Mahila Sangh

8578. 291420018R Association for Social Health in India

8579. 291420020R Regional Institute of Public Health

8580. 291420021R Chetana

8581. 291420032R Society for Social Health

8582. 291420035R Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society

8583. 291420038R Theater Age,

8584. 291420039R Rajinder Singh Centre for Human Enrichment and Talent


8585. 291420040R Rotary Chandigarh Shivalk

8586. 291420041R Panjab University

8587. 291420043R The Punjab Health Systems Corporation

8588. 291420046R Regional Centre for Enterpreneurship Development

8589. 291420047R Capital Christian Welfare Association


8590. 304330006R Misualte Thian (Sinners Friends)

8591. 304330008R Social Guidance Agency

8592. 304330009R Association for Maternity & Social Health

8593. 304330010R Centre For Rural Development & Research

8594. 304330012R Samaritan Society of Mizoram

8595. 304330014R Agape Moral Reformation Organisation

8596. 304330016R All Mizoram Farmers Union

8597. 304330017R Society for Community Care

8598. 304330021R Mizoram Social Defence & Rehb. Board

8599. 304330024R Society for HIV/AIDS and Lifeline Operation in Mizoram

8600. 304350001R Isua Krista Kohhran

8601. 304350002R Lairam Baptist Church

8602. 304350003R Evangelical Church

8603. 304500001R Recovery Society


8604. 310530001R Buddhist Culture Society

8605. 310540009R Youth Action for social Welfare

8606. 310540010R R.K. Mossang Memorial Society

8607. 310540011R League in Friendship Endeavour

8608. 310540017R Mon Sidhartha Charitable Foundation(MSCF),

8609. 310540019R Arunachal University

8610. 310540020R Rural Women Development Council

8611. 310570003R Ramakrishna Mission Hospital

8612. 310590001R Abotani Educational and Cultural Society

8613. 310590002R Makcha Welfare Society

8614. 310610001R Tribal Area Development Society


8615. 327470021R Maranatha Full Gospel Community

8616. 327470023R Ednah B. Alderman Mission Girls Higher Secondary School

8617. 327480003R Brooks Higher Secondary School

8618. 327480013R Burgess Memorial Girls Higher Secondary School

8619. 327480022R Mahila Siksha Kalyan Evam Prashikshan Parishad Madhya


8620. 327480027R Udan Sewa Samiti

8621. 327490003R Horizon Educational Society

8622. 327520030R Pt Ravishankar Shukla University

8623. 327520033R Disha Education Society

8624. 327530002R Petra Nivas Social Centre

8625. 327560001R Mennonite Church in India

8626. 327560003R Mennonite Board of Christian Education

8627. 327570003R Grameen Vikas Karyakaram

8628. 327570007R Prince of Peace Ministries

8629. 327580001R Gramin Vikas Kendra

8630. 327610001R Ankur Korba

8631. 327630008R Society for Social Services Madhya Bharat Chapter


8632. 337750027R Samajik Samasya Nivaran Awam Kalyan Sansthan

8633. 337750049R Samadhan

8634. 337750059R Manav Chetna Vikash Kendra

8635. 337790023R Vikas International

8636. 337800056R Vivekanand Seva Sansthan,Gumla

8637. 337800097R Shamima Urdu Girls High School

8638. 337800100R Rasschret Educational Society

8639. 337800101R The Sisters of St.Charles Society

8640. 337800111R Gram Guru Education Society

8641. 337800120R St. Josephs’ Education Society

8642. 337800121R Promoters of Pro-active civic energy (Pro-pace)

8643. 337800123R Lok Swar

8644. 337820005R Association for Social & Human Awareness

8645. 337820006R St. Augustins College

8646. 337820034R Revival Tabernachi Ministries Trust

8647. 337820036R Amma Research Centre

8648. 337850001R Institute of the Sisters of Charity


8649. 347860007R Uttarakhand Jan Shakti Parishad

8650. 347860012R Voluntary Association For The Development Of The Hills Of


8651. 347860017R Shikhar Sanskratic Vikash Samiti

8652. 347870002R Uday Institute For Rural Service

8653. 347870004R Kuramanchal Seva Sansthan

8654. 347880012R Herbal Research & Development Institute

8655. 347900008R Indian Institute of Petroleum

8656. 347900016R Shr Bharat Mandir School Society

8657. 347900029R Dr B.S. Gupta Medical Charitable Society

8658. 347900086R Society for Advancement & Awareness of Training Haritage &


8659. 347900089R Sakya Nunnery

8660. 347900092R Eco-Adventreks And Welfare Society

8661. 347910007R Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

8662. 347910008R Bharat Mata Janhit Trust

8663. 347910010R Ganga Mata Charitable Trust

8664. 347960004R Sri Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Bal Vikas Sansthan

8665. 347960006R Daliyon Ka Dagriya

8666. 347960007R Shri Guru Maniknath Bahuudeshiya J.H.S. Samithi

8667. 347960009R Uttranchal Jan Kalyan Samiti

8668. 347960010R Bal Ganga Shiksha Prasar Samiti

8669. 347960033R Himalayan Environment Research and Social Studies

8670. 347980007R Suman Grammer School

8671. 347990019R Chetna Samiti

8672. 347990020R Association for Rural Planning and Action

8673. 347990021R Saida Gramodyog Sansthan

2. And whereas a Public Notice was issued calling upon the associations to submit

annual accounts in form FC-3 within the extended time upto 30-04-2005 but the requisite

information or report has not been received from them within the said time.

3. Now, therefore, the Central Government, in exercise of the powers conferred by

the proviso to sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act,

1976, hereby orders that the above mentioned associations registered under the said Act,

shall not, from the date of issue of this notification, accept any foreign contribution,

except with the prior permission of the Central Government.

(D. S. Mishra)




A Brief Look at the Indian Polity

April 10, 2014

India, officially the Republic of India, is the seventh largest country by area, second most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the largest democracy in the world. It is a federal constitutional republic, governed under a parliamentary system, consisting of 28 States and 7 Union Territories.

Parliamentary system of Government

India has a parliamentary form of government. In this form of government the Parliament is the most important organ. People elect their representatives to be members of the Parliament and these representatives legislate and control the executive on behalf of the people.

The Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to the Lower House of the Parliament i.e. Lok Sabha. They remain at the helm of affairs so long as they enjoy the confidence of Lok Sabha. Lok Sabha may dislodge them from power by expressing a no confidence against the Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers. Thus, Parliament occupies a central position in the parliamentary system.

Composition of the Parliament

The Constitution of India, which came into force on 26th January 1950, provides for a bicameral Parliament consisting of Rajya Sabha, also known as upper House or the Council of States, and Lok Sabha, also known as Lower House or the House of the People.

The President of India is an integral part of the Parliament, although he is not a member of either House. As an integral part of the Parliament, the President has been assigned certain powers and functions.

The President of India

The President of India is elected by an electoral college consisting of the elected members of both Houses of Parliament and the elected members of the Legislative Assemblies (Popular Houses) of the States. Though the President is a constituent part of Parliament, he does not sit or participate in the discussions in either of the two Houses. There are certain constitutional functions which he has to perform with respect to Parliament. The President summons and prorogues the two Houses from time to time. He/she also has the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha. His/her assent is essential for a Bill passed by both Houses of Parliament. When the Parliament is not in Session and he is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary for him to take immediate action, the President can promulgate Ordinances having the same force and effect as laws passed by Parliament.

Rajya Sabha

The Rajya Sabha is to consist of not more than 250 members. Of these, 12 are nominated by the President on the basis of their excellence in literature, science, art and social service. The remaining seats are allocated to the various States and Union Territories, roughly in proportion to their population. 

The representatives of each State are elected by the elected members of the Legislative Assembly of the State in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of single transferable vote. The minimum age for membership of Rajya Sabha is 30 years.

Every member of Rajya Sabha enjoys a safe tenure of six years. One-third of its members retire after every two years. This ensures continuance of the House. Rajya Sabha is not subject to dissolution. 

The Vice-President of India is the ex-officio of the Rajya Sabha. He/she presides over its meetings. In his/her absence the Deputy Chairman, who is elected by its members from amongst themselves, presides over the meeting of the House.

Lok Sabha

Unlike Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha is not a permanent body. It is the body of representatives of the people elected on the basis of adult suffrage (all Indian citizens of 18 years of age and above are eligible to vote). The maximum strength of the House envisaged by the Constitution is 552, out of which 530 members are directly elected from the States, while 20 members are elected from the Union Territories, and not more than two members of the Anglo-Indian community may be nominated by the President of India if, in his/her opinion, that community is not adequately represented in the House.

A certain number of seats have been reserved for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha. Some constituencies are reserved for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and only persons belonging to these communities can contest from these reserved constituencies. However, all the voters of the reserved constituency vote irrespective of their caste/tribe.

The total elective membership of the House is distributed among the States in such a way that the ratio between the number of seats allotted to each State and the population of the State is, so far as practicable, the same for all States. The representatives are elected for a period of 5 years, and their qualifying age is 25 years.

The presiding officer of the Lok Sabha is known as Speaker, who is elected by the members of the House. In his/her absence, a Deputy Speaker, who is also elected by the members of the House, presides over the meetings.

Functions of the Parliament

The main function of both the Houses is to make laws. Every Bill (Draft of the law to be passed) has to be passed by both the Houses and assented to by the President of India before it becomes law. The subjects over which Parliament can legislate are the subjects mentioned under the Union List in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India. These subjects are: Defence, Foreign Affairs, Railways, Transport and Communications, Currency and Coinage, Banking, Income Tax, Customs, Excise Duties, Atomic Energy, Census etc.

Besides passing laws, Parliament safeguards interests of citizens and exercise control over administration through resolutions, questions addressed by members to Ministers, and motions of adjournment.

The Parliament has three sessions every year:

  • Budget session: February to May
  • Monsoon session: July to September
  • Winter session: November to December

Multi Party System

For a long time now, governance through coalition of several political parties has more or less become the order of the day. In the current (15th) Lok Sabha, forty political parties have their presence. The present ruling Coalition (United Progressive Alliance or UPA) consists of 11 political parties and is supported from outside by 9 parties (these parties are not part of the coalition, but extended support to the UPA government). The major party in this Coalition is the Congress Party.  

The main opposition in the Parliament is also a coalition of political parties called National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The major political party of this Coalition is Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Some political parties did not join either of these Coalitions.

Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Lok Sabha elections have already started. Anxiety has also gripped various groups of people –  from ordinary citizens to business community. The choice available from the two biggest national parties – Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – seems to be more globalization or more globalization.

The economic reforms initiated by the Congress government in the 1990s have been carried on by the successive governments. The emphasis of these governments is not on redistribution of the country’s wealth among its citizens or their genuine empowerment via common ownership of production, but on the opposite – recovery of “the economy”, which means positioning international funds and corporations to exploit markets and extract profit the best way they can. The government policies are facilitating corporate takeovers of food, agriculture, resources, land, public infrastructure and water. In the name of “development” successive governments have abused and forcefully removed some of the nation’s poorest people from their own lands in order to give them to private investors. So “development” means displacement of the owners of the land, and giving this land to profiteering companies linked with resource extraction and processing. Parts of agriculture have already been placed in the hands of powerful agribusiness companies. The effects include seed patenting and seed monopolies, increasing levels of cancer due to contamination, destruction of rural economies, farmer suicides and water run offs from depleted soil leading to climate change and severe water resource depletion. In the mainstream media and among many leading politicians and economists, this constitutes growth and development. But it is neither. It’s plunder. Such government policies have culminated in disempowerment and increasing hardship of masses and the concentration of ever more wealth and power in the hands of the relative few. 

However, neoliberal policies and privatization have resulted in massive corruption (Eg. CWG and 2G scams), as politicians and bureaucrats received kickbacks from the corporate they favoured. In other cases, even if there were no kickbacks, lack of adequate regulation allowed corporate to make windfall profits, while public sector banks have offered them generous loans.

The corruption and corporate plunder under the present UPA government are more widely recognized. Today the new corporate-backed superman of “good governance” is supposed to be Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Let’s examine the claims being made on behalf of Gujarat under Modi by those who are suggesting that Modi-fying India is panacea for all the ills of the corruption and failures of the Congress regime.

Modi’s party, the Hindu nationalist BJP, promoted the phrase “India shining” in 2004 in an attempt to hoodwink the electorate that all was well in India as a result of its neoliberal economic policies. That electioneering slogan was as bogus as the “Gujarat shining”, given that Modi’s record on development in Gujarat is not all it appears to be.

Gujarat’s neoliberal development model has displayed all the distressing effects on people’s lives and the economy that has been felt in the rest of the country.

On the count of economic growth rate, Gujarat in the past five years was outstripped by Maharashtra, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Odisha. In terms of per capita income, in 2011, Gujarat ranked 6th among major states, and has higher per capita debt than Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The State’s debt increased from Rs. 45,301 crore in 2002 to Rs. 1,38,978 crore in 2013. NSSO data shows growth in employment for the period 1993-94 to 2004-05 was 2.69 percentage per annum, whereas for 2004-05 to 2009-10 it came down to zero. In 2011 Gujarat ranked 11th in the Human Development Index. When it came to crucial indicators like education and health, Gujarat has witnessed a decline in ranking to 9th and 10th positions respectively in a group of 19 major states. In the Global Hunger Index, Gujarat is part of the bottom 5 states in India. 80% of children below 4 years and 60% of pregnant women are anaemic in Gujarat.

Regarding corruption and corporate plunder, a CAG audit reveals that Modi’s government has done in Gujarat what Manmohan Singh’s did at the Center: extending undue benefits to corporations at huge costs to the public exchequer and loss of livelihoods.

So the “Modi model” is no different in its economic essentials from that of the Manmohan Singh’s model.

The corporations’ preference for the Modi model, argues Atul Sood in his book “Poverty Amidst Prosperity: Essays on the Trajectory of Development in Gujarat”, rests on his authoritarianism. We could qualify this to say that the Modi “magic” lies precisely in the mix of pro-corporate policies, authoritarian governance, and “consent” manufactured on a communal plank. It is this mixture that is specific form of communal-corporate fascism represented by Modi.


Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, said, “Let me be frank: in the past, economists have underestimated the importance of inequality. They have focused on economic growth, on the size of the pie rather than its distribution. Today, we are more keenly aware of the damage done by inequality. Put simply, a severely skewed income distribution harms the pace and sustainability of growth over the longer term. It leads to an economy of exclusion, and a wasteland of discarded potential.”

Cesar Chavez, co-founder of National Farm Workers’ Association, US, said, “History will judge societies and governments – and their institutions – not by how big they are or how well they serve rich and powerful, but by how effectively they respond to the needs of the poor and the helpless.”          



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